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#1. Jim stuck his head out of the rodie. I'm not going to do this out in the open where anyone can see me!. That's unnatural! - Author: Katie MacAlister
Bondies Head quotes by Katie MacAlister
#2. Being able to "go beyond the information" given to "figure things out" is one of the few untarnishable joys of life. One of the great triumphs of learning (and of teaching) is to get things organised in your head in a way that permits you to know more than you "ought" to. And this takes reflection, brooding about what it is that you know. The enemy of reflection is the breakneck pace - the thousand pictures. - Author: Jerome Bruner
Bondies Head quotes by Jerome Bruner
#3. O God, don't let them hurt Lord le Wyse. Help me, God. I have to save him. Why? the voice in her head asked. Why do you have to save him? The voice answered itself. Because you love him. I do! O God, I do love him. She'd loved him for a long time, and she suddenly wanted to tell him so, more than anything. But first she had to get to him before anyone else - before it was too late. - Author: Melanie Dickerson
Bondies Head quotes by Melanie Dickerson
#4. You gotta keep ur head up even when the road is hard never give up. - Author: Tupac Shakur
Bondies Head quotes by Tupac Shakur
#5. If you want to know your purpose, pursue the heart of God and you'll have a head-on collision with your calling. - Author: Renee Swope
Bondies Head quotes by Renee Swope
#6. When he was twenty-three years old, he (George Fox) saw the inner light in a vision. For him it symbolized the spirit against the letter, silence against chatter, experience against dogma, and equality against all who build inequality on authority and power, be it of the state or religion. His mistrust of the official Anglican Church was immense. He spoke with disdain of the "towered houses" and was tormented by the ringing of church bells. He frequently interrupted preachers, standing in the church's doorway, a hat covering his head, and uttering threatening words toward the pulpit, causing great excitement in the gathered congregation. It often resulted in Fox being beaten up, banished, and, later on, jailed for years.

What aroused his ire, above all, were the priests who, without ever having experienced or even looked for illumination, presented themselves as servants of God but, in truth, comprised a "society of cannibals." It is "not enough to have been educated in Oxford or Cambridge in order to become capable for and efficient in the service of Christ.

To this day it is difficult for many Friends to speak of "Quaker theology." The Friends believe in Scripture - George Fox knew it by heart - but they also believe that the Spirit transcends Scripture and that the inner light is experienced by all human beings without human mediation. "The inner light," "the inward teacher" are names that the early Quakers gave to their experiences of the Spirit. T - Author: Dorothee Solle
Bondies Head quotes by Dorothee Solle
#7. Silas nods and turns to back the car up, accidently brushing a hand against my shoulders as he does so.
"Sorry," he says under his breath, like he's whispering in church. I shake my head as Scarlett settles her long arms and legs in the backseat and uses her cloak as a blanket.
Still trying to lean somewhere between the door of death and Silas's shoulder, I stare out the window as we lumber out of town. The road is smooth, hypnotic, with the dotted lines vanishing rhythmically before us. I glance back at my sister. She's fallen asleep, and Screwtape is casting her dark looks, as if she's to blame for his predicament.
I looked toward Silas, trying to appear as if I'm just glancing out his window. Really, I want to study him intensely. He's wearing one of his many nearly threadbare T-shirts, jeans that are soft from washing, wavy hair . . . Everything about him begs to be touched . . .
"You're nervous," Silas says suddenly.
"What? No!" I answer sharply. Am I that obvious?
Silas raises an eyebrow and laughs.
"It makes sense. I mean, you and Lett have lived in Ellison forever." Right . . . right. He's talking about the trip, not my resisting the temptation to fall on him. We're silent for a moment, nearly tangible awkwardness floating around the front seats. Silas drums his fingers on the steering wheel. - Author: Jackson Pearce
Bondies Head quotes by Jackson Pearce
#8. Bright points in the sky or a blow on the head will equally cause one to see stars. - Author: Percival Lowell
Bondies Head quotes by Percival Lowell
#9. You can have many great ideas in your head, but what makes the difference is the action. Without action upon an idea, there will be no manifestation, no results, and no reward - Author: Miguel Ruiz
Bondies Head quotes by Miguel Ruiz
#10. They were happier now than they would ever be again. A tenpenny tea set made Cam happy for days. She heard them stamping and crowing on the floor above her head the moment they woke. They came bustling along the passage. Then the door sprang open and in they came, fresh as roses, staring, wide awake, as if this coming into the dining-room after was a positive event to them, and so on, with one thing after another, all day long, until she went up to say good-night to them, and found them netted in their cots like birds among cherries and raspberries, still making up stories about some little bit of rubbish-–something they heard, something they had picked up in the garden. They had all their little treasures. . . And so she went down and said to her husband, Why must they grow up and lose it all? Never will they be so happy again. And he was angry. Why take such a gloomy view of life? he said. It is not sensible. For it was odd; and he believed it to be true; that with all his gloom and desperation he was happier, more hopeful on the whole, than she was. Less exposed to human worries––perhaps that was it. He had always his work to fall back on. - Author: Virginia Woolf
Bondies Head quotes by Virginia Woolf
#11. Puck laughed, shaking his head at the prince's expression. "Looks like you just got scolded by a gremlin, Your Magesty," he chuckled and crossed his arms. "Ah, can't say I'm not gonna miss you two. We had some fun times, right, princeling? Sadest past is, I won't ever hear ice-boy complain that I'm corrupting you again. But, I guess all good things mus come to an end." He sighe'd, gave Kierran a friendly arm punch and raised his hand. "See ya'round kid. Try not to let those Slim Shadys suck out all your fun. Ethan Chase?" Puck winked at me. "I'm sure I'll see you again, whether you like it or not."
"Yeah," I deadpanned. "So looking forward to it." Puck laughed again. "Don't you forget it. Until the next adventure kiddos." Sticking his hands into his pockets, the Great Prankster sauntered off, whistling until he reached the edge of the trees and vanished into the shadows. - Author: Julie Kagawa
Bondies Head quotes by Julie Kagawa
#12. But she's only a woman!" The watch captain shook his head again. "So was Helen of Troy, sir. Look what she started. - Author: Ruth Downie
Bondies Head quotes by Ruth Downie
#13. I sometimes feel like when you're talking to boys, they just hear certain keywords ... But if you had a bubble above their head, they'd be thinking about game scores, masturbation and food. - Author: Kate Hudson
Bondies Head quotes by Kate Hudson
#14. Is it Randall?" Oscar sounded out the name with care, as if testing dangerous waters. Camille closed her eyes and turned her face away from him, not wanting to have to see him when she said what she needed to say.
"I have a duty, Oscar, just like my mother did. She failed at hers and look what happened; she destroyed so much. My father asked me not to say anything, but if I don't marry Randall…I'm sorry, Oscar, I just have to."
Camille tried to edge by him, but Oscar held her back with his arm.
"Do you think I'm a fool, Camille? Don't try to blame marrying Randall on some duty you think you have."
She parted her lips to insist he was wrong. He cut her off.
"If this is how you really feel, then you had no right to ask me to stay with you that night. You gave me a taste of what being with you might be like, and now you're asking me to walk away. Who do you think you are?"
Camille shook her head. He wasn't listening. He had no idea how difficult it was for her, too, to have that one taste, that single moment of pure bliss to feed off of for the rest of her life.
"I don't have a choice-"
He slammed his fist against the pantry shelf behind her.
"I don't have a bank vault filled with money, or ten suits hanging in my closet to choose from each morning. I know I couldn't give you all the things he could, but I can give you something he'll never be able to. I love you, Camille," he said, his mouth so close to hers his breath moistened her - Author: Angie Frazier
Bondies Head quotes by Angie Frazier
#15. That Chippendale is a coffee table, Lieutenant, not a footstool."
"How do you walk with that stick up your ass?" She left her feet where they were, propped comfortably on the table. "Does it hurt, or does it give you a nice little rush?"
"Your dinner guests," he said, curling his lip, "have arrived."
"Thank you, Summerset." Roarke got to his feet. "We'll have the hors d'oeuvres in here." He held out a hand to Eve.
She waited, deliberately, until Summerset had stepped out again before swinging her feet to the floor.
"In the interest of good fellowship," Roarke began as they started toward the foyer, "could you not mention the stick in Summerset's ass for the rest of the evening?"
"Okay. If he rags on me I'll just pull it out and beat him over the head with it."
"That should be entertaining. - Author: J.D. Robb
Bondies Head quotes by J.D. Robb
#16. One old lady who wants her head lifted wouldn't be so bad, but you multiply her two hundred and fifty thousand times and what you get is a book club. - Author: Flannery O'Connor
Bondies Head quotes by Flannery O'Connor
#17. He was on his second plate of steaming-hot kidney pie by the time his chewing slowed. And that's when he heard it. The faintest sounds escaping her room, sweeping across the antechamber, and sliding under the door to him.
The sounds of bathing.
A splash.
A trickle.
A faint series of drips.
It all added up to torture. Pure, liquid torture.
He pushed his plate away, propped his elbows on the table, and buried his face in his hands with a groan. Even plugging his ears didn't help.
When he closed his eyes, he could picture her. Naked in a shallow tub. Her feet dangling over the lip at one end, and her head reclined against the other. And all that water embracing her with heat, lapping at her nakedness, pouring over her most secret curves and furrows.
He was immediately, startlingly hard. - Author: Tessa Dare
Bondies Head quotes by Tessa Dare
#18. When it comes to being famous, you're usually the last to know, and the first to deny it. Unless you were already famous in your head. In which case, party on, Wayne! Party on, Garth! - Author: Carroll Bryant
Bondies Head quotes by Carroll Bryant
#19. I felt his other hand sear hot against my cheek. He bent his head, and in a voice that Jack couldn't hear, said, "When you came down the stairs, and fell into me, that was the moment." Then his lips pressed against mine. - Author: Sarah Alderson
Bondies Head quotes by Sarah Alderson
#20. Don't let proud get to your head, always humble yourself. - Author: Hank Johnson
Bondies Head quotes by Hank Johnson
#21. And yet what precisely is this 'greatness'? Just where, or in what, does it lie? I am quite aware it would take a far wiser head than mine to answer such a question, but if I were forced to hazard a guess, I would say that it is the very lack of obvious drama or spectacle that sets the beauty of our land apart. What is pertinent is the calmness of that beauty, its sense of restraint. It is as though the land knows of its own beauty, of its own greatness, and feels no need to shout it. - Author: Kazuo Ishiguro
Bondies Head quotes by Kazuo Ishiguro
#22. You learn your text and have it in the back of your head, without a thought as to how you're going to say it. - Author: Kelly Lynch
Bondies Head quotes by Kelly Lynch
#23. He was beautiful.
Whatever else he was, Sage was by far the most magnetic man I had ever seen. I had felt it in my dreams, and it was even more true in real life. I welcomed the chance to study him without his knowledge.
He glanced up, and I quickly closed my eyes, feigning sleep. Had he seen me? The scratching stopped. He was looking at me, I knew it. I held my breath and willed my eyes not to pop open and see if he was staring.
Finally the scratching started up again. I forced myself to slowly count to ten before I opened my eyelids the tiniest bit and peeked through my lashes.
Good-he wasn't looking at me.
I opened my eyes a little wider. What was he doing? Moving only my eyes, I glanced down at the dirt floor in front of him…
…and saw a picture of me, fast asleep.
It was incredible. I could see his tools laid out beside the picture: rocks in several sizes and shapes, a couple of twigs…the most rudimentary materials, and yet what he was etching into the floor wouldn't look out of place on an art gallery wall. It was beautiful…far more beautiful than I thought I actually looked in my sleep. Is that how he saw me?
Sage lifted his head again, and I shut my eyes. I imagined him studying me, taking careful note of my features and filtering them through his own senses. My heartbeat quickened, and it took all my willpower to remain still.
"You can keep pretending to be asleep if you'd like, but I don't see a career for you as an actres - Author: Hilary Duff
Bondies Head quotes by Hilary Duff
#24. Usually I'm pretty myopic. It's hard for me to multi-task, so to speak. If I'm in a show and I'm creating a character, I'm just completely into that. It's really hard for me to do anything else like write music. I have to sort of shut down different sides of my head and just focus. - Author: Idina Menzel
Bondies Head quotes by Idina Menzel
#25. I can't believe you'd rather hold handle bars than a girl."
He angled his head thoughtfully."I hadn't considered that."
"Maybe you should."
He hopped over,gingerly swinging his bad leg over to the other side and settled down behind me on the seat.
"You got rules on how I can hold you?"
"Nothing distracting while I'm driving," I tossed over my shoulder, meeting his gaze."We don't need another accident."
"And when you're not driving?"
"The Kate-have-a-good-time fund is getting low.Maybe you should think about making a deposit. - Author: Rachel Hawthorne
Bondies Head quotes by Rachel Hawthorne
#26. What is there about me that makes me the least bit desirable?" She wasn't fishing, she truly wanted to know. Right now she didn't feel very attractive
There was no joy in the laugh that seemed to catch in his throat. He closed the scant distance between them, taking her face between the warm hollows of his palms.
"Foolish girl. You are everything that is good in life. Don't you know that?"
She would have shaken her head were she not afraid that he would release her. "No. I'm manipulative and spoiled. And I think only of my own happiness."
"You are good and sweet and true." His thumbs brushed the apples of her cheeks. "Everything I am not. Everything. I want you so badly I may go mad before the Season ends. - Author: Kathryn Smith
Bondies Head quotes by Kathryn Smith
#27. Gripping her hips in his hands, he thrust into her, and her eyes closed, her head tilting to the side as he pumped in and out of her, wondering how a quickie in the back of a limo could be the hottest sex he'd had in a long time. It's her. It's always been her. - Author: Codi Gary
Bondies Head quotes by Codi Gary
#28. Then he just let it ring, the phone pressed to his head like a pistol, her picture in his hands. - Author: Geoff Dyer
Bondies Head quotes by Geoff Dyer
#29. Big squidhead lies a-sleeping at the bottom of the sea,
And one day, when the stars are right, he'll wake up presently,
And then may wipe us all out, which sounds worrying to me,
While the Tcho-Tcho sing this song…

Aie! Ftagn! Ftagn! Cthulhu!
Cosmic horror coming to you,
The Old Ones are back now with a view to
Sucking out your brains.

Big Squidhead lies a-sleeping, although, in a way, he's dead.
There are dreams that change reality a-running round his head.
He lies in dread R'lyeh, which is on the ocean bed.
But pops up and down for fun.

And the Tcho-Tcho sing
Aie! Ftagn! Ftagn! Yog-Sothoth!
The streets will be chockablock with shoggoth,
How sweetly their cries 'Tekeli-li!' doth
Improve the slimy hour.

Big Squidhead lies a-scheming at the bottom of the sea,
He is counting out the aeons that make up eternity,
And when he's done, it's curtains for the mast majority,
While the Tcho-Tcho get on down.

Aie! Ftagn! Ftagn! Shub-Niggurath!
We're on the winning side to see the aftermath,
Put on your marching boots because we're on the path,
To the end times, here we come!
To the end times, here we come!
To the end times! Here! We! Coooooooooome! - Author: Jonathan L. Howard
Bondies Head quotes by Jonathan L. Howard
#30. I had a rebellious streak developing... I flirted with the idea of having my ears pierced and my head shaved. - Author: Karl Ove Knausgaard
Bondies Head quotes by Karl Ove Knausgaard
#31. I know. And I'm not saying that this going to make up for it. I'm going to try, really try, to make you trust me again. I want you to trust me again. I want you to trust me. I just ... I couldn't sleep last night without you. It was the strangest thing, being in the room alone without you. I couldn't hear you breathing, and your laughter was gone and you were gone, and it was like a part of my life was missing. A big part. I tripped going to the bathroom and banged my head. See?" HE pointed to a lovely gash on his forehead. "And then I burned my habd on the toaster oven. And then the car wouldn't start. - Author: Chelsea M. Cameron
Bondies Head quotes by Chelsea M. Cameron
#32. No one would ever know it to look at me that as soon as I'm alone I am busy busy busy in the head. - Author: Diana Joseph
Bondies Head quotes by Diana Joseph
#33. You spend hours wrestling with yourself, trying to keep your vision intact, your intensity undiminished. Sometimes I have to stick my head under the tap to get my wits back. And for what? You know what publishing is like these days. Paper costs going up all the time. Nothing gets printed unless it can be made into a movie. Everything is media. Crooked politicians sell their unwritten memoirs for thousands. I've got a great idea for a novel. It's about a giant shark who's possessed by a demon while swimming in the Bermuda Triangle. And the demon talks in CB lingo, see? There'll be recipes in the back. - Author: David Sedaris
Bondies Head quotes by David Sedaris
#34. It was a gringo; in the remote corners of the world the short-sleeved flowered tourist shirt, the steel-rimmed glasses, khaki pants and bulldog shoes had become the uniform of earnest American enterprise. Moon recognized the man as the new missionary. His head was cropped too close, so that his white skull gleamed, and the red skin of his neck and jaw was riddled with old acne; his face was bald with anxiety and tiresome small agonies. - Author: Peter Matthiessen
Bondies Head quotes by Peter Matthiessen
#35. You always want to try, in everything you do, to attempt something you've never tried before, and the only way to succeed at that is through failure, and the only way to succeed through failure is just banging your head against the wall over and over until you get to that interesting thing on the other side. - Author: Beau Willimon
Bondies Head quotes by Beau Willimon
#36. Reasons I don't want a serious boyfriend:
1. They hold you back
2. Grind you down
3. Then mess with your head - Author: Ali Harris
Bondies Head quotes by Ali Harris
#37. You weren't supposed to choose me," he said.
Behind them, Ira approached, stunned and speechless for what must have been the first time in his life. He helped lift Samuel, whose cheeks had blanched as well. Camille prodded Oscar's arms and stomach and face. It was truly him. The unbearable grief over losing him flipped inside out. Her joy ran so deep and strong she thought she might burst from it.
"The night the Christina went down, you rowed to me," she answered, her throat knotted as she thought of her father. She forced it down. "This time, I must have needed to row to you."
Oscar kissed her, his lips still cold but filled with life. She leaned into him and hung on as though he might disappear. Ira let out a playful high-pitched whistle. Samuel coughed. Oscar and Camille reluctantly pulled apart and blushed.
"Holy gallnipper," Ira said. Camille grinned, not minding in the least that he was using that annoying turn of phrase again. "I can't believe that little rock…I mean you were dead, mate. Dead as this bloke right here." Ira kicked McGreenery in the leg. Oscar nodded, rubbing his hand over the fading red mark, as if to feel for himself that the deadly wound was gone.
"I was in the dory," he whispered. Ira cocked his head.
"Say again?"
Camille lifted her ear from his chest, where she'd wanted to listen to the smooth rhythm of his heart. She looked up at him before hearing its strong beat.
"The dory?"
Oscar nodded again, eyebrow - Author: Angie Frazier
Bondies Head quotes by Angie Frazier
#38. I don't care. Charlton Heston is the head of the National Rifle Association. He deserves whatever anyone says about him. - Author: George Clooney
Bondies Head quotes by George Clooney

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