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#1. A thing that was difficult to determine was the attitude of the pigs towards Moses. They all declared contemptuously that his stories about Sugarcandy Mountain were lies, and yet they allowed him to remain on the farm, not working, with an allowance of a gill of beer a day. - Author: George Orwell
Cantillon Beer quotes by George Orwell
#2. When I was seventeen
I drank some very good beer
I drank some very good beer I purchased
With a fake ID
My name was Brian McGee
I stayed up listening to Queen
When I was seventeen - Author: Homer
Cantillon Beer quotes by Homer
#3. Beer is proof that God loves us. - Author: Benjamin Franklin
Cantillon Beer quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#4. From the very beginning I started with a beer and a cigarette because I couldn't figure out what to do with my hands. So usually I have a beer and cigarette and that's what I was doing with my hands because that looked natural and felt good. - Author: Ron White
Cantillon Beer quotes by Ron White
#5. During a working day, there's nothing I look forward to more than an evening of nothing at all. A meal. A beer or a glass of wine. The evening news on TV. A B movie or a soccer match. A working day like that gets off on the right foot. It's a day with promise. - Author: Herman Koch
Cantillon Beer quotes by Herman Koch
#6. An older dom snorted. "Atherton uses the word escort loosely. The last time someone messed with a trainee, he threw the guy across the bar. Strolled over, waited for the idiot to stand up, punched his lights out, and dragged him by his jacket collar out of the place. Escorted him, my ass. Didn't even wrinkle that fancy suit." He took a sip of his beer and added, "Atherton is invariably polite, but nobody in their right mind fucks with his trainees. - Author: Cherise Sinclair
Cantillon Beer quotes by Cherise Sinclair
#7. Aye lass," nodded Gizurr, "you are quite the beauty for sure. I'd certainly offer to buy you a beer or two if I ever met you in a pub and that's a fact."
Ragni tutted and elbowed Gizurr in the ribs, "Have some respect, she looks young enough to be your daughter."
"Well she isn't is she?" snorted Gizurr, "She's been trapped here for over two thousand years, made to think that she's an ugly old bird and fooled by some arse wipe into protecting a lump of rock that is perfectly capable of looking after itself."
Ragni pursed his lips and nodded slowly in agreement. - Author: Jake Adler
Cantillon Beer quotes by Jake Adler
#8. A country of long shadows on county cricket grounds, warm beer, green suburbs, dog lovers, and old maids cycling to holy communion through the morning mist. - Author: John Major
Cantillon Beer quotes by John Major
#9. You're spunky. I like it." He took a sip of his beer.
"You're creepy. I don't like it. - Author: Chanelle Gray
Cantillon Beer quotes by Chanelle Gray
#10. Hey, I'm for love, not war. How about we have a beer? - Author: Mel Gibson
Cantillon Beer quotes by Mel Gibson
#11. Quite as agreeable was the arrival of a fresh supply of red-currant fool, and as this had been heralded a few minutes before by a loud pop from the butler's pantry, which looked on to the lawn, Miss Mapp began to waver in her belief that there was no champagne in it, particularly as it would not have suited the theory by which she accounted for the Major's unwonted good humour, and her suggestion that the pop they had all heard so clearly was the opening of a bottle of stone ginger-beer was not delivered with conviction. To make sure, however, she took one more sip of the new supply, and, irradiated with smiles, made a great concession.

"I believe I was wrong," she said. "There is something in it beyond yolk of egg and cream. Oh, there's Boon; he will tell us."

She made a seductive face at Boon, and beckoned to him.

"Boon, will you think it very inquisitive of me," she asked archly, "if I ask you whether you have put a teeny drop of champagne into this delicious red-currant fool?"

"A bottle and a half, Miss," said Boon morosely, "and half a pint of old brandy. Will you have some more, Miss?"

Miss Mapp curbed her indignation at this vulgar squandering of precious liquids, so characteristic of Poppits. She gave a shrill little laugh.

"Oh, no, thank you, Boon!" she said. "I mustn't have any more. Delicious, though."

Major Flint let Boon fill up his cup while he was not looking.

"And we owe th - Author: E.F. Benson
Cantillon Beer quotes by E.F. Benson
#12. I called the bartender, told him to bring me another beer. I sat there drinking it, and forgetting Earl Walker. It was funny, though, you live with something for part of a week, night and day. You let it fill your mind, and you find weak places in the investigation done ahead of you. It becomes a challenge. There are a lot of questions that need answers. They beat at you, insisting you find the answers, and find out why the cops ahead of you overlooked them. Tino Gonsmart. Ziggy. Too much sense to talk about Ruby. And - Author: Harry Whittington
Cantillon Beer quotes by Harry Whittington
#13. I love you, Tess McGee. I don't do big funny or heartfelt speeches in front of people at birthday parties, but I'm excellent in private alcoves in beer gardens." He paused. "Okay, that sounded really bad, what I mean is ... "
I kissed him into silence. I pressed my forehead against his with a sigh. "I love you, too, Toby. In fact, that's what I was going to tell you before we walked into the beer garden. Right before the really bad singing started."
Toby chuckled. He let out a sigh of relief. "Ready to reminisce?"
I whispered my final word before he closed the distance.
"Always. - Author: C.J. Duggan
Cantillon Beer quotes by C.J. Duggan
#14. I certainly do not drink all the time. I have to sleep you know. - Author: W.C. Fields
Cantillon Beer quotes by W.C. Fields
#15. There are more old drunks than there are old doctors. - Author: Willie Nelson
Cantillon Beer quotes by Willie Nelson
#16. Never allow a child to spend all of his allowance. Insist that he set aside a certain amount of money every week and put it in a safe place, where you can get it if you need to buy beer. - Author: Dave Barry
Cantillon Beer quotes by Dave Barry
#17. A pale, sweaty Corona bottle invaded my field of vision. It was clamped in a hand attached to a muscular arm with pale blond hair.
"Peace offering," Curran said.
Did I hear him come in? No.
I took the beer. He paused on the other side of the tub. He was wearing a white gym towel. "I'm about to take the towel off and hop in," he said. "Fair warning."
There are times in life when shrugging takes nearly all of your will. "I've seen you naked."
"Didn't want you to run away screaming or anything."
"You flatter yourself."
He took the towel off.
I hadn't exactly forgotten what he looked like without clothes. I just didn't remember it being quite so tempting. He was built with survival in mind: strong but flexible, defined but hardly slender. You could bounce a quarter from his abs.
Curran stepped into the tub. He was obviously in no hurry.
It was like walking on a high bridge: don't look down. Definitely not below his waist . . . Oh my.
He sank into the hot water near me. I remembered to breathe. "How's your back?"
"It's fine," he said. "Thanks."
"Don't mention it." It had to be sore.
"Does your side hurt?"
His smile told me he knew we were both full of it. - Author: Ilona Andrews
Cantillon Beer quotes by Ilona Andrews
#18. Under the pressure of the cares and sorrows of our mortal condition, men have at all times, and in all countries, called in some physical aid to their moral consolations - wine, beer, opium, brandy, or tobacco. - Author: Edmund Burke
Cantillon Beer quotes by Edmund Burke
#19. You are an alchemist who can turn six beers into an awkward three week relationship. - Author: Eugene Mirman
Cantillon Beer quotes by Eugene Mirman
#20. You're a Dark One," said Anton. "All you see in everything is evil, treachery, trickery."

"All I do is not close my eyes to them," Edgar retorted. "And that's why I don't trust Zabulon. I distrust him almost as much as I do Gesar. I can even trust you more - you're just another unfortunate chess piece who happens by chance to be painted a different color from me. Does a white pawn hate a black one? No. Especially if the two pawns have their heads down together over a quiet beer or two."

"You know," Anton said in a slightly surprised voice, "I just don't understand how you can carry on living if you see the world like that. I'd just go and hang myself."

"So you don't have any counterarguments to offer?"

Anton took a gulp of beer too. The wonderful thing about this natural Czech beer was that even if you drank lots of it, it still didn't make your head or your body feel heavy... Or was that an illusion?

"Not a single one," Anton admitted. "Right now, this very moment, not a single one. But I'm sure you're wrong. It's just difficult to argue about the colors of the rainbow with a blind man. There's something missing in you... I don't know what exactly. But it's something very important, and without it you're more helpless than a blind man. - Author: Sergei Lukyanenko
Cantillon Beer quotes by Sergei Lukyanenko
#21. Life, alas, is very drear. Up with the glass! Down with the beer! - Author: Louis Untermeyer
Cantillon Beer quotes by Louis Untermeyer
#22. A blanket could be used to aid a waiter with bringing out a large order of beer. Those customers can drape themselves in soggy drunkenness. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Cantillon Beer quotes by Jarod Kintz
#23. The favourite activity is drinking a lot of beer and the second is throwing it up again) - Author: Bill Bryson
Cantillon Beer quotes by Bill Bryson
#24. I've been going long enough to prove what I wanted to prove, to get the girl I wanted to get, to make the money I wanted to make, to drink all the beer I wanted to drink. I've played - not exactly everywhere, but I've played enough places. - Author: Joe Perry
Cantillon Beer quotes by Joe Perry
#25. Often, the teachers would ask me what language we spoke at home. This was a not-so-subtle way of discovering if we spoke Yiddish (which we didn't) and were therefore Jewish (which we were). - Author: Edith Hahn Beer
Cantillon Beer quotes by Edith Hahn Beer
#26. Camp-keeping in the Delta was not all beer and skittles. - Author: Aldo Leopold
Cantillon Beer quotes by Aldo Leopold
#27. In a badass, beer-glass brawl, would you rather have an academic liberal covering your back or a hobnailed redneck? - Author: James Lee Burke
Cantillon Beer quotes by James Lee Burke
#28. In more than 20 years of opening beers with guys, I have NEVER seen the Swedish Bikini Team show up. Almost always, the teams that show up in beer drinking situations consist of guys who have been playing league softball and smell like bus seats. - Author: Dave Barry
Cantillon Beer quotes by Dave Barry
#29. The mouth of a perfectly contented man is filled with beer. - Egyptian proverb, c. 2200 BCE - Author: Tom Standage
Cantillon Beer quotes by Tom Standage
#30. The faster it ran away from me. And I found myself reasoning that perhaps one more beer would unlock the doors of perception, - Author: Jeff Lindsay
Cantillon Beer quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#31. It's 12 amyl nitrites (one box), in conjunction with as many beers as necessary. - Author: Hunter S. Thompson
Cantillon Beer quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#32. Look, Spanky," I said to Sharkface. "I'm a little busy to be tussling with every random weirdo who is insecure about his junk. Otherwise I would just love to smash you with a beer bottle, kick you in the balls, throw you out through the saloon doors, the whole bit. Why don't you have your people contact my people, and we can do this maybe next week?"
"Next week is your self-deprecation awareness seminar," Thomas said.
I snapped my fingers. "What about the week after?"
"Apartment hunting."
"Bother," I said. "Well, no one can say we didn't try. - Author: Jim Butcher
Cantillon Beer quotes by Jim Butcher
#33. Avoid alcohol as you would a loathsome disease. Beer will do to you what hard liquor will do. Each contains alcohol in varying amounts. - Author: Gordon B. Hinckley
Cantillon Beer quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley
#34. I had to learn quick, because I was performing in Cinco de Mayo festivals with babies crying and people lifting their beers, and you know the feather dancers would come, and they'd say, "What are you, a poet? You're next". - Author: Sandra Cisneros
Cantillon Beer quotes by Sandra Cisneros
#35. Peasant families ate pork, beef, or game only a few times a year; fowls and eggs were eaten far more often. Milk, butter, and hard cheeses were too expensive for the average peasant. As for vegetables, the most common were cabbage and watercress. Wild carrots were also popular in some places. Parsnips became widespread by the sixteenth century, and German writings from the mid-1500s indicate that beet roots were a preferred food there. Rutabagas were developed during the Middle Ages by crossing turnips with cabbage, and monastic gardens were known for their asparagus and artichokes. However, as a New World vegetable, the potato was not introduced into Europe until the late 1500s or early 1600s, and for a long time it was thought to be merely a decorative plant.

"Most people ate only two meals a day. In most places, water was not the normal beverage. In Italy and France people drank wine, in Germany and England ale or beer. - Author: Patricia D. Netzley
Cantillon Beer quotes by Patricia D. Netzley
#36. There had been vague threats and seductive hands and nachos and beer, but Oscar hadn't noticed an offer, per se. - Author: Steve Himmer
Cantillon Beer quotes by Steve Himmer
#37. When I started having a couple of beers and loosening up, I realized how many years I had wasted going back to my hotel room alone when I could have gone and just had a beer or two. - Author: Bradford Cox
Cantillon Beer quotes by Bradford Cox
#38. Stale beer sticks to wobbling tables. The cigarette machine flashes in the corner, mocking smokers who never have any change on them. There's no natural light in this pub, so it's dark and gloomy. The pain on the face of the staff tells its own story: overworked, underpaid, exploited and treated as expendable. I feel at home with them. They're so scared they will be fired from their terrible jobs, every time I order a beer they ask me if I want any peanuts or crisps, in case between drinks I've turned into the dreaded mystery shopper. The air is chewy and weighs heavy on the skin. The fruit machines in the corners don't make a sound, aware this is the last stop saloon for the drunk few who can't afford to gamble properly. Everyone here is down to their last pint and pound. - Author: Craig Stone
Cantillon Beer quotes by Craig Stone
#39. I used to drink beer and smoke pot before I played. Now I drink tequila and smoke pot. So it's a little different - Author: Tre Cool
Cantillon Beer quotes by Tre Cool
#40. I know I looked skinnier in The House Bunny, but thanks to my diet of beer and doughnuts, I'm back to my fightin' weight!' - Author: Anna Faris
Cantillon Beer quotes by Anna Faris
#41. Just being near the water makes me ache for it, makes my skin tingle with the desire to run until I am chest-deep and the water wraps around my skin like a satin ribbon, making the worries, the aches, the stress unwind. Sometimes, I wonder if this is how a recovering alcoholic would feel if someone put a beer in her hand. If her body would wage war against her mind as mine does. - Author: Mandy Hubbard
Cantillon Beer quotes by Mandy Hubbard
#42. If someone from Germany or somewhere, who had no idea what baseball was, saw Kruk play, he'd wonder what the beer truck driver was doing playing first base. - Author: Andy Van Slyke
Cantillon Beer quotes by Andy Van Slyke
#43. ust suppose that Hitler had won the war, wiped out all the Jews and convinced his people that there really was such a thing as a master race. The history books start to be changed, and, a hundred years later, his succesors manage to wipe out all the Indians. Three hundred years later and the Blacks have been eliminated too. It takes five hundred years, but, finally, the all powerful war machine succeeds in erasing the oriental race from the face of the earth as well. The history books speak of remote battles waged against barbarians, but no one reads too closely. because it's of no importance.
Two thousand years later after the birth of Narzism, in a bar in Tokyo, a city that has been inhabited for five centuries now by tall, blue eyed people, Hanz and Fritz are enjoying a beer. At one point, Hans looks as Fritz and asks "Fritz do you think it was always like this?"
"What?" asks Fritz
"The world"
"Of course the world was always like this isn't that what we were taught?"
"Of course I dont know what made me ask such a stupid question," says hans. They finish their beer, talk about other things and forget the question entirely. - Author: Paulo Coelho
Cantillon Beer quotes by Paulo Coelho
#44. With the hug. It's so good to see you. We've got pitchers of tea outside, and plenty of beer. And four bottles of champagne - your mama - Author: Nora Roberts
Cantillon Beer quotes by Nora Roberts

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