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That's my No. 1 goal. I want to be part of (captain) Tom Lehman 's team. ~ Fred Funk
Captain Tom quotes by Fred Funk
Anybody that's asked, I've counseled that they not expand Medicaid eligibility. I've been critical of any expansion because you know what Washington does. It promises something for a finite period of time, and then it leaves you on the hook. ~ Tom Price
Captain Tom quotes by Tom Price
The noblest of ideas have always been protected by warriors. ~ Tom Clancy
Captain Tom quotes by Tom Clancy
As everyone knows, it's not the winning that counts: it's the taking part. Nonsense! That is the battle cry of the loser. This ~ Tom Whipple
Captain Tom quotes by Tom Whipple
She could marry this man, she knew, and still be captain of her soul. ~ Peter Carey
Captain Tom quotes by Peter Carey
Draco's not really a bully. He's not exactly the biggest, strongest guy in the world. He's more a rich, snobby person. He thinks of himself as really cool. ~ Tom Felton
Captain Tom quotes by Tom Felton
It sounded a bit like his mother, a woman who'd lied to him about the existence of Santa Claus and was therefore not to be trusted on matters of any importance. ~ Tom Holt
Captain Tom quotes by Tom Holt
Pilots have an established history of committing mass murder during their suicides. ~ Steven Magee
Captain Tom quotes by Steven Magee
Men live by embedding themselves in ongoing systems of illusion. Religion. Patriotism. Economics. Fashion. That sort of thing. ~ Tom Robbins
Captain Tom quotes by Tom Robbins
Being Captain No-Fun really is no fun ~ Jay Crownover
Captain Tom quotes by Jay Crownover
I rather believe that time is a companion who goes with us on the journey and reminds us to cherish every moment, because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we've lived. ~ Captain Picard
Captain Tom quotes by Captain Picard
There is only the here and now. The past is gone, forgotten. ~ Tom Robinson
Captain Tom quotes by Tom Robinson
If you'd cured Henry the Seventh's TB with a course of ethambutol, or given Isaac Newton an hour's access to the Hubble telescope, or shown an off-the-shelf 3-D printer to the regulars at the Captain Marlow in the 1980s, you would have had the M-word thrown your way, too. Some magic is merely normality that you're not yet used to. ~ David Mitchell
Captain Tom quotes by David Mitchell
Know how to win and how to lose and be able to handle adversity. ~ Tom Osborne
Captain Tom quotes by Tom Osborne
Set strictures on a person all you like, but the mind remains adulterous. ~ Tom Holland
Captain Tom quotes by Tom Holland
When I listen to music today, it is about 99 percent classical. I rarely even listen to folk music, the music of my own specialty, because folk music is to me more limited than classical music. ~ Tom Glazer
Captain Tom quotes by Tom Glazer
Give us this day our daily mask. ~ Tom Stoppard
Captain Tom quotes by Tom Stoppard
From my perspective, we as a nation need to make policy a priority and drive the politics as a result of good policy. ~ Tom Reed
Captain Tom quotes by Tom Reed
She broke up with me. Didn't really tell me why. Luckily when you're the guy, you can just tell people she's crazy. 'Hey, Tom, I heard you and Lucy broke up.' 'Yeah, man. Turns out, she's crazy.' That's what they always do on Entourage. ~ Aziz Ansari
Captain Tom quotes by Aziz Ansari
As soon as you take responsibility for your life, you can change the world. ~ Tom Basso
Captain Tom quotes by Tom Basso
She continued weeping until the heat of her tear water, the sheer velocity of its flow, finally obscured the already vague circumstances of its origins. ~ Tom Robbins
Captain Tom quotes by Tom Robbins
Never stop. Never stop fighting. Never stop dreaming. ~ Tom Hiddleston
Captain Tom quotes by Tom Hiddleston
Most novelists write about twisted lives. ~ Tom Robbins
Captain Tom quotes by Tom Robbins
I wanted to do a set of love songs for Valentine's Day so I went through my old material. I found myself scraping around the edges of good taste. ~ Tom Rush
Captain Tom quotes by Tom Rush
Music really isn't supposed to be perfect. It's all about people relating to each other and doing something that's really from the soul. It must come from the soul. ~ Tom Petty
Captain Tom quotes by Tom Petty
Was Cook's ship a scientific expedition protected by a military force or a military expedition with a few scientists tagging along? That's like asking whether your petrol tank is half empty or half full. It was both. The Scientific Revolution and modern imperialism were inseparable. People such as Captain James Cook and the botanist Joseph Banks could hardly distinguish science from empire. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
Captain Tom quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
I'm sick of being known as the sexy guy that writes great songs. ~ Tom DeLonge
Captain Tom quotes by Tom DeLonge
There is nothing more lonely than a true artist. ~ Tom Spanbauer
Captain Tom quotes by Tom Spanbauer
Generations of British writers would look up to Roget as a kindred soul who could offer both emotional as well as intellectual sustenance. In the stage directions to Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie includes an homage to Roget: The night nursery of the Darling family, which is the scene of our opening Act, is at the top of a rather depressed street in Bloomsbury. We might have a right to place it where we will, and the reason Bloomsbury is chosen is that Mr. Roget once lived there. So did we in the days when his Thesaurus was our only companion in London; and we whom he has helped to wend our way through life have always wanted to pay him a little compliment. For Barrie, Roget's masterpiece was synonymous with virtue itself. To describe the one saving grace of the play's villain, Captain Hook, Barrie adds, "The man is not wholly evil--he has a Thesaurus in his cabin. ~ Joshua Kendall
Captain Tom quotes by Joshua Kendall
I have some calls out to Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Eddie Murphy. I said, 'I won't star in any blockbuster films if you stay out of animated films.' They just won't call me back. ~ Jim Cummings
Captain Tom quotes by Jim Cummings
You see another side of Draco when he's with his dad. When Draco is with his dad, he doesn't say anything. He keeps his mouth shut. He's sort of bullied by his dad, so he acts very different. ~ Tom Felton
Captain Tom quotes by Tom Felton
It's good to touch the green, green grass of home ~ Tom Jones
Captain Tom quotes by Tom Jones
You and Tom must have made a good match," he said. "What are you
doing? Is this the way you initiate new tutors? By stabbing them in the shoe? ~ Anyta Sunday
Captain Tom quotes by Anyta Sunday
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