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#1. The White Mars [project] is a bold move that will add significantly to our understanding of how to deal with the challenge of human exploration of the Red Planet. - Author: Robert Zubrin
Bold Moves quotes by Robert Zubrin
#2. Nature is more like a seesaw than a crystal, a never-ending conga line of bold moves and corrections. - Author: Diane Ackerman
Bold Moves quotes by Diane Ackerman
#3. If you don't make bold moves, the world doesn't move forward. - Author: Richard Branson
Bold Moves quotes by Richard Branson
#4. My patience finally snapped. "This is ridiculous." I swept her up and swung her over my shoulder, her bare feet dangling in front of me.
Tinkling laughter filled the room. "What are you doing?" I tossed her onto the bed. Her fire-red hair sprawled over the pillow. My siren smiled up at me.
"Getting comfortable," I said.
Echo blinked and raw hunger replaced the laughter that danced in her eyes moments before. Her delicate fingers glided up my arm, exciting every cell. "You don't look very comfortable." The sultry tone caused something deep within me to stir.
I swallowed, attempting to push away the unexpected flutter of nerves in my stomach. "Echo …"
My heart swelled, causing my chest to ache and breathing to become nearly impossible. Paralyzed by her beauty, I hovered over her. She was no nymph, but a goddess.
Her hands continued their burning climb up my arm and onto my chest. Bold moves for her. Echo's breasts rose and fell at a faster rate. "I want to stay with you tonight."
I sucked in a breath as her fingers trailed down the indentations of my chest muscles and willed her to continue as they made their slow descent. Caressing the warm redness forming on her cheek, I sank onto the bed beside her. "Are you sure?"
"Yes." - Author: Katie McGarry
Bold Moves quotes by Katie McGarry
#5. Make bold moves toward your dreams each day, refuse to stop and nothing can stop you. - Author: Hal Elrod
Bold Moves quotes by Hal Elrod
#6. Some people embrace their gifts with gratitude. Others have no use for them and can think only of overcoming their weaknesses. Only their defects interest and challenge them. Thus those who hate people may seek them out. Misanthropes often practice psychiatry. The shy become performers. Natural thieves look for positions of trust. The frightened make bold moves. - Author: Saul Bellow
Bold Moves quotes by Saul Bellow
#7. Realize that ultimate success comes from opportunistic,bold moves which by definition, cannot be planned. - Author: F. Ross Johnson
Bold Moves quotes by F. Ross Johnson
#8. Management guru Jim Collins has some good words here. He and Morten T. Hansen studied leadership in turbulent times. They looked at more than twenty thousand companies, sifting through data in search of an answer to this question: Why in uncertain times do some companies thrive while others do not? They concluded, "[Successful leaders] are not more creative. They're not more visionary. They're not more charismatic. They're not more ambitious. They're not more blessed by luck. They're not more risk-seeking. They're not more heroic. And they're not more prone to making big, bold moves." Then what sets them apart? "They all led their teams with a surprising method of self-control in an out-of-control world."2 - Author: Max Lucado
Bold Moves quotes by Max Lucado
#9. In ancient Rome, when a victorious general paraded through the streets, legend has it that he was sometimes trailed by a servant whose job it was to repeat to him, " Memento Mori": Remember you will die. A reminder of mortality would help the hero keep things in perspective, instill some humility. Job's memento mori had been delivered by his doctors, but it did not instill humility. Instead he roared back after his recovery with even more passion. The illness reminded him that he had nothing to lose, so he should forge ahead full speed. " He came back on a mission," said Cook. " Even though he was now running a large company, he kept making bold moves that I don't think anybody else would have done. - Author: Walter Isaacson
Bold Moves quotes by Walter Isaacson
#10. Unpredictable action is movement's equivalent to a page-turner in literature. On stage, we have certain options to make our moves appear surprising or even shocking. One choice is to remove transitions. We try to construct motion hunks, hunks of action that could be missed if an audience member blinks. - Author: Elizabeth Streb
Bold Moves quotes by Elizabeth Streb
#11. Perriwickturned to Penelope as he set the tray down on a table. "If I might be so bold, my lady-"
"Perriwick!" Blake roared. "If I hear the phrase 'if I might be so bold' one more time, as God is my
witness, I'm going to toss you into the channel!"
"Oh dear," Penelope said. "Perhaps he does have the fever, after all.Perriwick , what do you think?"
The butler reached for Blake's forehead, only to have his hand nearly bitten off. "Touch me and die,"
Blake snarled. - Author: Julia Quinn
Bold Moves quotes by Julia Quinn
#12. That was bad; i shouldn't have done that
to prevent you from entering a catatonic state
i am going to maintain a calm facial expression
with crinkly eyes and an overall friendly demeanor
i believe in a human being that is not upset
i believe if you are working i should not be insane
or upset
why am i ever insane or upset and not working?
i vacuumed the entire house this morning
i cleaned the kitchen and the computer room
and i made you a meat helmet with computer paper
the opportunity for change exists in each moment, all moments are alone
and separate from other moments, and there are a limited number of moments
and the idea of change is a delusion of positive or negative thinking
your hands are covering your face
and your body moves like a statue
when i try to manipulate an appendage
if i could just get you to cry tears of joy one more time - Author: Tao Lin
Bold Moves quotes by Tao Lin
#13. What it like to sail?" she asked.
His gaze shifted, and he stared into the distance. "It's freedom. Like riding a powerful horse with a gait like silk. You speed over the waves, carried on the wind, held up over an unknowable depth of water beneath you, with the entire sky above. And that sky is a different color depending on where on earth you are. There are a thousand shades of blue. You can look up and know where you are, just by the color. And the stars at night - there's indescribable beauty in the stars, like a woman's eyes, flashing, shining... And yet, they are tools, enabling navigation, a map to follow..."
She stared at his profile as he spoke, at the scars that marred his brow and cheeks, the crooked line of his broken nose, the elegant, aristocratic line of his jaw, half-hidden under the shadow of stubble, and the soft, sensual curve of his mouth. She saw the sea in his eyes, smelled the wind, tasted the salt, and she felt her chest tighten with a longing to sail, to experience speed and adventure. Breathless, she felt the presence of the man in the portrait, the rogue, the bold captain. Her heart twisted as she imagined him in prison, beaten, chained, tormented to madness. He was still a prisoner, trapped inside the cage of his injured flesh, his damaged bones, his memories of unspeakable horrors.
What would it take to set him free? - Author: Lecia Cornwall
Bold Moves quotes by Lecia Cornwall
#14. I'd be willing to bet no kid, no matter how disturbed, was inspired to go out and shoot up a classroom by boogeying around his living room to "Moves Like Jagger." There - Author: Stephen King
Bold Moves quotes by Stephen King
#15. So I got to witness firsthand how those metal links got broken. The muscles in his upper arms pumped to the size of grapefruits, and the fabric of the T-shirt tightened around them almost to tearing…
Then the metal gave way with a musical twang, and the chain snaked noisily from the grate, falling to the rain-softened earth with a clunk.
"By all means," John said, brushing his hands together in a self-satisfied way, "let's call Mr. Smith."
I ducked my head, hiding my blushing cheeks by pretending to be busy putting my cell phone back in my bag. Encouraging his occasional lapses into less than civilized behavior seemed like a bad idea, so I didn't let on how extremely attractive I'd found what he'd just done.
"You know," I remarked coolly, "I'm already your girlfriend. You don't have to show off your superhuman strength for me."
John looked as if he didn't for one minute believe my disinterest. He opened the grate for me with a gentlemanly bow. "Let's go find your cousin," he said. "I'd like to be home in time for supper. Where's the coffin?"
"It's at my mom's house," I said.
"What?" That deflated his self-satisfaction like a pin through a balloon. He stood stock-still outside the door to his crypt, the word HAYDEN carved in bold capital letters above his head. "What's it doing there?"
"Seth Rector and his girlfriend and their friends asked me if they could build it in my mom's garage," I said. "They said it was the last place anyone wou - Author: Meg Cabot
Bold Moves quotes by Meg Cabot
#16. There is an invisible thought-stuff on which the mind acts, making things through the operation of a law not yet fully understood by man. Every thought moves upon this invisible substance in increasing or diminishing degree. When we praise the richness and fullness of God, this thought-stuff is tremendously increased in our mental atmosphere. It reflects into everything that our mind and our hands touch. - Author: Charles Fillmore
Bold Moves quotes by Charles Fillmore
#17. When I write, my brain moves faster than my hands so I'm always trying to picture things. - Author: John Lydon
Bold Moves quotes by John Lydon
#18. We both [with Jo Andres] think that it is really important to our culture that we support all kinds of music, all kinds of theatre and all kinds of art because you never know what moves people. We've always believed that there should be a strong voice outside the commercial world. Certainly, the commercial world has a huge place in our culture and we also support that - but, we also want to support the stuff that lives outside of that. - Author: Steve Buscemi
Bold Moves quotes by Steve Buscemi
#19. Live bold, without fear. This is life amongst the deer. - Author: Katelyn S. Bolds
Bold Moves quotes by Katelyn S. Bolds
#20. When I started off with 'Dance India Dance,' even the TV show people thought it won't be accepted. But with the talent that the show received, I was able to personally tutor dancers to amalgamate contemporary dance moves on Bollywood tracks. - Author: Terence Lewis
Bold Moves quotes by Terence Lewis
#21. I'm going to put the moves on her,' he says gravely. 'Things might get weird.' He says it like a commando setting up a midnight raid. Like: Sure, this is going to be extraordinarily dangerous, but don't worry. I've done it before. - Author: Robin Sloan
Bold Moves quotes by Robin Sloan
#22. I know of no actor who is so pure onstage that he thinks only what his character thinks. If he did, he would presumably become the character: a form of madness. This may be of course what happens to Hamlet--he puts on an antic disposition, and gets stuck with it.
Acting is mostly a twin-track mental activity. In one track runs the role, requiring thoughts ranging from, say, gentle amusement to towering rage. Then there is the second track, which monitors the performance: executing the right moves, body language, and voice level; taking note of audience reaction and keeping an eye on fellow actors; coping with emergencies such as a missing prop or a faulty lighting cue. These two tracks run parallel, night by night. If one should go wrong, then it is likely that the other will misbehave too.
But there is a third and wholly subversive track that intrudes itself at intervals, full of phantom thoughts and feelings that come and go of their own volition. This ghost train of random musings is, of course, to be discouraged, but it can never be entirely denied. As Bohr and his wife, Margrethe, say in the play: "So many things we think about at the same time. Our lives and our physics...All the things that come into our heads out of nowhere. - Author: David Burke
Bold Moves quotes by David Burke
#23. The clergy complain of the enormous spread of bold books, from the infidel tract to the latest handling of the miracle question. - Author: Harriet Martineau
Bold Moves quotes by Harriet Martineau
#24. songs are brave things bold enough to sing when all they know is darkness. - Author: Jamie Tworkowski
Bold Moves quotes by Jamie Tworkowski
#25. Movies, after all, are only an illusion of motion comprised of thousands of still photographs. The imagination, however, moves with its own tidal flow. - Author: Stephen King
Bold Moves quotes by Stephen King
#26. Nothing moves more quickly than scandal. - Author: Livy
Bold Moves quotes by Livy
#27. In your room where time stands still
Or moves at your will.
Will you let the morning come soon,
Or will you leave me lying here?

In your favorite darkness,
Your favorite half-light,
Your favorite consciousness,
Your favorite slave.

In your room where souls disappear
Only you exist here.
Will you lead me to your armchair,
Or leave me lying here?

Your favorite innocence,
Your favorite prize,
Your favorite smile,
Your favorite slave.

In your room your burning eyes
Cause flames to arise.
Will you let the fire die down soon,
Or will I always be here?

Your favorite passion,
Your favorite game,
Your favorite mirror,
Your favorite slave.

I'm hanging on your words,
Living on your breath,
Feeling with your skin.
Will I always be here? - Author: Martin L. Gore
Bold Moves quotes by Martin L. Gore
#28. I'll deal with whomever's in there while Tristan finds Nancy and gets her out."
"Hey, why am I stuck with Nancy?" Tristan asked.
"Because you're better with women than I am."
"Tristan's better with women than both of us put together," Victor said dryly. "And Max."
Tristan rolled his eyes. "Fine. I suppose that's a workable plan, since I can't imagine that Barlow has more than one extra fellow in there. It's not as if he's dealing with the likes of my bold wife. Zoe might attempt an escape out a window, but I doubt Nancy would."
"True," Dom said. - Author: Sabrina Jeffries
Bold Moves quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#29. If you can have faith in your real self, you'll suffer less. Be bold about who you really are. - Author: Ann Curry
Bold Moves quotes by Ann Curry
#30. And, like poor Phaedra, we fall in love not with who we want to fall in love with, but with one who moves us, and sometimes it is the last person we should fall in love with. Our involuntary choice is not always the right one, and sometimes it is actually the worst one, hence our suffering. And then, of course, there is the completely different situation of the loving people where, over the years, the love they once felt for each other fades and they can't go on. They feel their love dying, but are unable to bring it back to life. - Author: Francois Lelord
Bold Moves quotes by Francois Lelord
#31. Jeremy fixed her with a dark look, full of reproach. A hot blush singed the tips of her opal-adorned ears. For a moment, Lucy felt as though she were sitting in the breakfast room wearing only her nightgown - or less. But if he meant to shame her, he would be sorely disappointed. Her lips tingled, and she slowly wet them with her tongue before flashing him a bold grin. He quickly looked away.
Oh, what fun it was to vex him. He made it so easy to do. Hunting and fishing were all welland good, but truly, Jemmy-baiting had always been her favorite autumn sport. Lucy viewedhis staid countenance as an unending challenge. A smooth, thick-shelled egg that begged to be cracked. Any rearrangement of his features constituted a victory, be it a wince, a scowl, or that rarest of expressions - a smile. A smile that showed teeth counted double.Last night had shown her an entirely new way to bedevil Jeremy Trescott. Not with girlish pranks, but with womanly wiles. Oh, yes. She

d cracked the egg last night, but good. Hisexpression of befuddled desire was far more amusing than a wince or a scowl, or even asmile that showed teeth. That last kiss had to count at least ten.She lifted her cup of chocolate to her lips. Closing her eyes, she pressed her tongue againstthe cool china rim, remembering the power of a proper kiss. Drinking in the hot, sweetrichness, feeling delicious warmth spread down her throat and pool in her belly. And lower.She sighed into the cup. If Jeremy
- Author: Tessa Dare
Bold Moves quotes by Tessa Dare
#32. Tis all a Chequer-board of nights and days
Where Destiny with men for Pieces plays:
Hither and thither moves, and mates,and slays,
And one by one back in the closet lays. - Author: Omar Khayyam
Bold Moves quotes by Omar Khayyam
#33. Art moves. Hence its civilizing power. - Author: Victor Hugo
Bold Moves quotes by Victor Hugo
#34. Subtle or bold, The Weird acknowledges that our search for understanding about worlds beyond our own cannot always be found in science or religion and thus becomes an alternative path for exploration of the numinous. - Author: Jeff VanderMeer
Bold Moves quotes by Jeff VanderMeer
#35. There's terrible evil in the world."
It comes from men," said Holly. "All other elil do what they have to do and Frith moves them as he moves us. They live on the earth and they need food. Men will never rest till they've spoiled the earth and destroyed the animals. - Author: Richard Adams
Bold Moves quotes by Richard Adams
#36. It was about this time I conceiv'd the bold and arduous project of arriving at moral perfection. - Author: Benjamin Franklin
Bold Moves quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#37. All men are my friends. I have only to meet them.' In these hills, where life still moves at a leisurely and civilized pace, one is constantly meeting them. The - Author: Ruskin Bond
Bold Moves quotes by Ruskin Bond
#38. I decline the election. It has ever been my rule through life, to observe a proportion between my efforts and my objects. I have never been remarkable for a bold, active, and sanguine pursuit of advantages that are personal to myself. - Author: Edmund Burke
Bold Moves quotes by Edmund Burke
#39. In choosing Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney made a fantastic choice and a bold statement to the American people. - Author: Bob Beauprez
Bold Moves quotes by Bob Beauprez
#40. The dream they dream is beautiful. A dream as bold as your own, or bolder. You want to explore and colonize the universe; they wish to extend the lifespan of the universe beyond all boundaries, to remake its laws, and shape reality to banish entropy, decay, and death forever. I'd like to believe in that dream whether it's true or not. - Author: John C. Wright
Bold Moves quotes by John C. Wright
#41. The world will brin its condemnation. They may even put their sword behind it. But we know that the highest courst has already ruled in our favor. 'If God is for us, who can be against us?' (Romans 8:31) No one successfully If they reject us, he accepts us. If they hate us, he loves us. If they imprison us, he sets our spirits free. If they afflict us, he refines us by the fire. If they kill us, he makes it a passage to paradise. They cannot defeat us. Christ has died. Christ has risen. We are alive in him. And in him there is no condemnation. We are forgiven, and we are righteous. 'And the righteous are bold as a lion.' (Proverbs 28:1) - Author: John Piper
Bold Moves quotes by John Piper
#42. Blood and death. That moves me. - Author: Ikue Mori
Bold Moves quotes by Ikue Mori
#43. I would like to do a movie where the moments could be extended and you could have the freedom of that, but I'm not precious, if it moves the story and doesn't take away from it. - Author: Courteney Cox
Bold Moves quotes by Courteney Cox
#44. This work of the Lord is indeed great and marvelous, but it moves forward essentially unnoticed by many of mankind's political, cultural, and academic leaders. It progresses one heart and one family at a time, silently and unobtrusively, its sacred message blessing people everywhere. - Author: L. Whitney Clayton
Bold Moves quotes by L. Whitney Clayton
#45. That which once united man Now drives him apart.We are not helpless Creatures crashing onwards irresistibly to doom. There is time for everything and time to choose For everything.We are that time, that choice. Everybody gets what he deserves. - Author: Alan Bold
Bold Moves quotes by Alan Bold

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