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I have learned that you're only relevant to someone if you're beneficial to them somehow/some way ~ Miguel
Beneficial To Them quotes by Miguel
I am patriot enough to take pains to bring this usefull invention into fashion in England, and I should not fail to write to some of our Doctors very particularly about it, if I knew anyone of 'em that I thought had Virtue enough to destroy such a considerable branch of Revenue for the good of Mankind, but that Distemper is too beneficial to them not to expose to all their Resentment the hardy wight that should undertake to put an end to it. ~ Mary Wortley Montagu
Beneficial To Them quotes by Mary Wortley Montagu
I will not be doing any FHM or crazy Maxim magazines. I will leave that to the other actresses in Hollywood who want to shed their clothes because they think that's beneficial to them. I would much rather chose a creative way - like in a movie. ~ Michelle Trachtenberg
Beneficial To Them quotes by Michelle Trachtenberg
Take the common Buddhist practice of "noting," for example: practitioners learn to label their worries and feelings with a simple tag like "thinking" or "anger," taking note of them mindfully without engaging them directly. In a 2007 study, the UCLA psychologist Matthew Lieberman showed thirty volunteers fear-provoking images and then asked them to note their feelings ("I feel afraid") as he monitored their brain activity. Upon seeing the unpleasant images, the subjects' amygdalae lit up at first, but the labeling process soon sparked activity in the right ventrolateral prefrontal cortex, damping activity in the amygdala. Lieberman believes this mindful noting - the simple act of putting our feelings into words - helps the brain disambiguate our emotions and provide a level of detachment from them. "One of the ways labeling is useful is in talking with other people," he told me. "If you can get someone to talk about their feelings, it'll end up being beneficial to them in ways they may not realize." (Writing about how we feel in a journal serves the same purpose; it helps us sort out emotions, like anxiety, on a deeper subconscious level.) ~ Taylor Clark
Beneficial To Them quotes by Taylor Clark
After listening to hundreds and hundreds of [people's] stories over the last twenty years, I think I would have to say that most people do not recognize the strength of the life force in them or the many ways that it shows itself to them...So when people first come, this is the place we usually start - talking about life itself, our attitude toward it, our experience of it, our trust or distrust of it. Developing an eye to see it, in others and in ourselves. In the beginning is the life force. After more than fifty years of living, I have learned it can be trusted. ~ Rachel Naomi Remen
Beneficial To Them quotes by Rachel Naomi Remen
Find at least one person each day, and more if possible, in whom you see some good quality that is worthy of praise, and praise it. Remember, however, that this praise must not be in the nature of cheap, insincere flattery; it must be genuine. Speak your words of praise with such earnestness that they will impress those to whom you speak. Then watch what happens. You will have rendered those whom you praise a decided benefit of great value to them, ~ Napoleon Hill
Beneficial To Them quotes by Napoleon Hill
I believe that the mindset that allows you to spend your working life thanking and congratulating people rather than being unpleasant to them is the mainstay of good leadership. ~ Tim Waterstone
Beneficial To Them quotes by Tim Waterstone
I have always regarded Paine as one of the greatest of all Americans. Never have we had a sounder intelligence in this republic ... It was my good fortune to encounter Thomas Paine's works in my boyhood ... it was, indeed, a revelation to me to read that great thinker's views on political and theological subjects. Paine educated me, then, about many matters of which I had never before thought. I remember, very vividly, the flash of enlightenment that shone from Paine's writings, and I recall thinking, at that time, 'What a pity these works are not today the schoolbooks for all children!' My interest in Paine was not satisfied by my first reading of his works. I went back to them time and again, just as I have done since my boyhood days. ~ Thomas A. Edison
Beneficial To Them quotes by Thomas A. Edison
The mark of a successful author isn't whether he/she becomes rich and famous. Success is a story worthy enough to touch, move, or inspire even one reader in a way that is meaningful to them. ~ Lianne Miller
Beneficial To Them quotes by Lianne Miller
The Muslim world just doesn't believe that skin color is all that important. Obama may be half-black, but he's still all-Western, according to them. It doesn't matter whether you're black, white or green - if you're not a devotee of Muhammad, you don't matter. ~ Ben Shapiro
Beneficial To Them quotes by Ben Shapiro
know what it is to love someone and to say the most terrible things to them, in anger or anguish. ~ Paula Hawkins
Beneficial To Them quotes by Paula Hawkins
You cannot control bad things that happen to you any more than you can control the weather. It's less about the things that happen and more about how you react to them. ~ Robert J. Crane
Beneficial To Them quotes by Robert J. Crane
You'd die for them, happily," Hal had said, in the long night watch when I'd kept him breathing. "Your family. But at the same time you think, Christ, I can't die! What might happen to them if I weren't here? ~ Diana Gabaldon
Beneficial To Them quotes by Diana Gabaldon
There are moments in my life when I feel like I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, doing exactly what I'm supposed to do. I pay attention to them. They're my cosmic landmarks, letting me know I'm on the right path. Now that I'm older and can look back and see where I missed a turn here and there, and know the price I paid for those oversights, I try to look sharper at the present. ~ Karen Marie Moning
Beneficial To Them quotes by Karen Marie Moning
Henry, this isn't about us. I mean it is, but they don't define you by the button you wear. They define you by what you do, by what your actions say about you. And coming here, despite your parents, says a lot to them- and me. And they're Americans first. They don't see you as the enemy. They see you as a person. ~ Jamie Ford
Beneficial To Them quotes by Jamie Ford
If someone takes it upon themself to compliment you, don't explain to them why the compliment is misplaced or undeserving, say "thank you" and smile; that was the purpose. ~ Travis Culliton
Beneficial To Them quotes by Travis Culliton
When you are offended at anyone's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. By attending to them, you will forget your anger and learn to live wisely. ~ Marcus Aurelius
Beneficial To Them quotes by Marcus Aurelius
Sheep are funny," the Whitlock said. "Now, you look at how they behave when you throw some grub over the fence to them, such as corn stalks. Why, they'll spot that from a mile away." The Whitlock chuckled. "They're smart when it comes to what concerns them. And maybe that helps us see what true smartness is; it isn't having read a lot of big books, or knowing long's being able to spot what's to our advantage. It's got to be useful to be real smartness. ~ Philip K. Dick
Beneficial To Them quotes by Philip K. Dick
Parties who want milk should not seat themselves on a stool in the middle of the field in hope that the cow will back up to them. ~ Elbert Hubbard
Beneficial To Them quotes by Elbert Hubbard
I was not 15 anymore, and choices no longer had that same clear, bright edge to them. ~ Geraldine Brooks
Beneficial To Them quotes by Geraldine Brooks
In your intercourse with sects, the sublime and abstruse doctrines of Christian belief belong to the Church; but the faith of the individual, centred in his heart, is, or may be, collateral to them. Faith is subjective. ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Beneficial To Them quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Don't send out a newsletter just to send out a newsletter. One newsletter a year that is really interesting is more beneficial than 12 that are boring. If you write two or three boring newsletters in a row, your readers will start to think you write boring books. ~ M.J. Rose
Beneficial To Them quotes by M.J. Rose
I went back and listened to the first three albums I made and tried to figure out what was special about them, why people keep going back to them. I think it was because I didn't know what I was doing. I had no idea if they were going to play it on the radio or anything. All I did was write songs, so that's what I got back to. ~ Brian McKnight
Beneficial To Them quotes by Brian McKnight
It is one of the gains of advancing age that the good of young creatures becomes a more definite intense joy to us. With that renunciation for ourselves which age inevitably brings, we get more freedom of soul to enter into the life of others; what we can never learn they will know, and the gladness which is a departed sunlight to us is rising with the strength of morning to them. ~ George Eliot
Beneficial To Them quotes by George Eliot
Never burn your bridges till you come to them. ~ Clayton Rawson
Beneficial To Them quotes by Clayton Rawson
I owe everything I have to them when I'm out there on the mound. But I owe the fans nothing and they owe me nothing when I am not pitching. ~ Christy Mathewson
Beneficial To Them quotes by Christy Mathewson
My favorite band is probably The Cure. We can throw Talking Heads in there too, I listen to them a lot. But The Cure. ~ Analeigh Tipton
Beneficial To Them quotes by Analeigh Tipton
You can force compliance with your directions, you can require obedience, but you can't mandate enthusiasm, creativity, fresh thinking, or inspiration. If you value that, then people need to feel ownership of the work, and the leader must cede some control to them. ~ Roger Nierenberg
Beneficial To Them quotes by Roger Nierenberg
Thank you for reminding Canada that I'm a disappointment to them. I like hockey, I love it, but I'm not an avid hockey - let's face it, true Canadian - fan. I've always been more into snowboarding and skateboarding and sort of the alternative sports, I'm not crazy about hockey - but love it! ~ Dustin Milligan
Beneficial To Them quotes by Dustin Milligan
The same virtues, in the end, the same virtue (love), are required throughout, and fantasy (self) can prevent us from seeing a blade of grass just as it can prevent us from seeing another person. An increasing awareness of 'goods' and the attempt (usually only partially successful) to attend to them purely, without self, brings with it an increasing awareness of the unity and interdependence of the moral world. One-seeking intelligence is the image of faith. ~ Iris Murdoch
Beneficial To Them quotes by Iris Murdoch
When I was 10 or 11, my grandmother had a scarf. It was black, but a long one. I used to wrap it around my head and say to them that 'I'm a cleric, you need to pray behind me.' ~ Hassan Nasrallah
Beneficial To Them quotes by Hassan Nasrallah
What is love? Is it a lightning bolt that instantaneously unites two souls in utter infatuation and admiration through the meeting of a simple innocent stare? Or is it a lustful seed that is sown in a dark dingy bar one sweaty summer's night only to be nurtured with romantic rendezvous as it matures into a beautiful flower? Is it a river springing forth, creating lifelong bonds through experiences, heartaches, and missed opportunities? Or is it a thunderstorm that slowly rolls in, climaxing with an awesome display of unbridled passion, only to succumb to its inevitable fade into the distance? I define love as education....
It teaches us to learn from our opportunities, and made the stupidest of decisions for the rightest of reasons. It gives us a hint of what "it" should be and feel like, but then encourages us to think outside the box and develop our own understanding of what "it" could be. Those that choose to embrace and learn from love's educational peaks and valleys are the ones that will eventually find true love, that one in a million. Those that don't are destined to be consumed with the inevitable ring around the rosy of fake I love you's and failed relationships. I have been lucky enough to have some of the most amazing teachers throughout my romantic evolution and it is to them that I dedicate this book. The lessons in life, passion and love they taught me have helped shape who I am today and who I will be tomorrow. To the love that stains my heart, but define ~ Ivan Rusilko
Beneficial To Them quotes by Ivan Rusilko
It's always fun to walk down the street with or behind a really beautiful woman, for no reason other than to see how the world reacts to them. ~ Jonathan Carroll
Beneficial To Them quotes by Jonathan Carroll
He's tall, taller than Kyol, but not as thickly muscled, and his silver eyes, while intense, have a lighter, livelier hue to them. He's wearing a poorly made, dark jaedric cuirass over a once-white tunic, loose gray pants, and scuffed black boots. His golden-blond hair looks like it's been chopped off with a knife or, perhaps, the sword in his hand. Despite his haphazard appearance, he's confident, he's alert, and he's completely focused on me, his prey. ~ Sandy Williams
Beneficial To Them quotes by Sandy Williams
I think well-read people - the world is open to them. ~ Avi Arad
Beneficial To Them quotes by Avi Arad
It is impossible for me to be all sugar one day and spit venom the next. I'd rather choose the golden mean (which is not so golden), keep my thoughts to myself, and try for once to be just as disdainful to them as they are to me. Oh, if only I could! ~ Anne Frank
Beneficial To Them quotes by Anne Frank
he should accept with patience the tribulation which has actually been dealt out to him - the present anxiety and suspense. It is about this that he is to say 'Thy will be done', and for the daily task of bearing this that the daily bread will be provided. It is your business to see that the patient never thinks of the present fear as his appointed cross, but only of the things he is afraid of. Let him regard them as his crosses: let him forget that, since they are incompatible, they cannot all happen to him, and let him try to practise fortitude and patience to them all in advance. For real resignation, at the same moment, to a dozen different and hypothetical fates, is almost impossible, ~ C.S. Lewis
Beneficial To Them quotes by C.S. Lewis
There was nothing she could say to them
nothing would be heard or answered. What were the weapons, she thought, in a realm where reason was not a weapon any longer? It was a realm she could not enter. ~ Ayn Rand
Beneficial To Them quotes by Ayn Rand
I want to be singing to everybody, and I want everybody to think that I'm singing to them. Guys, girls and everyone in between. ~ Joan Jett
Beneficial To Them quotes by Joan Jett
One reason inflation is so destructive is because some people benefit greatly while other people suffer; society is divided into winners and losers. The winners regard the good things that happen to them as the natural result of their own foresight, prudence, and initiative. They regard the bad things, the rise in the prices of the things they buy, as produced by forces outside their control. Almost everyone will say that he is against inflation; what he generally means is that he is against the bad things that have happened to him. ~ Milton Friedman
Beneficial To Them quotes by Milton Friedman
I've never really taken myself seriously as an actor, It is surprising the amount of people who think I'm going to be really dumb. I think they think anyone who has done teen movies is just an idiot. I don't know, maybe I am. Some of the best actors, if you talk to them, they're not the smartest people in the world. ~ Robert Pattinson
Beneficial To Them quotes by Robert Pattinson
We still got roaches on the bed, walls, and floors, but Troy ain't even crying 'bout them no more. He probably too used to them by now. ~ Coe Booth
Beneficial To Them quotes by Coe Booth
Tell The Truth.
Most of your problems come from not telling the truth.
The lies you tell, even to spare other people's feelings, always come back to haunt you.
If you simply tell people what you mean you would be better off, a lot happier, not trapped in some awkward social situation. Others will know where they standand will be more honest with you.
They won't expect you to be what you're not. They won'tneed to test you to discover your intentions. You won't have to make excuses for not doing things you didn't want to do or explain why you prefer to do what like to do. They'll know.
Telling the truth and being your own person are closely linked. A strong person says what he or she means. A weak person lies to please others. A strong person lets the truth be other people's problem. A weak person holds the truth inside and complains about being treated unfairly.
What is telling the truth hurts other people's feelings? You're not supposed to tell people that they look fat, are stupid or ugly. That's just being rude.
Tell the truth avout what you feel, want, and like and mean what you say. If other's get hurt by your truth, they'll have to deal with it. Others may not like what you say, but they'll respect you for being honest and they'll survive better than if you lie to them.
If you lie to please people, they won't really believe you. They'll be suspicious and suffer with every inconsistency they find in your story. You'll b ~ David Viscott
Beneficial To Them quotes by David Viscott
When Tommy asked me to speak to the students, I immediately told him no. I was finally comfortable talking to people individually about my faith, but I still didn't want anything to do with public speaking. But then I thought about the idea for three or four days and it was really nagging at me. I called Tommy back and told him to line it up.
When I arrived at the classroom a few days later, there were about fifty kids there. I stood in the front of the class and told them I was a hunter and fisherman, but I loved the Lord, and I told them why. I went through my entire testimony and shared the Gospel with them. I was so nervous talking to them that every time I tried to turn a page in my Bible, I ripped about three pages! My hand was shaking so badly that I couldn't stop ripping pages! I kept looking up to see if anyone had noticed how nervous I was. I couldn't wait for my talk to end.
But after I was finished talking, a young boy came up to me. He had tears in his eyes.
"Thanks, mister," he said. "I really needed to hear that."
I couldn't believe God had used a simple guy like me to have this kind of impact on a kid. ~ Jase Robertson
Beneficial To Them quotes by Jase Robertson
In my photographic work I was always especially entranced, said Austerlitz, by the moment when the shadows of reality, so to speak, emerge out of nothing on the exposed paper, as memories do in the middle of the night, darkening again if you try to cling to them, just like a photographic print left in the developing bath too long. ~ W.G. Sebald
Beneficial To Them quotes by W.G. Sebald
Pastor: One employed by the wicked to prove to them by his example that virtue doesn't pay. ~ H.L. Mencken
Beneficial To Them quotes by H.L. Mencken
You parents and you families whose lives must be reordered because of a handicapped one, whose
resources and time must be devoted to them, are special heros. You are manifesting the works of God
with every thought, with every gesture of tenderness and care you extend to the handicapped loved one.
Never mind the tears nor the hours of regret and discouragement; never mind the times when you feel
you cannot stand another day of what is required. You are living the principles of the Gospel of Jesus
Christ in exceptional purity. And you perfect yourself in the process, 6 April 1991 ~ Boyd K. Packer
Beneficial To Them quotes by Boyd K. Packer
One feels, in this possessive relationship, enriched, creative, and active; one feels one's own little flame of being is increased by another and so in order not to lose this source of completeness one fears the loss of the other, and so possessive fears come into being with all their resulting problems. Thus in this relationship of psychological dependence, there must always be conscious or unconscious fear, suspicion, which often lies hidden in pleasant-sounding words..

Though one is dependent on another, there is yet the desire to be inviolate, to be whole. The complex problem in relationship is how to love without dependence, without friction and conflict; how to conquer the desire to isolate oneself, to withdraw from the cause of conflict. If we depend for our happiness on another, on society, or on environment, they become essential to us; we cling to them and any alteration of these we violently oppose because we depend upon them for our psychological security and comfort. Though, intellectually, we may perceive that life is a continual process of flux, mutation, necessitating constant change, yet emotionally or sentimentally we cling to the established and comforting values; hence there is a constant battle between change and the desire for permanency. Is it possible to put an end to this conflict? ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
Beneficial To Them quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
Strange, is it not, my brothers, how often in America those great watchwords of human energy - 'Be strong!' 'Know thyself!' 'Hitch your wagon to a star!' - how often these die away into dim whispers when we face these seething millions of black men? And yet do they not belong to them? Are they not their heritage as well as yours? ~ W.E.B. Du Bois
Beneficial To Them quotes by W.E.B. Du Bois
Openness explains the ability to innovate and come up with big ideas because you're open to them, and fluid intelligence explains the ability to go and execute. ~ Adeo Ressi
Beneficial To Them quotes by Adeo Ressi
One mode of anti-frontier and anti-self-reliance propaganda is contemporary hysteria about gun control – a part of the materialistic determinism of the hour. To the superficial minds of "Liberals," collectivists, Marxians, et al., instruments are supposed to act upon man, and men (no longer self-reliant) merely to be acted upon: to them, murder lies in the gun and not in the soul of man. So they think that to deprive men of guns would prevent man from murder!

"What the Power Boys – the insiders – behind the gun controls really want, of course, is not to control guns but to control us. They want registration so that they can confiscate; they want to confiscate so that they will have power and we shall be powerless – even as we live today upon a wild frontier demanding ever more self-reliance.

"On the old frontier, men had to rely upon themselves and had to be armed until there were sound laws and until law-enforcement officers could enforce the laws. Today laws against thieves, muggers, thugs, rapist, arsonists, looters, murderers (thanks largely to the "Liberal" majority on the Supreme Court) are diluted almost to the point of abolition; the Marshal Dillons of the world, thanks to the same Court, are disarmed or emasculated, they are told to respect the "rights" of thieves, muggers, thugs, rapists, arsonists, looters, muggers, above the right of good citizens to be secure from such felons.

"Good citizens, deprived of the processes of the law o ~ Edward Merrill Root
Beneficial To Them quotes by Edward Merrill Root
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