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The Emperor Constantine convened the Council of Nicaea at his summer palace and invited the bishops to attend, all expenses paid. As an added lure, he even mentioned "the excellent temperature of the air." Constantine had his own agenda. He wanted to get this unsettled problem of Jesus' identity straightened out so that Christianity could better serve as cement for his sprawling empire. He ~ Daniel C. Maguire
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Daniel C. Maguire
It is a bitter thought, how different a thing the Christianity of the world might have been, if the Christian faith had been adopted as the religion of the empire under the auspices of Marcus Aurelius instead of those of Constantine. ~ John Stuart Mill
Boughaba Constantine quotes by John Stuart Mill
Turn the anger of the Almighty against the godless Turks and Barbarians who despise Christ the Lord ... In the royal city of the east, they have slain the successor of Constantine and his people, desecrated the temples of the Lord, defiled the noble church of Justinian with their Mohometan abominations. Each success, will only be a stepping stone until he has mastered all the Western Monarchs, overthrow the Christian Faith, and imposed the law of his false prophet on the whole world ~ Pope Pius II
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Pope Pius II
Without the quest, there can be no epiphany. ~ Constantine E. Scaros
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Constantine E. Scaros
Undertaking magical work should not a hasty decision. It is vital that people appreciate what it entails and have a basic understanding of magical principals before they are thrown in at the deep end. ~ Storm Constantine
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Storm Constantine
The men in my mother's life were like priests, ministering to her. They loved her in a way I hope I am never loved, my father, Sydney Goldsmith, and Dr. Constantine, who looked after her for so many years. It is why I seek the company of the young, the urbane, the polished, the ambitious, the prodigiously gifted, like Nick and his friends. In my mother's world, at least in those latter days, the men were kind, shy, easily damaged, too sensitive to her hurts. I never want to meet such men again. In a way I prefer them to be impervious to me. I can no longer endure the lost look in the eye, the composure too easily shattered, the waning hope. I now require people to be viable, durable. I try to catch hold of their invulnerability and apply it to myself. I want to feel that the world is hard enough to withstand knocks, as well as to inflict them. I want evidence of good health and good luck and the people who enjoy both. These priestly ministrations, that simple childish cheerfulness, that delicacy of intention, that sigh immediately suppressed, that welcoming of routine attentions, that reliance on old patterns, that fidelity, that constancy, and the terror behind all of these things…No more. ~ Anita Brookner
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Anita Brookner
I want to know," he breathed, his tongue moving between her breasts.
"When do we get to be bad again?" She smiled big.
"Baby, I thought you'd never ask. ~ Stylo Fantome
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Stylo Fantome
Dolphins... Yeah, dolphins... A lot of people like dogs, cats, and - for some reason I've never been able to fathim - even snakes and toads. But dolphins? Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY loves bloody dolphins. Don't they? Goes way back, to the ancient Greeks, when shipwrecked sailors would wash up on beaches yammering out crazy stories of how they was staring down a watery grave, when out of nowhere, flipper shows up and pushes them safely back to the shore. Heartarming - and say what you will about aquatic mammal public relations, but that was one ispired move, because here we are two thousand years later and everybody still loves them bloody dolphins. What you don't hear are the other stories, the ones where flipper's watching poor Artemides doggy paddling away and inhaling the warm, salty waters of the Adriatic... and flipper things, "Yeah, sure I could save him, but sod that for a can of sardines" and instead of pushing Artemides back to shore, flipper pushes the poor sod out to sea... in the immortal words of Sir Johnny of the Cash, "Just to watch him die..." See, moral is, if you're gonna be a bastard, be like a dolphin - think big picture, protect your image and above all, leave no trace. Because in the bloodshot, bleary eyes of the world, once you're a bastard, you're always a bastard. ~ Simon Oliver
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Simon Oliver
The DCU Constantine has to be the guy we know and love, with his same failings - otherwise what's the point of using him? But as I'm writing him, he's younger and has perhaps been through a bit less than the battered, aging old sod we meet in Vertigo. ~ Peter Milligan
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Peter Milligan
No one, not even lovers, are truly psychic, and everyone flounders around each other, misunderstanding, misinterpreting, sending out confusing signals. ~ Storm Constantine
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Storm Constantine
The grateful applause of the clergy has consecrated the memory of a prince, who indulged their passions and promoted their interest. Constantine gave them security, wealth, honours, and revenge; and the support of the orthodox faith was considered as the most sacred and important duty of the civil magistrate. The edict of Milan, the great charter of toleration, had confirmed to each individual of the Roman world the privilege of choosing and professing his own religion. ~ Edward Gibbon
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Edward Gibbon
I worked in Harrods as a sales girl and I was so lazy, I just sat on my arse all day. Now I have huge respect for shop girls. It was boring, so I tried to shoplift things, but we'd always get our bags checked. ~ Susannah Constantine
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Susannah Constantine
He stared at me, unreadable for a moment. "I've had women try to save me before," he said idly.
"Then that means I'll be yesterday's trash soon on that part of the equation, but we will still be friends."
He smiled with a far truer lift of his cheeks. "Don't be foolish. I told you before. I'd never let you go." He touched my chin, tilting it up toward him. "I could remove the danger, you know. Lock you in a room - a tower - "
"My hair isn't long enough," I said automatically.
"But you would spin me gold. So many things better than gold. Truer." His gaze dropped to my lips. "I would keep you in the finest of materials, handcrafted with only you in mind. The finest paints, in a tower so high that you would have no cares. ~ Anne Zoelle
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Anne Zoelle
One canon reduced to writing by God himself, two testaments, three creeds, four general councils, five centuries, and the series of Fathers in that period – the centuries that is, before Constantine, and two after, determine the boundary of our faith. ~ Lancelot Andrewes
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Lancelot Andrewes
The normal seething mass of emotion that never seemed to be directed at me was still there. But the elements that were directed towards me contained humor, disbelief, fondness, resignation, possessiveness and a weird jumbled mass that I couldn't identify - but it wasn't negative. ~ Anne Zoelle
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Anne Zoelle
Days to come stand in front of us
like a row of lighted candles
golden, warm, and vivid candles.
Days gone by fall behind us,
a gloomy line of snuffed-out candles;
the nearest are smoking still,
cold, melted, and bent.
I don't want to look at them: their shape saddens me,
and it saddens me to remember their original light.
I look ahead at my lighted candles.
I don't want to turn for fear of seeing, terrified,
how quickly that dark line gets longer,
how quickly the snuffed-out candles proliferate. ~ Constantine P. Cavafy
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Constantine P. Cavafy
You will always end up in this city. Don't hope for things elsewhere:
there is no ship for you, there is no road.
As you've wasted your life here, in this small corner,
you've destroyed it everywhere else in the world ~ Constantine P. Cavafy
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Constantine P. Cavafy
There's no use sitting on the bench

if you're not ready to play, right? ~ Chas Kramer
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Chas Kramer
If you cannot fashion your life as you would like,
endeavour to do this at least,
as much as you can: do not trivialize it
through too much contact with the world,
through too much activity and chatter.
Do not trivialize your life by parading it,
running around and displaying it
in the daily stupidity
of cliques and gatherings
until it becomes like a tiresome guest.
("As Much As You Can") ~ Constantine P. Cavafy
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Constantine P. Cavafy
How could the Christian Church, apparently quite willingly, accommodate this weird megalomaniac [Constantine] in it's theocratic system? Was there a conscious bargain? Which side benefited most form this unseemly marriage between church and state? Or, to put it another way, did the empire surrender to Christianity, or did Christianity prostitute itself to the empire? It is characteristic of the complexities of early Christian history that we cannot give a definite answer to this question. ~ Paul Johnson
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Paul Johnson
That grin was pulling me into the deep end of the pool. The scary part, the part that made me search desperately for some other task I could lose myself in, was that there was a small, insistent voice urging me to dive right in. ~ Robin Constantine
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Robin Constantine
Constantine saw with his own eyes the trophy of a cross of light in the heavens, above the sun, and bearing this inscription: conquer by this. At the sight, he himself was struck with amazement and his whole army also. ~ Eusebius
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Eusebius
The bloody dagger thrust through his palm, it quivered there. It's tip grazed her shirt turning the fibers brilliant red. ~ Cathrina Constantine
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Cathrina Constantine
I really took it in-house. The Constantine character has a kind of flesh-and-blood practical look at things that would seem, other people would use the word, occult or spiritual. But here, demons are real. So for me it was more taking it from the film itself. I didn't really need to go outside the piece itself to inform me because the perspective on it, what the character does, was provided by the script. ~ Keanu Reeves
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Keanu Reeves
Before Jerusalem
Now they've come before Jerusalem.
Passions, avarice, and ambition,
as well as their chivalrous pride
have swiftly slipped from their souls.
Now they've come before Jerusalem.
In their ecstasy and their devoutness
they've forgotten their quarrels with the Greeks;
they've forgotten their hatred of the Turks.
Now they've come before Jerusalem.
And the Crusaders, so daring and invincible, so vehement in their every march and onslaught,
are fearful and nervous and are unable
to go further; they tremble like small children,
and like small children weep, all weep,
as they behold the walls of Jerusalem. ~ Constantine P. Cavafy
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Constantine P. Cavafy
Try not to take pictures which simply show what something looks like. By the way you put the elements of an image together in a frame show us something we have never seen before and will never see again. ~ Constantine Manos
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Constantine Manos
All is artifice in my world, Constantine. Even me. Especially me. He taught me to be a duchess, to be an impregnable fortress, to be the guardian of my own heart, But he admitted that he could not teach me how or when to allow the fortress to be breached or my heart to be unlocked. It would simply happen, he said. he promised it would, in fact. But how is love to find me, even assuming it is looking? ~ Mary Balogh
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Mary Balogh
And now?" I touched Baltic's cheek, drawing his attention away from tragic memories. "Is he being coldly mad now?"
"No. I thought at first he was, but I see now that the act of being raised as a shade has changed him, leached the madness out of him."
Behind us, present-day Constantine yelled, "You call me a douche canoe? I am not the douche canoe
you are. No, you are more than that
you are a douche speed-boat!"
"Most of the madness," Baltic qualified. ~ Katie MacAlister
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Katie MacAlister
He said he'd hurt himself against a wall or had fallen down.
But there was probably some other reason for the wounded, the bandaged shoulder.
With a rather abrupt gesture, reaching for a shelf to bring down some photographs he wanted to look at, the bandage came came undone and a little blood ran.
I did it up again, taking my time over the binding; he wasn't in pain and I liked looking at the blood. It was a thing of my love, that blood.
When he left, I found, in front of his chair, a bloody rag, part of the dressing, a rag to be thrown straight into the garbage; and I put it to my lips and kept it there a long while- the blood of love against my lips. ~ Constantine P. Cavafy
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Constantine P. Cavafy
I let you in." He reentered my space, as if he could do nothing else. "I let you get close, so I could get closer to Verisetti. Stupid."
"And here I thought my power was half the draw," I said evenly.
"Your stupid sense of loyalty. Your stupid trust. Your brilliance. You are my weakness. And I thought I had gotten rid of those. ~ Anne Zoelle
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Anne Zoelle
For want of a Pilate of their own, some Christians would accept a Constantine or whomever might be the current incarnation of Caesar. ~ Wendell Berry
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Wendell Berry
It's like Finding Nemo." ( Constantine)
"How the hell is this anything like Finding Nemo? If anything it's like Mission Impossible."(Alexon)
"I have never seen this Impossible Mission and Nemo is cute." (Constantine) ~ Rosetta M. Overman
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Rosetta M. Overman
Jesus himself, and most of the message of the Gospels, is a message of service to the poor, a critique of the rich and the powerful, and a pacifist doctrine. And it remained that way, that's what Christianity was up ... until Constantine. :Constantine shifted it so the cross, which was the symbol of persecution of somebody working for the poor, was put on the shield of the Roman Empire. It became the symbol for violence and oppression, and that's pretty much what the church has been until the present. ~ Noam Chomsky
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Noam Chomsky
What was the sense of so arranging things that anything really important should finally and absolutely depend on such a man of straw as himself? And at that moment, far away on Earth, as he now could not help remembering, men were at war, and whitefaced subalterns and freckled corporals who had but lately begun to shave, stood in horrible gaps or crawled forward in deadly darkness, awaking, like him, to the preposterous truth that all really depended on their actions, and far away in time Horatius stood on the bridge, and Constantine settled in his mind whether he would or would not embrace the new religion, and Eve herself stood looking upon the forbidden fruit and the Heaven of Heavens waited for her decision. ~ C.S. Lewis
Boughaba Constantine quotes by C.S. Lewis
But this inestimable privilege was soon violated: with the knowledge of truth the emperor imbibed the maxims of persecution; and the sects which dissented from the catholic church were afflicted and oppressed by the triumph of Christianity. Constantine easily believed that the heretics, who presumed to dispute his opinions or to oppose his commands, were guilty of the most absurd and criminal obstinacy; and that a seasonable application of moderate severities might save those unhappy men from the danger of an everlasting condemnation. ~ Edward Gibbon
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Edward Gibbon
Of course you aren't scared of me. I'm not the wolf. You are. ~ Stylo Fantome
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Stylo Fantome
Nothing but the cross of Christ can so startle the spiritual nature from its torpor, as to make it an effectual counterpoise to the debasing and sensual tendencies of the race. Favored by temperament and education, individuals may measurably escape; but if the race is to triumph in the conflict between the flesh and the spirit, between the lower propensities and the higher nature, they must, as Constantine is said to have done, see the cross, and on it the motto, "In hoc signo vinces." By this sign we conquer. ~ Mark Hopkins
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Mark Hopkins
When you set out on you journey to Ithaka, pray that the road is long, full of adventure, full of knowledge. ~ Constantine P. Cavafy
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Constantine P. Cavafy
I crossed my ankles and noticed his gaze traveling the length of my legs.
"Nice what?"
"Legs. You have nice legs."
"Thanks." Flattery will get him everywhere. ~ Cathrina Constantine
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Cathrina Constantine
Ever since Constantine made Christianity the official "imperial faith, " Christians have been trying to push the camel of power and wealth through the slender needle's eye of the vision of Jesus. ~ Kurt Neilson
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Kurt Neilson
Constantine's face softened. "Perhaps." He touched my cheek and wiped the silver-gold tear there.
Mindful of the crowd, I pulled fingers through my tangled hair and checked our spells for something to do that didn't include responding to that touch. I could feel Constantine smiling. ~ Anne Zoelle
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Anne Zoelle
He had the compassion of a vivisectionist. ~ Storm Constantine
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Storm Constantine
One person can make a difference," said Seeley, "and bit by bit, little by little moral decency can and will prevail. ~ Cathrina Constantine
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Cathrina Constantine
Are you stalking me or something?' 'Ha...Well, I'd rather think of it as strategically putting myself in your path so we can be friends....But if you want to call it stalking, okay. ~ Robin Constantine
Boughaba Constantine quotes by Robin Constantine
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