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#1. Today we can see many different forms of Buddhism, such as Zen and Theravada Buddhism. All these different aspects are practices of Buddha's teachings, and all are equally precious; they are just different presentations. - Author: Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
Budismo Theravada quotes by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
#2. Animosity does not eradicate animosity. Only by loving kindness is animosity dissolved. This law is ancient and eternal. (attributed to Buddha) - Author: Ananda Maitreya
Budismo Theravada quotes by Ananda Maitreya
#3. We just have to remind ourselves that the source of any happiness is mind itself. - Author: Ole Nydahl
Budismo Theravada quotes by Ole Nydahl
#4. Meditation can be a refuge, but it is not a practice in which real life is ever excluded. The strength of mindfulness is that it enables us to hold difficult thoughts and feelings in a different way - with awareness, balance, and love - Author: Sharon Salzberg
Budismo Theravada quotes by Sharon Salzberg
#5. It is recorded in the monastic rules that a monk once performed an abortion on a girl; the Buddha judged his action seriously wrong, which incurred him the highest offense in the monastic rule. A monk committing this kind of wrongful deed must be expelled from the monastic community. The Buddha considered the embryo to be a person like an adult, so the monk who killed the embryo through abortion was judged by Buddhist monastic rules as having committed a crime equal in gravity to killing an adult. In the commentary on the rule stated above, it is stated clearly that killing a human being means destroying human life from the first moment of fertilization to human life outside the womb. So, even though the Buddha himself did not give a clear-cut pronouncement about when personhood occurs, the Buddhist tradition, especially the Theravada tradition, clearly states that personhood starts when the process of fertilization takes place. - Author: Soraj Hongladarom
Budismo Theravada quotes by Soraj Hongladarom

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