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Often we hate in others the thing which we fear in ourselves; or we hate because the other person raises to our consciousness some fault or inadequacy which we would prefer to have remain unconscious, and therefore without power to disturb our self-complacency. ~ Frances G. Wickes
Behrmann Projection quotes by Frances G. Wickes
If you say, 'Now I look like an old man', you will start to look like an old man. If you say, 'No, I look like a young man now', you will start to look like a young man. What you project is what you will see. Soul is the form of projection and if false projections are done, the worldly life is created! If you come to a state free of false belief (wrong projection), You will be in the state of the 'Real form of the Self' (mood swaroop). ~ Dada Bhagwan
Behrmann Projection quotes by Dada Bhagwan
Much of appreciating art or music is really the interpretation of the listener. To a certain extent it's projection - it's what people need or lack in themselves that they then put upon these people that they admire. ~ Conor Oberst
Behrmann Projection quotes by Conor Oberst
Animus is the soul in woman just as anima is the soul in man. Animus usually personifies himself as a masculine force and appears in women's dreams as a masculine figure. Women relate to their animus side differently than men relate to anima, but there is one thing that men and women have in common: Romantic love always consists in the projection of the soul-image. When a woman falls in love it is animus that she sees projected onto the mortal man before her. When a man drinks of the love potion, it is anima, his soul, that he sees superimposed on a woman. ~ Robert A. Johnson
Behrmann Projection quotes by Robert A. Johnson
An interior is the natural projection of the soul. ~ Coco Chanel
Behrmann Projection quotes by Coco Chanel
Perception is projection ~ Gerad Kite
Behrmann Projection quotes by Gerad Kite
According to current birthrate projections, France will be a majority Muslim country anyway in about 50 years ... I get a lot of e-mails from Americans who think that Europeans are spineless. And I think they're right. ~ Pat Condell
Behrmann Projection quotes by Pat Condell
I haven't been disingenuous in what I've said describing my perception of "truth" and "reality." Certainly, I understand what is generally meant to be the "truth," I understand this notion, but it's not something I trust in, OK?

The only answer that feels true (I said feels, not is) is that yes, the character Minnie is me, but she is not me. She is a projection of some tumult which originates within me, but she is not me. I use elements of myself, including my likeness, for the character, perhaps as Cindy Sherman uses herself in her work, but like Sherman's photographs, the work itself is not any more about the creator than it is about everyone. I won't deny that Minnie does things I have done, and that things happen to her that have happened to me, but she, unlike me, having been created, is who she is and will remain so, unchanged now. I make no attempt to create "documentary." There is a process of dissociation that takes place when I make a story, I make creative decisions in a fugue state that I could hardly describe to you, but the end result is, I hope, a story with some meaning or resonance, something created, with a beginning, a middle and an end, an encapsulation of feeling and impression, but in no way a documentary of anything other than an "emotional truth."

If I told most interviewers that my work is "true" and that it is based on real events that occurred in my life, they would more readily accept this than they do the explanation I try to ~ Phoebe Gloeckner
Behrmann Projection quotes by Phoebe Gloeckner
Mermaids weren't mammalian. They couldn't be. Too many sightings focused on their 'slender backs' and 'narrow waists'--features that seemed reasonable to modern readers with modern beauty standards, but which made no sense for an Italian fisherman during the plague years, or a Puerto Rican swimmer in the 1920s. If the mermaid had been an idealized projection of a human woman onto a marine mammal, she would have looked different every time, fat during some eras, thin during others, not consistently slim to the point of freezing in oceanic waters. The people who described mermaids were describing a real creature, something that wasn't mammalian, but looked mammalian enough to make a tempting lure. And why would anything lure sailors, if not as a form of sustenance? ~ Mira Grant
Behrmann Projection quotes by Mira Grant
Without good communication, a relationship is merely a hollow vessel carrying you along on a frustrating journey fraught with the perils of confusion, projection, and misunderstanding. ~ Cherie Carter-Scott
Behrmann Projection quotes by Cherie Carter-Scott
So much of what a pet is about for us is that it becomes a vessel for yearnings, dreams, illusions, hopes and so forth. It's a projection of the ultimate innocence and purity. That's why it's hard to see a dog in its dogness. That's why, when some harm comes to a dog, it's much harder for an audience to deal with that, more so than dealing with harm that comes to a child or anything human. ~ Todd Solondz
Behrmann Projection quotes by Todd Solondz
Photography starts with the projection of the photographer, his understanding of life and himself into the picture. ~ Lisette Model
Behrmann Projection quotes by Lisette Model
When someone new comes into your life and suddenly you feel more alive, more beautiful, more sexual, more creative, more desirable and more engaged; you feel that this new person is the key to those feelings. But actually, you have these qualities too. What you don't see and don't acknowledge in yourself, you project onto someone else. Carl Jung explored this very well. He called it projection. ~ Gary Zukav
Behrmann Projection quotes by Gary Zukav
The sick person becomes very adept at distinguishing between compassion and pity. Compassion is someone else's suffering flaring in your own nerves. Pity is a projection of, a lament for, the self. All those people weeping in the mirror of your misery? Their tears are real, but they are not for you. ~ Christian Wiman
Behrmann Projection quotes by Christian Wiman
Glamour is an imaginative process that creates a specific emotional response: a sharp mixture of projection, longing, admiration, and aspiration. It evokes an audience's hopes and dreams and makes them seem attainable, all the while maintaining enough distance to sustain the fantasy. ~ Virginia Postrel
Behrmann Projection quotes by Virginia Postrel
For its speculations to be taken seriously, dystopian fiction must be part of a discussion of contemporary society, a projection of ongoing political failures perhaps, or the wringing of present jeopardy for future disaster. ~ Sarah Hall
Behrmann Projection quotes by Sarah Hall
Deep inquiry leads to contemplation, or prayer. Through dedicated contemplation we can attune to consciousness, the light which constitutes all phenomena. This light is our intrinsic nature. Our being is always shining. Our real nature is openness, listening, release, surrender without producing or will. Prayer or contemplation is welcoming free from projection and expectation. It is without demand and formulation. It invites the object to unfold in you and reveals your openness to you. Live with this opening, this vastness. Attune yourself to it. It is love. Ardent contemplation brings you to living meditation so ultimately they are one. ~ Jean Klein
Behrmann Projection quotes by Jean Klein
My photos are my diary. Every photo is no more than the representation of a single day. And each day contains the past and the projection into the future. That's why I feel compelled to indicate the date on every picture I take. ~ Nobuyoshi Araki
Behrmann Projection quotes by Nobuyoshi Araki
I'm just here to remind you that every human life is a bold and delicate projection of the eternal into the temporal. ~ Paul Kijinski
Behrmann Projection quotes by Paul Kijinski
In dreams the images in the mind, in the subconscious, merge with and obliterate the perceptions from the astral senses, in a similar way that in daily life the subconscious causes the external world to be perceived with the colorations of thoughts, feelings, images, and emotions; in other words, we daydream or get lost in thoughts. ~ Belsebuub
Behrmann Projection quotes by Belsebuub
You don't have to set aside a time for meditation. You can do it while you're driving your car,while you're at work, while you're playing music. Just be aware of yourself, of who you really are,and realize the rest is a projection of your mind. ~ Robert Adams
Behrmann Projection quotes by Robert Adams
If you approach a negotiation thinking the other guy thinks like you, you are wrong. That's not empathy, that's a projection. ~ Chris Voss
Behrmann Projection quotes by Chris Voss
I don't take anything personally. I am a secondary character in other people's stories. I know that whatever people say about me is just a projection of their image of me. It has nothing to do with me. ~ Miguel Angel Ruiz
Behrmann Projection quotes by Miguel Angel Ruiz
In the field of marketing ... the trend toward selling [has] reached something of a nadir with the unveiling ... of so-called subliminal projection. That is the technique designed to flash messages past our conscious guard. ~ Vance Packard
Behrmann Projection quotes by Vance Packard
If you have really experienced the inner light, sex will disappear. Love will happen to you, but sex will disappear; sexuality will disappear. Love, a very loving personality, will take its place. There will be no desire for sex. If the desire for sex remains, you have not experienced the inner light. Then the inner light is just a projection of the mind. ~ Rajneesh
Behrmann Projection quotes by Rajneesh
It was by preference, and not by necessity, that Sook Yongsheng lived and worked alone. He was not surly by temperament, and in fact did not find it difficult to form friendships, nor to allow those friendships to deepen, once they had been formed; he simply preferred to answer to himself. He disliked all burdens of responsibility, most especially when those responsibilities were expected, or enforced--and friendship, in his experience, nearly always devolved into matters of debt, guilt, and expectation. Those men he did choose to call his intimates were those who demanded nothing, and gave much; as a consequence, there were many charitable figures in Ah Sook's past, and very few upon whom he had expressly doted. He had the sensibility of a social vanguard, unattached, full of conviction, and, in his own perception at least, almost universally misunderstood. The sense of being constantly undervalued by the world at large would develop, over time, into a kind of private demagoguery; he was certain of the comprehensive scope of his own vision, and rarely thought it necessary to explain himself to other men. In general his believes were a projection of a simpler, better world, in which he like, fantastically, to dwell--for he preferred the immaculate fervor of his own solitude to all other social obligations, and tended, when in company, to hold himself aloof. Of this propensity, he was not at all unaware, for he was highly reflexive, and give to extensive self-analysis of the m ~ Eleanor Catton
Behrmann Projection quotes by Eleanor Catton
The natural human´s an animal without a logic. Your projection of logic onto all affairs is unnatural. ~ Frank Herbert
Behrmann Projection quotes by Frank Herbert
Hobbes took the madness of his age, considered it "normal," and projected it back into prehistoric epochs of which he knew next to nothing. What Hobbes called "human nature" was a projection of seventeenth-century Europe, where life for most was rough, to put it mildly. Though it has persisted for centuries, Hobbes's dark fantasy of prehistoric human life is as valid as grand conclusions about Siberian wolves based on observations of stray dogs in Tijuana. ~ Christopher Ryan
Behrmann Projection quotes by Christopher Ryan
The exciting thing about mathematics and science and music and literature is what they can tell us about the workings of the human mind. For these disciplines are literally models (extensions) of at least certain parts of the mind. Just as the knife cuts but does not chew, while the lens does only a portion of what the eye can do, extensions are reductionist in their capability. No matter how hard it tries, the human race can never fully replace what was left out of extensions in the first place. Also, it is just as important to know what is left out of a given extension system as it is to know what the system will do. Yet the extension-omissions side is frequently overlooked. ~ Edward T. Hall
Behrmann Projection quotes by Edward T. Hall
The idea of selling is a projection that people create about people that is more of a reflection of who they are than what is actually happening in front of them with the artist. ~ Mark Ruffalo
Behrmann Projection quotes by Mark Ruffalo
I wonder how many people in the Washington metropolitan area know just how terrific Senator MacGregor looks in his underwear."
"A select few."
"You must have thought about image projection, Senator." She ran a fingertip down the top of his foot. "You should consider doing some of those ads,you know,like the ball players...I never meet with foreign dignitaries without my B.V.D.'s."
"One can only be grateful you're not the Media Adviser."
"Stuffy,that's the whole problem." She dropped, full-length, on top of him. "Just think of the possibilities."
Alan slipped a hand under her robe. "I am."
"Discreetly placed ads in national magazines, thirty-minute spots in prime time." Shelby propped her elbows on his shoulders. "I'd definitely get my set fixed."
"Think of the trent it might start. Federal officials everywhere stripped down to their respective shorts."
Shelby's brows drew together as she pictured it. "Good God, it could precipitate a national calamity."
"Worldwide," Alan corrected. "Once the ball got rolling, there'd be no stopping it."
"All right, you've convinced me." She gave him a smacking kiss. "It's your patriotic duty to keep your clothes on. Except in here," she added with a gleam in her eye as she toyed with his waistband. ~ Nora Roberts
Behrmann Projection quotes by Nora Roberts
Everything one sees is merely a projection of what one does not see, its true nature and substance. ~ Fernando Sabino
Behrmann Projection quotes by Fernando Sabino
A waste of time and money
is the beautiful and wonderful projection of peace.
The Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
The Religion Of The Blue Circle
December 28, 2016 ~ Petra Hermans
Behrmann Projection quotes by Petra Hermans
But a sniper rifle was a matter of pure mechanics. Brace it, breathe properly, squeeze rather than pull the trigger, and it was just a projection of will across distance. ~ Marcus Sakey
Behrmann Projection quotes by Marcus Sakey
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