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#1. We had to do something [in Bush v. Gore], because countries were laughing at us. France was laughing at us. - Author: Antonin Scalia
Bush V Gore quotes by Antonin Scalia
#2. 'Bush v. Gore' gave us a president who lost the popular vote, eventually appointed two more justices, and led us into a war of choice while failing to regulate a financial system dependent on toxic mortgage-backed derivatives. - Author: Marvin Ammori
Bush V Gore quotes by Marvin Ammori
#3. That road to V-E Day was hard and long, and traveled by weary and valiant men. And history will always record where that road began. It began here, with the first footprints on the beaches of Normandy. - Author: George W. Bush
Bush V Gore quotes by George W. Bush
#4. I knew there was something that separated me from Ferdinand and the life of the bush about me. And it was because I had no means in my day-to-day life of asserting this difference, of exhibiting my true self, that I fell into the stupidity of exhibiting my things. - Author: V.S. Naipaul
Bush V Gore quotes by V.S. Naipaul
#5. They went chasing round and round. Round and round the mulberry bush. The Hun could fly. This must be one of Richthofen's young men. - Author: V.W. Yeates
Bush V Gore quotes by V.W. Yeates
#6. The climatically inefficient and economically disastrous Kyoto Protocol, based on IPCC projections, was correctly defined by President George W. Bush as "fatally flawed". This criticism was recently followed by the President of Russia Vladimir V. Putin. I hope that their rational views might save the world from enormous damage that could be induced by implementing recommendations based on distorted science. - Author: Zbigniew Jaworowski
Bush V Gore quotes by Zbigniew Jaworowski
#7. Founders v. Bush brings the wisdom and eloquence of the Founding Fathers back to the people, while unmasking the fraudulent PR machine that is corrupting their words and stealing our legacy. - Author: Jim Hightower
Bush V Gore quotes by Jim Hightower
#8. I think it's important that (Roe v. Wade) remain legal for medical reasons and other reasons. - Author: Laura Bush
Bush V Gore quotes by Laura Bush
#9. A Bush Administration will, I believe, enjoy a better relationship with the new Congress, although President-elect Bush will be faced with real challenges in getting along with the Congress. - Author: Richard V. Allen
Bush V Gore quotes by Richard V. Allen
#10. Unlike the Reagan and Bush Administrations, with but one exception, the Clinton administration failed to reach out to Republicans in creating a new team, and eventually paid a political price. - Author: Richard V. Allen
Bush V Gore quotes by Richard V. Allen
#11. The last best hope of earth, two trillion dollars in debt, is spinning out of control, and all we can do is stare at a flickering cathode-ray tube as Ollie answers questions on TV while the press, resolutely irrelevant as ever, asks politicians if they have committed adultery. From V-J Day 1945 to this has been, my fellow countrymen, a perfect nightmare. - Author: Gore Vidal
Bush V Gore quotes by Gore Vidal
#12. One event that is both history and myth is the rain of blood around the year 1000 in Aquitaine and elsewhere in France. Reports exist from the early eleventh century of a blood rain that "fell upon the clothes of many men, and so stained them with gore that they shuddered at the sight of their own garments and tore them off." Fulbert of Chartres wrote that account in a letter to King Robert of France, after the worried king received a report from Duke William V about a rain of blood that fell in Aquitaine. Scientists today believe that historical reports of blood rain may have been due to dust containing iron oxide, - Author: Joseph Finley
Bush V Gore quotes by Joseph Finley
#13. The world is what it is; men who are nothing, who allow themselves to become nothing, have no place in it ...
It wasn't only the sand drifts and the mud and the narrow, winding, broken roads up in the mountains. There was all that business at the frontier posts, all that haggling in the forest outside wooden huts that flew strange flags. I had to talk myself and my Peugeot past the men with guns
just to drive through bush and more bush. And then I had to talk even harder, and shed a few more bank notes and give away more of my tinned food, to get myself
and the Peugeot
out of the places I had talked us into.
Some of these palavers could take half a day ... - Author: V.S. Naipaul
Bush V Gore quotes by V.S. Naipaul
#14. My dad has a dry, deadpan sense of humor, and my mom has an unexpected, wacky take on things. They really encouraged laughing at ourselves and the weirdness of situations that come up growing up in politics. - Author: Kristin Gore
Bush V Gore quotes by Kristin Gore
#15. Riding down the unhorsed Saxons and spearing and clubbing them and leaping from their mounts with knives and running about on the ground with a peculiar bandylegged trot like creatures driven to alien forms of locomotion and stripping the clothes from the dead and seizing them up by the hair and passing their blades about the skulls of the living and the dead alike and snatching aloft the bloody wigs and hacking and chopping at the naked bodies, ripping off limbs, heads, gutting the strange white torsos and holding up great handfuls of viscera, genitals, some of the savages so slathered up with gore they might have rolled in it like dogs and some who fell upon the dying and sodomized them with loud cries to their fellows. - Author: Cormac McCarthy
Bush V Gore quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#16. Libraries offer, for free, the wisdom of the ages
and sages
and, simply put, there's something for everyone inside. - Author: Laura Bush
Bush V Gore quotes by Laura Bush
#17. What I heard was that Bush is now positioned to have victory after victory. He'll have Social Security reform passed, that he'll have tax reform passed, that he'll have conservative judges on the courts. - Author: Pat Robertson
Bush V Gore quotes by Pat Robertson
#18. When I write a song, I always start on acoustic guitar, because that's a good test of a song, when it's really open and bare. You can often mislead yourself if you start with computers and samples and programming because you can disguise a bad song. - Author: Martin Gore
Bush V Gore quotes by Martin Gore
#19. We favor a strong nonproliferation program that emphasizes diplomacy, reliance on multilateral regimes, controls on nuclear materials, and cooperative nuclear threat reduction. - Author: George W. Bush
Bush V Gore quotes by George W. Bush
#20. The American people overwhelmingly want our troops out of Iraq. They want the federal government to take real and immediate action to combat global warming and to significantly expand support for stem cell research. Democrats almost unanimously support the people's wishes onthese crucial issues. Republicans don't. - Author: Al Gore
Bush V Gore quotes by Al Gore
#21. Because these consequences are distributed globally, the problem masquerades as a distraction. Because the length of time between causes and consequences stretches out longer than we're used to dealing with, it gives us the illusion that we have the luxury of time. Neither of those things is true. - Author: Al Gore
Bush V Gore quotes by Al Gore
#22. I didn't know that President Bush would endorse a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. - Author: Mary Cheney
Bush V Gore quotes by Mary Cheney
#23. The crisis is a concrete threatening reality today. It stands to get catastrophically worse unless we take action before the accumulation [of] this global warming pollution reaches such toxic levels that the problem becomes bigger than we can solve. - Author: Al Gore
Bush V Gore quotes by Al Gore
#24. Although we regularly stigmatize other societies as rogue states, we ourselves have become the largest rogue state of all. We honor no treaties. We spurn international courts. We strike unilaterally wherever we choose. We give orders to the United Nations but do not pay our dues. We complain of terrorism, yet our empire is now the greatest terrorist of all. We bomb, invade, subvert other states. - Author: Gore Vidal
Bush V Gore quotes by Gore Vidal
#25. If you had a yard as a child, you probably remember it with a startling intimacy. You knew that yard: every inch, every bush, each step on the tree you could climb, the whorls and knots in the branches, the bare dirt spots, the sandy gravel, the soft grass. It was deep, profound, intimate local knowledge. You intuitively knew what was happening around you at all times. Primitive man would have felt that way about a much larger stretch of ground, but it was still "his" territory. This very ability is really what allowed Homo sapiens to expand and succeed the way he did. - Author: Sam Sheridan
Bush V Gore quotes by Sam Sheridan
#26. In a way, you might say that David Duke is the son of Willie Horton. Duke is more overt, of course, but he's really just pushing the same buttons and sending the same coded messages that the Horton ads did so effectively for the Bush campaign last year. - Author: Judd Rose
Bush V Gore quotes by Judd Rose
#27. In this global war against extremists who use murder as a weapon, Iraq is now the central front. - Author: George W. Bush
Bush V Gore quotes by George W. Bush
#28. Great critics do not explicate a text; they describe it and then report on what they have described, if the description itself is not the criticism. - Author: Gore Vidal
Bush V Gore quotes by Gore Vidal
#29. A past President, bullied and sandbagged by a monkey posing as a newscaster, finally lashed back ... The nation's marketplace of ideas is being poisoned by a propaganda company so blatant that Tokyo Rose would've quit ... As with all the other nefariousness and slime of this, our worst presidency since James Buchanan, he [President Bush] is having it done for him, by proxy. Thus, the sandbag effort by Fox News Friday afternoon. - Author: Keith Olbermann
Bush V Gore quotes by Keith Olbermann
#30. In spite of conflicting signals - and in spite of a popular culture that sometimes puts down their innocence - most of our kids are good kids. Large numbers do volunteer work. Nearly all believe in God, and most practice their faith. Teen pregnancy and violence are actually going down. Across America, under a program called True Love Waits, nearly a million teens have pledged themselves to abstain from sex until marriage. - Author: George W. Bush
Bush V Gore quotes by George W. Bush
#31. President Bush will come here and there will be new 'friends' of America to open a new relationship with the world, new economic fortunes for those who 'liberated' them. - Author: Robert Fisk
Bush V Gore quotes by Robert Fisk
#32. I had supported Governor George W. Bush over Senator John McCain in the 2000 Rhode Island presidential primary. - Author: Lincoln Chafee
Bush V Gore quotes by Lincoln Chafee
#33. I always get pissed that I can't make my voice sound like someone from the 50s who had a very girly, innocent voice, like Leslie Gore. - Author: Bethany Cosentino
Bush V Gore quotes by Bethany Cosentino
#34. Humans are not the end result of predictable evolutionary progress, but rather a fortuitous cosmic afterthought, a tiny little twig on the enormously arborescent bush of life, which if replanted from seed, would almost surely not grow this twig again. - Author: Stephen Jay Gould
Bush V Gore quotes by Stephen Jay Gould

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