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If I wear bright colors or something, I'll tie all my hair back. I don't want to look too like 'Girls Next Door.' ~ Sophie Monk
Brocato Hair quotes by Sophie Monk
Yet there will always be a problem about getting rid of the hyphen: if it's not extra-marital sex (with a hyphen), it is perhaps extra marital sex, which is quite a different bunch of coconuts. Phrases abound that cry out for hyphens. Those much-invoked examples of the little used car, the superfluous hair remover, the pickled herring merchant, the slow moving traffic and the two hundred odd members of the Conservative Party would all be lost without it. ~ Lynne Truss
Brocato Hair quotes by Lynne Truss
Tira begins to sing "I'm No Angel" to him as the screen fades: Baby, I can warm you with this love of mine. I'm No Angel. Aw, let me feel my fingers running through your hair, I can give you kisses ... ~ Mae West
Brocato Hair quotes by Mae West
Ig knew her, of course. It was the same woman who had served him and Merrin drinks on their last night together. Her face was framed by two wings of lank black hair that curled under her long, pointed chin, so she looked like the female version of the wizard who was always giving Harry Potter such a hard time in the movies. Professor Snail or something. Ig had been waiting to read the books with the children he and Merrin planned to have together. ~ Joe Hill
Brocato Hair quotes by Joe Hill
Coming to the balcony, they both rested their elbows on the railing and looked down into the main room, which was filled wall-to-wall with patrons. Evie saw the antique-gold gleam of Sebastian's hair as he half sat on the desk in the corner, relaxed and smiling as he conversed with the crowd of men around him. His actions of ten days ago in saving Evie's life had excited a great deal of public admiration and sympathy, especially after an article in the Times had portrayed him in a heroic light. That, and the perception that his friendship with the powerful Westcliff had renewed, were all it had taken for Sebastian to gain immediate and profound popularity. Piles of invitations arrived at the club daily, requesting the attendance of Lord and Lady St. Vincent at balls, soirees, and other social events, which they declined for reasons of mourning.
There were letters as well, heavily perfumed and written by feminine hands. Evie had not ventured to open any of them, nor had she asked about the senders. The letters had accumulated in a pile in the office, remaining sealed and untouched, until Evie had finally been moved to say something to him earlier that morning. "You have a large pile of unread correspondence," she had told him, as they had taken breakfast together in his room. "It's occupying half the space in the office. What shall we do with all the letters?" An impish smile rose to her lips as she added. "Shall I read them to you while you rest?"
His eyes narrowe ~ Lisa Kleypas
Brocato Hair quotes by Lisa Kleypas
You returned," the prince whispered.
"Does the offer still stand, Pr - Merrick? Do you still want me?" His voice quivered as he waited, hoped.
"So much, I do not feel comfortable in my own skin. It is as if you lit a fire within me that I cannot control…and I don't want to, Cassius."
Cassius yearned to fall to his knees in gratitude. He stepped farther inside as Merrick stood. Cassius closed the door, clicking the lock into place behind him. When the prince reached him, his arm rose and he fingered Cas's hair, which was loose around his face. He never allowed himself to wear his hair down outside his chamber, and he couldn't believe he had forgotten. "Forgive me… I…"
"There is nothing to forgive. You are…breathtaking, Cassius."
"Cas. If I am to call you Merrick when we are alone, you can call me Cas if you'd like ~ Riley Hart
Brocato Hair quotes by Riley Hart
No angel. The reason I went with all them girls was to try and get over you. I wake up to you everyday. you send my mind and body into frenzy. I can smell your hair when I close my eyes, or I can imagine how your hand feels when you lay it on my chest. It kills me everyday to be so close to you, but be so far away. ~ Kirsty Moseley
Brocato Hair quotes by Kirsty Moseley
So, it's the zombie apocalypse, right? Zombies are coming out of the ass, running amuck through buildings and streets. You've already almost died three times by this point and have been mutated by the T virus twice, which appears to be painful. Would you take time in your obviously hectic daily routine to do your hair and put makeup on? ~ J. Lynn
Brocato Hair quotes by J. Lynn
Grandparents are extremely rich folks with silver in their hair and gold in their hearts. ~ Mamur Mustapha
Brocato Hair quotes by Mamur Mustapha
Dogs have hair. Cats, fur.
Dogs whine, yip, howl, bark. Cats purrr.
I say: No contest. ~ Lee Wardlaw
Brocato Hair quotes by Lee Wardlaw
For a long while we just stood there, looking down at the profound and fleshless grin. The body had apparently once lain in the attitude of an embrace, but now the long sleep that outlasts love, that conquers even the
grimace of love, had cuckolded him. What was left of him, rotted beneath what was left of the nightshirt, had become inextricable from the bed in which he lay; and upon him and upon the pillow beside him lay that even coating of the patient and biding dust.
Then we noticed that in the second pillow was the indentation of a head. One of us lifted something from it, and leaning forward, that faint and invisible dust dry and acrid in the nostrils, we saw a long strand of iron-grey hair. ~ William Faulkner
Brocato Hair quotes by William Faulkner
You like to watch?" The girl asked. "Or do you want to join us?"
"I…uh…" Oh, this wasn't hot anymore. This was just awkward, and I was so totally out of place with my flannel shirt and my socks and my hair back in a bun.
I was wearing fucking glasses. Who wears glasses to your neighbor's orgy? ~ Molly O'Keefe
Brocato Hair quotes by Molly O'Keefe
My hair is so scary that if you saw it walking down the street, you'd cross to the other side. This humidity is not helping. It's just an excuse for my hair to let its frizz flag fly. ~ Susane Colasanti
Brocato Hair quotes by Susane Colasanti
I kept learning about being a widow in little, distant flashes. I saw that after a long while, if you had no one to touch you, you might eventually become someone who went to beauty parlors and paid to have strangers do your hair. You'd pay for the sensation of it, the hands of another human being pouring warmth on you, gently smoothing, stroking. You'd close your eyes and lean back into those hands and your face might have exactly that look, I thought.

Life just goes on, you see, any old way it can. Even the dead can't interrupt the flow. ~ Joyce Johnson
Brocato Hair quotes by Joyce Johnson

Lexi arrives at eleven o'clock wearing a black lace dress that is both sexy and modest at the same time. It comes to just above her knees and the v-neckline reveals a hint of her small, round breasts. She's wearing black stockings and short heels, and I'm curious to see if she's wearing a garter belt under there. Her thick brown hair falls to her shoulders and her large brown eyes make her look innocent and doe-like.

"Come in," I say opening the door wide and stepping aside. Lexi hesitates for a second then comes in, looking around at our small studio apartment. The room is dimly lit by shaded lamps, letting most of the light come in through the uncurtained windows. I can see the full moon framed against one pane. In the center of the room is our four-poster king sized bed. Eric is lying on the red silk sheets. ~ Marketa Giavonni
Brocato Hair quotes by Marketa Giavonni
When I appear in the Chicago courtroom, I want to be tried not because I support the NLF - which I do - but because I have long hair. ~ Abbie Hoffman
Brocato Hair quotes by Abbie Hoffman
I love these dudes, but I don't know what they're doing with all that facial hair these days. There's a lot of peach fuzz going on. They called me up to go to a Kanye West concert, and I was like 'hold on I'll call Kanye.' So I called him and they got into the show, and I called Kanye later and said, 'Yo did you see my dudes from Panic! at the show?' and he was like 'Nah they mst not have been dressed like they were from the 1700's'. But I back them. They have their own unique style, which is cool. ~ Pete Wentz
Brocato Hair quotes by Pete Wentz
They come in search of new things, but when they leave they are basically the same people they were when they arrived. They climb the mountain to see the castle, and they wind up thinking that the past was better than what we have now. They have blond hair, or dark skin, but basically they're the same as the people who live right here ~ Paulo Coelho
Brocato Hair quotes by Paulo Coelho
It is also true that his hair had a reddish tinge and, as everybody knows, no one with red hair can ever truly be said to be handsome. ~ Susanna Clarke
Brocato Hair quotes by Susanna Clarke
He was standing back in the living room, and he just had this look. He had on a tan suit, with these hazel eyes, shaggy blond hair. Very good-looking. Very well dressed. He could do this thing with his eyes. All of a sudden they were like stars - this twinkle there, this spark. I still remember that look. 'What is this?' I said to myself. 'What is this? ~ Bruce Porter
Brocato Hair quotes by Bruce Porter
My family, although it keeps its hair, turns gray early - a business asset but a social handicap. ~ Mary Roberts Rinehart
Brocato Hair quotes by Mary Roberts Rinehart
I like the way you've let your hair go curly," he finally said. "Suits your personality. Lots of energy, not much control, sexy as hell,"
Joe Morelli to Stephanie Plum ~ Janet Evanovich
Brocato Hair quotes by Janet Evanovich
By the time he climaxed, Eve was arched and her hair touched the floor. Her face was as far away from his as it could get while still having him inside her.
They panted like this for a moment, until he realized she was too ashamed to sit back up and look at him. He'd just been at the center of her loss. He'd poisoned the only place she'd ever held her baby. Beckett looked at her long, white form. He ran his hand over a fine white scar he found just under her belly button - the scar somehow he had put on her body. ~ Debra Anastasia
Brocato Hair quotes by Debra Anastasia
Gray hair is a crown of life. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
Brocato Hair quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
The countess in turn, without omitting her duties as hostess, threw significant glances from behind the pineapples at her husband whose face and bald head seemed by their redness to contrast more than usual with his gray hair. At ~ Leo Tolstoy
Brocato Hair quotes by Leo Tolstoy
surfing, writing, composing, and programming deep into the night, like it's the early 1980s with the hue of poison-green CRT illuminating the room, Nike running shoes on the floor, hair metal poster on the door, and everything is infinite, made of fibre optics and floppy disks . . . ~ Mike Walker
Brocato Hair quotes by Mike Walker
I am the man who put the hair in hair metal. ~ Sebastian Bach
Brocato Hair quotes by Sebastian Bach
Your hair is winter fire
January embers
My heart burns there, too. ~ Stephen King
Brocato Hair quotes by Stephen King
I cut off all my hair, cut away
at the soft curves of my clothing
until I have edges once again,
using my body like broken glass
to slice at the world around me.

I have to take something back,
because I have nothing more to give.

Eloi, eloi, lema sabachthani? ~ Miriam Joy
Brocato Hair quotes by Miriam Joy
And all the zig-zags and lines in my hair? I used to do that myself. I just thought it was cool that you could actually do that with your hair. ~ Vanilla Ice
Brocato Hair quotes by Vanilla Ice
Shaken to the depths of your soul, you know that day and night someone is waiting for you, thinking of you, longing and sighing for you - a woman, a stranger. She wants, she demands, she desires you with every fiber of her being, with her body, with her blood. She wants your hands, your hair, your lips, your night and your day, your emotions, your senses, and all your thought and dreams. She wants to share everything with you, to take everything from you, and to draw it in with her breath. Henceforth, day and night, whether you are awake or asleep, there is somewhere in the world a being who is feverish and wakeful and who waits for you, and you are the centre of her waking and her dreaming. It is in vain that you try not to think of her, of her who thinks always of you, in vain that you seek to escape, for you no longer dwell in yourself, but in her. Of a sudden a stranger bears your image within her as though she were a moving mirror - no, not a mirror, for that merely drinks in your image when you offer yourself willingly to it, whereas she, the woman, this stranger who loves you, she has absorbed you into her very blood. ~ Stefan Zweig
Brocato Hair quotes by Stefan Zweig
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