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#1. Sully's, on South Prospect, was the quintessential biker-bar, complete with hefty, leather-clad Harley worshippers, and stringy-haired heroin-addicted women who made the rounds among the bikers. Its décor was decidedly Medieval Garage Sale, with a dose of Americana thrown in. An old motorcycle carcass dangled from the vaulted section of the beamed ceiling, and the wood plank floors were littered with butts, scarred by bottle caps and splattered with homogenized bodily fluids. The only light to be had was from neon, dying sconces, and lit cigarettes. Various medieval swords perched on each wall, reminiscent of the times of Beowulf and Fire Dragons on the Barrow. - Author: Kelli Jae Baeli
Biker Bar quotes by Kelli Jae Baeli
#2. Canada is like a nice family living over a biker bar ... They keep telling the downstairs neighbors to keep down the noise, people are trying to sleep. - Author: Dustin Hoffman
Biker Bar quotes by Dustin Hoffman
#3. Nick was dressed in jeans, a dark green sweater, and bomber jacket–the perfect image of a rich college student. Talon looked like a biker who had just left Sanctuary, New Orleans's premier biker bar. Acheron looked like a refugee from the Dungeon–the local underground goth hangout. Valerius was the professional contingent, and Zarek…Zarek just looked like he was ready to kill something.' (Talon) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Biker Bar quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#4. My wife, Sue, and I once set off on a 3000-mile journey from California to New York. We drove a black Chevy Suburban, the type they call SUVs nowadays. When we could afford to we stayed in shitty little motels just off the road, with biker bars next door and ladies of the night on the corner. I remember one motel where we didn't dare walk on the carpet barefoot, putting on our shoes to walk from the bed to the bathroom, but mostly we pulled off at rest stops and slept in the car between the big trailers where no one could see us. - Author: Karl Wiggins
Biker Bar quotes by Karl Wiggins
#5. This was all moving at the speed of light. I felt like I'd just won the emotional lottery. How could getting knocked out at a biker bar equate to getting everything you'd always wanted? - Author: Anne Malcom
Biker Bar quotes by Anne Malcom
#6. Work saved me. Literature saved me. It sounds corny but it's absolutely true. I was going in the wrong direction, but after the 9,000th night at the bar doing dope with a bunch of Dead Heads, I began to think there was something more. - Author: T.C. Boyle
Biker Bar quotes by T.C. Boyle
#7. What will die with me the day I die? What pathetic or frail image will be lost to the world? The voice of Macedonio Fernandez, the image of a bay horse in a vacant lot on the corner of Sarrano and Charcas, a bar of sulfur in the drawer of a mahogany desk? - Author: Jorge Luis Borges
Biker Bar quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
#8. My question was:How did I go from merely seeing the dirty French Santa in a bar to being in his hotel room the next morning? And this presented me with an actual equation. How did one plus one equal old French Santa? - Author: Augusten Burroughs
Biker Bar quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#9. I sang to her. I sang every lullaby I could think of, and then I just started singing her Toby Keith songs. I think she really likes 'I Love This Bar.' - Author: Abbi Glines
Biker Bar quotes by Abbi Glines
#10. We're all turkeys! Some of us are running around with our heads cut off, some of us are flapping our wings that hard we're close to flying. But nothing is an eagle bar God ... - Author: Phil Collins
Biker Bar quotes by Phil Collins
#11. I saw the most frightening, most depressing sight I had ever seen - a row of stores with Stars of David and the word 'Jude' painted on them, and inside, behind half-empty counters, people in a daze, cringing like they didn't know what hit them and didn't know where the next blow would come from. Hitler had been in power only six months, and his boycott was already in full effect. I hadn't been so wholly conscious of being a Jew since my bar mitzvah, and it was the first time since I'd had the measles that I was too sick to eat. - Author: Harpo Marx
Biker Bar quotes by Harpo Marx
#12. I don't think I'll get married again. I'm not looking for it. What I can say about my divorce and my failed engagement is that I learned where my bar is. - Author: Jill Scott
Biker Bar quotes by Jill Scott
#13. I met my girlfriend at a bar. But I broke up with her because she was already there, hitting on another guy. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Biker Bar quotes by Jarod Kintz
#14. Woss the matter with you?" asked Big Ted, irritably. "Go on. Press 'D.' Elvis Presley died in 1976."
I DON'T CARE WHAT IT SAYS, said the tall biker in the helmet, I NEVER LAID A FINGER ON HIM. - Author: Terry Pratchett
Biker Bar quotes by Terry Pratchett
#15. To hang out in a gay bar or put on a sequined halter top makes me feel like a total person. - Author: Dennis Rodman
Biker Bar quotes by Dennis Rodman
#16. Sugar, what the fuck did I say about games? I don't fuckin' play them. You ain't gonna make a scene about somethin' you don't know. Get out to my bike, shut your mouth and we'll talk."
"I hate you when you're bossy," I say, before spinning on my heel.
"You fuckin' love me, you moody little shit. - Author: Bella Jewel
Biker Bar quotes by Bella Jewel
#17. Sera loaded the new ammunition and held up the gun. "I bet I can hit closer to the bulls-eye than you can."
Her victory came to him on a flash, right down to the cute little dance he was sure was last popular in the nineties. "Sucker bet, sunshine. Never wager with a precog."
"So cheat." She grinned. "You haven't even hear the terms yet. If you win, I'll let you buy me a pretty dress and take me out for a fancy dinner."
"And if I lose?"
"I get a cheap bar, beer, and hot wings, and dirty sex in the bathroom."
Julio cleared his throat, took the gun from her and winked. "Like I said, sucker bet."
"Uh-huh." As she stepped behind him, she trailed her fingers up his arm. "I'm bad news, mister. I hope you can handle me."
"I'll try." He lined up a shot, squeezed the trigger and snorted when the bullet went wide. "I told you I suck at this."
She laughed and retrieved the gun to line up her shot with adorable concentration that furrowed her brows. Her shot wasn't perfect, but it winged the target, and her victory dance was just as cute as it had been in his vision. - Author: Moira Rogers
Biker Bar quotes by Moira Rogers
#18. I first did standup at a lesbian bar. I didn't know it was a lesbian bar at the time, but the lesbians loved me. I was huge among the lesbians and am to this day. I'm thrilled with the lesbian support. - Author: Seth Rogen
Biker Bar quotes by Seth Rogen
#19. When I said I wasn't with another girl

the January after we fell in love for the 3rd time,
it's because it wasn't actual sex.
In the February that began our radio silence,
it was actual sex. I hate the tight shirts
that go below your waistline.
Not only do they make you look too young,
but then your torso is a giraffe's neck attached to tiny legs.
I screamed at myself in the subway
for writing poems about you still.
I made a scene. I think about you almost
each morning, and roughly every five days, I still
believe you're there.
I still masturbate to you.
When we got really bad,
I would put another coat of mop water on the floor of the bar
to make sure you were asleep when I got to my side of the bed.
You are the only person to whom I've lied, knowing
I was telling the truth. I miss the way your neck
wraps around my face like a cave we are both lost in.
I remember when you said being with me
is like being alone with company.
My friend Sarah wrote a poem about pink ponies.
I'm scared you're my pink pony.
Hers is dead. It is really sad. You're not dead.
You live in Ohio, or Washington, or Wherever.
You are a shadow my body leaves on other girls.
I have a growing queue of things I know
will make you laugh and I don't know where to put them.
I mourn like you're dead. If you had asked me to stay,
I would not have said no.
I - Author: Jon Sands
Biker Bar quotes by Jon Sands
#20. Another time, I was at the bar getting a drink and this geezer is stood at the bar with a ciggie in his mouth, trying his best to look rock hard. He takes a drag and points his finger in my face and drawls, 'Don't I know you?'
He was looking snake-eyed at me like a typical big screen gangster.
I stood in front of him and drawled back, 'I don't know, but they call me Richy Horsley,' and then bang, I batter him with a left hook that landed with a strange dull thud. Mr Movie Gangster was stood there leaning against the bar and staring out in to space, knocked out standing up. - Author: Stephen Richards
Biker Bar quotes by Stephen Richards
#21. He'd been drinking in a bar downtown, when he thought he heard a choir of angels singing in the Tiki Lounge. And that's when he got religion. - Author: Elton John
Biker Bar quotes by Elton John
#22. I wanted to be self-sufficient, I wanted to take care of myself, and I wanted to learn. I wanted to travel, I wanted to see the world and have my eyes opened. I wanted to be consistently challenged, and I knew I needed to be creative in some way. When I got my job in a bar and I could pay for my tuition and go on auditions and sometimes get jobs that I loved and pay my rent, I knew that I would be all right. That's when my dreams came true, long before the telephone rang and someone said, 'Come and meet Tom Cruise'. - Author: Renee Zellweger
Biker Bar quotes by Renee Zellweger
#23. An arm bar in a vacuum is worthless. It is the realization of the truths which constitute that arm bar that is the real treasure we seek. - Author: Chris Matakas
Biker Bar quotes by Chris Matakas
#24. Baby girl, five minutes alone with me and you're gonna be begging me to taste your pie. - Author: Carmen Jenner
Biker Bar quotes by Carmen Jenner
#25. Meanwhile after failing the bar twice, I knew some people in New York and moved here in August '71. - Author: Robert Quine
Biker Bar quotes by Robert Quine
#26. I've been focusing on my career. I've had no time. That's why I wanted to go out this weekend. I've been storing that shit up like a sexual camel. At this point I'd probably just walk into the bar, blow my load all over the room like a fire hose, and walk out. - Author: Darien Cox
Biker Bar quotes by Darien Cox
#27. Records subpoenaed from the state Liquor Authority proved that the bar was owned by someone else, not by the witness who had testified to be the owner. The real owner testified that he had closed the bar before the alleged kidnapping, that he had visited it every day during the period of time it has hosted the "kidnapping," and had locked the door as he left and had given no one permission to use it. The bar had been closed for one year before the alleged crime. The irrefutable and obvious conclusion was that, in fact, there was no bar, no "scene" of the alleged crime, and, therefore, no crime. - Author: Assata Shakur
Biker Bar quotes by Assata Shakur
#28. It was a small triumph, but it was just about the only one I got for the rest of the week. As I trudged through my daily routine, Robert trudged along with me. He did not really get directly in my way too often, but every time I turned around he was there, a frown of concentration on his face, and usually some kind of inane question: Why did I do that? Why was it important to do that? Did I do that often? How many killers had I caught by doing that? Were they serial killers? Were there a lot of serial killers in Miami? A lot of the time the questions were completely unrelated to whatever I was doing, which made the whole thing seem even more pointlessly annoying. I could understand that it was a little hard for someone like him to frame intelligent questions about gas chromatography, but then, why watch me do it in the first place? Why couldn't he just go sit in a sports bar and text me his questions while he sipped a beer and watched a ball game? - Author: Jeff Lindsay
Biker Bar quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#29. I have an affinity for the old Seattle coffee shops, places like the Green Onion and the Copper Kettle, the classic kind of coffee bar - little places that served breakfast, lunch and dinner and have pretty much disappeared. - Author: Tom Douglas
Biker Bar quotes by Tom Douglas
#30. In my defense, I was young and there was an open bar. - Author: Jonathan Tropper
Biker Bar quotes by Jonathan Tropper
#31. I grew up in the middle of a block where there was an Irish grocery store on one corner, an Italian bar on another corner and the Nazi Party was on the third corner. - Author: Andrew Young
Biker Bar quotes by Andrew Young
#32. Rockwood didn't have a movie theater or an IHOP or a strip mall. But it did have two churches, a ramshackle bar, and last (but certainly not least) Wacky Willie's Deluxe Goofy Golf, a barren landscape of wilted ferns and plastic flamingos with peeling paint. Wacky Willie had added the 'Deluxe' when finally ridding the thirteenth hole windmill of a stubborn family of bats after a great and terrible struggle that would forever be known as 'The Fearsome Bat War of Rockwood County' by Willie, but was usually referred to as 'That Time Willie Had to Get Rabies Shots' by everyone else. - Author: A. Lee Martinez
Biker Bar quotes by A. Lee Martinez
#33. Feminity for me was discovering you when I took you for a ride on my Bajaj discover! - Author: Avijeet Das
Biker Bar quotes by Avijeet Das
#34. If I were to listen to people all the time when they say, 'Hey, this is a really high challenge, this is a high climb, the bar is pretty steep,' then I wouldn't have gone to the academy. I wouldn't have become an aircraft carrier pilot. I wouldn't have become a Navy SEAL for sure. And I probably wouldn't have applied to Harvard. - Author: Gabriel E. Gomez
Biker Bar quotes by Gabriel E. Gomez
#35. No matter what roller coaster ride we're on, the safety bar of God's character keeps us secure. Grab hold and don't let go. - Author: Denise K. Loock
Biker Bar quotes by Denise K. Loock
#36. But I love to drink. I can't help it. I mean, I love it Bryson-love the taste, love that buzz you get when you've had a couple, love the smell and feel of the taverns. I miss dirty jokes and the click of pool balls in the background, and that kind of bluish, under lit glow of a bar at night. - Author: Bill Bryson
Biker Bar quotes by Bill Bryson
#37. A single raised eyebrow. "You've defected, sweetheart. No use worrying about the big, bad wolf now."
She was aware of Judd speaking, but her attention never shifted off the man who was a predator, for all that he wore human skin. When he peeled open and held out a bar of some kind, she took it, aware low energy levels could be dangerous when it came to her ability to keep a handle on the cold fire.
"Thank you."
A faint smile, a strange amusement in those icy eyes. "You're welcome."
It was the most polite interaction they'd ever had. - Author: Nalini Singh
Biker Bar quotes by Nalini Singh
#38. Harvey and I sit in the bars... have a drink or two... play the juke box. And soon the faces of all the other people they turn toward mine and they smile. And they're saying, "We don't know your name, mister, but you're a very nice fella." Harvey and I warm ourselves in all these golden moments. We've entered as strangers - soon we have friends. And they come over... and they sit with us... and they drink with us... and they talk to us. They tell about the big terrible things they've done and the big wonderful things they'll do. Their hopes, and their regrets, and their loves, and their hates. All very large, because nobody ever brings anything small into a bar. And then I introduce them to Harvey... and he's bigger and grander than anything they offer me. And when they leave, they leave impressed. The same people seldom come back; but that's envy, my dear. There's a little bit of envy in the best of us. - Author: Elwood P. Dowd
Biker Bar quotes by Elwood P. Dowd
#39. Just before our love got lost you said
"I am as constant as a northern star"
And I said, constantly in the darkness,
Where's that at?
If you want me I'll be in the bar. - Author: Joni Mitchell
Biker Bar quotes by Joni Mitchell
#40. There are so many little places I want to play, sometimes weird places I think would be fun to play ... a bar that's half full. - Author: Julian Casablancas
Biker Bar quotes by Julian Casablancas
#41. The bench press per se is not a risky exercise. When done right, it can help improve upper body strength and size. It's only when form takes a back seat to numbers and when it's grossly overtrained that problems result. Injuries occur in the shoulders and elbows when the bench press is overtrained, poor technique is used, such as rebounding the bar off the chest and bridging, no other exercises for the upper body are included in the program, and there are no core exercises done for the upper back. Quite often, it's a combination all these factors. - Author: Bill Starr
Biker Bar quotes by Bill Starr
#42. I want it absolutely clear when I stand before the judgement bar of God that I declared to the world, in the most straightforward language I could summon, that the Book of Mormon is true. - Author: Jeffrey R. Holland
Biker Bar quotes by Jeffrey R. Holland
#43. I'm going to get something from the salad bar. Do you want a Frosty from Wendy's, Alex? - Author: Bryan Norford
Biker Bar quotes by Bryan Norford
#44. But reductionism is not the right viewpoint for everything, and it certainly won't explain the relationship between the brain and the mind. This is because of a feature known as emergence. When you put together large numbers of pieces and parts, the whole can become something greater than the sum. None of the individual metal hunks of an airplane have the property of flight, but when they are attached together in the right way, the result takes to the air. A thin metal bar won't do you much good if you're trying to control a jaguar, but several of them in parallel have the property of containment. The concept of emergent properties means that something new can be introduced that is not inherent in any of the parts. - Author: David Eagleman
Biker Bar quotes by David Eagleman
#45. The bar exam's a mother. I mean, for me it was. I failed it the first two times, but I guess it's like losing your virginity, third time's the charm. - Author: Jimmy McGill
Biker Bar quotes by Jimmy McGill
#46. Be certain that you easily clear the minimum standards for service as a missionary and that you are continually raising the bar. - Author: L. Tom Perry
Biker Bar quotes by L. Tom Perry
#47. From the end of the bar, the bartender threw a sidelong look at him, so Clarence pulled out a broken Bluetooth headset and fixed it to his ear.
"I learned this trick while traveling with Mikey," Clarence told Nick. "Makes my brand of crazy the same as everyone else's. - Author: Neal Shusterman
Biker Bar quotes by Neal Shusterman
#48. I stopped going to therapy
because I knew my therapist was right
and I wanted to keep being wrong.
I wanted to keep my bad habits
like charms on a bracelet.
I did not want to be brave.
I think I like my brain best
in a bar fight with my heart.
I think I like myself a little broken.
I'm ok if that makes me less loved.
I like poetry better than therapy anyway.
The poems never judge me
for healing wrong. - Author: Clementine Von Radics
Biker Bar quotes by Clementine Von Radics
#49. But they also awarded a quite respectable 55th place to Enoch Powell, thereby demonstrating that, for certain sections of the population, being an unpleasant racist constitutes no bar to greatness. - Author: Marc Morris
Biker Bar quotes by Marc Morris

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