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There are a handful of talented individuals that are always going to do a better job. If you look at the amount of TV shows or movies, there's only a handful that rise to the top. ~ Chad Hurley
Blared Tv quotes by Chad Hurley
Some soap opera, you know, real people pretending to be fake people with made-up problems being watched by real people to forget their real problems. ~ Chuck Palahniuk
Blared Tv quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
So many movies are so formulaic because you've got to get it done in an hour and a half. On a TV series, that's where the really interesting stuff can happen. ~ Billy Campbell
Blared Tv quotes by Billy Campbell
Sometimes you can do certain things on stage, or even in a TV series, and people see the look on your face and they know what you mean, so you can get away with certain things. But if you can't create that look on an animated character, which is essentially a puppet, the line will hit the audience in a very bad way. ~ Jerry Seinfeld
Blared Tv quotes by Jerry Seinfeld
In kindergarten we all stand before a choice - Do we accept the accepted to be accepted or do we stay logical and keep thinking? ~ L.H.
Blared Tv quotes by L.H.
The problem with reality TV is that creative writers are not involved; TV folks are, and some journalists who will only mine the surface of subjects. Hard work necessary for discovering and delineating the intimacies of the subjects they capture is mostly avoided. ~ Lee Gutkind
Blared Tv quotes by Lee Gutkind
If you're someone who's making film or TV or music, or any kind of art form now, there's a billion outlets and they all have an opinion. ~ Andy Samberg
Blared Tv quotes by Andy Samberg
Internet TV is replacing linear TV. ~ Mary Meeker
Blared Tv quotes by Mary Meeker
At the end of the day, the TV show is the best job in the world. I get to go anywhere I want, eat and drink whatever I want. As long as I just babble at the camera, other people will pay for it. It's a gift. ~ Anthony Bourdain
Blared Tv quotes by Anthony Bourdain
Shigure: Perhaps I can offer some advice? ...You know, Tohru-kun, when you get anxiety about the future it's better not to think about it. And let's not wipe our faces with dishtowels... For example let's say, Tohru-kun, that you are surrounded with a mountain of laundry piled so high around your feet that you can't move. Are you with me? Now, let's assume you don't have a washing machine, so you have to wash everything individually by hand. You would be at a loss for what to do, right? You'd worry about if you could ever wash everything, if you could get it all clean, if you'd ever have time for anything but laundry ever again! The more you'd think about it, the more anxious you'd get. But the time keeps passing, and the laundry doesn't wash itself. So what do you do, Tohru-kun? It might be a good idea to start washing the laundry right at your feet. Of course it's important to think about what lies ahead, too, but if you only look at what's down the road you'll get tangled in the laundry at your feet and you'll fall, won't you? You see, it's also important to think about what you can do now, what you can do today. And if you keep washing things one at a time, you'll be done before you know it. Because fortune is looking out for you. Sometimes the anxiety will start to well up, but when it does, take a little break. Read a book, watch TV, or eat soumen with everyone. Oh my, I'm shocked! Wow! What a wonderful analogy! I really must treat myself to some soumen as a reward... O ~ Natsuki Takaya
Blared Tv quotes by Natsuki Takaya
Some people believe everything they see on TV. People, it's called tel-lie-vision! ~ Tracy Morgan
Blared Tv quotes by Tracy Morgan
I'd love to be on a TV series someday, but I believe you get the jobs that you're meant to get. If the job that I'm meant to get is another musical or another play or film or TV show, I'm just happy to keep working. ~ Stark Sands
Blared Tv quotes by Stark Sands
I tell stories so only the independents do that and they don't pay you that much. I'd rather do TV or an HBO movie. ~ Penny Marshall
Blared Tv quotes by Penny Marshall
Even though I had a great deal of respect for children's TV and theatre, it wasn't my intent to specialize solely in that area. I did indeed want to work on shows like "Sesame Street" and I am honored to be even a small part of that legacy, but I also wanted to do characters that had wider vocabulary and satirical humor. ~ Stephanie D'Abruzzo
Blared Tv quotes by Stephanie D'Abruzzo
I gave him his first TV and he needs to remember that. ~ Kanye West
Blared Tv quotes by Kanye West
I come from a poor family, so really, the culture I know best is the street, TV, school. ~ Maiwenn
Blared Tv quotes by Maiwenn
What does good in bed mean to me? When I'm sick and I stay home from school propped up with lots of pillows watching TV and my mom brings me soup - that's good in bed. ~ Brooke Shields
Blared Tv quotes by Brooke Shields
'Banshee' was kind of a lark. I was getting paid pretty well to write movies no one was making - and so I decided to try my hand at TV and get paid much less to actually get something produced. ~ Jonathan Tropper
Blared Tv quotes by Jonathan Tropper
I am very well known in the world of darts and in my home town of Southam but unfortunately women's darts does not have the high profile of the men's game and so is not featured on TV very much. I think you need to be seen on world wide TV to become really famous. ~ Trina Gulliver
Blared Tv quotes by Trina Gulliver
I have a constitutional weakness in which I am very easily distracted by flashing lights. If there is a TV on in the room, I can't have a conversation with you. I won't eat, I won't sleep, I'll just meld with my couch. ~ Rachel Maddow
Blared Tv quotes by Rachel Maddow
When everyone is famous, no one will be famous. ~ Michael P. Naughton
Blared Tv quotes by Michael P. Naughton
But maybe she should turn the other way while I get dressed. Wouldn't want to ruin her for other men. - Dean ~ Jeff Mariotte
Blared Tv quotes by Jeff Mariotte
Over the years, Raul remembered many events like if they were TV shows, especially at night, like when he and Alberto cruised around town. The open windows, the wide space of the desert, allowed room for his thoughts to emerge. Some memories played over and over again, like the re-runs he watched during the summer. And depending on the events, he didn't mind having to sit through them. At least his memories weren't interrupted with commercials.
Click . . . Click . . . Click . . . ~ Richard Yanez
Blared Tv quotes by Richard Yanez
Great way to impress your future brother-in-law, by the way," Kieran continued. "You look like you took a blood bath. The only thing missing is the axe. Would Dallas really let his little sister date a crazed murderer who hacks bodies in the basement? You need to change that shirt pronto. And oh, you're welcome. I just saved you from making a complete and utter fool of yourself, but don't mention it."
I curled my lips into a fake smile. "Thanks. It's so nice to know you've got my back."
Kieran regarded me coolly. "A hobby might help ease all that hunger. Have you ever considered fixing cars, or woodworking, or maybe a DIY project around the house?"
"You're getting a big laugh out of this, aren't you?"
Kieran shrugged. "There's nothing on TV. ~ Jayde Scott
Blared Tv quotes by Jayde Scott
On the TV a politician Attila recognised was speaking. He was a heavyweight man wearing a suit that looked like a huge black bag. His hair was parted low on one side from where the mass of it surged forward lika an ocean braker onto the beach of his forehead where it was cast backwards onto the crown of his head, finally spilling over the back of his collar. That he was vexed was evidenced by the way he held up his hand, thumb and forefinger formed into the shape of an O which almost exactly mirrored the shape of his mouth; his face seemed to pulsate with fury. (...) Attila strained to listen. He had seen the politician on television before, had been compelled by his speech patterns, marked by half-sentences, the man left one thought unfinished as he rushed on to the next, he talked about himself in the third person. He raged, he shouted. All that, plus the laquered hair. Many politicians were narcissists, it came with the territory, the self-belief required. Narcissists weren't so bad, most great artists were narcissists too. This man though, in Attila's professional opinion, displayed many of the traits of hypomania. ~ Aminatta Forna
Blared Tv quotes by Aminatta Forna
There should be no telephone in your writing room, certainly no TV or videogames for you to fool around with. If there's a window, draw the curtains or pull down the shades unless it looks out at a blank wall. ~ Stephen King
Blared Tv quotes by Stephen King
I'm in my 10th generation of TV critic now. ~ Geraldo Rivera
Blared Tv quotes by Geraldo Rivera
There's a good deal in common between the mind's eye and the TV screen, and though the TV set has all too often been the boobtube, it could be, it can be, the box of dreams. ~ Ursula K. Le Guin
Blared Tv quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
L.A. ispolluted. It's overpopulated. But it is very much home. It was inevitable for me, the moving back. I was living in San Francisco, and Joan broke it off with me, and I needed a place to live. I'd been divorced. And I needed to write movies and TV shows to earn a living. Alimony. All that. So I figured what the hell, I'll go back to L.A. ~ James Ellroy
Blared Tv quotes by James Ellroy
Fame you'll be famous, as famous as can be, with everyone watching you win on TV, Except when they don't because sometimes they won't.. ~ Dr. Seuss
Blared Tv quotes by Dr. Seuss
When at a crossroads, my father was fond of saying "go with your gut." "Intuition," he said, "always has our best interests at heart." It is a voice that can tell us who is friend and who is foe…Which ones to hold at arm's length…And which ones to keep close. But too often, we become distracted by fear, doubt, our own stubborn hopes, and refuse to listen. ~ Emily Thorne
Blared Tv quotes by Emily Thorne
If I'm hip, we've got a problem in this country. I really shouldn't be held up as any model of hipness. If anything, I think I'm sort of old school in my approach to objective reporting and not wearing my opinion on my sleeve. There's a lot of that in American TV news these days. Too much, in fact. ~ Anderson Cooper
Blared Tv quotes by Anderson Cooper
I wrote 'She's a Lady' on the back of a TWA menu, flying back from London after doing Tom Jones's TV show. Jones's manager wanted me to write him a song. If I have an idea and I don't have a pad of paper, I'll write on whatever is available. What's the difference? Paper is paper. ~ Paul Anka
Blared Tv quotes by Paul Anka
I find that you learn from others. It's very much about watching TV and watching movies for me and grasping that way and watching other people act. ~ Callan McAuliffe
Blared Tv quotes by Callan McAuliffe
I'm definitely curious. I love pop culture. I'm glued to it. I can watch garbage TV, but then I can also watch great theater. ~ Michael Kors
Blared Tv quotes by Michael Kors
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