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#1. That the north star is the brightest in the night sky. I'd guess about 9 out of 10 people think this. But it does not require a grant from the National Science Foundation to learn the answer. The North Star is not even in the top 40 in the night sky. It's the 49th brightest star. Rather dull and boring by most measures. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Brightest Star quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
#2. She named him after the Dog Star, the brightest star in the night sky. - Author: Alan Russell
Brightest Star quotes by Alan Russell
#3. Woman is a beam of the divine Light. She is not the being whom sensual desires takes as its object. She is Creator, it should be said. She is not a creature. Great Fatima-ul- Zehra ( Means of Fatima the Radiant, Brightest Star, Star of Venus, The Evening Star), the daughter of the Prophet, is the secret in Sufism. She is the Hujjat of Ali (JJ). In other words, she establishes the esoteric sense of his knowledge and guides those who attain to it.

Through her perfume, we breathe paradise. Though she was his daughter, the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) called her "Um Abi'ha" (mother of her father). What mystery was the Prophet hinting at by this statement? While Fatima Zahra ( Salam -ullah – alleha ) was Muhammad's (SAWW) daughter. The spiritual Fatima Al-Batool ( the divine virgin) her house is the living Ka'ba. - Author: Rumi
Brightest Star quotes by Rumi
#4. Better a square foot of New York than all the rest of the world in a lump - better a lamppost on Broadway than the brightest star in the sky. - Author: Texas Guinan
Brightest Star quotes by Texas Guinan
#5. It's a soulful Sunday, somehow I found myself pulling out my journal and started writing a letter to Sensuality. And it goes like this: Sensuality...

You've opened me up to a world of possibilities and set me on an adventure that has never ceased to amaze me. You have led me through unfounded territories. Through the highest highs and lowest lows I've felt your current, sometimes raging like an angry sea and at times blowing as gentle as a cool summer breeze.

You've filled me with such an insatiable desire, which has been both a curse and a blessing. You've sensitized my soul, made it to feel even the most gentle touch of the lightest feather. You daily seduce me into your deep waters, waters so deep I find myself drowning, yet not losing my breath.

Sensuality... I love how you soothe me when I'm hurting. I love how you comfort and put me back together when I'm feeling broken. I love how you whisper in my ear and say 'do not despair, I'm here.' You uncover my deepest desires and set my soul on fire. You light me up and make me shine like the brightest star on a clear summer night.

There's never a dull moment with you. Just when I think there can't possibly be more, you show me again and again that there's always another level... another layer... another blessing. Your mysteries never run out. I've come know you like God's very own presence. Indeed, you are His very own favour to my soul. His divine beauty, passion and wisdom have I - Author: Lebo Grand
Brightest Star quotes by Lebo Grand
#6. Dragon watched the heavens turn. He saw his namesake, Draco, the dragon, arc across the sky. There were men who said the brightest star in Draco had once been the constant star by which men measured the way north. It was no longer, but the heavens changed in their own slow time, far beyond the brief ages of man, so perhaps it once had been so.
He drank more wine. A star streaked across the sky, burning brightly in its swift flight. Then it was gone, extinguished as though it had never been.
Life was too damn short. - Author: Josie Litton
Brightest Star quotes by Josie Litton
#7. In my whole existence, I have been lost in many different ways. However, there has always been someone who shines brightly for me, and helps me find my way home. I have come to realize that Jesus is my brightest Star who always rescues me and consistently helps me through. - Author: Kcat Yarza
Brightest Star quotes by Kcat Yarza
#8. For nothing, not the sun, not the rain, not even the brightest star in the darkest sky, could begin to compare to the wonder of you. - Author: Renee Ahdieh
Brightest Star quotes by Renee Ahdieh
#9. What were you looking at?"
She pointed to a bright star. "Polaris."
He shook his head, and pointed to another part of the sky. "That's Polaris. You were looking at Vega."
She chuckled. "Ah. No wonder I was finding it unimpressive."
He leaned back and stretched his long legs out. "It's the fifth brightest star in the sky."
She laughed. "You forget I am one of five sisters. In my world, fifth brightest is last." She looked up. "With apologies to the star in question, of course."
"And are you often last?"
She shrugged. "Sometimes. It is not a pleasant ranking."
"I assure you, Pippa. You are rarely last. - Author: Sarah MacLean
Brightest Star quotes by Sarah MacLean
#10. When the best friends come together, the shining spirit of solidarity replaces the brightest star Sirius! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
Brightest Star quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#11. One day we'll all be dead, and none of this will matter
-The Brightest Star in the Sky. - Author: Marian Keyes
Brightest Star quotes by Marian Keyes
#12. Shine as if you are the brightest star. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Brightest Star quotes by Debasish Mridha
#13. The brightest star
has the farthest to fall - Author: Ramya Nambala
Brightest Star quotes by Ramya Nambala
#14. May your brightest star shine, though the darkest of storms, to the end of all things. - Author: R.E. Weber
Brightest Star quotes by R.E. Weber
#15. In preparing for this ceremony," Kai said, setting the bouquet on the mantel behind him, "I did some research and learned that the word Alpha has held many meanings across history. Alpha can refer to the first of something," said Kai, "or the beginning of everything. It can be attributed to a particularly powerful or charismatic person, or it can signify the dominant leader in a pack of animals, most notably, of course, wolves." His serious expression tweaked briefly into a teasing smile. "It has meanings in chemistry, physics, and even astronomy, where it describes the brightest star in a constellation. But it seems clear that Ze'ev and Scarlet have created their own definition for the word, and their relationship has given this word a new meaning for all of us. Being an Alpha means that you'll stand against all adversity to be with your mate. It means accepting each other, both for your strengths and your flaws. It means forging your own path to happiness and to love. - Author: Marissa Meyer
Brightest Star quotes by Marissa Meyer
#16. He froze, becoming stone still. As the hover climbed the hill to the palace, his shoulders sank, and he returned his gaze to the window. "She's my alpha," he murmured, with a haunting sadness in his voice.
Cress leaned forward, propping her elbows on her knees, "Like the star?"
"What star?"
She stiffened, instantly embarrassed, and scooted back from him again. "Oh. Um. In a constellation, the brightest star is called the alpha. I thought maybe you meant that she's ... like ... your brightest star." Looking away, she knotted her hands in her lap, aware that she was blushing furiously now and this beast of a man was about to realize what an over-romantic sap she was.
But instead of sneering or laughing, Wolf sighed, "Yes," he said, his gaze climbing up to the full moon that had emerged in the blue evening sky. "Exactly like that. - Author: Marissa Meyer
Brightest Star quotes by Marissa Meyer
#17. The brightest star in the night sky is the one closest to us; try to keep getting closer to your goal to shine even brighter. - Author: Vinita Kinra
Brightest Star quotes by Vinita Kinra
#18. Times of calamity and distress have always been producers of the greatest men. The hardest steel is produced from the hottest fire; the brightest star shreds the darkest night. - Author: Andy Andrews
Brightest Star quotes by Andy Andrews
#19. They thought he was only what they could see. A nice boy but a bit of a goof, a bit of a show-off. Not the brightest star in the universe; not a numbers person, but you couldn't have everything you wanted and at least he wasn't a total washout. - Author: Margaret Atwood
Brightest Star quotes by Margaret Atwood
#20. Your smile is one that goes on for miles. Your eyes shine like the brightest star in the night sky. When I see the first message you send me in the morning it lights up my day. When our lips touch I feel like I'm the luckiest guy alive. When I hold you in my arms I feel as if time freezes and nothing can tear us apart. You constantly make me smile and there's never a moment that goes by that I don't think of you. You mean the world to me and I don't know what I'd do without you in my life. I truly love you! - Author: Richard M. Ryan
Brightest Star quotes by Richard M. Ryan
#21. I don't think you will ever fully understand how you've touched my life and made me who I am. I don't think you could ever know just how truly special you are that even on the darkest nights you are my brightest star - Author: Erica Jong
Brightest Star quotes by Erica Jong
#22. The brightest star on a cloudless night
Some kind of miracle, almost empty sky ...
Just as the bite of the blade wakes the absent mind
There's time to dream and there's time to open your eyes - Author: Dave Matthews
Brightest Star quotes by Dave Matthews
#23. -I love him.
"I know. I love him, too. And it's time to get him back."
The small spark of hope suddenly burst forth, lighting my insides like the brightest star.
-You'll let me out?
"Yes. I trust you to get Donovan back. - Author: Ana Ban
Brightest Star quotes by Ana     Ban
#24. Sometimes, I like to pick the brightest star and wish upon it. Pop always said to wish on falling stars, but I've never seen any."
"Me, neither." He paused and finally let himself look at her. "What do you wish for?"
Her cheeks turned a soft pink and she smiled. "If I told you," she whispered, "it wouldn't come true. - Author: Willowy Whisper
Brightest Star quotes by Willowy Whisper
#25. He watches only you. Sees only you. Smiles at only you...I think, for him, you are the brightest star in his sky, blotting out those who have come before. - Author: Tillie Cole
Brightest Star quotes by Tillie Cole
#26. The truth is, who wouldn't fall for you, when you are like the brightest star on the darkest night? You shine with a love as big as the galaxy. - Author: Jenna Roads
Brightest Star quotes by Jenna Roads
#27. No Belle, you're wrong. No one will ever make me feel the way I do with you. I know this with the certainty that the sun will set today and rise again tomorrow. The kind of certainty that when the moon rises and the stars blink in the sky that they'll all still look way too dim to me. They'll always look too dim because you are the brightest star in my life and, without you, everything else seems cloudy. I only seem to see things clearly when you're around and I know all of that because you are my soul - Author: Jessie Lane
Brightest Star quotes by Jessie Lane
#28. Rose had the sort of eyes that manage perfectly well with things close by, but entirely blur out things far away. Because of this even the brightest stars had only appeared as silvery smudges in the darkness. In all her life, Rose had never properly seen a star.
Tonight there was a sky full.
Rose looked up, and it was like walking into a dark room and someone switching on the universe. - Author: Hilary McKay
Brightest Star quotes by Hilary McKay
#29. For almost 40 years, he was the brightest star in the comedy galaxy ... The beautiful light will continue to shine on us forever and the glow will be so bright, it'll warm your heart, it'll make your eyes glisten, and you'll think to yourselves, Robin Williams, what a concept. - Author: Billy Crystal
Brightest Star quotes by Billy Crystal
#30. He was a strong and noble lord with piercing eyes of grey.
He sat upon his noble throne shining like the dawn.
His sword flashed like the brightest star.
He led our people well.
Yet here and now he lays in blood pierced with arrows.
He was the friend of many knights.
He loved the warrior games.
His heart was won by a lady fair for marriage they did wait.
A kindly prince, his duty carried him to another's bed.
And on her death true love returned, finally they wed.
He felt the grief of children lost to murder and to pain.
I was the youngest of his blood.
I'll never be the same.
Here lays my father and my lord.
I know not what to say.
Except my father and my lord was slain here on this day.
Here lays my father and my lord.
I know not what to say.
Except my father and my lord was slain here on this day ... . - Author: Laurel A. Rockefeller
Brightest Star quotes by Laurel A. Rockefeller
#31. As the sun outshines the brightest star in the heavens, dispels every vestige of darkness and gives life and light to all beings, so, in a not too distant future, will the true religion of Christ supersede and obliterate all other religions, to the eternal benefit of mankind. - Author: Max Heindel
Brightest Star quotes by Max Heindel
#32. Moon, O Moon, how wondrous are you among God's many works! You shine with majesty and brilliance, a thousand times more brightly than the brightest star! You were created on the same day as the sun. You give light just as the sun gives light. But your light, O Moon, is even more important than the light of the sun. The sun is nearly superfluous, for it lights the daytime when we hardly need it. By day, the world is bright and we can already see clearly all that surrounds us. The wonder of your light, O Moon, comes by night when it is dark so that you are a lamp for our feet and a beacon for our eyes. Moon, O Moon, how wondrous you are! - Author: Seymour Rossel
Brightest Star quotes by Seymour Rossel
#33. In your sky, you are the brightest star.
Without you light, it's dark like tar.
So love yourself to enlighten others. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Brightest Star quotes by Debasish Mridha
#34. You were the brightest star in my darkest moment. Every wish, every dream, every hope I had that vanished was replaced with something better - you. - Author: Rebecca Shea
Brightest Star quotes by Rebecca Shea
#35. Right then, at the frequency of 12000 MHz, the sun was the brightest star in the entire Milky Way. - Author: Liu Cixin
Brightest Star quotes by Liu Cixin
#36. They say that even the brightest star won't shine forever. But in fact, the brightest star would live the shortest amount of time. Feel free to extract whatever life lesson you want from that. - Author: Philip Plait
Brightest Star quotes by Philip Plait
#37. She's my alpha," he murmured, with a haunting sadness in his voice.


"Like the star?"
"What star?"
"Oh. Um. In a constellation, the brightest star is called the alpha. I thought maybe you meant that she' brightest star."
"Yes, exactly like that. - Author: Marissa Meyer
Brightest Star quotes by Marissa Meyer
#38. Brighter than
That brightest star
You are by far
You come right inside of me
Close as you can be
You kiss my blood
And my blood kiss me - Author: Mike Heron
Brightest Star quotes by Mike Heron
#39. Anyone who shows up for a midnight opening-night screening of the latest, shiniest geek flick must be a diehard nerd. I mean, you'd have to be a killer-huge fan to wait in line for hours for the newest Star Wars or Marvel Universe film, right? - Author: Sam Maggs
Brightest Star quotes by Sam Maggs
#40. John Berryman: The Song of the Tortured Girl

After a little I could not have told -
But no one asked me this – why I was there.
I asked. The ceiling of that place was high
And there were sudden noises, which I made.
I must have stayed there a long time today:
My cup of soup was gone when they brought me back.

Often 'Nothing worse now can come to us'
I thought, the winter the young men stayed away,
My uncle died, and mother broke her crutch.
And then the strange room where the brightest light
Does not shine on the strange men: shines on me.
I feel them stretch my youth and throw a switch.

Through leafless branches the sweet wind blows
Making a mild sound, softer than a moan;
High in a pass once where we put our tent,
Minutes I lay awake to hear my joy.
- I no longer remember what they want. -
Minutes I lie awake to hear my joy. - Author: John Berryman
Brightest Star quotes by John Berryman
#41. There's no slow build anymore where you get a little part, then you get a little better part, then a better part, until one day your agent calls you us and says, 'guess what, you're a movie star,' and you say, 'Thank you!' - Author: Ellen Barkin
Brightest Star quotes by Ellen Barkin
#42. I wanted to learn a little bit about acting, not because I thought I'd find a star vehicle and set the world on fire, but I thought the discipline of it would be good for me. I met a good coach, and I joined her class - with a lot of hungry young actors who really didn't acre if I was a rock 'n' roll singer or not. I started to learn to get a focus, without having to jump up and down every few seconds. - Author: Iggy Pop
Brightest Star quotes by Iggy Pop
#43. When you're doing a single-camera show, it's more buying into a level of reality. I think a sitcom, a four-camera show, doesn't require that so much. I think with a film show, you just need the characters to grow. - Author: Darren Star
Brightest Star quotes by Darren Star
#44. Well, I know that George Lucas doesn't like it at all. When I was working on The Illustrated Star Wars Universe, he told me that he would be happy if every copy could be tracked down and smashed ... - Author: Kevin J. Anderson
Brightest Star quotes by Kevin J. Anderson
#45. Time and the Ocean and some guiding star and High Cabal have made us what we are. - Author: Winston Churchill
Brightest Star quotes by Winston Churchill
#46. One star shone brighter than the others. It flickered restlessly as if ready to burst with the great light bestowed on it by the Creator's hand. It had nothing to hide, so much to express, as it hung in the heavens as a testament to the One who had put it in place. - Author: Nicole Sager
Brightest Star quotes by Nicole Sager
#47. I'm going to try to enjoy the All-Star break, hope my players reflect on what happened the first half of the season, come back with a different attitude, try to find our solution on how to win it. - Author: Don Baylor
Brightest Star quotes by Don Baylor
#48. I think I'd be pretty star struck over John Mayer. I'm a big fan of his music, and I think he's great. - Author: Sterling Knight
Brightest Star quotes by Sterling Knight
#49. Bet you can't even name one romantic movie you like," she teased.
She felt smug when a few minutes went by and Oliver was still unable to name one romantic movie he could profess to enjoy.
The Empire Strikes Back," Oliver finally declared, tapping his horn at a Prius that wandered over the line.
The Empire Strikes Back? The Star Wars movie? That's not romantic!" Schuyler huffed, fiddling with the air conditioner controls.
Au contraire, my dear, it's very romantic. The last scene, you know, when they're about to put Han in that freezing cryogenic chamber or whatever? Remember?"
Schuyler mmm-hmmmed.
And Leia leans over the ledge and says, 'I love you.'"
That's cheesy, not romatic," Schuyler argued, although she did like that part.
Let me explain. What's romantic is what Han says back. Remember what he says to her? After she says 'I love you'?"
Schuyler grinned. Maybe Oliver had a point. "Han says, 'I know.'"
Exactly," Oliver tapped the wheel. "He doesn't have to say anything so trite as 'I love you." Because that's already understood. And that's romantic. - Author: Melissa De La Cruz
Brightest Star quotes by Melissa De La Cruz
#50. I will only think of settling down after Salman Khan, the other most eligible bachelor, plans to settle down. We are eligible bachelors, but he's the rock star, so let him get married first; then I'll think about myself. - Author: Yuvraj Singh
Brightest Star quotes by Yuvraj Singh
#51. I always loved to sing and was very, very loud. I wanted to be a movie star, like Judy Garland. - Author: Jenny Slate
Brightest Star quotes by Jenny Slate
#52. It has been said that, in scale, a human being is about halfway between an atom and a star. Interestingly, this is also the regime in which physics becomes most complicated; on the atomic scale, we have quantum mechanics, on the large scale, relativity. It is in between these two extremes where our lack of understanding of how to combine these theories becomes apparent.

The Oxford scientist Roger Penrose has written convincingly of his belief that whatever it is that we are missing from our understanding of fundamental physics is also missing from our understanding of consciousness. These ideas are important when one considers what have become known as anthropic points of view, best summarized as the belief that the Universe must be the way it is in order to allow us to be here to observe it. - Author: Brian May
Brightest Star quotes by Brian May
#53. I can remember when
delusions of grandeur
entailed wanting to
be a rock star, movie star,
a millionaire; to make it
as a writer
now it seems that it's
to want to earn a
decent living - Author: Phil Volatile
Brightest Star quotes by Phil Volatile
#54. I find joy and magic in every drop of moonlight. I hear songs of love in every glint of a star. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Brightest Star quotes by Debasish Mridha
#55. You don't need anyone. You're like a star, Aimee. Stars shine from within. They don't need anything else. - Author: Layla Hagen
Brightest Star quotes by Layla Hagen
#56. It's the formulaic studio movies the make money, and when they do, the actors in them are automatically movie stars. - Author: Mickey Rourke
Brightest Star quotes by Mickey Rourke
#57. One side of his lips quirked up in a sexy smirk. "Got a cure for
that frustration you got going on," he said.
"Got a cure for your ego? - Author: Jamie Farrell
Brightest Star quotes by Jamie Farrell
#58. In Asia, I didn't feel like I was Chloe. I felt like I was acting like someone in Asia. I was acting like Chloe Wang, a pop star, that was like a character for me, if anything. - Author: Chloe Bennet
Brightest Star quotes by Chloe Bennet
#59. She thought I had magic within me, magic that could change lives. She said that there were ways of bringing this magic to life. - Author: Shradhdha. S
Brightest Star quotes by Shradhdha. S
#60. I love knowing that I am simultaneously as big as the universe and yet merely a heap of star dust. - Author: Jill Bolte Taylor
Brightest Star quotes by Jill Bolte Taylor
#61. I would eventually like to write and star in my own stuff. I think I have a good comedic sense, so I'd like to follow that road. I don't know what the future holds, but whatever I do, I'll commit. - Author: Nick Swardson
Brightest Star quotes by Nick Swardson
#62. To read books seriously is to be staggered by the knowledge of how many more books will remain beyond your ken. It's like looking up at the star-filled sky. - Author: James Falllows
Brightest Star quotes by James Falllows
#63. You don't live in luxury! You are relegated to sleep in the little store room behind the kitchen with the cockroaches and rats and are at the mercy of Mrs. Gupta,' Reena was indignant. 'It's five-star accommodation compared to a mud hut. - Author: Renita D'Silva
Brightest Star quotes by Renita D'Silva
#64. You're so beautiful," he says, dragging his hands through my hair. When our mouths meet, it's less desperate, less frantic than before, because we know we have all the time in the world in front of us. No more roadblocks, no more missed opportunities, our future starts now, together. - Author: Heather Leigh
Brightest Star quotes by Heather Leigh
#65. And e'en while fashion's brightest arts decoy, The heart distrusting asks if this be joy. - Author: Oliver Goldsmith
Brightest Star quotes by Oliver Goldsmith
#66. Oh good, you're ready."
"No, I've only just got out of the bath. What should I put on?"
"Put on?" he says in obvious mystification.
"Well I've only got a towel on." When he still doesn't get it I sigh. God, he's so dense sometimes. "Charlie, I haven't got any knickers on," I mutter.
His eyes seem to darken and then he starts laughing. "Mabel, I'm shocked. What sort of massages have you been having? I'm not massaging down there however much you expect it. I'm not that type of boy! - Author: Lily Morton
Brightest Star quotes by Lily Morton
#67. You call a tree a tree, he said, and you think nothing more of the word. But it was not a 'tree' until someone gave it that name. You call a star a star, and say it is just a ball of matter moving on a mathematical course. But that is merely how you see it. By so naming things and describing them you are only inventing your own terms about them. And just as speech is invention about objects and ideas, so myth is invention about truth.
We have come from God (continued Tolkien), and inevitably the myths woven by us, though they contain error, will also reflect a splintered fragment of the true light, the eternal truth that is with God. Indeed only by myth-making, only by becoming a 'sub-creator' and inventing stories, can Man aspire to the state of perfection that he knew before the Fall. Out myths may be misguided, but they steer however shakily towards the true harbor, while materialistic 'progress' leads only to a yawning abyss and the Iron Crown of evil. - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
Brightest Star quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#68. The hard-fought victories in America's checkered history were won neither with parchment nor with words, but with guns, with blood, and with unimaginable suffering. Slavery, like Nazism and other totalitarian horrors, was vanquished by flying steel, by heartbreak, and by brute force - by whites and blacks who together smashed the institutions that had hijacked American liberty and perverted it for their own profit. But triggers are ultimately pulled by men, and successful campaigns require their practitioners to carry with them more than merely bombs and water. 'Europe was created by history,' Margaret Thatcher liked to say, but 'America was created by philosophy.' That philosophy, established by the founding generation and routinely recruited by the excluded ever since, remains extraordinarily potent - a North Star for wandering discontents within America's borders and without. - Author: Charles C.W. Cooke
Brightest Star quotes by Charles C.W. Cooke
#69. Fly me up to where you are beyond the distant star. I wish upon tonight to see you smile, if only for a while to know you're there. A breath away's not far to where you are. - Author: Josh Groban
Brightest Star quotes by Josh Groban
#70. Madness rides the star-wind . . . claws and teeth sharpened on centuries of corpses . . . dripping death astride a Bacchanale of bats from night-black ruins of buried temples of Belial. . . . Now, as the baying of that dead, fleshless monstrosity grows louder and louder, and the stealthy whirring and flapping of those accursed web-wings circles closer and closer, I shall seek with my revolver the oblivion which is my only refuge from the unnamed and unnamable. - Author: H.P. Lovecraft
Brightest Star quotes by H.P. Lovecraft
#71. I don't know if I want to be a big star though. - Author: Darrell Hammond
Brightest Star quotes by Darrell Hammond
#72. Ladies first." I couldn't wait for this game to be over so I could teach her how to break properly. Images of her body pressed against mine, bending over the table, caused my jeans to get tighter.
"Your funeral," she sang and my lips turned up at her flash of confidence. Echo twirled her pool cue like a warrior going into battle, never once taking her eyes off the cue ball. She leaned over the table. I focused on her tight ass. My siren ate me alive with every movement. As she took aim, she no longer resembled the fragile girl at school, but a sniper.
The quick and thunderous cracking of balls caught me off guard. The balls fell into the pockets in such rapid succession, I lost count. Echo rounded the table, once again twirling the cue, studying the remaining balls like a four-star general would a map.
Damn - the girl knew how to play. - Author: Katie McGarry
Brightest Star quotes by Katie McGarry
#73. He was at the brightest period of masculine growth, for his intellect and his emotions were clearly separated: he had passed the time during which the influence of youth indiscriminately mingles them in the character of impulse, and he had not yet arrived at the stage wherein they become united again, in the character of prejudice, by the influence of a wife and family. - Author: Thomas Hardy
Brightest Star quotes by Thomas Hardy
#74. He even pinched himself, just to make sure he'd actually woken up this morning to a pop star in his arms, a Bear on his front steps, and now, God in his backseat. - Author: Amy Harmon
Brightest Star quotes by Amy Harmon
#75. 'All-Star Wonder Woman' would get worked on in what is laughably referred to as my 'spare time.' I just ended up with less and less time to devote to it. Eventually, we all realized that it was taking forever, so we just all agreed to hold off on it 'til the time was right to do it properly. Well, I still have a contract; DC never tore it up. - Author: Adam Hughes
Brightest Star quotes by Adam Hughes
#76. Not as all other women are
Is she that to my soul is dear;
Her glorious fancies come from far,
Beneath the silver evening star,
And yet her heart is ever near. - Author: James Russell Lowell
Brightest Star quotes by James Russell Lowell
#77. I'd learned more about her in that exhausted, murmuring hour than in all the many months before it. Lovers find their way by such insights and confidences: they're the stars we use to navigate the ocean of desire. And the brightest of those stars are the heartbreaks and sorrows. The most precious gift you can bring to your lover is your suffering. So I took each sadness she confessed to me, and pinned it to the sky. - Author: Gregory David Roberts
Brightest Star quotes by Gregory David Roberts
#78. Don't call me an idiot," I hiss, smiling apologetically at the old couple who are now dividing their attention between us and the carol singers. "I can do what I want and if I want to walk naked through London at three in the morning then I'm going to do it and it's got nothing to do with you."
His lips twitch and I know that he's trying not to smile. "Nell, I will never complain if you want to walk around naked, but you've got to know that I'm going to be following you with your coat for when you get cold."
"Why?" I ask in exasperation. "Why are you so bothered?"
"I don't know," he whispers. "I don't know why, but I am. - Author: Lily Morton
Brightest Star quotes by Lily Morton

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