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#1. Families aren't easy to join. They're like an exclusive country club where membership makes impossible demands and the dues for an outsider are exorbitant. - Author: Erma Bombeck
Biracial Families quotes by Erma Bombeck
#2. He said No to those Wild Things and so did I. Sometimes we said No and sometimes we shouted it and we were ferocious because it counted for everything. - Author: Amie Ryan
Biracial Families quotes by Amie Ryan
#3. I understand that in some families both parents have to work, so the kids are home alone eating more processed foods. But if the kids know how to make oatmeal or eggs in the morning or pasta or a lentil soup at night - we're giving them real survival tools. - Author: Tamra Davis
Biracial Families quotes by Tamra Davis
#4. When older people get together there is something unflappable about them; you can sense they've tasted all the heavy, bitter, spicy food of life, extract its poison, and will now spend ten or fifteen years in a state of perfect equilibrium and enviable morality. They are happy with themselves. They have renounced the vain attempts of youth to adapt the world to their desires. They have failed and now, they can relax. In a few years they will once again be troubled by a great anxiety, but this time it will be a fear of death; it will have a strange effect on their tastes, it will make them indifferent, or eccentric, or moody, incomprehensible to their families, strangers to their children. But between the ages of forty and sixty they enjoy a precarious sense of tranquility. - Author: Irene Nemirovsky
Biracial Families quotes by Irene Nemirovsky
#5. What with your phone and the Xbox and the taxi TV and that music player you wear on your arm and the headphones that look like donuts on your ears, doesn't it make life so much smaller? If absolutely everything important is only happening on such a small screen, isn't that a shame? Especially when the world is so overwhelmingly large and surprising? Are you missing too much? You can't imagine it now, but you'll look like me one day, even though you'll feel just the same as you do now. You'll catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and think how quickly it's all gone, and I wonder if all the time you used watching those families whose lives are filmed for the television, and making those cartoons of yourselves with panting dog tongues, and chasing after that terrible Pokémon fellow…well, will it feel like time well spent? - Author: Lauren Graham
Biracial Families quotes by Lauren Graham
#6. Shopmas now begins on Thanksgiving Day. Apparently, escaping the families you cannot stand to spend another minute with on Thanksgiving Day to go buy them gifts is how some Americans show their affection for one another. Weird. - Author: Barry Ritholtz
Biracial Families quotes by Barry Ritholtz
#7. Let us all take more responsibility, not only for ourselves and our families but for our communities and our country. - Author: William J. Clinton
Biracial Families quotes by William J. Clinton
#8. More than anything, we have lost the cultural customs and traditions that bring extended families together, linking adults and children in caring relationships, that give the adult friends of parents a place in their children's lives. It is the role of culture to cultivate connections between the dependent and the dependable and to prevent attachment voids from occurring. Among the many reasons that culture is failing us, two bear mentioning. The first is the jarringly rapid rate of change in twentieth-century industrial societies. It requires time to develop customs and traditions that serve attachment needs, hundreds of years to create a working culture that serves a particular social and geographical environment. Our society has been changing much too rapidly for culture to evolve accordingly.

There is now more change in a decade than previously in a century. When circumstances change more quickly than our culture can adapt to, customs and traditions disintegrate. It is not surprising that today's culture is failing its traditional function of supporting adult-child attachments. Part of the rapid change has been the electronic transmission of culture, allowing commercially blended and packaged culture to be broadcast into our homes and into the very minds of our children. Instant culture has replaced what used to be passed down through custom and tradition and from one generation to another.

"Almost every day I find myself fighting the bubble-gum cul - Author: Gabor Mate
Biracial Families quotes by Gabor Mate
#9. Our view is that individuals and families can govern their lives better than bureaucrats. - Author: Rick Perry
Biracial Families quotes by Rick Perry
#10. He'd forgotten, in those long years in Bedlam, through fear and grief and pain, what it was like to simply be with a pretty woman. To tease and flirt and yes, perhaps steal a kiss. He didn't know how she felt about that kiss - or if she'd let him kiss her again, but he was certainly going to try. He had lost time to make up - much of life itself to live. He'd spent four years in limbo, simply existing, while others found lovers and friends, even started families. He wanted to live again. - Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
Biracial Families quotes by Elizabeth Hoyt
#11. The benefits cap is right in principle because people don't pay their taxes so that families who could work don't work. People pay their taxes so we support people who really need to be supported. - Author: David Cameron
Biracial Families quotes by David Cameron
#12. In vast stretches of the earth, men awoke today in hunger. They will spend the day in unceasing toil. And as the sun goes down they will still know hunger. They will see suffering in the eyes of their children. Many despair that their labor will ever decently shelter their families or protect them against disease. So long as this is so, peace and freedom will be in danger throughout our world. For wherever free men lose hope of progress, liberty will be weakened and the seeds of conflict will be sown. - Author: Dwight D. Eisenhower
Biracial Families quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
#13. I used to joke that we had prepared ourselves for a time like this by living with Mother. The problem with such a state of affairs was not that you did not get to do what you wanted
sometimes you did
but the effort to appease or resist the reigning deities left you so exhausted that it prevented you from ever really having fun. To this day having fun, just plain enjoying myself, comes at the cost of a conviction that I have committed an undetected crime. - Author: Azar Nafisi
Biracial Families quotes by Azar Nafisi
#14. The truth most families eventually discover is that no one can cure another person's addiction. Omly addicts can do that for themselves. - Author: Beverly Conyers
Biracial Families quotes by Beverly Conyers
#15. The American house has been TV-centered for three generations. It is the focus of family life, and the life of the house correspondingly turns inward, away from whatever corresponds beyond its four walls.At the same time, the television if the families chief connection to the world. The physical envelope of the house itself no longer connects their lives to the outside in any active way; rather it seals them from it.The outside world has become an abstraction filtered through television, just as the weather is an abstraction filtered through air conditioning. - Author: James Howard Kunstler
Biracial Families quotes by James Howard Kunstler
#16. Although this detail has no connection whatever with the real substance of what we are about to relate, it will not be superfluous, if merely for the sake of exactness in all points, to mention here the various rumors and remarks which had been in circulation about him from the very moment when he arrived in the diocese. True or false, that which is said of men often occupies as important a place in their lives, and above all in their destinies, as that which they do. M. Myriel was the son of a councillor of the Parliament of Aix; hence he belonged to the nobility of the bar. It was said that his father, destining him to be the heir of his own post, had married him at a very early age, eighteen or twenty, in accordance with a custom which is rather widely prevalent in parliamentary families. In spite of this marriage, however, it was said that Charles Myriel created a great deal of talk. He was well formed, though rather short in stature, elegant, graceful, intelligent; the whole of the first portion of his life had been devoted to the world and to gallantry. - Author: Victor Hugo
Biracial Families quotes by Victor Hugo
#17. The Montreux Palace Hotel was built in an age when it was thought that things would last. It is on the very shores of Switzerland's Lake Geneva, its balconies and iron railings look across the water, its yellow-ocher awnings are a touch of color in the winter light. It is like a great sanitarium or museum. There are Bechstein pianos in the public rooms, a private silver collection, a Salon de Bridge. This is the hotel where the novelist Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov and his wife, Véra, live. They have been here for 14 years. One imagines his large and brooding reflection in the polished glass of bookcases near the reception desk where there are bound volumes of the Illustrated London News from the year 1849 to 1887, copies of Great Expectations, The Chess Games of Greco and a book called Things Past, by the Duchess of Sermoneta.

Though old, the hotel is marvelously kept up and, in certain portions, even modernized. Its business now is mainly conventions and, in the summer, tours, but there is still a thin migration of old clients, ancient couples and remnants of families who ask for certain rooms when they come and sometimes certain maids. For Nabokov, a man who rode as a child on the great European express trains, who had private tutors, estates, and inherited millions which disappeared in the Russian revolution, this is a return to his sources. It is a place to retire to, with Visconti's Mahler and the long-dead figures of La Belle Epoque, Edward VII, d'Annunzi - Author: James Salter
Biracial Families quotes by James Salter
#18. This book is a compilation of the stories of eight gay and lesbian people that left straight marriages and came out as gay. Six of the eight have children. Each story is different. I wrote the book to help those people going through this difficult transition to help them realize they are not alone and that their lives will be much better once they are true to themselves and their families. - Author: Michael Testa
Biracial Families quotes by Michael Testa
#19. I had to help those families understand that the person they knew - the full, vital independent human - now lived only in the past and that I needed their input to understand what sort of future he or she would want: an easy death or to be strung between bags of fluids going in, others coming out, - Author: Paul Kalanithi
Biracial Families quotes by Paul Kalanithi
#20. For those parents from lower-class and minority communities[who] have had minimal experience in negotiating dominant, external institutions or have had negative and hostile contact with social service agencies, their initial approaches to the school are often overwhelming and difficult. Not only does the school feel like an alien environment with incomprehensible norms and structures, but the families often do not feel entitled to make demands or force disagreements. - Author: Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot
Biracial Families quotes by Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot
#21. In my opinion humanity is being prayed upon, I mean as a species. Not only by old satanic families like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, Collins, Dupont, Warner, Russell, the world's monarchies, the Vatican. But also prayed upon by these family's employees, by governments, by the military, by banking institutions, by academia. So who does that leave? That's all the people who aren't wealthy, aren't connected, aren't educated, who are easy to manipulate, are easy to persecute and who don't believe any of the issues which you cover on Red Ice. And that's a problem. And that breaks my heart. - Author: Sean Young
Biracial Families quotes by Sean Young
#22. Yet we don't have to fall into those failing responses. Instead, we can look to Scripture and the character of God for insights on living. In a conversation with Lee, he shared, "After many of the great movements of God, He asked His people to build a memorial so that they would remember what He had done. God created a system of spiritual ceremonies for His people to celebrate regularly as families to remember what He had done. When Jesus was on His way to the cross, He used the symbols of wine and bread to teach about what was going to happen to Him. Then He invited His followers to 'do this in remembrance of [Him]' as a ceremony to help them remember. - Author: Michelle Anthony
Biracial Families quotes by Michelle Anthony
#23. Happiness needs nothing but itself; it doesn't have to be validated. Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in it's own way. - Author: Herman Koch
Biracial Families quotes by Herman Koch
#24. The principal objective of American government at every level should be to
see that children are born into intact families and that they remain so. - Author: Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Biracial Families quotes by Daniel Patrick Moynihan
#25. In a vacuum all photons travel at the same speed. They slow down when travelling through air or water or glass. Photons of different energies are slowed down at different rates. If Tolstoy had known this, would he have recognised the terrible untruth at the beginning of Anna Karenina? 'All happy families are alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own particular way.' In fact it's the other way around. Happiness is a specific. Misery is a generalisation. People usually know exactly why they are happy. They very rarely know why they are miserable. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
Biracial Families quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#26. We have a duty to ensure that patients don't have to worry whether they'll be dropped from their coverage if they get sick. Small business owners shouldn't have to break the bank to provide coverage to their employees. And families should not be forced into bankruptcy because of a medical crisis. - Author: Jeff Merkley
Biracial Families quotes by Jeff Merkley
#27. Thank you for the sacrifices you and your families are making. Our Vietnam Veterans have taught us that no matter what are positions may be on policy, as Americans and patriots, we must support all of our soldiers with our thoughts and our prayers. - Author: Zack Wamp
Biracial Families quotes by Zack Wamp
#28. No elderly person should be like an "exile" in our families. The elderly are a treasure for our society. - Author: Pope Francis
Biracial Families quotes by Pope Francis
#29. The importance of heart health became very real for me when my father died of heart disease seven years ago. Having experienced the loss first hand, I am inspired to do everything I can to break the cycle and prevent families from losing loved ones to this preventable disease. - Author: Monica Potter
Biracial Families quotes by Monica Potter
#30. I've known white Australian girls from wealthy families who were sent to posh private schools, who knew all of that stuff, and I think would recognise much in Jefferson's book. What I related to most strongly was the sexism and misogyny Margo Jefferson had to battle. - Author: Justine Larbalestier
Biracial Families quotes by Justine Larbalestier
#31. Couples without kids have each other, their friends, families, and Siri to talk to. It's not like they're quarantining themselves in an underground bunker, never to take a romantic stroll on the beach or attend a Morrissey concert ever again. They're just using birth control. - Author: Jen Kirkman
Biracial Families quotes by Jen Kirkman
#32. The children themselves, before they get access to a car, are captives of their suburb, save for those families where the housewives surrender continuity in their own lives to chauffeur their children to lessons, doctors, and other services that could be reached via public transport in the city. - Author: David Riesman
Biracial Families quotes by David Riesman
#33. We certainly could have voted on making the middle-class tax cuts and tax cuts for working families permanent had the Republicans not insisted that the only way they would support those tax breaks is if we also added $700 billion to the deficit to give tax breaks to the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans. That's what was really disturbing. - Author: Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Biracial Families quotes by Debbie Wasserman Schultz
#34. Trusting each other is the beginning of a certain secular faith, a faith that allows us to live in families and communities and nations. Democracy, above all other forms of government, requires this faith ... - Author: Sue Halpern
Biracial Families quotes by Sue Halpern
#35. Rich and great people can take care of themselves; but the poor and defenceless the men with small cottages and large families the men who must work six days every week if they are to live in anything like comfort for a week, these men want defenders; they want men to maintain their position in Parliament; they want men who will protest against any infringement of their rights. - Author: John Bright
Biracial Families quotes by John Bright
#36. Marriage is one of the most important institutions we have, it binds society and families together, it is a building block that promotes stability. This bill supports and cultivates marriage. - Author: Maria Miller
Biracial Families quotes by Maria Miller
#37. Between 10 and 20 percent of people with anorexia die from heart attacks, other complications and suicide; the disease has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. Or Kitty could have lost her life in a different way, lost it to the roller coaster of relapse and recovery, inpatient and outpatient, that eats up, on average, five to seven years. Or a lifetime: only half of all anorexics recovery in the end. The other half endure lives of dysfunction and despair. Friends and families give up on them. Doctors dread treating them. They're left to stand in the bakery with the voice ringing in their ears, alone in every way that matters. - Author: Harriet Brown
Biracial Families quotes by Harriet Brown
#38. Legislators have almost always been ignorant of the object of society, which is to unite families by a common interest. - Author: Frederic Bastiat
Biracial Families quotes by Frederic Bastiat
#39. America - where we hate our
fathers, love our mothers, and
everyone is hung up on trying
to be a man - Author: Phil Volatile
Biracial Families quotes by Phil Volatile
#40. Many of us from dysfunctional families are struggling. We need more help, it takes a village and we're trying to find ours. We are looking to family and possibly some friends who are still displaying destructive patterns of behavior that we don't want passed on to our children.
How do we break the cycle?
It starts with us, we have to create new circles and change the people we surround ourselves with.
It's not easy letting go but necessary for our personal growth and well being, as well as generations to come. Our children will embrace what we accept as the norm because they are looking
to us for guidance and direction. We set the tone for what's okay acceptable and unacceptable.
We are the leaders and they will follow suit. - Author: Tanesia Harris
Biracial Families quotes by Tanesia Harris
#41. When we're children we grow up not just within homes, not just within families and communities, but within ecologies, too - encircled by clouds of birds, sharing the air with insects and pollen, our paths crisscrossing those of hedgehogs and mice; our lives are shaped and tempered by these living worlds, these embracing atmospheres into which each of us is born. - Author: Richard Smyth
Biracial Families quotes by Richard Smyth
#42. Adults who were hurt as children inevitably exhibit a peculiar strength, a profound inner wisdom, and a remarkable creativity and insight. Deep within them - just beneath the wound - lies a profound spiritual vitality, a quiet knowing, a way of perceiving what is beautiful, right, and true. Since their early experiences were so dark and painful, they have spent much of their lives in search of the gentleness, love, and peace they have only imagined in the privacy of their own hearts. - Author: Wayne Muller
Biracial Families quotes by Wayne Muller
#43. In the Netherlands, the government health plan provides for a specially trained nurse/lactation expert to help each new baby's parents in their home for a full ten days following each birth (with a small co-payment). Hired for three, five, or eight hours according to individual families' needs, this maternity nurse serves the new parents breakfast in bed, feeds any older children their breakfast, walks the dog, helps the new mother with breastfeeding if necessary, cleans the house, and notifies the midwife if the mother or baby should need medical attention for any reason. The Dutch consider the care provided each family by the maternity nurse to be an investment in good health, which benefits the entire society because it so effectively reduces the number of illnesses mothers and babies experience during the first year of the baby's life and thus saves money - Author: Ina May Gaskin
Biracial Families quotes by Ina May Gaskin
#44. In the Latina/o culture, blessing is a big deal. Growing up, I was brought up to see the blessings that surrounded me and my family. As a child, after I'd said my prayers, my mom would send me to bed with a blessing for a good night's rest. Whenever I would leave my abuelita's (grandmother's) house, she would tell me, "Dios te bendiga, mijito" ("God bless you, my little one"). In my family and in many Latina/o households, the women are the vessels of God's blessing, and thus bestowers and distributors of this blessing to their families. To this day, even though I am grown and have two children of my own, whenever I travel somewhere distant or am undertaking a major project, my mother will sit me down, lay hands on me, and say a prayer of blessing. - Author: Francisco J. Garcia Jr.
Biracial Families quotes by Francisco J. Garcia Jr.
#45. Some families, Katie told us, are devil-haunted; it's a curse a family can never shake off. Maybe it's something terrible in the family history, some terrible deed that was done in the past, and it just spreads and it spreads down the generations like a shout down a tunnel that echoes and echoes and never really stops. - Author: Seamus Deane
Biracial Families quotes by Seamus Deane

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