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#1. If you think about America, it is about getting your backpack on and heading out. - Author: Nick Frost
Beyle Backpack quotes by Nick Frost
#2. If I find out you laid a hand on my daughter
"What?" said Gabriel. "You'll stand here and bitch about it?"
"Stop it!" cried Layne, dragging his coat and backpack from the kitchen. Her dad took a step forward.
"I'll have you arrested and charged with trespassing and statutory rape."
"Then I'm going to need another fifteen minutes. - Author: Brigid Kemmerer
Beyle Backpack quotes by Brigid Kemmerer
#3. We're trapped in the mountains with no camping supplies - "
Aiden reached into his backpack and pulled out a coin. He flipped it onto the ground, and three tents sprouted up immediately.
Brynne scowled. "Okay, well, definitely no food - "
Aiden dug out five protein bars and tossed them in front of the tents.
Rudy stared at him. "Dude, what is in that bag?"
"Precautionary stuff," said Aiden simply. - Author: Roshani Chokshi
Beyle Backpack quotes by Roshani Chokshi
#4. Go ahead, throw this book away. Spit on me. Revile me. I dare you. Cast me out of your intellectual orbit. Throw me out of your backpack. Pitch me in the airport trash bin. Leave me on a bench in Central Park!
What do I care?
No. I don't want you to do all that. Don't do that.
DON'T DO IT! - Author: Anne Rice
Beyle Backpack quotes by Anne Rice
#5. Where's your boyfriend, District 12? Still hanging on?" She asks.
Well, as long as we're talking I'm alive. "He's out there now. Hunting Cato," I snarl at her. Then I scream at the top of my lungs. "Peeta!"
Clove jams her fist into my windpipe, very effectively cutting off my voice. But her head's whipping from side to side, and I know for a moment she's at least considering I'm telling the truth. Since no Peeta appears to save me, she turns back to me.
"Liar," she says with a grin. "He's nearly dead. Cato knows where he cut him. You've probably got him strapped up in some tree while you try to keep his heart going. What's in the pretty little backpack? That medicine for Lover Boy? Too bad he'll never get it. - Author: Suzanne Collins
Beyle Backpack quotes by Suzanne Collins
#6. It takes me nearly a half hour to make what should be a ten-minute trip, and by the time I pull up in front of my house, my hands are cramped from my death grip on the steering wheel.
It's not until I step out of the car, my legs feeling like they're made of Jell-O, that I notice Ryder's Durango parked in front of me.
"Where the hell have you been?" he calls out from the front porch, just as I make a mad dash to join him there. His face is red, his brow furrowed over stormy eyes. "They let us out an hour ago!"
I am really not in the mood for his crap. "Yeah, so?"
"So I was worried sick. A tornado touched down over by the Roberts' place."
"I know! I mean, I didn't know it touched down, but I was still at school when the sirens went off." I drop my ridiculously heavy backpack and shake the rain from my hair. "Is everyone okay over there?"
He runs a visibly trembling hand through his hair. "Yeah, it just tore up their fence or something. Jesus, Jemma!"
"What is wrong with you? Why are you even here?"
"I'm supposed to stay over here, remember?"
"What…now?" I look past him and notice an army-green duffel bag by the front door. He's got a key--he could've just let himself in.
"I figured now's as good a time as any. We need to put sandbags in front of the back door before it gets any worst out, and then we've got to do something about the barn. It's awful close to the creek, and the water's rising fast."
"Well, what do you prop - Author: Kristi Cook
Beyle Backpack quotes by Kristi Cook
#7. Without knowing I was going to, I started to laugh, a crazy laugh like Ian's the night before, and at first he looked worried, but then he started too. Even with the wind whipping past the station, even with Ian hugging his backpack to his chest for warmth, we were laughing, and not a laughter of release or a laughter that was really sadness in disguise. It was the laugh of the absurd. Your grandmother is a seventeen-year-old boy? That creepy Russian man just paid for your ticket? Ferret-Glo? - Author: Rebecca Makkai
Beyle Backpack quotes by Rebecca Makkai
#8. As I turn the corner, I hear Peter calling out, "Wait! Wait! Sir!" He's following a security guard who is approaching a red backpack on the floor.
The security guard bends down and picks it up. "Is this yours?" he demands.
"Uh, yeah--"
"Why did you leave it on the ground?" He unzips the backpack and pulls out a teddy bear.
Peter's eyes dart around. "Can you put that back inside? It's for a promposal for my girlfriend. It's supposed to be a surprise."
The security guard is shaking his head. He mutters to himself and starts looking in the backpack again.
"Sir, please just squeeze the bear."
"I'm not squeezing the bear," the security guard tells him.
Peter reaches out and squeezes the teddy bear and the bear squeaks out, "Will you go to prom with me, Lara Jean?"
I clap my hands to my mouth in delight.
Sternly the security guard says, "You're in New York City, kid. You can't just leave a backpack on the ground for your proposal."
"It's actually called a promposal," Peter corrects, and the security guard gives him a look. "Sorry. Can I just have the bear back?" He spots me then. "Tell him Sleepless in Seattle is your favorite movie, Lara Jean!"
I rush over. "Sir, it's my favorite movie. Please don't kick him out."
The security guard is trying not to smile. "I wasn't going to kick him out," he says to me. To Peter he says, "Just be more aware next time. In New York, we're vigilant. If we see something, we say somethi - Author: Jenny Han
Beyle Backpack quotes by Jenny Han
#9. I can't walk in a toy store in a foreign country without seeing a kid with a minion backpack. - Author: Pierre Coffin
Beyle Backpack quotes by Pierre Coffin
#10. My backpack was with the Ripper, with my passport and most of my money. That was going to be a tough one to explain. "Sorry, I seem to have left my passport in 1888." At that moment though, I couldn't be bothered to care too much. A major inconvenience? Yes. A life-threatening one? Not after the night I'd had. - Author: April White
Beyle Backpack quotes by April White
#11. I can text in complete sentences. Oh, yeah, it's a skill." He smiled, proud of his accomplishments. "And, thanks to my mom being a competitive dancer as a teen, I know how to do the Lindy hop and the jitterbug."
I sat bolt upright, and Akinli rolled his eyes.
"I swear, if you tell me you can jitterbug, I'm going to . . . I don't even know. Set something on fire. No one can dance like that."
I pursed my lips and dusted off my shoulder, a thing I'd seen Elizabeth do when she was bragging.
As if he was accepting a challenge, he shrugged off his backpack and stood, holding out a hand for me.
I took it and positioned myself in front of him as he shook his head, grinning.
"All right, we'll take this slow. Five, six, seven, eight."
In unison, we rock stepped and triple stepped, falling into the rhythm in our head. After a minute, he got brave and swung me around, lining me up for those peppy kicks I loved so much.
People walked by, pointing and laughing, but it was one of those moments when I knew we weren't being mocked; we were being envied.
We stepped on each other's toes more than once, and after he accidentally knocked his head into my shoulder, he threw his hands up.
"Unbelievable," he said, almost as if he was complaining. "I can't wait to tell my mom this. She's gonna think I'm lying. All those years dancing in the kitchen thinking I was special, and then I run across a master. - Author: Kiera Cass
Beyle Backpack quotes by Kiera Cass
#12. I noticed a copy of X-Men, a Marvel comic he loved, in his backpack, which was lying open on his crossed legs. Sometimes it seemed a part of those characters lived inside him. Peter wasn't your classic knight in shining armor; he was a complex hero full of doubts and conflicting emotions who suffered from unrequited love. - Author: Elisa S. Amore
Beyle Backpack quotes by Elisa S. Amore
#13. Would you like to hold my sword?" He asked the question with a gleam in his eyes.
Lucy burst out laughing. At least she didn't giggle again. "You did not just say that. But, um, yeah, I'd like to hold your sword, Agent Riley."
Hunter grinned and unzipped his backpack, pulling out something surprisingly small. He held it out to her, and noticed the disappointed look on her face. "Expecting something bigger?"
She smirked at his continued play on words. She had a lifetime of training in verbal and physical sparring; he was no match for her. "They say size doesn't matter, but I disagree."
Hunter, who apparently hadn't expected her response, choked on his own comeback and unsheathed the sword, then placed it in her hand. "You have to stroke it a certain way to make it bigger. - Author: Kimberly Kinrade
Beyle Backpack quotes by Kimberly Kinrade
#14. You planned this? Why?"
"Yes." He walked over to one of the picnic tables and grabbed a backpack, which just happened to be there. He pulled a blanket from the pack and laid it down on the sand next to her.
She jumped up and away from him with her fins in her hands. She held them up like a weapon, not taking her eyes off of him. He saw her reaction and it didn't take long to figure out the thoughts running through her mind.
"Hey! No. It's not what you think." He stepped closer, but she swung her fins at him and whacked him across the arm. "Ouch!" He looked at her like she was insane.
"Stay away from me. This is so not happening. I'll hit you again, I swear. - Author: S. Jackson Rivera
Beyle Backpack quotes by S. Jackson Rivera
#15. I'm so glad you're okay."
"So, how do we celebrate my okayness? It's my day off. Let's go crazy. Glow-in-the-dark bowling?"
"I'll let you use the kiddie ball."
"Shut up. I do NOT need the kiddie ball."
"The way you bowl, I think you might."
He grabbed her in an exaggerated formal dance pose and whirled her around, backpack and all, which didn't make her any more graceful.
"Ballroom dancing?"
"Are you INSANE?"
"Hey, girls who tango are hot."
"You think I'm not hot because I don't tango?"
He dropped the act. Shane was a smart boy.
"I think you are too hot for ballroom or bowling. So you tell me. What do you want to do? And don't say study. - Author: Rachel Caine
Beyle Backpack quotes by Rachel Caine
#16. In the spring of 2015, I went to Spain to walk for a week on the Camino de Santiago, the medieval route that has been used for centuries by pilgrims demonstrating their devotion, and now by spiritual seekers looking for renewal. Ever since I studied medieval art in college, walking the Camino had been a dream of mine. I loved the idea of a moderately sized adventure, one that was about walking, not running, and still had the safety of towns and sleeping on mats on the floor instead of inside tents. I set off with underprepared feet, too much in my backpack, thirteen words of Spanish and my copy of Eat Pray Love. - Author: Various
Beyle Backpack quotes by Various
#17. I remember the first time I saw you," Allie said.
"I thought you smelled me first."
"Right," said Allie. "The chocolate. But then I saw you as I sat up in the dead forest, thinking I knew you. At the time, I thought I must have seen you through the windshield when our cars crashed…. But that wasn't it. I think, way back then, I was seeing you as you are now. Isn't that funny?"
"Not as funny as the way I always complained, and the way you always bossed me around!"
They embraced and held each other for a long time.
"Don't forget me," Nick said. "No matter where your life goes, no matter how old you get. And if you ever get the feeling that someone is looking over your shoulder, but there's nobody there, maybe it'll be me."
"I'll write to you," said Allie, and Nick laughed. "No really. I'll write the letter then burn it, and if I care just enough it will cross into Everlost."
"And," added Nick, "it will show up as a dead letter at that the post office Milos made cross into San Antonio!"
Allie could have stood there saying good-bye forever, because it was more than Nick she was saying good-bye to. She was leaving behind four years of half-life in a world that was both stunningly beautiful, and hauntingly dark. And she was saying good-bye to Mikey. I'll be waiting for you, he had said…. Well, if he was, maybe she wasn't saying good-bye at all.
Nick hefted the backpack on his shoulder. "Shouldn't you be heading off to Memphis?" he said. - Author: Neal Shusterman
Beyle Backpack quotes by Neal Shusterman
#18. When we pull back into the castle courtyard, James is waiting. And he does not look happy. Actually he looks like a blond Hulk . . . right before he goes smash. Sarah sees it too.

"He's miffed."


We get out of the car and she turns so fast there's a breeze. "I should go find Penny. 'Bye."

I call after her. "Chicken!"

She just waves her hand over her shoulder.

Slowly, I approach him. Like an explorer, deep in the jungles of the Amazon, making first contact with a tribe that has never seen the outside world. And I hold out my peace offering.

It's a Mega Pounder with cheese.

"I got you a burger."

James snatches it from my hand angrily. But . . . he doesn't throw it away.

He turns to one of the men behind him. "Mick, bring it here."

Mick - a big, truck-size bloke - brings him a brown paper bag. And James's cold blue eyes turn back to me.

"After speaking with your former security team, I had an audience with Her Majesty the Queen last year when you were named heir. Given your history of slipping your detail, I asked her permission to ensure your safety by any means necessary, including this."

He reaches into the bag and pulls out a children's leash - the type you see on ankle-biters at amusement parks, with a deranged-looking monkey sticking its head out of a backpack, his mouth wide and gaping, like he's about to eat whoever's wearin - Author: Emma Chase
Beyle Backpack quotes by Emma Chase
#19. My mind absorbs things in a funny way. I'm on planes quite a bit and I always take stacks and stacks of magazines and I go through them and tear pages out and fold them up, and they get stuck at the bottom of my backpack or whatever. - Author: Marc Jacobs
Beyle Backpack quotes by Marc Jacobs
#20. Ash clutched his faded backpack and dragged his pillowcase of belongings up the stairs. They seemed like nice people. That scared him more. He never lasted long with the nice ones. - Author: Nicole Singer
Beyle Backpack quotes by Nicole Singer
#21. There was a great complexity to my father. He was a devoted family man. But, in the same breath, he simply was not suited to an anchored life. He should have been somebody who had a backpack, an old map, a bit of change in his pocket and that was it - roaming the world. - Author: Christian Bale
Beyle Backpack quotes by Christian Bale
#22. Hey, Hailey, want a bracelet?" Pearl asked.
Everyone turned to look at her. Stilted conversation was one thing. Gifts were quite another.
"Uh…sure," Hailey said.
She turned and unzipped the small pouch on her backpack. As she dug through it, Ria whacked Pearl on the arm.
"You're gonna make her jewelry?" Ria whispered.
"Ow! What's the big deal?" Pearl whispered back.
"That girl does not deserve presents," Ria replied.
"Well, I can't take it back now," Pearl said, looking miserable. - Author: Kate Brian
Beyle Backpack quotes by Kate Brian
#23. Dead Butterfly
By Ellen Bass
For months my daughter carried
a dead monarch in a quart mason jar.
To and from school in her backpack,
to her only friend's house. At the dinner table
it sat like a guest alongside the pot roast.
She took it to bed, propped by her pillow.
Was it the year her brother was born?
Was this her own too-fragile baby
that had lived - so briefly - in its glassed world?
Or the year she refused to go to her father's house?
Was this the holding-her-breath girl she became there?
This plump child in her rolled-down socks
I sometimes wanted to haul back inside me
and carry safe again. What was her fierce
commitment? I never understood.
We just lived with the dead winged thing
as part of her, as part of us,
weightless in its heavy jar. - Author: Ellen Bass
Beyle Backpack quotes by Ellen Bass
#24. You're an escort?" Her already large eyes widened further. I reached for one strap of her backpack and snapped it against her shoulder, careful not to touch her, then smirked.

"I prefer the term sexual plumber."

She snorted "Oh, God."

"Yeah, They sometimes call me that, too. - Author: L.J. Shen
Beyle Backpack quotes by L.J. Shen
#25. School, huh? Are you sure you that's where you're going?" Her hand is still outstretched, waiting for a key that she isn't getting. After a few empty seconds, she crosses her arms.
"Where else would I be going with my backpack and books?"
"Oh, I don't know. Maybe Galen Forza's house?"
Yep, didn't see that one coming. If I did, I might have stopped the blush sprouting on my cheeks. "Um. How do you know Galen?"
"Mrs. Strickland told me about him. Said you were arguing with him in the hall and that you were upset when you took off running from him. Said he carried you to the office himself when you ran into the door."
I knew he had something to do with my accident. And Mom talked to the principal about it. My lips turn so dry I expect to taste dust when I lick them. The blush spreads all over my body, even to my ears. "He carried me?"
"She said Galen wouldn't leave your side until Dr. Morton got there. Dr. Morton said he wouldn't go back to class until he assured him you would be okay." She taps her foot faster, then stops. "Well?"
I blink at her. "Well, what?"
Did my mother just growl? - Author: Anna Banks
Beyle Backpack quotes by Anna Banks
#26. brace covered his neck. Dark, fingerless gloves covered his hands to allow a better grip on his shotgun. An aluminum baseball bat was slung across his back, Samurai-style, in a crude scabbard next to a large backpack He - Author: Keith C. Blackmore
Beyle Backpack quotes by Keith C. Blackmore
#27. Gansey asked, "Do you have time to run an errand with us? Do you have work? Homework?"
"No homework. I got suspended," Blue replied.
"Get the fuck out," Ronan said, but with admiration. "Sargent, you asshole."
Blue reluctantly allowed him to bump fists with her as Gansey eyed her meaningfully in the rearview mirror.
Adam swivelled the other way in his seat - to the right, instead of to the left, so that he was peering around the far side of the headrest. It made him look as if he were hiding, but Blue knew it was just because it turned his hearing ear instead of his deaf ear towards them. "For what?"
"Emptying another student's backpack over his car. I don't really want to talk about it."
"I do," Ronan said.
"Well, I don't. I'm not proud of it."
Ronan patted her leg. "I'll be proud for you."
Blue cast a withering look in his direction, but she felt grounded for the first time that day. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Beyle Backpack quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#28. backpack over his shoulder and headed for the doors. - Author: Andrew Ball
Beyle Backpack quotes by Andrew Ball
#29. There was so little I wanted to carry. Packing my backpack took me all of four minutes - Author: Aspen Matis
Beyle Backpack quotes by Aspen Matis
#30. Yesterday I just felt like eating my ass off so I did. I ate two Chef Boyardee pizzas, a Fifth Avenue candy bar, an entire package of fun size Snickers (that was fun!), several cherry sours (not the entire package, there are still a few left), an apple (apples don't taste as good as they used to), several Slim Jims, a slice of burnt garlic toast, white cheddar popcorn and microwave popcorn. Today I will drink black coffee, eat a bowl of oatmeal (old school, boiled on the stove but no butter but lots of cinnamon and brown sugar) and dance to various YouTubes. I need to buy a pair of gloves, get my ass to the boxing gym and learn to love protein shakes. Also, I want to run a marathon. Then I want to get a backpack, stuff it with trail mix and the like and take to the road like the chick in that Wild book. - Author: Misti Rainwater-Lites
Beyle Backpack quotes by Misti Rainwater-Lites
#31. I'd say I needed to find myself, if that didn't sound like I was heading into the Himalayas, taking only a backpack stuffed with angst and clean underwear. - Author: Kelley Armstrong
Beyle Backpack quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#32. Wearing a turtleneck is like being strangled by a really weak guy, all day. Wearing a backpack and a turtleneck is like a weak midget trying to bring you down. - Author: Mitch Hedberg
Beyle Backpack quotes by Mitch Hedberg
#33. It's a physical sickness. Etienne. How much I love him.
I love Etienne.
I love it when he cocks an eyebrow whenever I say something he finds clever or amusing. I love listening to his boots clomp across my bedroom ceiling. I love that the accent over his first name is called an acute accent, and that he has a cute accent.
I love that.
I love sitting beside him in physics. Brushing against him during lands. His messy handwriting on our worksheets. I love handing him his backpack when class is over,because then my fingers smell like him for the next ten minutes. And when Amanda says something lame, and he seeks me out to exchange an eye roll-I love that,too. I love his boyish laugh and his wrinkled shirts and his ridiculous knitted hat. I love his large brown eyes,and the way he bites his nails,and I love his hair so much I could die.
There's only one thing I don't love about him. Her.
If I didn't like Ellie before,it's nothing compared to how I feel now. It doesn't matter that I can count how many times we've met on one hand. It's that first image, that's what I can't shake. Under the streeplamp. Her fingers in his hair. Anytime I'm alone, my mind wanders back to that night. I take it further. She touches his chest. I take it further.His bedroom.He slips off her dress,their lips lock, their bodies press,and-oh my God-my temperature rises,and my stomach is sick.
I fantasize about their breakup. How he could hurt her,and she could hurt him,and - Author: Stephanie Perkins
Beyle Backpack quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#34. I opened my backpack and checked my supplies: some enchanted rope, my curved ivory wand, a lump of wax for making a magical shabti figurine, my calligraphy set, and a healing potion my friend Jaz had brewed for me a while back. (She knew that I got hurt a lot.) - Author: Rick Riordan
Beyle Backpack quotes by Rick Riordan
#35. Fuck you."

"Oh, now you want me too." Syn barked a laugh. "I thought you were straight."

"Syn," Furi snapped. "Knock it off."

Syn took Furi's backpack off his shoulder and slid it on to his own. He intertwined their fingers and Furi couldn't ignore how much he liked that gesture from his tough Sergeant. Doug still stood very close to Furi, watching them both through narrowed eyes.

"Stop looking like that," Furi whispered.

"Are you sure you know what you're doing?" Doug whispered back.

Furi turned and looked behind him at Syn's ruggedly gorgeous face then down at their joined hands. He turned back to Doug's concerned eyes. "Yes, I do." Furi leaned in and chastely kissed Doug on the lips and watched him turn and leave.

When Furi turned back, Syn was wearing a large frown and his chest was frozen like he was holding his breath. Furi got as close to Syn as he could. "What's the matter?"

"Don't do that again." Syn's voice was rough and low.

"Do what?" Furi frowned in confusion.

Syn brought his free hand up and wiped the pad of his thumb across Furi's full lips. "Don't put your lips on him again." Syn shook his head when Furi opened his mouth to argue. "I know it was friendly, and it didn't mean anything, but humor me, okay? Don't put your mouth on his. Syn leaned in and pulled Furi's bottom lip into his mouth and gently sucked on it, right there in the IHOP parking lot. "O - Author: A.E. Via
Beyle Backpack quotes by A.E. Via
#36. I possessed only a book, which I carried in my small backpack. Suddenly, while I was walking, the book began to burn. Dawn was breaking and almost no cars passed. While throwing the charred backpack in an irrigation ditch I felt my back sting as though I had wings. - Author: Roberto Bolano
Beyle Backpack quotes by Roberto Bolano
#37. The blond stuffs her hairbrush, which is now spun with gold and black silk (a miniature angel's nest) back into her backpack next to her anthology of English literature. The pages are so thin, they're like dead girls' dreams, translucent skin. On them it seems that everything that has ever been thought has been written. - Author: Laura Kasischke
Beyle Backpack quotes by Laura Kasischke
#38. I dropped my backpack, shrugged off my coat, and hopped on the exercise bike. Charging the batteries was usually the only physical exercise I got each day. - Author: Ernest Cline
Beyle Backpack quotes by Ernest Cline
#39. I thought about my prison cell and my room in the nurses' dormitory. I understood him all too well. "I want to travel," he continued. "Visit distant countries. Backpack through the Himalayas or paint New York red for two or three weeks. Then fly to Tokyo and eat sushi. Not staying anywhere too long, always on the move, always a new goal on the horizon. That's what I want. - Author: Roxann Hill
Beyle Backpack quotes by Roxann Hill
#40. I went to Hong Kong in '97 to witness the handover after graduating university, and then I was gonna backpack around Asia and then come back here and look for a job. - Author: Daniel Wu
Beyle Backpack quotes by Daniel Wu
#41. The tourists come here to stay put in their hotels, with their holiday-friendly staff, private beaches, private bars and private sunshine. And yet still, when they get back home, they'll claim they've been to Egypt. - Author: Harry Whitewolf
Beyle Backpack quotes by Harry Whitewolf
#42. It's from being melancholy and having my human down experiences that I learn, that I overcome, that I transform - and these realizations I put into song. That's what I choose to put in my backpack and carry with me around the world. - Author: Jason Mraz
Beyle Backpack quotes by Jason Mraz
#43. This seat taken?" My eyes grazing over the only other occupant, a guy with long glossy dark hair with his head bent over a book.
"It's all yours," he says. And when he lifts his head and smiles,my heart just about leaps from my chest.
It's the boy from my dreams.
The boy from the Rabbit Hole,the gas station,and the cave-sitting before me with those same amazing,icy-blue eues, those same alluring lips I've kissed multiple times-but only in slumber, never in waking life.
I scold my heart to settle,but it doesn't obey.
I admonish myself to sit,to act normal, casual-and I just barely succeed.
Stealing a series of surreptitious looks as I search through my backpack, taking in his square chin,wide generous lips,strong brow,defined cheekbones, and smooth brown skin-the exact same features as Cade.
"You're the new girl,right?" He abandons his book,tilting his head in a way that causes his hair to stream over his shoulder,so glossy and inviting it takes all of my will not to lean across the table and touch it.
I nod in reply,or at least I think I do.I can't be too sure.I'm too stricken by his gaze-the way it mirrors mine-trying to determine if he knows me, recognizes me,if he's surprised to find me here.Wishing Paloma had better prepared me-focused more on him and less on his brother.
I force my gaze from his.Bang my knee hard against the table as I swivel in my seat.Feeling so odd and unsettled,I wish I'd picked another place to sit, thoug - Author: Alyson Noel
Beyle Backpack quotes by Alyson Noel
#44. Looks like we have quite the predicament here, boys." I smile at both of them, then eye the coffee in Breckin's hands. "I see the Mormon brought the queen her offering of coffee. Very impressive."
I look at Holder and cock my eyebrow. "Do you wish to reveal your offering, hopeless boy, so that I may decide who shall accompany me at the classroom throne today?"
Breckin looks at me like I've lost my mind. Holder laughs and picks his backpack up off the desk. "Looks like someone's in need of an ego-shattering text today. - Author: Colleen Hoover
Beyle Backpack quotes by Colleen Hoover
#45. Every part of my body hurt. Except my heart. I saw no one, but, strange as it was, I missed no one. I longed for nothing but food and waterr and to be able to pt my backpack down - Author: Cheryl Strayed
Beyle Backpack quotes by Cheryl Strayed

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