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Woman for whom Botox and fillers are the norm don't feel dressed without it. It's like going to the hairdresser's for them. Also, famously, lipstick sales go up in a recession: you may not be able to afford the shoes and the dress but you are sure going to keep your lips pillow perfect. ~ Imogen Edwards-Jones
Botox And Fillers quotes by Imogen Edwards-Jones
Thanks to Botox and fillers, as well as the work that I've already had, my face pretty much maintains itself. ~ Dolly Parton
Botox And Fillers quotes by Dolly Parton
The most unsettling part of the visit, however, came when the doctor casually asked if I'd ever considered having any work done, as they were having a special on Botox. Then I stabbed him in the knee with a pen. But just in my mind, because you can never find a pen when you really need one. In reality I just told him that I wasn't a fan of paying money to inject paralyzing poison into my face and that I was actually quite proud of my laugh lines, which I view as a badge that tells people I'm not an asshole. He countered that it was really the frown line between my eyebrows that he'd focus on. I pointed out that I'd gone through a lot of living to get that frowny wrinkle and I wasn't about to erase it now.
"MY HUSBAND MADE THAT LINE," I said, with a defensiveness that surprised even me. "This line represents every time I have ever argued with him about everything in the damn world. It's a line that says, 'Don't cross me or I will cut you.' It's practically a medal for time served and I EARNED IT. ~ Jenny Lawson
Botox And Fillers quotes by Jenny  Lawson
You read about poor people having Botox go wrong and you think: 'Well, what the bloody hell were you doing?' Why would you inject yourself with poison? And why are we spending so much time looking at ourselves? I just don't get it. ~ Imelda Staunton
Botox And Fillers quotes by Imelda Staunton
I had Botox and I hated it. For four long months, I looked like a different person. ~ Stevie Nicks
Botox And Fillers quotes by Stevie Nicks
The thing about Botox is that when you've had too much, you then have to fake reactions just to look human--and it's impossible to distinguish real fake reactions from fake fake reactions. ~ John Sandford
Botox And Fillers quotes by John Sandford
I don't know why everyone feels the pressure to look young. Personally, I hate it. I don't want to inject Botox and look young forever. It's living in denial and anything that has an undercurrent of this philosophy is bad for your growth. ~ Kangana Ranaut
Botox And Fillers quotes by Kangana Ranaut
I tried Botox one time and was permanently surprised for a couple of months. It was not a cute look for me. My feeling is, I have three children who should know what emotion I'm feeling at the exact moment I'm feeling it ... that is critical. ~ Julia Roberts
Botox And Fillers quotes by Julia Roberts
I don't need the fillers, additives, excessive amounts of sugars, fats, salts and other measures taken to taint the natural goodness of real food. ~ Mark Hyman
Botox And Fillers quotes by Mark Hyman
I have girlfriends who've had Botox and been left with lumps in their faces. And the lips, don't even get me started. ~ Joan Collins
Botox And Fillers quotes by Joan Collins
To his ex-wife in court, he said I lost interest in you when the Botox lost its effect and you looked like a plastic doll that escaped from a fire. ~ Peter Jackson
Botox And Fillers quotes by Peter Jackson
I hate when models say 'Oh, plastic surgery is just a wrong thing. What are you talking about? You won the genetic lottery. You look like this specimen that's making people everywhere feel insecure and you're going to ridicule someone for getting plastic surgery? ~ Tyra Banks
Botox And Fillers quotes by Tyra Banks
Just because food is served fast doesn't mean it has to be made with cheap raw ingredients, highly processed with preservatives and fillers and stabilizers and artificial colors and flavors. ~ Steve Ells
Botox And Fillers quotes by Steve Ells
No surgical tweaks. No Botox either. I think it is terrible, these girls in their late 20s injecting their faces and lips. One told me, If I kill my muscles now, I'll never get wrinkles. Can you imagine? ~ Salma Hayek
Botox And Fillers quotes by Salma Hayek
I think women in Hollywood who don't do Botox and plastic surgery are revered. I revere them ... My plan is to never go there. I'm too vain to get plastic surgery because I don't like how it looks, and I want to look my best. ~ Evangeline Lilly
Botox And Fillers quotes by Evangeline Lilly
I didn't get attached to Botox. It is costly, and you have to remember to keep doing it. ~ Cherie Lunghi
Botox And Fillers quotes by Cherie Lunghi
This is what's sick about living in L.A. My eight-year-old daughter will point to a woman and say, 'Look! That woman's had too much Botox.' She spots them because they all look a bit like Lord Voldemort from 'Harry Potter.' ~ Kate Beckinsale
Botox And Fillers quotes by Kate Beckinsale
But I'm just having fun playing and giving Botox injections to the older songs. ~ Richard Marx
Botox And Fillers quotes by Richard Marx
From the clayey soil of northern Wyoming is mined bentonite, which is used as filler in candy, gum, and lipstick. We Americans are great on fillers, as if what we have, what we are, is not enough. We have a cultural tendency toward denial, but being affluent, we strangle ourselves with what we can buy. We gave only to look at the houses we build to see how we build *against* space, the way we drink against pain and loneliness. We fill up space as if it were a pie shell, with things whose opacity further obstructs our ability to see what is already there. ~ Gretel Ehrlich
Botox And Fillers quotes by Gretel Ehrlich
I have had the occasion of coming into money and spending some recklessly, like on a purse. At this point, shopping and the spending of money on things like Botox gives me the rush I used to get copping drugs on the street. Or, making other people cop drugs for me on the street. I didn't like to do that. I wanted to protect my reputation. ~ Michelle Tea
Botox And Fillers quotes by Michelle Tea
I work out three or four times a week, I have Botox, take tons of vitamins and vitamin infusions - if you believe that these things work, you will feel better. ~ Simon Cowell
Botox And Fillers quotes by Simon Cowell
I think when it comes to Botox and surgery, actresses should do it or not do it, but be honest about their choices. ~ Debra Winger
Botox And Fillers quotes by Debra Winger
I do acupuncture. Because it really helps. It is the opposite of Botox. Botox blocks, and acupuncture moves. ~ Monica Bellucci
Botox And Fillers quotes by Monica Bellucci
Security is merely an illusion.

If you think your schedule, your botox, your insurance, your marriage certificate, your 401K, and the deadbolt on your door is going to keep you safe from change and the happenings of life - think again.

Nothing is guaranteed.

Nothing can give you solid ground but your own trust in yourself and the purpose of existing-- That is the only solid ground upon which you can stand. ~ Kayko Tamaki
Botox And Fillers quotes by Kayko Tamaki
Clostridium botulinum: Found in jams and preserves that weren't prepared properly, this bad bug produces one of the deadliest toxins on Earth-it enters our nerve cells and paralyzes them. Marketed as Botox, it's injected into people's foreheads to make wrinkles disappear! ~ Jennifer Gardy
Botox And Fillers quotes by Jennifer Gardy
If you choose to be Frankenstein with Botox and plastic surgery, you've bought your own private mask. ~ Frances Conroy
Botox And Fillers quotes by Frances Conroy
Poetry is, first and last, language - the rest is filler. ~ Mark Strand
Botox And Fillers quotes by Mark Strand
I don't think of getting older as looking better or worse; it's just different. You change, and that's OK. Life is about change. I don't have anxiety about it, so I'm not running to get Botox. Maybe that will change, but I don't think so. I feel comfortable in my skin and comfortable with ageing, so I think it's okay that I get wrinkles. ~ Heidi Klum
Botox And Fillers quotes by Heidi Klum
I have tried Botox, and I don't like it because it stops you being able to move your facial muscles which, as an actress, are essential. But I do have collagen injections. ~ Kate O'Mara
Botox And Fillers quotes by Kate O'Mara
Americans spend more money on Botox, face lifts and tummy tucks than on the age-old scourges of polio, small pox and malaria. ~ Victor Davis Hanson
Botox And Fillers quotes by Victor Davis Hanson
I love my grey hair and wrinkles. I love the fact that my face has more of an edge and more character than it did when I was in my twenties and thirties. No Botox for me. ~ George Clooney
Botox And Fillers quotes by George Clooney
I've had Botox and all that - why not? There's no cream that gets rid of wrinkles; that's a load of rubbish in my eyes. But Botox does. ~ Katie Price
Botox And Fillers quotes by Katie Price
I would advise women not to be shy about admitting they've had Botox - it just shows you want to look your best, and there's nothing wrong with that. ~ Trinny Woodall
Botox And Fillers quotes by Trinny Woodall
I like the Kardashians. I watch 'em. When Kim got the botox in her face, and it made her face go weepy, that was funny. I also watch 'America's Next Top Model.' I've always been a big fan. ~ Sam Worthington
Botox And Fillers quotes by Sam Worthington
For years I walked around with the phrase "Green River" because I had seen that on a soda fountain drink when I was probably 8 or 9 years old, and I went, 'Gee, I like that.' Another one was "Lodi", which I thought sounded really cool. I got this cheap little empty plastic notebook at my local drugstore, and bought a little slab of filler paper and the very first title I wrote in it was "Proud Mary". I had no idea what that title meant. ~ John Fogerty
Botox And Fillers quotes by John Fogerty
I never want to be in that stage where a band ends up playing state fairs and casinos. I am not willing to go out shooting up Botox and eating corn dogs while judging pig contests. ~ Al Jourgensen
Botox And Fillers quotes by Al Jourgensen
Of course, like any woman, I look in the mirror and think, 'Oh, wouldn't I look better with a bit of Botox?' But you've got to find comfort in your own skin. I've watched women stretch themselves year after year until their faces are no longer recognisable. ~ Amanda Donohoe
Botox And Fillers quotes by Amanda Donohoe
People say I look so happy - and I say, 'That's the Botox.' ~ Dolly Parton
Botox And Fillers quotes by Dolly Parton
In the 21st century, we don't need to march against size-zero models, risible pornography, lap-dancing clubs, and Botox. We don't need to riot or go on hunger strikes. There's no need to throw ourselves under a horse, or even a donkey. We just need to look it in the eye, squarely, for a minute, and then start laughing at it. ~ Caitlin Moran
Botox And Fillers quotes by Caitlin Moran
Yet, despite their many surgeries and jobs, most of them looked like old girls – girls who had suffered some wasting disease. These same things, breasts and botox, like independence and immodesty, had been powerful and shameful a few short years back, put in the same category as an extra toe or a stutter; they were quaint now. ~ Meghna Pant
Botox And Fillers quotes by Meghna Pant
No. Of all the people who worked for PDM since most of it was sub contracted work, they were all young tradesmen. This is what the state would like for you to believe. But we have very little use for inexperienced teenagers. So they were mostly used for summer..for fillers. It doesn't make sense to use a tradesman to do cleanup work on a job when your paying a tradesman $15 an hour and you can hire a young man or boy at say $7 or $8 an hour to sweep up after the contractors outta there. ~ John Wayne Gacy
Botox And Fillers quotes by John Wayne Gacy
Every six months I fly to Dallas to get botox and I also get collagen injections. ~ Janice Dickinson
Botox And Fillers quotes by Janice Dickinson
Fifty years on from now, Britain will still be the country of long shadows on cricket grounds, warm beer, invincible green suburbs, dog lovers and pools fillers and, as George Orwell said, 'Old maids bicycling to holy communion through the morning mist' and, if we get our way, Shakespeare will still be read even in school. ~ John Major
Botox And Fillers quotes by John Major
Soul, love, joy and natural beauty shines first from within. Make time for quiet reflective moments. Be still and know there is more than just Botox and pink martinis for women over 40. ~ Machel Shull
Botox And Fillers quotes by Machel Shull
You cannot powder away what botox can fix. My name is Tamar, and I am for plastic surgery. ~ Tamar Braxton
Botox And Fillers quotes by Tamar Braxton
March against size-zero models, risible pornography, lap-dancing clubs, and Botox. We don't need to ~ Caitlin Moran
Botox And Fillers quotes by Caitlin Moran
Botox, I think, is poison, I would never put it into my face, and I'm needle-phobic. I spend a lot of time keeping my face out of the sun and taking care of my skin and wearing make-up. ~ Joan Collins
Botox And Fillers quotes by Joan Collins
I've tried Botox, I've tried them all. I'm definitely not one of those people who says, 'You shouldn't do this.' Everyone can individually do what they want. For all time women have wanted to, for the most part, look their best. It's just that what we have available to us today is what it is today and if you want to take advantage of it, yeah. ~ Kylie Minogue
Botox And Fillers quotes by Kylie Minogue
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