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The part of your mind that believes intuitive knowing to be impossible is that part of your mind for which it is impossible. ~ Laurie Nadel
Berbudi Dan quotes by Laurie Nadel
Female intuition was a potent instinct that she had learned to trust ~ Dan Brown
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Brown
Life and work revolved around duty, self-respect, and the ultimate value of one's word. ~ Dan Simmons
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Simmons
I saw Mercury Prize-winners Alt-J for the first time recently, touring their debut album 'An Awesome Wave,' and I'm still riding the high: they're the most musically dynamic and exciting band to have poured tune into my lug holes live since Bellowhead. ~ Dan Stevens
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Stevens
[H]istory viewed from the inside is always a dark, digestive mess, far different from the easily recognizable cow viewed from afar by historians. ~ Dan Simmons
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Simmons
When first starting to work with someone you try to get them in the same mindset that you were in when you were successful, and I realized the best thing you can ever do is realize that they are not you. They have a different persona and mindset, and you have to figure out what works best within your communication with that athlete. ~ Dan O'Brien
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan O'Brien
As poet-philosopher Rabindranath Tagore reminds us, "We cannot cross the sea merely by staring at the water." Simplicity has power. And living on purpose comes to this: Just do it. How much simpler can we get? ~ Dan Millman
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Millman
We're living through an age of irrationality and religious "fervor" I would call it religious idiocy. It's exhausting to year after year be on the receiving end of this demagoguery. ~ Dan Savage
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Savage
We all know that life has ups and downs; you've experienced both. And though you can't always control what happens outside you, you can choose how you will respond. You can treat life as a dance rather than a wrestling match. You can become an active participant rather than a victim of circumstance. ~ Dan Millman
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Millman
What's changed is that your high-minded morality is suddenly faced with consequences. Every choice has them.
Sometimes with the stakes this high a choice you would never make before, that you would never consider in any other circumstances, becomes the only moral option. The only action you can take and still live with yourself in the morning. ~ Dan Wells
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Wells
When I was a kid, I would make kung fu movies with the kids in the neighborhood, and I would be the guy behind the camera directing everybody, but they were all very silly little shorts and comedy bits. ~ Dan Fogler
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Fogler
And I have a dream of a New American Language, one with a little bit more Spanish. I have a dream of a new pop music, that tells the truth with a good beat and some nice harmonies. ~ Dan Bern
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Bern
After fifty-five years of dedicating his life and work to the story of ethical systems, Sol Weintraub had come to a single, unshakable conclusion: any allegiance to a deity or concept or universal principal which put obedience above decent behavior toward an innocent human being was evil. ~ Dan Simmons
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Simmons
Dan opened the Zippo and lit the fuse.
It hissed for half a seconds, then the rocket shot screaming away.
"Over there!" One of the kidnappers shouted.
Amy started to rise. "Let's go!"
"Wait," Dan said, aiming the second rocket. "It's a two-part plan." He lit the fuse and the rocket shot off in the direction of the would-be kidnappers.
"Run now!" Dan said.
Amy and Dan burst from the dumpster and scrambled for the entrance of the lot. Looking behind him, Dan saw that one of the kidnappers was frantically fanning his butt, which was smoking slightly.
"Part two was completely unnecessary, wasn't it?" Amy yelled as they ran.
"Yup! ~ Clifford Riley
Berbudi Dan quotes by Clifford Riley
What, after all, is more real to us than the geography of our childhoods? ~ Dan Simmons
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Simmons
Certain girls deserve lots of flowers. You are one of them. ~ Dan Pearce
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Pearce
Reading your sonnets?" asked Orphu. Mahnmut closed the book. "How'd you know? Have you taken up telepathy now that you've lost your eyes?" "Not yet," rumbled the Ionian. Orphu's great crab shell was lashed to the deck ten meters from where Mahnmut sat near the bow. "Some of your silences are more literary than others, is all. ~ Dan Simmons
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Simmons
I kind of got more interested in writing after I turned in my last college essay and nobody was going to tell me what kind of academic papers to write anymore. I could write whatever I wanted, and I realized that I actually liked it when I could choose what I would write. ~ Dan Millman
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Millman
The undisturbed coastal plain is home to a wide variety of plants and animals and is the only wilderness sanctuary in North America that protects a complete range of the arctic ecosystem. ~ Dan Lipinski
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Lipinski
Veeva squirmed up and down the length of me, vibrating like a coin operated motel bed. When she stopped kissing my mouth, I said, It sounds so great, Veeva. Just you and me with our brand new plastic surgery noses, running for our lives, hating each other's guts ... Both of us getting to look more and more like Michael Jackson every day. ~ Dan Ahearn
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Ahearn
The only way to get gay issues off the front pages of Canadian newspapers is to grant gay and lesbian people our full civil equality and leave it alone. ~ Dan Savage
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Savage
I discovered what a mental stimulant physical labor could be; not mere physical labor, I should add, but absolutely spine-bending, lung-racking, gut-ripping, ligament-tearing, and ball-breaking physical labor. But as long as the task is both onerous and repetitive, I discovered, the mind is not only free to wander to more imaginative climes, it actually flees to higher planes. ~ Dan Simmons
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Simmons
Governments have absolutely no interest in self-reliance. It defeats one of the purposes for their existence. They encourage and thrive on dependency. The more of it they sell, the more necessary they are, and the more power and money they need. ~ Dan Groat
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Groat
Perhaps most surprising of all, the deposed and imprisoned King Henry was not murdered. This had been the fate of the two Plantagenet kings who had lost their crowns before him: Edward II died while in custody at Berkeley Castle in 1327, while Richard II was killed at Pontefract in 1400, the year following his deposition. Ironically, Henry's survival was perhaps a mark of his uniquely pitiful and ineffectual approach to kingship - for it was much harder to justify killing a man who had done nothing evil or tyrannical, but had earned his fate thanks to his dewy-eyed simplicity. Permitting Henry to remain alive was a bold decision that Edward IV would come to regret. But in 1465 it must have struck the king as a brave and magnanimous act. ~ Dan Jones
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Jones
The Rose has always been the premiere symbol of female sexuality. In primitive goddess cults, the five petals represented the five stations of female life - birth, menstruation, motherhood, menopause, and death. And in modern times, the flowering rose's ties to womanhood are considered more visual. ~ Dan Brown
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Brown
A reluctant leader is highly suspicious of people who work to accumulate and hoard power. ~ Dan B. Allender
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan B. Allender
"Whoaaaaa–AARRRGGGGGGGHHHH...shove two fingers down my throat and pull out my prove that you love meeee...!" Clutching her iPod, Nellie emerged from the hatch ad lurched towards them, like creature put together from spare parts–a motion that Dan and Amy recognized as dancing. Pulling out her earbuds, she raised her face to the sky and let the rain pelt her for a few seconds. "Whoo-hoo, that is better than a facial!" she cried, running to join Dan and Amy under the overhang.
"Stick around," Dan said, "for a lava treatment. ~ Peter Lerangis
Berbudi Dan quotes by Peter Lerangis
We think we're invincible, and then one little crack, and boom, out comes more blood and guts and screams than you'd ever thought could be inside a single body. And when that blood goes, everything else goes with it - breath, thought, movement. Existence. One minute you're alive and then suddenly you're not. ~ Dan Wells
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Wells
Although motivation comes and goes, you can always rely on your will. ~ Dan Millman
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Millman
That is a goal, to step out on stage and to actually be present. Honestly alive and present. Although, it doesn't always happen. We're fallible, we're imperfect. That's what a lot of books are written about; that's what a lot of religions have sought after is that kind of zen mentality of just being totally neutral and open and vulnerable to all of the forces in the universe without being attached to them. ~ Dan Mangan
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Mangan
Vegetables deplete soil. They're extractive. If soil has a bank account, vegetables make the largest withdrawals. ~ Dan Barber
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Barber
But as we mature and begin to grasp that we are often the cause of our own difficulties, we begin a process of compassionate self-observation leading to deeper self-knowledge - denial gives way to authenticity as the light of awareness penetrates our shadow. We come to accept ourselves (and others) as we are rather than as we might want ourselves (or them) to be. And as we embrace the full scope of our humanity, we open the way to genuine growth and transformation. ~ Dan Millman
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan Millman
Pretentiousness shares with sophistication a lingering sense of "unnaturalness"; something faked, pretending, tampered with. Litvak presses the idea that sophistication is linked to perversion in the sexual sense, and therefore carries with it a latent homophobic charge. The association of sophistication with a form of urbane and knowing behavior gets reinforced "every time advertising and journalism, loathing as they do the pretentious and the trendy, derisively dangle before their audience the perennially unpopular figure of the snooty (i.e., gay) salesman in the upscale boutique." Pretension implies affectation. People are not acting themselves; rather, their lying urbanity is trampling all over your plain-speaking - and presumably heterosexual - truth. ~ Dan Fox
Berbudi Dan quotes by Dan  Fox
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