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Sharing your success with others reveals your true humanity. Don't ever be afraid to open your heart to that practice. It has made all the world of difference to me. ~ Andrea Michaels
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea Michaels
I say to all who are legally here, that you will be welcome to stay. ~ Andrea Leadsom
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea Leadsom
If all the shows on television were about happy, functional relationships, first of all I don't know how many role models there are out there, sadly. And secondly, who would watch? Drama is conflict. ~ Andrea Roth
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea Roth
I do not think anyone can ever do anything without the help and will of God. ~ Andrea Bocelli
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea Bocelli
You get one chance.

You get to do this and that and you don't even know when it goes from swirling forward and around and around in circles to just a plain cold stop and nothing more. Can you believe it? All this time I've spent weighing this and weighing that, worrying about this and worrying about that, living back then and living forward, caring about so-and-so, too, but never living here, here, this moment here. Never even acknowledging that this moment even exists, and it hits me like a live volt through the chest. ~ Andrea Portes
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea Portes
Maybe Republicans should get nukes and the president [Barack Obama] will talk to them. ~ Andrea Tantaros
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea Tantaros
I want to have time for myself, my family and my friends. It's important because in order to sing well, you must have inspiration, and inspiration comes from life, from living. ~ Andrea Bocelli
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea Bocelli
Ren," I whispered. "I want-"
And then I was leaning over him, my cropped hair brushing against his cheeks as I bent to kiss him. Our lips met and I felt like I was diving into oblivion. The kiss grew deep, inmediate and hungry. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist, molding my body against his. ~ Andrea Cremer
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea Cremer
I don't like being called 'macho.' Macho basically means stupid and a real Italian man is not macho, he's smart. That's smart in both senses: elegant and clever. ~ Andrea Bocelli
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea Bocelli
When you jump, all your going to do is fall.But leaping? Leaping is when you think there's something on the other side."
"And you have a sense that we're about to leap?"
"I have a sense that we already have. ~ Andrea Cremer
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea Cremer
A tree 'fires' its leaves every autumn, and a mother bird 'fires' its babies from the nest in spring, right? Be alert to the need to call an end to a relationship within your business, and if it's your turn to fire, do it swiftly. ~ Andrea J. Lee
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea J. Lee
Every three minutes a woman is being raped. Every eighteen seconds a woman is being beaten. There is nothing abstract about it. It is happening right now as I am speaking. ~ Andrea Dworkin
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea Dworkin
So you're like… living in the margins, making your case in the margins, trying to make a difference maybe, from the margins...but nobody really wants to listen to you. To see you.
'Cause you're not the story they want to tell. ~ Andrea Portes
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea Portes
My mouth is a fire escape.
The words coming out
don't care that they are naked.
There is something burning in there. ~ Andrea Gibson
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea Gibson
When will you be brave enough to recognize your success story? ~ Andrea T. Goeglein
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea T. Goeglein
The hard truth is that the longer you stay stuck in a story of blaming your circumstances, the more you keep repeating that story to yourself and to others, the more you will remain in this same story. ~ Andrea Owen
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea Owen
One of Leonardo da Vinci's most famous creations is his painting of The Last Supper. It is said that while Leonardo da Vinci was working on the painting he got into an argument with a fellow painter. Leonardo da Vinci was so mad at this colleague that in anger and out of spite he painted that man's face as the face of Judas in his painting of the upper room Supper.

But then, having completed that, Leonardo da Vinci turned to paint the face of Christ and he could not do it. It wouldn't come. He couldn't visualize it. He couldn't paint the face of Christ.

He put down his paintbrush and went to find the man from whom he was estranged. He forgave him; they reconciled with one another; they both apologized. They both forgave. That very evening Leonardo da Vinci had a dream and in that dream he saw the face of Christ. He rose quickly from his bed and finished the painting and it became one of his greatest masterpieces. ~ Fred Andrea
Calzado Andrea quotes by Fred Andrea
To us, it's vey natural. Initially, it sounded kind of strange to people, because it is different to put traditional Irish music in a pop and rock mode. But they get used to it
it is our sound. ~ Andrea Corr
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea Corr
You should ask him where his crew is." Doolittle's face wrinkled in disgust. "Go on. Tell her."
Jim didn't look like he wanted to tell me anything.
"Where is Brenna?"
"On the roof, keeping a lookout," Jim said.
"And the rest?" Come to think of it, I hadn't seen any of them since we came out of Unicorn.
"Apparently there is a band of loups near Augusta." Doolittle leveled an outraged glare at Jim. "I've been listening to it on the radio. The city's on the verge of panic. Odd loups these. Mellow. Although they apparently performed shocking acts of animal mutilation within plain view of the farmhouse, the farmer's family slept through the whole thing. Curiously, no humans were harmed."
I almost laughed. No loup would attack livestock if human prey was available. They craved human flesh.
"They're creating a diversion," Jim said.
Raphael halted his conversation with Andrea to emit a short, distinctly hyena guff. "That's the best plan you could come up with?"
"Apparently he thinks that Curran's a moron." Doolittle shook his head. ~ Ilona Andrews
Calzado Andrea quotes by Ilona Andrews
I've not used a score in any of my films so far. ~ Andrea Arnold
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea Arnold
God, he was so beautiful. It was the tragic kind of beauty too, the kind you knew was doomed from the start. A face that launched a thousand ships and dug a million graves. ~ Andrea Speed
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea Speed
As an astronomer, I get to ignore the details of the things that we don't understand. There's a lot of work that we can do on scales that we do understand, and there is actually a finite size that I can associate with a super massive black hole. ~ Andrea M. Ghez
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea M. Ghez
I know you think this world is too dark to even dream in color,
but I've seen flowers bloom at midnight.
I've seen kites fly in gray skies
and they were real close to looking like the sunrise,
and sometime it takes the most wounded wings
the most broken things
to notice how strong the breeze is,
how precious the flight. ~ Andrea Gibson
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea Gibson
I have a vamp body for you," Andrea said. "It's in the freezer."
I gave her a nice smile. "You shouldn't have. ~ Ilona Andrews
Calzado Andrea quotes by Ilona Andrews
Text is linear; it is black and white; it doesn't zoom around the page in 3-D; it isn't intelligent by itself; in fact, in terms of immediate reaction it is quite boring. I can't imagine a single preliterate was ever wowed at the first sight of text, and yet text has been the basis of arguably the most fundamental intellectual transformation of the human species. It and its subforms, such as algebra, have made science education for all a plausible goal. ~ Andrea DiSessa
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea DiSessa
What is you, Sam?"
I hesitated, trying to think about how I visualized myself. All I came up with was how other people visualized me. I was visualized as a daughter, a wife, a mother, a best friend by those people in my life, but I had no clue as to how I viewed myself as a person. I'd never bothered to carve out an identity for myself. ~ Andrea Smith
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea  Smith
The truth is I was nicely brought up and taught not to show my rage even though it was building up inside. ~ Andrea McLean
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea McLean
It had only been a figure of speech when I had told Trey earlier that I had planned on partying until I puked. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. I wasn't sure that I was done tossing just yet.
"What the hell!"
I heard Caroline's shrill, drunken voice from the ground on the other side of the bushes.
"Oh shit! Landon I think someone just puked on me! ~ Andrea Smith
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea  Smith
Just to be clear I don't want to get out without a broken heart. I indend to leave this life so shattered there's gonna have to be a thousand seperate heavens for all of my flying parts. ~ Andrea Gibson
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea Gibson
Women are interchangeable as sex objects; women are slightly less disposable as mothers. The only dignity and value women get is as mothers: it is a compromised dignity and a low value, but it is all that is offered to women as women. Having children is the best thing women can do to get respect and be assured a place. The fact that having children does not get women respect or a place is almost beside the point: poor women don't get respect and live in dung heaps; black women don't get respect and are jailed in decimated ghettos; just plain pregnant women don't get respect and the place they have is a dangerous one - pregnancy is now considered a cause of battery (stress on the male, don't you know): in perhaps 25 percent of families in which battery occurs, it is a pregnant woman who has been battered. In fact, having children may mean both increased violence and increased dependence; it may significantly worsen the economic circumstances of a woman or a family; it may hurt a woman's health or jeopardize her in a host of other ways; but having children is the one social contribution credited to women - it is the bedrock of women's social worth. Despite all the happy smiling public mommies, the private mommies have grim private recognitions. One perception is particularly chilling: without the children, I am not worth much. The recognition is actually more dramatic than that, much more chilling: without the children, I am not. ~ Andrea Dworkin
Calzado Andrea quotes by Andrea Dworkin
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