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#1. The lapels of Sprat's many-buckled jacket were covered with buttons. Most of them belonged to bands, but a few were pretty funny. Like the one that read 'MY FAMILY'S A FREAKSHOW WITHOUT A TENT' and the one that boldly proclaimed 'I (HEART) BEING AWESOME'. Vlad pointed to the one that read 'I'M SO GOTH PEOPLE ASK ME TO AUTOGRAPH BOXES OF COUNT CHOCULA' and smirked. - Author: Heather Brewer
Being Awesome quotes by Heather Brewer
#2. Not the most beautiful, or artistic, or intellectual of cities in Italy, Ascoli Piceno is certainly one of the most easy going and affable, good to look at without being awesome. It is energetic and worldly, and it eats well. - Author: Kate Simon
Being Awesome quotes by Kate Simon
#3. I love being AWESOME! - Author: James Gagnon
Being Awesome quotes by James Gagnon
#4. It's always really cool when you get to play with someone who you like and they go out of their way to be nice to you; it's not just a 'oh I played with them but I didn't meet them' sort of situation, so shout out to those guys for being awesome. - Author: Hoodie Allen
Being Awesome quotes by Hoodie Allen
#5. There's a security guard, like, ten feet away. I could have you kicked out of here."
"For what? Being awesome? - Author: Victoria Scott
Being Awesome quotes by Victoria Scott
#6. Thank you for being awesome. Yes you. Yes awesome. - Author: Scott Stabile
Being Awesome quotes by Scott Stabile
#7. It's tough being AWESOME all the time, but the kids need someone to look up to! - Author: Tanya Masse
Being Awesome quotes by Tanya Masse
#8. Well, you do have all those gray hairs." I point to the few silver strands coming through.
"They're not gray," Mom barks at me as she opens her door. "They're strands of glittery goodness. - Author: Margaret McHeyzer
Being Awesome quotes by Margaret McHeyzer
#9. The more she thought of it, the more that luck seemed the opposite of being awesome. One was something you did; the other was something that happened to you no matter what you did. Course, - Author: Brandon Sanderson
Being Awesome quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#10. I learned a simple lesson about being awesome: always play to the size of your heart, not to the size of your audience. Awesome doesn't let the crowd determine the size of the performance. Awesome gets up for two people or 200. Awesome writes great books even if no one is going to read them. Awesome sweeps the parts of store floors that no foot will ever touch. Awesome can't help itself. Awesome has a huge heart. And that's what it always plays to. The size of the crowd doesn't matter. The applause of the audience doesn't matter. - Author: Jon Acuff
Being Awesome quotes by Jon Acuff
#11. Being awesome makes me hungry. - Author: Barry Goldberg
Being Awesome quotes by Barry Goldberg
#12. It's certainly TOUGH being AWESOME all
the time, but I do it so the kids have someone to look up to! - Author: Tanya Masse
Being Awesome quotes by Tanya Masse
#13. Once your excuses are gone, you will simply have to settle for being awesome! - Author: Lorii Myers
Being Awesome quotes by Lorii Myers
#14. Being in the infirmary when you'd gotten injured being awesome was totally different from being in the Infirmary for doing something dumb. - Author: Holly Black
Being Awesome quotes by Holly Black
#15. Weird is just a side-effect of being awesome! - Author: Jean Gilbert
Being Awesome quotes by Jean Gilbert
#16. Well," she said, getting more comfortable, "Here's what I've got so far. I'm going to college and getting a Ph.D. in being awesome. That's a thing, right? Everyone will call me Dr. Kitten and pay me megabucks to diagnose all their problems. Because, of course, I will have all the answers. - Author: Gena Showalter
Being Awesome quotes by Gena Showalter
#17. It is so rightly said that you only live once, but if you live it right, once is enough. Let you remind yourself that you are not only one in billions of people, but you are once in a lifetime kind of person. Let you leave no kind word unsaid, leave no good deed undone & never miss a single opportunity of celebration, occasion or possibility of feeling good or making your life & your world more beautiful. Let you stop sitting on fence waiting for your turn foolishly or just hanging on to the handrails. Let you opt for the joyful ride of your life everyday & throw as much paint as you can on the canvas of your life making it more irresistible, graceful & meaningful. Let you realize that any time spent on being unhappy, detesting or loathing is wasted. Stay Blessed & Keep Being Awesome! - Author: Rajesh Goyal
Being Awesome quotes by Rajesh Goyal
#18. One time I considered making a video game about my life where people control a character called 'Zach Braff' and run around being awesome. Then I realized that getting to pretend to be me would be like shooting up heroin for anyone who played it, and I don't want that on my conscience. - Author: Zach Braff
Being Awesome quotes by Zach Braff
#19. The purest form of thanksgiving unto God is a reflected in our knowledge and understanding about who He is, not what we receive from Him! Thanksgiving is a continuous celebration of God's awesome nature and Supreme Being! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
Being Awesome quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#20. In Christianity we seem to be too conscious of God, though we say that in him we live and move and have our being. Zen wants to have this last trace of God-consciousness, if possible, obliterated. That is why Zen masters advise us not to linger where the Buddha is, and to pass quickly away where he is not. - Author: D.T. Suzuki
Being Awesome quotes by D.T. Suzuki
#21. Francis Spufford, using very contemporary idiom, calls for the same thing in this way. When discussing our sinfulness, he says: What we're talking about here is not just our tendency to lurch and stumble and screw up by accident, our passive role as agents of entropy. It's our active inclination to break stuff, "stuff" here including . . . promises, relationships we care about and our own well-being and other people's. . . . [You are] a being whose wants make no sense, don't harmonize: whose desires deep down are discordantly arranged, so that you truly want to possess and you truly want not to at the very same time. You're equipped, you realize, more for farce (or even tragedy) than happy endings. . . . You're human, and that's where we live; that's our normal experience.180 Until we fully acknowledge the chaos within us that the Bible calls sin, we live in what Calvin calls "unreality. - Author: Timothy J. Keller
Being Awesome quotes by Timothy J. Keller
#22. In an age of increasingly mechanized production, the genesis of scientific knowledge remains an unyieldingly, obstreperously hand-hewn process. It is among the most human of our activities. Far from being subsumed by the dehumanizing effects of technology, science remains our last stand against it. - Author: Siddhartha Mukherjee
Being Awesome quotes by Siddhartha Mukherjee
#23. I'm probably proudest of being able to lift a lot of us out of the 'hood. That's the biggest thing, that I've been able to employ a lot of people and give them opportunities. - Author: Queen Latifah
Being Awesome quotes by Queen Latifah
#24. I was conveniently bisexual for a long time, and then I went, 'Come on, who am I kidding?' And I have to say, it was the single biggest step I took toward emotional well-being, to stop feeling like I had to hide who I am. - Author: Alan Ball
Being Awesome quotes by Alan Ball
#25. There's no more delicious irony on the face of the Earth than environmental protesters being led away in plastic handcuffs that have a biodegradability horizon line of, like, 40,000 years. - Author: Dennis Miller
Being Awesome quotes by Dennis Miller
#26. I have chiseled features. Look. Look how chiseled they are. And my teeth are at least as white as his. You seriously think he's good-lookin'?"
"I do," said Tanith.
"Right," Sanguine said and nodded. "I'm gonna kill him."
She kept her laugh soft so it wouldn't travel. "I think he's good-looking, but I think you're better looking."
"Oh," Sanguine said. "I mean, yeah. I am. I'm glad you noticed. - Author: Derek Landy
Being Awesome quotes by Derek Landy
#27. You're going to have to speak up for yourself - and I learned that after always being, for lack of a better word, crapped on. - Author: Keke Palmer
Being Awesome quotes by Keke Palmer
#28. Trust your Heart. Value its intuition. Choose to let go of fear, and to open to the true and you will awaken to the freedom, clarity and joy of Being - Author: Mooji
Being Awesome quotes by Mooji
#29. I didn't mind getting old when I was young. It's the being old now that's getting to me. - Author: John Scalzi
Being Awesome quotes by John Scalzi
#30. Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning ... They have to play with what they know to be true in order to find out more, and then they can use what they learn in new forms of play. - Author: Fred Rogers
Being Awesome quotes by Fred Rogers
#31. The most important thing in an argument, next to being right, is to leave an escape hatch for your opponent, so that he can gracefully swing over to your side without too much apparent loss of face. - Author: Sydney J. Harris
Being Awesome quotes by Sydney J. Harris
#32. Was she ever grumpy? Did she ever yell? Fall about laughing? Eat too much? Drink too much? Call out for someone to bring her toilet paper? Lose her car keys? Was she ever just a human being? - Author: Liane Moriarty
Being Awesome quotes by Liane Moriarty
#33. Among the great things which are to be found among us, the being of nothingness is the greatest. - Author: Leonardo Da Vinci
Being Awesome quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci
#34. My being a psycho is actually good news for you in some ways. It means I am 100% practical and not encumbered by other considerations.
In fact maybe that is the simplest definition of a psycho; someone who is 100% practical. Yes, I like that. - Author: Jake Remington
Being Awesome quotes by Jake Remington
#35. We grow up being told about great figures in our society, and as you get older you have to question the stories you've been told and decide if these great figures are indeed as great as you've been told. - Author: Jonathan Stroud
Being Awesome quotes by Jonathan Stroud
#36. The New Women! I could barely recognize them as being of the same sex as myself ... They are satiated by everything, hungry for nothing. They are what I wanted to be; they are what I worked for them to be: and now I see them, I hate them. - Author: Fay Weldon
Being Awesome quotes by Fay Weldon
#37. I love being in love. It's the best feeling in the world. I have never felt like this before. - Author: Ranveer Singh
Being Awesome quotes by Ranveer Singh
#38. Subtle brain differences often cause people like me to respond differently - strangely even - to common life situations. Most of us have a hard time with social situations; some of us feel downright crippled. We get frustrated because we're so good at some things, while being completely inept at others. There's just no balance. It's a very difficult way to live, because our strengths seem to contrast so sharply with our weaknesses. "You read so well, and you're so smart! I can't believe you can't do what I told you. You must be faking!" I heard that a lot as a kid. - Author: John Elder Robison
Being Awesome quotes by John Elder Robison
#39. A great many people do believe that to be single is to be somehow incomplete and that they need to find the other half. [...] We believe, on the other hand, that the fundamental sexual unit is one person. Adding more people to that unit may be intimate, fun and companionable, but does not complete anybody. - Author: Dossie Easton
Being Awesome quotes by Dossie Easton
#40. Although our body gets older, our spirit only experiences present time. So, the question is: Why can we remember the past but not predict the future? And the answer is related to our purpose as a spiritual being. If we knew the future, we could easily avoid responsibility and delay our spiritual development. - Author: Daniel Marques
Being Awesome quotes by Daniel Marques
#41. I am a planter - a cotton planter. I am a Southern man and a slaveholder - a kind and a merciful one, I trust - and none the worse for being a slaveholder. - Author: John C. Calhoun
Being Awesome quotes by John C. Calhoun
#42. It was the chance--just the chance--to come fully alive; to love someone else so completely that you would never again feel alone. That was it, wasn't it? The promise of being engulfed by love and passion and intimacy; to connect in a way that gently sutured together the souls. - Author: Jonathan Hull
Being Awesome quotes by Jonathan   Hull
#43. You have a destiny and a purpose that no one else on this earth can fulfill ... and you have traveled a unique journey that has equipped you along the way with the tools you need to carry it out. - Author: Mandy Hale
Being Awesome quotes by Mandy Hale
#44. The thing about being a songwriter, once you realize you are one, is that to provide ammo, you start to become an observer. ... You're constantly on the alert. That faculty gets trained in you over the years: observing people, how they react to one another, which in a way makes you weirdly distant ... It's a little of Peeping Tom, being a song-writer. - Author: Keith Richards
Being Awesome quotes by Keith Richards
#45. Sometimes my dad even gets on this kick
'You hate this country' ... I have to tell him ... I just hate being lied to. - Author: Bill Hicks
Being Awesome quotes by Bill Hicks
#46. Dear sir, Mr. B.J. Thing ... er ... we the people of Britain are fed up with being bombed. We had enough of it last time with old Hitler so will you just leave us in peace, you live your life and we'll live ours, hope you are well ... please don't drop any bombs.
Yours sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. J. Bloggs - Author: Raymond Briggs
Being Awesome quotes by Raymond Briggs
#47. Freud ... showed us that poetry is indigenous to the very constitution of the mind ; he saw the mind as being, in the greater part of its tendency, exactly a poetry-making faculty. - Author: Lionel Trilling
Being Awesome quotes by Lionel Trilling
#48. The first author I remember being obsessed by, actually realizing 'I like the way he writes and I like the way he tells stories,' was C.S. Lewis and the 'Narnia' books. - Author: Neil Gaiman
Being Awesome quotes by Neil Gaiman
#49. Being more missional might actually mean doing fewer things. There is a Latin American proverb that says, "If you don't know where you're coming from, and if you don't know where you're going, then any bus will do." Some congregations are clearly riding too many busesl What they need is not more flurry, but more focus. Becoming disciplined about being a missional church can provide such a focus.[16 - Author: Michael Frost
Being Awesome quotes by Michael Frost
#50. I think my biggest learning experience is that it's okay to be who you are - you don't have to exactly fit the mold of what people think a certain kind of career is. I think that discovery - of really knowing who I am and being okay with that and loving myself - was amazing. - Author: Dree Hemingway
Being Awesome quotes by Dree Hemingway
#51. Every little kid that steps on the court or the field has aspirations to go pro. I think being a pro basketball player is the best job. The thing I had to realize was that I can't do every dream that I have. - Author: Brian McKnight
Being Awesome quotes by Brian McKnight
#52. To err is to wander and wandering is the way we discover the world and lost in thought it is the also the way we discover ourselves. Being right might be gratifying but in the end it is static a mere statement. Being wrong is hard and humbling and sometimes even dangerous but in the end it is a journey and a story. Who really wants to stay at home and be right when you can don your armor spring up on your steed and go forth to explore the world True you might get lost along get stranded in a swamp have a scare at the edge of a cliff thieves might steal your gold brigands might imprison you in a cave sorcerers might turn you into a toad but what of what To fuck up is to find adventure: it is in the spirit that this book is written. - Author: Kathryn Schulz
Being Awesome quotes by Kathryn Schulz
#53. Sometimes, you feel like being watched from behind by someone.
When you turned, it's just nothing, nobody, none,
or only someone who's daydreaming and staring right through you. - Author: Toba Beta
Being Awesome quotes by Toba Beta
#54. Work aside, I think would have ended up in the U.S. because I like being here a lot. I really do. - Author: Raza Jaffrey
Being Awesome quotes by Raza Jaffrey
#55. Every human being in the human form has limitations. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
Being Awesome quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#56. I remember always being baffled by other children. I would be at a birthday party and watch the other kids giggling and making faces, and I would try to do that, too, but I wouldn't understand why. I would site there with the tight elastic thread of the birthday hat parting the pudge of my underchin, with the grainy frosting of the cake bluing my teeth, and I would try to figure out why it was fun. - Author: Gillian Flynn
Being Awesome quotes by Gillian Flynn
#57. Everybody wants to be fancy and new. Nobody wants to be themselves. I mean, maybe people want to be themselves, but they want to be different, with different clothes or shorter hair or less fat. It's a fact. If there was a guy who just liked being himself and didn't want to be anybody else, that guy would be the most different guy in the world and everybody would want to be him. - Author: Donald Miller
Being Awesome quotes by Donald Miller
#58. I don't care about being famous or having a lot of people go, "She's really good." - Author: Laurie Anderson
Being Awesome quotes by Laurie Anderson
#59. He's happier." Sully stares down at me. "He's happier with you too, you know." We're both smiling for a long moment. Being the cause of someone's happiness, well - that feels like love, doesn't it? - Author: Krista Ritchie
Being Awesome quotes by Krista Ritchie
#60. All companies would be better off if they stopped trying to be amazing and just focused on being useful. - Author: Jay Baer
Being Awesome quotes by Jay Baer
#61. Nick continued, unable to keep the smug smile form his lips. "Shall I tell you what I would do if I discovered I'd been a royal ass and had lost the only woman I'd ever really wanted?"
Ralston's eyes narrowed on his brother. "I don't imagine I could stop you."
Indeed not," Nick said, "I can tell you I wouldn't be standing in this godforsaken field in this godforsaken cold waiting for that idiot Oxford to shoot at me. I would walk away from this ridiculous, antiquated exercise, and I would find that womand tell her that I was a royal ass. And then I would do whatever it takes to convince her that she should take a chance on me despite my being a royal ass. And once that's done, I would get her, immediatley, to the nearest vicar and get the girl married. And with child. - Author: Sarah MacLean
Being Awesome quotes by Sarah MacLean
#62. The problem with being talented and gifted is sometimes you get too smart. My uncle Henry says the importance of eating a good breakfast is because your brain is still growing. But nobody talks about how, sometimes, your brain can get just too big. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Being Awesome quotes by Chuck Palahniuk

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