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#1. A thousand ways every day, the white man is telling you "You can't live here, you can't enter here, you can't eat here, drink here, walk here, work here, you can't ride here, you can't play here, you can't study here." Haven't we seen enough to see that he has no plan to *unite* with you? - Author: Malcolm X
Cant Study quotes by Malcolm X
#2. That's what happens when you study men: you find mare's nests. I happen to believe that you can't study men; you can only get to know them, which is quite a different thing. Because you study them, you want to make the lower orders govern the country and listen to classical music, which is balderdash. You also want to take away from them everything which makes life worth living and not only from them but from everyone except a parcel of prigs and professors. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Cant Study quotes by C.S. Lewis
#3. You can't study comedy; it's within you. It's a personality. My humor is an attitude. - Author: Don Rickles
Cant Study quotes by Don Rickles
#4. No Fridolf, bother all this learning. I can't study anymore because I must climb the mast to see what kind of weather we're going to have tomorrow. - Author: Astrid Lindgren
Cant Study quotes by Astrid Lindgren
#5. I've always learned on-the-job, in real time. A problem comes up; I research it, and try to solve it. You can't study to be an entrepreneur; you have to develop those skills day in day out. All entrepreneurial experiences are related, whether you're selling worm poop to Wal-Mart or a grade tracking application to the public elementary school system. In the end, it's all very similar. - Author: Tom Szaky
Cant Study quotes by Tom Szaky
#6. You can't study the map forever. At some point it's time to start walking; there is only so much daylight. - Author: Rob Lowe
Cant Study quotes by Rob Lowe
#7. I believe that very much of current Arminianism is simply ignorance of gospel doctrine; and if people began to study their Bibles, and to take the Word of God as they find it, they must inevitably, if believers, rise up to rejoice in the doctrines of grace. - Author: Charles Spurgeon
Cant Study quotes by Charles Spurgeon
#8. Phrenology is the study of the brain or how it operates, you know, the particular components that effect the nerves and the thought process, and the study of the size of the head. We just wanted to tie it into subject matters. - Author: Black Thought
Cant Study quotes by Black Thought
#9. The part of the philanthropist is indeed a dangerous one; and the man who would do his neighbour good must first study how not to do him evil, and must begin by pulling the beam out of his own eye. - Author: George MacDonald
Cant Study quotes by George MacDonald
#10. Results from a prospective study of 25,892 Norwegian women clearly showed that consumption in excess of 750 ml of whole milk a day leads to a relative risk of breast cancer of 2.91 compared with consumption of less than 150 ml with a relative risk of 1.0 [104]. - Author: Bodo Melnik
Cant Study quotes by Bodo Melnik
#11. I began, as most young people do, by reading the books I enjoyed. But I found that narrowed my pleasure, in time, until I spent most of my hours searching for such books. Then I devised a plan of study for myself, tracing obscure sciences, one after another, from the dawn of knowledge to the present. Eventually I exhausted even that, and beginning at the great ebony case that stands in the center of the room we of the library have maintained for three hundred years against the return of the Autarch Sulpicius (and into which, in consequence, no one ever comes) I read outward for a period of fifteen years, often finishing two books in one day. - Author: Gene Wolfe
Cant Study quotes by Gene Wolfe
#12. Blackadder was fifty-four and had come to editing Ash out of pique. He was the son and grandson of Scottish schoolmasters. His grandfather recited poetry on firelight evenings: Marmion, Childe Harold, Ragnarok. His father sent him to Downing College in Cambridge to study under F. R. Leavis. Leavis did to Blackadder what he did to serious students; he showed him the terrible, the magnificent importance and urgency of English literature and simultaneously deprived him of any confidence in his own capacity to contribute to, or change it. The young Blackadder wrote poems, imagined Dr Leavis's comments on them, and burned them. - Author: A.S. Byatt
Cant Study quotes by A.S. Byatt
#13. According to a new study, 63% of men surveyed said they like to settle an argument by having sex. The other 37% of the men said they would never want to get into an argument with those men. - Author: Jay Leno
Cant Study quotes by Jay Leno
#14. The study [of Revelation] instructs us not only about the storms to come, but how to endure and come through them with great victory. - Author: Billy Graham
Cant Study quotes by Billy Graham
#15. There Laura spent many happy hours, supposed to be picking fruit for jam, but for the better part of the time reading or dreaming. One corner, overhung by a Samson tree and walled in with bushes and flowers, she called her 'green study'. - Author: Flora Thompson
Cant Study quotes by Flora Thompson
#16. I thought I told you to stop doing that," he snapped.
A thin-lipped mouth opened; the jutting chin and nose knocked together indignantly. "Do what?"
"Taking on such a hideous appearance. I've just had my breakfast."
A section of brow lifted, allowing an eyeball to roll forward with a squelching sound.The face looked
unapologetic."Sorry, mate," it said. "It's just my job."
"Your job is to destroy anyone entering my study without authority. No more, no less."
The door guard considered. "True. But I seek to preempt entry by scaring trespassers away. To my way
of thinking, deterrence is more aesthetically satisfying than punishment."
Mr. Mandrake snorted. "Trespassers apart, you'll likely frighten Ms. Piper here to death."
The face shook from side to side, a process that caused the nose to wobble alarmingly. "Not so. When
she comes alone, I moderate my features. I reserve the full horror for those I consider morally vicious."
"But you just looked that way to me!"
"The contradiction being...? - Author: Jonathan Stroud
Cant Study quotes by Jonathan Stroud
#17. I cannot see the war as historians see it. Those clever fellows study all the facts and they see the war as a large thing, one of the biggest events in the legend of the man, something general, involving multitudes. - Author: William, Saroyan
Cant Study quotes by William, Saroyan
#18. To study is not to consume ideas, but to create and re-create them. - Author: Paulo Freire
Cant Study quotes by Paulo Freire
#19. From my studies of genetics and neuroscience I have come to believe that people fall into four broad personality types - each influenced by a different brain chemical: I call them the Explorer, Builder, Director, and Negotiator. - Author: Helen Fisher
Cant Study quotes by Helen Fisher
#20. Studies by Andrew Newberg and others have shown that long-term practice of meditation produces significant alterations in cerebral blood flow in parts of the brain related to attention, emotion, and some autonomic functions. - Author: Oliver Sacks
Cant Study quotes by Oliver Sacks
#21. A man ought to study the wilderness of a place before applying to it the ways he learned in another place. - Author: Wendell Berry
Cant Study quotes by Wendell Berry
#22. During my long study sessions in the library, I found myself watching YouTube videos during study breaks. - Author: Ray William Johnson
Cant Study quotes by Ray William Johnson
#23. Mr. Spock : 'I began to study human behavior from an alien perspective, thinking, humans are interesting, sad, foolish, but worthy of study. - Author: Leonard Nimoy
Cant Study quotes by Leonard Nimoy
#24. You can study the rules until your eyes fall out of your head, but if you cannot recall which rule fits your particular situation just before some large ship hits you broadside, then a study of the rules has failed you at the worst possible time. - Author: John W. Trimmer
Cant Study quotes by John W. Trimmer
#25. History is the study of the abuse of power. - Author: Marty Rubin
Cant Study quotes by Marty Rubin
#26. Tolkien, then, was a philologist before he was a mythologist, and a mythologist, at least in intention, before he ever became a writer of fantasy fiction. His beliefs about language and about mythology were sometimes original and sometimes extreme, but never irrational, and he was able to express them perfectly clearly. In the end he decided to express them not through abstract argument, but by demonstration, and the success of the demonstration has gone a long way to showing that he did often have a point: especially in his belief, which I share, that a taste for philology, for the history of language in all its forms, names and place-names included, is much more widespread in the population at large than educators and arbiters of taste like to think. In his 1959 'Valedictory Address to the University of Oxford' (reprinted in Essays, pp. 224-40), Tolkien concluded that the problem lay not with the philologists nor with those they taught but with what he called 'misologists' – haters of the word. There would be no harm in them if they simply concluded language study was not for them, out of dullness or ignorance. But what he felt, Tolkien said, was:

"grievance that certain professional persons should suppose their dullness and ignorance to be a human norm; and anger when they have sought to impose the limitation of their minds upon younger minds, dissuading those with philological curiosity from their bent, encouraging those without this interest to believe that - Author: Tom Shippey
Cant Study quotes by Tom Shippey
#27. Man-made global warming was a potential serious threat, and NASA wanted Congress to fund new satellites to study the problem. It was a team effort to get that accomplished. - Author: Roy Spencer
Cant Study quotes by Roy Spencer
#28. Adolescence is the time to enlarge the natural sentiments of pity, friendship, and generosity, the time to develop an understanding of human nature and the varieties of human character, the time to gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of all men and to study the history of mankind. - Author: Louise J. Kaplan
Cant Study quotes by Louise J. Kaplan
#29. I love studying folklore and legends. The stories that people passed down for a thousand years without any sort of marketing support are obviously saying something appealing about the basic human condition. - Author: Tim Schafer
Cant Study quotes by Tim Schafer
#30. The true science and study of man is man. - Author: Pierre Charron
Cant Study quotes by Pierre Charron
#31. The advice I am giving always to all my students is above all to study the music profoundly ... music is like the ocean, and the instruments are little or bigger islands, very beautiful for the flowers and trees. - Author: Andres Segovia
Cant Study quotes by Andres Segovia
#32. It sometimes happens that evidence accumulates across many studies to the point where scientists must change their minds. I've seen this happen in my colleagues (and myself) many times,34 and it's part of the accountability system of science - you'd look foolish clinging to discredited theories. But for nonscientists, there is no such thing as a study you must believe. It's always possible to question the methods, find an alternative interpretation of the data, or, if all else fails, question the honesty or ideology of the researchers. - Author: Jonathan Haidt
Cant Study quotes by Jonathan Haidt
#33. In another study, chronic procrastinators who set a specific time to complete a task were eight times as likely to follow through. - Author: Tony Schwartz
Cant Study quotes by Tony Schwartz
#34. If you're a conservation biologist in many fields, you're seeing your study subject disappear. People are in the position where they're chronicling radical decline, and that is not a position that conservation biologists want to be in. - Author: Elizabeth Kolbert
Cant Study quotes by Elizabeth Kolbert
#35. I'm on the Sensa diet. It's a little magic powder based on Dr. Hirsh's clinical trials and studies and it basically signals the brain that you're full through smellology. - Author: Patti Stanger
Cant Study quotes by Patti Stanger
#36. Study the Bible to know about God. Obey the Bible to really know God. - Author: Adrian Rogers
Cant Study quotes by Adrian Rogers
#37. As every divided kingdom falls, so every mind divided between many studies confounds and saps itself. - Author: Leonardo Da Vinci
Cant Study quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci
#38. In that same year, NYU conducted its own study. With rats. They implanted electrodes in the brains of male rats and put two buttons in their cages. When the lucky little bastards pushed the blue button, the electrodes triggered an orgasm. When they pushed a red button, they were given food.
Care to guess what happened to all the rats?
They died.
They fucking starved to death.
They never pushed the red button.
Need I say more? - Author: Emma Chase
Cant Study quotes by Emma Chase
#39. The interactions of business and culture, one upon the other, form one of the least explored phases of history. For such a study, no city would appear better fixed than Florence, so richly dowered with both economic and spiritual vitality. - Author: Mary Ritter Beard
Cant Study quotes by Mary Ritter Beard
#40. Contrary to many young Colleagues, I do believe that it makes sense to study the Classics. - Author: Magnus Carlsen
Cant Study quotes by Magnus Carlsen
#41. As a matter of fact, I decided in high school that I was going to go to the seminary. And I did study with the Paulist Fathers for two years after high school in full anticipation of becoming a priest. - Author: Bob Gunton
Cant Study quotes by Bob Gunton
#42. ...[I]n any inquiry you are likely to attain more nearly to knowledge of your object in proportion to the care and accuracy with which you have prepared yourself to understand that object in itself[.] - Author: Socrates
Cant Study quotes by Socrates
#43. The art of war is at once comprehensive and complicated; ... it demands much previous study; and ... the possession of it, in its most improved and perfect state, is always a great moment to the security of a nation. This, therefore, ought to be a serious care of every government; and for this purpose, an academy, where a regular course of instruction is given, is an obvious expedient, which different nations have successfully employed. - Author: George Washington
Cant Study quotes by George Washington
#44. What I picked up on Michael Jackson - because I study people when I watch them - the way that he counts his rhythm with his feet and his neck at the same time is crazy ... so he's hearing multiple things at once. And I don't know anybody who does that. - Author: Wyclef Jean
Cant Study quotes by Wyclef Jean
#45. Anybody gets to ask questions about any fiction-related issues she wants. No question about literature is stupid. You are forbidden to keep yourself from asking a question or making a comment because you fear it will sound obvious or unsophisticated or lame or stupid. Because critical reading and prose fiction are such hard, weird things to try to study, a stupid-seeming comment or question can end up being valuable or even profound.

I am deadly-serious about creating a classroom environment where everyone feels free to ask or speak about anything she wishes. So any student who groans, smirks, mimes machines-gunning or onanism, chortles, eye-rolls, or in any way ridicules some other student's in-class question/comment will be warned once in private and on the second offense will be kicked out of class and flunked, no matter what week it is. If the offender is male, I am also apt to find him off-campus and beat him up. - Author: David Foster Wallace
Cant Study quotes by David Foster Wallace
#46. Today, the witch theory of causality has fallen into disuse, with the exception of a few isolated pockets in Papua New Guinea, India, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Tanzania, Kenya, or Sierra Leone, where "witches" are still burned to death. A 2002 World Health Organization study, for example, reported that every year more than 500 elderly women in Tanzania alone are killed for being "witches." In Nigeria, children by the thousands are being rounded up and torched as "witches," and in response the Nigerian government arrested a self-styled bishop named Okon Williams, who it accused of killing 110 such children. - Author: Michael Shermer
Cant Study quotes by Michael Shermer
#47. Le Verrier - without leaving his study, without even looking at the sky - had found the unknown planet [Neptune] solely by mathematical calculation, and, as it were, touched it with the tip of his pen! - Author: Camille Flammarion
Cant Study quotes by Camille Flammarion
#48. The shell model, although proposed by theoreticians, really corresponds to the experimentalist's approach. It was born from a thorough study of the experimental data, plotting them in different ways, and looking for interconnections. - Author: Maria Goeppert-Mayer
Cant Study quotes by Maria Goeppert-Mayer
#49. A thought can advance your life in the right direction only when it answers questions which were asked by your soul. A thought which was first borrowed from someone else and then accepted by your mind and memory does not really much influence your life, and sometimes leads you in the wrong direction. Read less, study less, but think more.
Learn, both from your teachers and from the books which you read, only those things which you really need and which you really want to know. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
Cant Study quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#50. 'Tis a good rule in every journey to provide some piece of liberal study to rescue the hours which bad weather, bad company, and taverns steal from the best economist. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Cant Study quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#51. My study of chess was accompanied by a strong attraction to music, and it was probably thanks to this that from childhood I became accustomed to thinking of chess as an art, for all the science and sport involved in it. - Author: Vasily Smyslov
Cant Study quotes by Vasily Smyslov

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