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Much more than skeleton, it is flash, I mean the carrion flesh, which disturb and alarm us – and which alleviates us as well. The Buddhists monks gladly frequented charnel houses: where corner desire more surely and emancipate oneself from it? The horrible being a path of liberation in every period of fervor and inwardness, our remains have enjoyed great favor. In the Middle Ages, a man made a regimen of salvation, he believed energetically: the corpse was in fashion. Faith was vigorous than, invincible; it cherished the livid and the fetid, it knew the profits to be derived from corruption and gruesomeness. Today, an edulcorated religion adheres only to „nice" hallucinations, to Evolution and to Progress. It is not such a religion which might afford us the modern equivalent of the dense macabre.

„Let a man who aspires to nirvana act so that nothing is dear to him", we read in a Buddhist text. It is enough to consider these specters, to meditate on the fate of the flash which adhered to them, in order to understand the urgency of detachment. There is no ascesis in the double rumination on the flesh and on the skeleton, on the dreadful decrepitude of the one and the futile permanence of the other. It is a good exercise to sever ourselves now and then from our face, from our skin, to lay aside this deceptive sheathe, then to discard – if only for a moment – that layer of grease which keeps us from discerning what is fundamental in ourselves. Once exercise is over, we ~ Emil M. Cioran
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Emil M. Cioran
No, this wasn't a 1960s student riot. Out there were the streets. There were no nice dorms for sleeping. No school cafeteria for certain food. No affluent parents to send us checks. There was a ghetto riot on home turf. We already had our war wounds. So this was just another battle. Nobody thought of it as history, herstory, my-story, your-story, or our-story. We were being denied a place to dance together. That's all. The total charisma of a revolution in our CONSCIOUSNESS rising from the gutter to the gut to the heart and the mind was here. Non-existence (or part existence) was coming into being, and being into becoming. Our Mother Stonewall was giving birth to a new era and we were the midwives. ~ New York Public Library
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by New York Public Library
I get to go to all these beautiful places, so it's nice being able to take pictures of it. ~ Vanessa Hudgens
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Vanessa Hudgens
There is beauty in living in a small space, as a child. Some aspects of it are so beautiful, and it's so nice to not see the darkness. But then, in other ways, there's a whole range of experience that's being missed because of it. ~ Brie Larson
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Brie Larson
Simple obviously being in her mind a key word in dealing with overwhelmed and cranky grooms. "Really really simple and neutral." It seemed to be registry protocol that the groom should be allowed to select the casual china (I guess for all those Super Bowl parties I would be hosting with the guys, ha ha) while the "formal ware" should be left to the experts: the ladies. "It's fine," I said, more curtly than I'd meant to, when I realized they were waiting for me to say something. Plain, white, modern earthenware wasn't something I could work up a lot of enthusiasm for, particularly when it went for four hundred dollars a plate. It made me think of the nice old Marimekko-clad ladies I sometimes went to see in the Ritz Tower: gravel-voiced, turban-wearing, panther-braceleted widows looking to move to Miami, ~ Donna Tartt
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Donna Tartt
There's Catholic guilt about things, then there's the guilt of being the youngest of 10, so when nice things happen to you, you're not really allowed to enjoy them. ~ Jack White
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Jack White
Good men and good women have fire in the belly. We are fierce. Don't mess with us if you're looking for someone who will always be 'nice' to you. Nice gets you a C+ in life. We don't always smile, talk in a soft voice, or engage in indiscriminate hugs. In the loving struggle between the sexes we thrust and parry. ~ Sam Keen
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Sam Keen
Being nice is state of "Probability", not a state of "possibility". ~ Deyth Banger
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Deyth Banger
I love wearing suits. I love being suited and booted. When I'm chilling, I also like to look nice. ~ Dwight Howard
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Dwight Howard
Look you don't know I'm your soul mate," Lily said. " You barely know me at all. I have terrible habits. I swallow toothpaste. My socks don't always match. I'm not good at small talk. I'm just about the most unpopular kid in class, a close third behind the guy who doesn't shower and the girl who's a compulsive liar. Besides, it's not like Jake and me ... He was just being nice."
"You are my soul mate, even if you don't know it yet," Tye said ~ Sarah Beth Durst
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Sarah Beth Durst
Bond? It is a bit like saying, 'Do you want to play Superman?' Anyone would dream of it. It's one of the most coveted roles in film. I'd be honoured. But I don't know if it will actually happen. I'm just happy with the idea of being associated with it. It's nice there's a lot of good will. ~ Idris Elba
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Idris Elba
As you get older, it's important to have goals. When you're a kid you have them, but other people can set them for you, such as your parents, your school ... so, as you get older it's nice to have your own goals, which don't have to do with being more famous, or being in bigger movies, or making more money. Those things kind of corrupt your soul. ~ Dolph Lundgren
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Dolph Lundgren
You're a nice girl, Dovie. You should be anywhere but here with anyone but me. This shit with Race and Novak, your old man being the scum of the earth . . . you deserve so much more than all of it. Your life should look different than this, and sooner or later you're going to hate me. ~ Jay Crownover
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Jay Crownover
Being an actor, you can get spoilt a little bit: car services come and pick you up, you get put up in nice hotels, people fetch you coffee, and so on. It is wonderful, but you can get lost in that world pretty quickly and start believing that it is real life. ~ Neil Jackson
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Neil Jackson
Sometimes it would be nice to just have some red wine with dinner, but it's not worth the risk. I have a great life, a great situation. Why would I want to risk self-destructive behaviour? ~ Kristin Davis
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Kristin Davis
I was actually losing about a pound a week which was really wonderful. It was a really nice, and good, and healthy way to do it. And I still got to eat my chocolate every day which was wonderful, although I haven't had a drink in a really, really, really long time. I love being outside and working out, and I sometimes jog with my husband, and sometimes I jog with one of my daughter's best friends, and it's incredible. I was able to do Pilates for the first time in my life, which is almost better than sex. Not quite, but almost. ~ Maureen McCormick
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Maureen McCormick
You're extra nice. With everyone. You go out of your way to make everyone feel special."
"Well, what's wrong with that?"
"How is anyone supposed to know when they are special? How was I supposed to know you weren't just being nice? ~ Rainbow Rowell
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Rainbow Rowell
Sometimes, being happy or being nice can leave me feeling a bit hung out to dry. Especially if everyone else who I'm around is way more guarded. ~ Hayley Williams
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Hayley Williams
Obviously its nice to give your time and especially when there is money being raised. It's rewarding. ~ Chelsea Handler
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Chelsea Handler
He awakens from this dream unable to remember exactly what it was, or much at all beyond the simple fact that he has dreamed about being a child again. He touches his wife's smooth back as she sleeps her warm sleep and dreams her own dreams; he thinks that it is good to be a child, but it is also good to be grownup and able to consider the mystery of childhood ... its beliefs and desires. I will write about all of this one day, he thinks, and knows it's just a dawn thought, an after-dreaming thought. But it's nice to think so for awhile in the morning's clean silence, to think that childhood has its own sweet secrets and confirms mortality, and that mortality defines all courage and love. To think that what has looked forward must also look back, and that each life makes its own imitation of immortality: a wheel.

Or so Bill Denbrough sometimes thinks on those early mornings after dreaming, when he almost remembers his childhood, and the friends with whom he shared it. ~ Stephen King
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Stephen King
I'm the first to admit I've had a sheltered life. I grew up in the country and went to a boarding school. It was all just part of the business - be nice to everyone and all that. ~ Adam Rickitt
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Adam Rickitt
The nice thing about being away from home is the feeling of excitement when returning to it! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
When Scout finds Boo Radley hiding behind her bedroom door, she says something that is scary because it is calm. Something like, "Why, there's the man right there, Mr. Tate." Or whatever his name is. Scout's not surprised to find a hollow-eyed monster in the form of Robert Duvall behind her door. She opens a line into magic, possibility. Or mystery, that's a better word than magic. Like an open hole in the ground no one noticed until Scout pointed it out, a place where men with dark secrets live behind every bedroom door. Scout's calm voice says, "The rest of you are blind. ~ Samantha Hunt
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Samantha Hunt
What inspired me as a child is the same thing that inspires me now: being nice. I always try to one up everybody with verses and be lyrical and just stand for the art. ~ Joell Ortiz
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Joell Ortiz
When you're a girl, you have to be everything, You have to be dope at what you do, but you have to be super sweet, and you have to be sexy, and you have to be this and you have to be that and you have to be nice, and you have to - it's like, I can't be all of those things at once. I'm a human being. ~ Nicki Minaj
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Nicki Minaj
I'm just scared this may be a setup for me being the butt of a so-called joke, like, um, how I may look like a wrinkly dog with wings but I have a nice personality or something."
"Oh, don't worry. You're safe," he says in a reassuring voice. "I'd never tell you that you have a nice personality. ~ Susan Ee
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Susan Ee
I did feel funny about being fair and having red hair and freckles. I did not like that because I grew up in a neighbourhood where no one had red hair. I felt very conspicuous but not in a nice way. ~ Patti Scialfa
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Patti Scialfa
People are prone to taking mental shortcuts. They may know that they shouldn't give out certain information, but the fear of not being nice, the fear of appearing ignorant, the fear of a perceived authority figure - all these are triggers, which can be used by a social engineer to convince a person to override established security procedures. ~ Kevin Mitnick
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Kevin Mitnick
There is nothing so nice as supposing. It's almost like being a fairy. If you suppose anything hard enough it seems as if it were real. ~ Frances Hodgson Burnett
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Frances Hodgson Burnett
But she wasn't a wife and mother. And, Joey aside, she didn't want to be one. Her mother had spend every last minute cooking for Papa, cleaning for Papa, looking nice for Papa, entertaining for Papa, producing babies for Papa. The measuring stick she used to judge herself based on how pleased or displeased Papa was with her, their home, and her ability to raise their children properly.
The very thought of being measured by that same stick horrified Billy. She couldn't think of anything worse. As far as she was concerned, domesticity was nothing more than a glorified jail sentence. ~ Deeanne Gist
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Deeanne Gist
I relaxed back into the mattress as other elements in the room began to filter though my senses, namely the extraordinary warmth at my back. The air was filled with the smell of masculine skin and hints of cologne, soap, and dryer sheets.

Hank was back. And his scent wasn't the only thing surrounding me; his arm was thrown over my hip and my back was tucked nicely against his front. ...

It was nice. Good. Right, even. And then another feeling struck me in a novel way. Protected. I felt protected. A disbelieving laugh bubbled in my throat as I lay there, a small smile parked on my face.

I was always the one out there protecting people. And after Will and I had split, I'd had no one to go to for comfort, to let all my guards down, to take a rest from being the caregiver, provider, guard, and detective. To let someone else be tough for a while.

Had to admit, I liked it. And I never thought in a gazillion years I'd find this feeling with an off-worlder. I liked Hank's strength, his power, his quirky humor, even the badass attitude he caught sometimes.

I was in so much trouble. ~ Kelly Gay
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Kelly Gay
Sometimes when I'm being photographed, I hear the voice of this photographer who told me when I was about six while he was taking my school photo that I didn't have a nice smile, and I shouldn't smile in photos. ~ Brad Goreski
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Brad Goreski
Let me live my life the way I want to. ~ Jimi Hendrix
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Jimi Hendrix
I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. It took seven languages to make me; it would be nice if I could have spoken just one. ~ Nicole Krauss
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Nicole Krauss
The confidence and security of a people can be measured by their attitude toward laxatives. At the high noon of the British sun, soldiers in far-flung outposts of the Empire doctored themselves with "a spoonful o' gunpowder in a cuppa 'ot tea." Purveyors and users of harsh laxatives were not afraid of being thought mean and unfriendly just because their laxatives were. But in America, the need to be nice is so consuming that nobody would dare take a laxative that makes you run up the stairs two at a time, pushing others aside and yelling, "Get out of the way! ~ Florence King
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Florence King
She asked him the question she had been asking herself for the past few days. "Why are you being so nice to me now?" J.D. leaned forward in his chair. He gazed directly into her eyes, and Payton suddenly found herself wondering why it had taken him eight years to look at her that way.
"Because you're letting me," he said softly. ~ Julie James
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Julie James
It would be nice to find a 'planet of trees and birds' in the space; only trees and birds, millions of different trees and millions of different birds! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
I like fashion. I like being in shape. I like to look nice and I like to make money, but I don't think that's the most, No. 1, important thing. ~ Eleanor Mondale
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Eleanor Mondale
What I remember most is that the laws of physics no longer seemed to apply. Gravity was backwards and the world was, I'm quite certain, moving in slow motion. His pull wasn't a pull; I was just falling upward, and he caught me. There really was no beginning or end to the kiss; it wasn't even really there- and because of that, it was tremendous. Our lips were just four sweet, shy people meeting, saying, "Hello, it's nice to meet you." But what passed between them was massive. Nuclear. And in an instant, every cobweb inside me was obliterated. My inner struggles, my uncertainty, my fear of tiger attack ... gone. Just the feeling of being a newborn, a pure soul just waiting to be imprinted upon. ~ James Patterson
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by James Patterson
The only reason you say that race was not an issue is because you wish it was not. We all wish it was not. But it's a lie. I came from a country where race was not an issue; I did not think of myself as black and I only became black when I came to America. When you are black and fall in love with a white person, race doesn't matter when you're alone together because it's just you and your love. But the minute you step outside, race matters. But we don't talk about it. We don't even tell our white partners the small things that piss us off and the things we wish they understood better, because we're worried they will say we're overreacting, or we're being too sensitive. And we don't want them to say, Look how far we've come, just forty years ago it would have been illegal for us to even be a couple blah blah blah, because you know what we're thinking when they say that? We're thinking why the fuck should it ever have been illegal anyway? But we don't say any of this stuff. We let it pile up inside our heads and when we come to nice liberal dinners like this, we say that race doesn't matter because that's what we're supposed to say, to keep our nice liberal friends comfortable. ~ Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
I gave up on being Nice. I started putting more value on other qualities instead: passion, bravery, intelligence, practicality, humor, patience, fairness, sensitivity. Those ~ Anna Kendrick
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Anna Kendrick
Faith just doesn't have anything to do with what I'm doing as a scientist. It's nice if you can believe in God, because then you see more of a purpose in things. Even if you don't, though, it doesn't mean that there's no purpose. It doesn't mean that there's no goodness. I think that there's a virtue in being good in and of itself. I think that one can work with the world we have. ~ Lisa Randall
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Lisa Randall
Growing up spoiled a lot of things. It spoiled the nice game they had when there was nothing to eat in the house. When money gave out and food ran low, Katie and the children pretended they were explorers discovering the North Pole and had been trapped by a blizzard in a cave with just a little food. They had to make it last till help came. Mama divided up what food there was in the cupboard and called it rations and when the children were still hungry after a meal, she'd say, 'Courage, my men, help will come soon.' When some money came in and Mama bought a lot of groceries, she bought a little cake as celebration, and she'd stick a penny flag in it and say, 'We made it, men. We got to the North Pole.'
One day after one of the 'rescues' Francie asked Mama:
'When explorers get hungry and suffer like that, it's for a reason . Something big comes out of it. They discover the North Pole. But what big things comes out of us being hungry like that?'
Katie looked tired all of a sudden. She said something Francie didn't understand at the time. She said, 'You found the catch in it. ~ Betty Smith
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Betty  Smith
Shut up," I snapped. "This is not the time. What part of this situation seems like a joke to you?"
Lohka pulled up his knees, giving a feeble, half-manic little laugh. "Oh, maybe just the idea that some soul-devouring being of chaos could be waiting anywhere to finish destroying my life," he said. "That's kind of hilarious, you know. Have you ever had a soul-devouring being of chaos hunting you down so it could finish eating you?"
"No," I said. "I'm sorry, Lohka."
"That's nice," he muttered.
"What about the part where this soul-devouring being of chaos seems to have a taste for me at the moment?" Zhabyr asked. "Can we worry about that, now? Because I kind of already am. ~ J. Leigh Bralick
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by J. Leigh Bralick
This kind of thing is so awkward and horrible, and from your end, you know it must… Okay, I'm just going to come out and tell you: I'm asking you out. That's what I'm doing. Please don't answer yet, because I know you might have a "No" queued up in your head already, but will you please let me say a few things?

I know that being a woman in New York must be hard, because it's basically disappointing that you try to be nice to men as human beings, and then they respond by just torpedoing to your vagina. And I want you to know that I'm aware that you're young and beautiful - and I'm not… either of those things. And part of me knows that as soon as my lips stop moving, you're going to say no. But please think of the fact that it's low risk what I'm asking.

You just come out with me for a drink, and even if you got up in the middle of the one drink, I wouldn't hold it against you. Just make a judgement based on nothing horrible would happen if you came out with me. I think you're so attractive. I'm attracted to you because you're nice, and you're a decent person, and those are probably the reasons you want people to be attracted to you, right? Also, you're horribly cute. I mean, you're cute as hell.

And I grow on people - women. Some times go by, and you get past the bald head and that I sweat a lot and I'm lumpy… I've run out of things to say. Can you just tell me now? Did this work? ~ Louis C.K.
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Louis C.K.
Hypatia: ... I don't want to be good; and I don't want to be bad: I just don't want to be bothered about either good or bad: I want to be an active verb.
Lord Summerhays: An active verb? Oh, I see.An active verb signifies to be, to do or to suffer.
Hypatia: Just so; how clever of you! I want to be; I want to do; and I'm game to suffer if it costs that. But stick here doing nothing but being good and nice and ladylike I simply won't. ~ George Bernard Shaw
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by George Bernard Shaw
Mainly I've been back to my books and writings and being nice and quiet and lazy. As I'm writing this, the radio says there's a foot of snow falling on Long Island. I really love snow and wish I could take a long walk in it right now. ~ Jack Kerouac
Boo Radley Being Nice quotes by Jack Kerouac
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