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#1. Between September and November 2013, for example, the military received EGP 7 billion worth of government contracts, including a 2.2 billion contract to implement the government's investment plan in the Sinai region (Soliman, 2013). - Author: Maha Abdelrahman
Billion And Armitage quotes by Maha Abdelrahman
#2. We came from a mystery and it's to a mystery we go Maybe there's something there, but I'm betting it's not God as any church understands Him. Look at the babble of conflicting beliefs and you'll know that. They cancel each other out and leave nothing. If you want truth, a power greater than yourselves, look to the lightning - a billion volts in each strike, and a hundred thousand amperes of current, and temperatures of fifty thousand degrees Fahrenheit. There's a higher power in that, I grant you. But here in this building? No. Believe what you want, but I tell you this: behind Saint Paul's darkened glass, there is nothing but a lie. - Author: Stephen King
Billion And Armitage quotes by Stephen King
#3. I know one thing: There are a billion Islamic people in the world today, and there will be about 2 billion by the time we're dead. They're not going to give up their religion. - Author: Chris Matthews
Billion And Armitage quotes by Chris Matthews
#4. Given that there are seven billion people living on this earth, there is a consistent quantity of imbecile or idiot, okay. Previously, these people could express themselves only with their friends or at the bar after two or three glasses of something, and they said every silliness, and people laughed. Now they have the possibility to show up on the internet. And so, on the internet, along with the messages of a lot of interesting and important people - even the Pope is writing on Twitter - we have a great quantity of idiots. - Author: Umberto Eco
Billion And Armitage quotes by Umberto Eco
#5. I can communicate in 6,909 living and dead languages. I can have more than fifteen billion simultaneous conversations, and be fully engaged in every single one. I can be eloquent, and charming, funny, and endearing, speaking the words you most need to hear, at the exact moment you need to hear them.
Yet even so, there are unthinkable moments where I can find no words, in any language, living or dead.
And in those moments, if I had a mouth, I might open it to scream. - Author: Neal Shusterman
Billion And Armitage quotes by Neal Shusterman
#6. Something under $50 billion for the cost. How much of that would be the U.S. burden, and how much would be other countries, is an open question. - Author: Donald Rumsfeld
Billion And Armitage quotes by Donald Rumsfeld
#7. The owners and top managers of most news media organizations tend to be conservative and Republican. This is hardly surprising. The shareholders and executives of multi-billion-dollar corporations are not very interested in undermining the free enterprise system, for example, income from offended advertisers. These owners and managers ultimately decide which reporters, newscasters, and editors to hire or fire, promote or discourage. Journalists who want to get a head, therefore, may have to come to terms with the policies of the people who own and run media businesses. - Author: Edward S. Greenberg
Billion And Armitage quotes by Edward S. Greenberg
#8. Today, National Geographic has a membership side with a magazine and some television side, and they generate about a billion dollars in revenue, and they're profitable. And so at the end of the year they have some bottom line profit which they can then reinvest, because they're running it as a not-for-profit in charitable endeavors. - Author: Steve Case
Billion And Armitage quotes by Steve Case
#9. Helping a billion people connect is amazing, humbling and by far the thing I am most proud of in my life. - Author: Mark Zuckerberg
Billion And Armitage quotes by Mark Zuckerberg
#10. Everybody has a favorite color. What color makes you feel good when you see it? What color makes things better?"

He put his hands around her face and regarded her steadily, deeply. His thumbs traced the tops of her cheekbones. "Blue. Blue is my favorite color."

"Like sky blue, or navy blue, or - "

"Like your eyes."

Show wasn't a sweet talker or a romantic. He was just…true. Real. Direct. And it made the times he said amazingly sweet, romantic things like that a billion times more amazing, because he simply meant what he said. - Author: Susan Fanetti
Billion And Armitage quotes by Susan Fanetti
#11. As I looked at material and spiritual poverty in the world around me, including approximately 2 billion people who haven't even heard the gospel, I knew that I needed to make some major changes in my life. - Author: David Platt
Billion And Armitage quotes by David Platt
#12. Over two billion people in China and India need commodities to grow their economies and improve their living standards. - Author: Ivan Glasenberg
Billion And Armitage quotes by Ivan Glasenberg
#13. As if hypnotized, he felt his gaze rise again to the old highway which swept by with winds that smelled a billion years ago. Great bursts of headlight arrived, then cut away in departures of red taillight, like schools of small bright fish darting in the wake of sharks and blind-traveling whales. The lights sank away and were lost in the black hills. Charlie - Author: Ray Bradbury
Billion And Armitage quotes by Ray Bradbury
#14. I'm not interested in building wealth, which is kind of naive and probably frowned on, living in America. It's something that people don't necessarily understand, but if I die poor, I die poor. - Author: Richard C. Armitage
Billion And Armitage quotes by Richard C. Armitage
#15. It's tax day and while many Americans are filing their taxes with a groan, taxpayers in the Badger State have reason to cheer. In Wisconsin, we have enacted more than $2 billion in tax cuts, giving our citizens much-needed relief, call us crazy Midwesterners but we think you know how to spend your money better than the government. - Author: Marco Rubio
Billion And Armitage quotes by Marco Rubio
#16. The population of the world in 1950 was 2.5 billion, which is about two and a half times the population in 1800, four and a half times that in 1600, seven times that in 1300, and fifteen times that of 1 CE. So the death count of a war in 1600, for instance, would have to be multiplied by 4.5 for us to compare its destructiveness to those in the middle of the 20th century.9 - Author: Steven Pinker
Billion And Armitage quotes by Steven Pinker
#17. In the '80s, I thought I'd be a success as a woman if I were the president of a billion dollar company, had a sensitive soul-mate husband, two bilingual children, buns of steels, and a compost heap. In the '90s, I pretty much feel I'm a success if I can get through the afternoon without eating a cheesecake. - Author: Cathy Guisewite
Billion And Armitage quotes by Cathy Guisewite
#18. As I've traveled around the country, it has surprised me how many times I've heard people in small businesses use that word 'saved.' I believe many small businesses would not have had access to credit and would not have survived without the $50 billion that we were able to put into the market. - Author: Karen Mills
Billion And Armitage quotes by Karen Mills
#19. Every year, employees' theft and fraud at the workplace are estimated at about $600 billion. - Author: Dan Ariely
Billion And Armitage quotes by Dan Ariely
#20. There is good evidence that last year's European heat wave was influenced by global warming. It resulted in 26,000 premature deaths and cost $13.5 billion. - Author: Tony Blair
Billion And Armitage quotes by Tony Blair
#21. Scientists constantly get clobbered with the idea that we spent 27 billion dollars on the Apollo programs, and are asked "What more do you want?" We didn't spend it; it was done for political reasons ... Apollo was a response to the Bay of Pigs fiasco and to the successful orbital flight of Yuri Gagarin. President Kennedy's objective was not to find out the origin of the moon by the end of the decade; rather it was to put a man on the moon and bring him back, and we did that. - Author: Carl Sagan
Billion And Armitage quotes by Carl Sagan
#22. The scientific creation story has majesty, power and beauty. and is infused with a powerful message capable of lifting our spirits in a way that its multitudinous supernatural counterparts are incapable of matching. It teaches us that we are the products of 13.7 billion years of cosmic evolution and the mechanism by which meaning entered the universe, if only for a fleeting moment in time. Because the universe means something to me, and the fact that we are all agglomerations of quarks and electrons in a complex and fragile pattern that can perceive the beauty of the universe with visceral wonder, is, I think, a thought worth raising a glass to this Christmas. - Author: Brian Cox
Billion And Armitage quotes by Brian Cox
#23. Today there are more than three billion people around the world who lack access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation systems. In absolute numbers, we have gone backward as a species. - Author: Steven Johnson
Billion And Armitage quotes by Steven Johnson
#24. The two most important days if your life are the day you are born ... and the day you find out why having multiple screens for your computer is so awesome because now reports and grants are like a billion times easier! - Author: Mark Twain
Billion And Armitage quotes by Mark Twain
#25. A great deal of the wealth at the top is built on the low-wage labor of the poor. Take Wal-Mart, our largest private employer and premiere exploiter of the working class ... You think it's a coincidence that this union-busting low-wage retail empire happens to have generated a $65 billion family fortune? - Author: Barbara Ehrenreich
Billion And Armitage quotes by Barbara Ehrenreich
#26. What really reinvigorated vaccines was Prevnar, the pneumococcal vaccine that prevents against meningitis and ear infections. Here was the first vaccine to cross the billion-dollar mark. - Author: Paul A. Offit
Billion And Armitage quotes by Paul A. Offit
#27. Modern life is one sweeping, cradle-to-grave invasion of privacy. An encroachment on our ever-narrowing space. Our footprints in the sand are a billion bytes on a thousand hard drives. Fodder for the snoop and the historian alike. - Author: Paul Levine
Billion And Armitage quotes by Paul Levine
#28. And let us not forget the Social Security system. Recent studies show that undocumented workers sustain the Social Security system with a subsidy as much as $7 billion a year. Let me repeat that: $7 billion a year. - Author: Luis Gutierrez
Billion And Armitage quotes by Luis Gutierrez
#29. Tell a man that there are 400 billion stars and he'll believe you. Tell him a bench has wet paint and he has to touch it. - Author: Steven Wright
Billion And Armitage quotes by Steven Wright
#30. There's a book out called 'How Money Walks' written by Travis Brown. He's followed annual adjusted gross income from 1992 to 2011. Approximately $100 billion has moved to Florida from all over the country. Number two is Arizona. Where does it come from? It's come from New York; it's come from New Jersey; and it's come from California. - Author: Rick Scott
Billion And Armitage quotes by Rick Scott
#31. During the fiscal year ending in 1861, expenses of the federal government had been $67 million. After the first year of armed conflict they were $475 million and, by 1865, had risen to one billion, three-hundred million dollars. On the income side of the ledger, taxes covered only about eleven per cent of that figure. By the end of the war, the deficit had risen to $2.61 billion. That money had to come from somewhere. - Author: G. Edward Griffin
Billion And Armitage quotes by G. Edward Griffin
#32. We have reached a new milestone as a human family. With seven billion of us now inhabiting our planet, it is time to ask some fundamental questions. How can we provide a dignified life for ourselves and future generations while preserving and protecting the global commons - the atmosphere, the oceans and the ecosystems that support us? - Author: Ban Ki-moon
Billion And Armitage quotes by Ban Ki-moon
#33. Language is a piss poor attempt at telepathy is what it is. We try to put our thoughts into each other's heads through language ... But half the intended meaning gets lost in the transmission, and the other half is filtered through existing assumptions. Everything is a half truth!
That's the whole problem! You can't understand me through the smog of your presumptions and prejudices. Multiply that six billion times and you'll begin to understand the desperation of our global situation - Author: Tony Vigorito
Billion And Armitage quotes by Tony Vigorito

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