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#1. The deeds of love are less questionable than any action of an individual can be, for, it being founded on the rarest mutual respect, the parties incessantly stimulate each other to a loftier and purer life, and the act in which they are associated must be pure and noble indeed, for innocence and purity can have no equal. In this relation we deal with one whom we respect more religiously even than we respect our better selves, and we shall necessarily conduct as in the presence of God. What presence can be more awful to the lover than the presence of his beloved? - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Better Selves quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#2. Do not regret too much the choices you have made in the past, Gabriel," she said, aware that she was using his Christian name, but not able to help it. "Only make the right ones in the future. We are ever capable of change and ever capable of being our better selves. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Better Selves quotes by Cassandra Clare
#3. We see our better selves in the eyes of those who love us. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Better Selves quotes by Cassandra Clare
#4. In How Fiction Works, James Wood says,

A great deal of nonsense is written every day about characters in fiction - from the side of those who believe too much in character and from the side of those who believe too little. Those who believe too much have an iron set of prejudices about what characters are: we should get to "know" them; . . . they should "grow" and "develop"; and they should be nice. So they should be pretty much like us.
Wood is correct, in part, but the ongoing question of character likability leaves the impression that what we're looking for in fiction is an ideal world where people behave in ideal ways. The question suggests that characters should be reflections not of us, but of our better selves.
Wood also says, "There is nothing harder than the creation of fictional character." I can attest to this difficulty, though with perhaps less hyperbole. I have, indeed, found several other tasks harder over the years. Regardless, characters are hard to create because we need to develop people who are interesting enough to hold a reader's attention. We need to ensure that they are some measure of credible. We need to make them distinct from ourselves (and, in the best of all words, from those in our lives, unless of course there is a need to settle scores). Somehow they need to be well developed enough to carry a plot, or carry a narrative without a plot, or endure the tribulations we writers tend to throw at them with alacrity. It's no wonde - Author: Roxane Gay
Better Selves quotes by Roxane Gay
#5. By investing in their families and in their communities, not only did they have a better life, they were also able to do what they were meant to do – become their better selves. - Author: Celso Cukierkorn
Better Selves quotes by Celso Cukierkorn
#6. When a bee stings, she dies. She cannot sting and live. When men sting, their better selves die. Every sting kills a better instinct. Men must not turn bees and kill themselves in stinging others. - Author: Francis Bacon
Better Selves quotes by Francis Bacon
#7. When from our better selves we have too long
Been parted by the hurrying world, and droop,
Sick of its business, of its pleasures tired,
How gracious, how benign, is Solitude - Author: William Wordsworth
Better Selves quotes by William Wordsworth
#8. People need to be re - sometimes we need to reinvent ourselves and then get reacquainted with our better selves. - Author: Terry McMillan
Better Selves quotes by Terry McMillan
#9. Saunders writes like something of a saint. He seems in touch with some better being. He teaches us not only how to write but how to live. He sets the bar and also the example. He hopes we might see the possibility of our better selves and act on it. He seems sent - what other way to put it? - to teach us mercy and grace. - Author: George Saunders
Better Selves quotes by George Saunders
#10. You'd help if you could, wouldn't you, boy?" I said. "It's no wonder they call you man's best friend. Faithful and loyal and true, you share in our sorrows and rejoice with us in our triumphs, the truest friend we ever have known, a better friend than we deserve. You have thrown in your lot with us, through thick and thin, on battlefield and hearthrug, refusing to leave your master even when death and destruction lie all around. Ah, noble dog, you are the furry mirror in which we see our better selves reflected, man as he could be, unstained by war or ambition, unspoilt by- - Author: Connie Willis
Better Selves quotes by Connie Willis
#11. A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more. - Author: Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Better Selves quotes by Rosabeth Moss Kanter
#12. Jazz music is America's past and its potential, summed up and sanctified and accessible to anybody who learns to listen to, feel, and understand it. The music can connect us to our earlier selves and to our better selves-to-come. It can remind us of where we fit on the time line of human achievement, an ultimate value of art. - Author: Wynton Marsalis
Better Selves quotes by Wynton Marsalis
#13. Our hearts, they need a mirror, Tessa. We see our better selves in the eyes of those who love us. And there is a beauty that brevity alone provides." He dropped his gaze, then raised it to hers. "I would give you everything of myself," he said. "I would give you more in two weeks than most men would give you in a lifetime. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Better Selves quotes by Cassandra Clare
#14. Maybe the best way for you to get us to summon our better selves is for you to show us yours. - Author: Madam Secretary
Better Selves quotes by Madam Secretary
#15. I like to smile at the men who look mean so they know I believe in their better selves. That makes a difference in the world. This is how you might be able to reform a possible rapist without ever going to psychology school. - Author: Aimee Bender
Better Selves quotes by Aimee Bender
#16. All of us, regardless of how we identify, need a community in which to grow our faith. We require the tangle of other souls to enlarge our hearts, to perfect our relationships with one another and to help us understand more deeply our better Selves (big 'S'). - Author: James Lecesne
Better Selves quotes by James Lecesne
#17. Our ideals are our better selves. - Author: Amos Bronson Alcott
Better Selves quotes by Amos Bronson Alcott
#18. My father was a university professor and his thing was tenure. Any time I hear a university professor say tenure, I hear the word dinosaur. You're not supposed to be getting tenure. You're supposed to be figuring out how you can teach more students at a better price and more effectively. That's your job. - Author: Robert Kiyosaki
Better Selves quotes by Robert Kiyosaki
#19. Life is an effort that deserves a better cause. - Author: Karl Kraus
Better Selves quotes by Karl Kraus
#20. Respect your body, and look forward to feeling healthy and clean. Your body deserves better than laboratory-made sweetness. - Author: Damon Gameau
Better Selves quotes by Damon Gameau
#21. Forecasting is simply not a strength of the species; we are much better with tools and narrative storytelling. - Author: Barry Ritholtz
Better Selves quotes by Barry Ritholtz
#22. I come to the categorical conclusion that precisely at this moment we must give battle to the Black Hundred clergy in the most decisive and merciless manner and crush its resistance with
such brutality that it will not forget it for decades to come. The greater the number of representatives of the reactionary clergy and reactionary bourgeoisie we succeed in executing for
this reason, the better. - Author: Vladimir Lenin
Better Selves quotes by Vladimir Lenin
#23. So how can I hold Tobias's desperation against him, like I'm better than him, like I've never let my own brokenness blind me? - Author: Veronica Roth
Better Selves quotes by Veronica Roth
#24. Never think you're better than anyone else, but don't let anyone treat you like you're worse than they are. - Author: Rip Torn
Better Selves quotes by Rip Torn
#25. In the middle of a grocery store, two children were horsing around (one holding the other in a headlock) when the mother turned abruptly to give them a stern reprimand.
'You two are old enough to know better than to behave this way in public! Could you - at least for the time we're in this store - mind your manners enough to act like an adult?'
The children took less than a moment to consider their mother's question before facing each other and engaging in the following conversation:
'I hate you.'
'I hate you too.'
'Let's get a divorce.'
Perhaps 'act like an adult' isn't such good advice anymore. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
Better Selves quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#26. I understand what training camp is for. It's needed. It's necessary, so it's just one of those things that you have to put yourself through and it makes you better. It gets you in good shape, so it's necessary. - Author: Logan Mankins
Better Selves quotes by Logan Mankins
#27. Girls are better at this sort of labour, often called 'emotional labour', not because there's anything in the meat and matter of our living cells that makes us naturally better but because we're trained for it from birth. Trained to make other people feel good. Trained to serve the coffee, fill in the forms, organise the parties and wipe the table afterwards. Trained to be feisty, if we must, but not strong. To be bubbly, not funny. You must at no stage appear to have a body that functions in a normal human way, that pisses and shits and sweats and farts and falters. Decorate the prison of your body. Make yourself useful. Shut up and smile. - Author: Laurie Penny
Better Selves quotes by Laurie Penny
#28. Being famous is wicked, but being normal is better. - Author: Rupert Grint
Better Selves quotes by Rupert Grint
#29. Take a stand, America! You deserve better. Resolve to live life vibrantly by looking to family, faith, and freedom in this new year! - Author: Sarah Palin
Better Selves quotes by Sarah Palin
#30. I don't know who I am."
"You're Skylar Stone. You're charming, kind, clever, helpful, beautiful inside and out. You don't give up. You bring people together, not because you want to use them but because you truly want to help people be better, to build good things. You help people find themselves. Sometimes you lose your way, but at the end of the day, you have a pure heart and the best of intentions. You're curious, you have drive…" He ran fingers down the slope of Skylar's neck. "You're sexy. In ways I didn't know sexy could be. You're romantic. You're attentive, caring, sweet - "
Skylar stopped his words with a kiss.
It was a simple press of lips. A soft, gentle pressure, the same as it had been the time he'd kissed Xander in the hall. But this time Skylar had so many emotions pent up behind the kiss - Author: Heidi Cullinan
Better Selves quotes by Heidi Cullinan
#31. I'm going to be in a better place. I'm going to see Daddy. But you are going to help people. You are the helper, Sophelia, the one who will take all the bad and ugly and make it what it was supposed to be in the first place. You will bring this world to its knees one day." I opened my mouth to say ... something. "I - " "One day you'll get to fly, Soph, just like Pan and Wendy. Fly away home to a better place where everything is brighter, boys are never lost, and mothers don't ever leave. But right now? Don't mourn me," she whispered. "I love you and I planned this. All is as it should be. One day, you will understand. - Author: Shelly Crane
Better Selves quotes by Shelly Crane
#32. Every man wants a woman to appeal to his better side and his nobler instincts - and another woman to help him forget them. - Author: Helen Rowland
Better Selves quotes by Helen Rowland
#33. Do your best, and be a little better than you are. - Author: Gordon B. Hinckley
Better Selves quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley
#34. Reality is overrated and impossible to understand with any degree of certainty. What you do know for sure is that some ways of looking at the world work better than others. Pick the way that works, even if you don't know why. - Author: Scott Adams
Better Selves quotes by Scott Adams
#35. I believe that the Lord has a plan for each of us that's better than anything we can imagine, even if that plan isn't obvious to us at every stage. He prepared me for this over a long period of time - in lower-profile locker rooms and the grocery store and in Europe, through all the personal tragedies and in spite of the people who doubted me along the way. - Author: Kurt Warner
Better Selves quotes by Kurt Warner
#36. Seven years of this and I'll have lost whatever edge I once had," I said. "I'll have turned into one of those well-fed countrywomen who pride themselves on making better preserves then their neighbors, and give all their chickens names. - Author: Juliet Marillier
Better Selves quotes by Juliet Marillier
#37. I don't think I'm a home run hitter. Most of my home runs are line drives. If I hit it, thanks God. But it's not the kind of thing that I think about. I just go out there and try to have a better season than I had before. Home runs are not in my mind. - Author: Robinson Cano
Better Selves quotes by Robinson Cano
#38. I started out in theatre, and there's no better feeling than the adrenaline of being on stage. - Author: Georgia Groome
Better Selves quotes by Georgia Groome
#39. People say to me, Hey, Bill, the war made us feel better about ourselves. Really? What kind of people are these with such low self-esteem that they need a war to feel better about themselves? May I suggest, instead of a war to feel better about yourself, perhaps ... sit-ups? Maybe a fruit cup? Eight glasses of water a day? - Author: Bill Hicks
Better Selves quotes by Bill Hicks
#40. He (Gil Hodges) fields better on one leg than anybody else I got on two. - Author: Casey Stengel
Better Selves quotes by Casey Stengel
#41. Heaven's help is better than early rising. - Author: Miguel De Cervantes
Better Selves quotes by Miguel De Cervantes
#42. I can't think of anything better in the world to be but a vegan. - Author: Alicia Silverstone
Better Selves quotes by Alicia Silverstone
#43. I think simplicity is a good guide: The more economical a theory, the better. - Author: Lisa Randall
Better Selves quotes by Lisa Randall
#44. If you aren't in love, Willow Vaughn, then my name isn't Miriam Brigham."
Willow started out of her daydreaming and glanced up from the laundry tub. Miriam stood before her with her fists planted on her hips. "Now, Miriam, I-"
"No sense denying it, young lady. You've got that dreamy dazed glow about you. Rider Sinclair isn't much better, the way he hangs around you,like a bee drawn to honey. He's always holding your hand or throwing his arm around you when he thinks I'm not looking."
"Well,even if I were in love, it wouldn't change anything. I still don't want another man to look after, and I don't need one looking out for me either. I can take care of myself!"
"Course, you can!" Miriam agreed, picking the last sheet out of the rinse water and wringing it out. "Most women can. Look at me, I run a boarding house and support myself just fine. But let me tell you something. That lonely bed of mine is mighty cold on winter nights, even here in the territory."
Willow blushed and concentrated on her hands where they rested on the edge of the tub.
"Willow," Miriam continued, "you've been managing your pa just fine since he got home. A husband isn't any more difficult to manage than a father, unless, of course, you're married to a no-good lout."
Willow dried her hands on the wide white apron around her middle. "But, Miriam, if I don't marry, then I don't have to bother finagling a man to my way of doing things. Staying single makes a hell of a lot m - Author: Charlotte McPherren
Better Selves quotes by Charlotte McPherren
#45. The source of every disobedience, indifference, and passion is self-satisfaction. The source of every obedience, vigilance, and virtue is dissatisfaction with one's self. It is better for you to keep company with an ignorant man dissatisfied with himself than to keep company with a learned man satisfied with himself. For what knowledge is there in a self-satisfied scholar? And what ignorance is there in an unlearned man dissatisfied with himself? - Author: Ibn Ata Illah
Better Selves quotes by Ibn Ata Illah
#46. Marin believes love is better in the chase than caught. - Author: Jessie Burton
Better Selves quotes by Jessie Burton
#47. I had never deserved to be forgiven in the first place when I aas converted. I could do nothing to merit God's favour, His grace, His love. If all I had ever known was unmerited and undeserved grace, how could I then forfeit that which I never earned?... Was I too proud, in some strange, inverted way to humble myself to accept an unmerited forgiveness? I know that it was all of grace, yet my inner being wanted the right to do something to merit it. I was trying to work out my own salvation, to earn God's forgiveness, to prove the sincerity of my repentance...At last I knew that it was true. It was not based on my feeling or on my emotions. It was not dependent on my faith or my obedience. In no way could I merit or deserve it. He loved me. He knew me through and through, better than I knew myself, and yet still, He loved me. Christ died on Calvary to tell me that. Christ lives in Heaven, an unceasing intercessor on my behalf to make that love real to me in my experience. - Author: Helen Roseveare
Better Selves quotes by Helen Roseveare
#48. I was so completely anxious before I had a child, but now my biggest worry is something happening to her, so anything other than that I can handle. That's not to say I'm calm, because that would be b****cks! I wish it were the case, but it's getting better as I get older. - Author: Anna Friel
Better Selves quotes by Anna Friel
#49. I shall have to go. But-" and here Frodo looked hard at Sam- "if you really care about me, you will have to keep that DEAD secret. See? If you don't, if you even breathe a word of what you've heard here, then I hope Gandalf will turn you into a spotted toad and fill the garden full of grass snakes."
Sam fell on his knees, trembling. "Get up, Sam!" Said Gandalf. "I have thought of something better than that. Something to keep you quiet, and punish you properly for listening. You shall go away with Mr. Frodo!"
"Me, sir!" cried Sam, springing up like a dog invited for a walk. "Me go and see Elves and all! Hooray!" he shouted, and then burst into tears. - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
Better Selves quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#50. Taking chances is my job; some will connect and some won't, and certain films find their audiences in different ways. I think 'Spotlight' probably is a better movie because of 'The Cobbler.' You learn with every movie you make: you learn from your mistakes, and you learn from your achievements, and I really do have that approach to filmmaking. - Author: Tom McCarthy
Better Selves quotes by Tom McCarthy
#51. Now the hour to part has come. I go to die, you go to live. Which of us goes to the better lot is known to no one, except the god. - Author: Socrates
Better Selves quotes by Socrates
#52. Such honesty comes with a price, but when you get past the hurt and shock of realizing that you're faulted and frequently wrong, you also realize that you are really loved and respected for who you are, and you become a better person. - Author: Peter Yarrow
Better Selves quotes by Peter Yarrow
#53. The riots that shook Abadan led many Iranians to rally to the workers' cause, partly out of instinctive sympathy but also because of the grossly unequal terms under which the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company operated. In 1947, for example, the company reported an after-tax profit of £40 million-the equivalent of $112 million dollars-and gave Iran just £7 million. To make matters worse, it never complied with its commitment under the 1933 agreement with Reza Shah to give laborers better pay and more chance for advancement, nor had it built the schools, hospitals, roads, or telephone system it promised. Manucher Farmanfarmaian, who in 1949 became director of Iran's petroleum institute, was appalled by what he found at Abadan: - Author: Stephen Kinzer
Better Selves quotes by Stephen Kinzer
#54. There was the usual dreaminess, I suppose. Also a shyness that caused me - and others - to notice that I could express myself better by writing than by speaking. This is typical of many writers, I think. What is a drawback in childhood is an asset to a literary life. Not being fluent on one's feet sends one to the page and a habit is born. - Author: Lorrie Moore
Better Selves quotes by Lorrie Moore
#55. I feel better now that we decided not to worry. I think most people spend too much time worrying about stuff that never happens. - Author: K. Martin Beckner
Better Selves quotes by K. Martin Beckner
#56. You said you'd stay with me forever if I wanted you to, Garret." I keep talking to his unresposive face, tears streaming down my face. "So you better not leave me. Because I want that. You and me. And whatever this is we have together. I want it forever. I want it so bad. - Author: Allie Everhart
Better Selves quotes by Allie Everhart
#57. If it makes you feel any better, he's been all sad doll lately too."
"What are you talking about, Chels?"
Chelsea stopped walking and stared at Violet.
"Jay. I'm talking about Jay, Vi. I thought you might want to know that you're not the only one who's hurting. He's been moping around school, making it hard to even look at him. He's messed up ... bad." Just like the other night in Violet's bedroom, something close to ... sympathy crossed Chelsea's face.
Violet wasn't sure how to respond.
Fortunately sympathetic Chelsea didn't stick around for long. She seemed to get a grip on herself, and like a switch had been flipped, the awkward moment was over and her friend was back, Chelsea-style: "I swear, every time I see him, I'm halfway afraid he's gonna start crying like a girl or ask to borrow a tampon or something. Seriously, Violet, it's disgusting. Really. Only you can make it stop. Please make it stop. - Author: Kimberly Derting
Better Selves quotes by Kimberly Derting
#58. His bed was where they slept and where the great thing people warned about or giggled about took place. It was not so much painful as dull. Cee thought it would get better later. Better turned out to be simply more, and while the quantity increased, its pleasure lay in its brevity. - Author: Toni Morrison
Better Selves quotes by Toni Morrison
#59. Elizabeth Rothra's excellent biography of Charles Torrey Simpson restates his philosophies about the intrinsic value of natural ecosystems like the Everglades. No one knew better than he the history of the plants and animals of South Florida or conveyed it with more humor and enthusiasm. - Author: Marjory Stoneman Douglas
Better Selves quotes by Marjory Stoneman Douglas
#60. It graduates to 'our state is better than your state', and 'our nation is better than your nation.' And it circles all the way around to where it started: 'Our God is better than your God.' - Author: Neale Donald Walsch
Better Selves quotes by Neale Donald Walsch
#61. She was only really a female to him.
But perhaps that was better. And after all, he was kind to the female in her, which no man had ever been. Men were very kind to the person she was, but rather cruel to the female, despising her or ignoring her altogether. Men were awfully kind to Constance Reid or to Lady Chatterley; but not to her womb they weren't kind. And he took no notice of Constance or of Lady Chatterley; he just softly stroked her loins or her breasts. - Author: D.H. Lawrence
Better Selves quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#62. The men in grey were powerless to meet this challenge head-on. Unable to detach the children from Momo by bringing them under their direct control, they had to find some roundabout means of achieving the same end, and for this they enlisted the children's elders. Not all grown-ups made suitable accomplices, of course, but plenty did. [....] 'Something must be done,' they said. 'More and more kids are being left on their own and neglected. You can't blame us - parents just don't have the time these days - so it's up to the authorities.' Others joined in the chorus. 'We can't have all these youngsters loafing around, ' declared some. 'They obstruct the traffic. Road accidents caused by children are on the increase, and road accidents cost money that could be put to better use.' 'Unsupervised children run wild, declared others.'They become morally depraved and take to crime. The authorities must take steps to round them up. They must build centers where the youngsters can be molded into useful and efficient members of society.' 'Children,' declared still others, 'are the raw material for the future. A world dependent on computers and nuclear energy will need an army of experts and technicians to run it. Far from preparing children from tomorrow's world, we still allow too many of them to squander years of their precious time on childish tomfoolery. It's a blot on our civilization and a crime against future generations.' The timesavers were all in favor of such a policy, naturall - Author: Michael Ende, Momo
Better Selves quotes by Michael Ende, Momo
#63. Knowing that a particle can occupy two different states at the same time - a state known as superposition - and, two particles, such as two particles of light, or photons, can become entangled, means that there is a unique, coupled state in which an action, like a measurement, upon one particle immediately causes a correlated change in the other.
If there is a better word to describe my relationship with Fanio than entangled, I have yet to hear it. Even when the two entangled particles - or people - are separated by a great distance (and I mean emotional or physical distance, such as mine with Epifanio, or like being at opposite ends of the universe), their movements or actions affect each other. Yet, before any measurements or other assessments occur, the actual "spin states" of either of the two particles are uncertain and even unknowable. - Author: Sally Ember
Better Selves quotes by Sally Ember

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