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#1. Most inherent beauties are hidden, as are precious stones in the rocks - Author: Soke Behzad Ahmadi
Beauty In Life quotes by Soke Behzad Ahmadi
#2. True beauty is a warm heart, a kind soul, and an attentive ear. - Author: Ken Poirot
Beauty In Life quotes by Ken Poirot
#3. Beauty in life and fiction is a mixture of Fairy Tale and Tragedy. Men see a pretty face and want to claim the image to fit their fantasy. When the fantasy fades away as it always does, the tragedy is that the 'real' woman he did not notice is left standing to face his disillusion and disappointment. - Author: Lori Jones
Beauty In Life quotes by Lori Jones
#4. Find a bit of beauty in the world today.
Share it. If you can't find it, create it.
Some days this may be hard to do.
Persevere. - Author: Lisa Bonchek Adams
Beauty In Life quotes by Lisa Bonchek Adams
#5. You are human, you will make mistakes, and it's one of the most beautiful things about being human, but you must learn from your mistakes, otherwise your life will have a lot of unnecessary pain. - Author: Rhonda Byrne
Beauty In Life quotes by Rhonda Byrne
#6. We think and believe that we are exceptional. We have created so many stories around how exceptional humans are. We were created by the hands of the divine, and the universe is our gift. We believe that it was all created to serve us, but the reality of the matter is, we are not exceptional except for our ability to kill beauty and destroy. We are not as fast as the gazelle or a cheetah; we can't fly like birds; we don't have fur to protect us in the cold; we don't have natural strength to lift heavy objects like a gorilla or an elephant. We created fables to explain our presence, even scientific ones that we can't prove. It is all unproven theories, on all sides. We are not exceptional; we are only exceptional when we work together and in sync with nature like every other creature. - Author: Hani Selim
Beauty In Life quotes by Hani Selim
#7. There's a pattern in these Commandments of setting things apart so their holiness will be perceived. Every day is holy, but the Sabbath is set apart so that the holiness of time can be experienced. Every human being is worthy of honor, but the conscious discipline of honor is learned from this setting apart of Mother and Father. - Author: Marilynne Robinson
Beauty In Life quotes by Marilynne Robinson
#8. If you wanna capture me,
capture me wretched,
that's the real me.
My brokenness
is my beauty.
My smile is
a brief facade. - Author: Apoorva Prajapati
Beauty In Life quotes by Apoorva Prajapati
#9. The beauty of any first time is that it leads to a thousand others ... - Author: Pico Iyer
Beauty In Life quotes by Pico Iyer
#10. Obscenity, which is ever blasphemy against the divine beauty in life, is a monster for which the corruption of society forever brings forth new food, which it devours in secret. - Author: Percy Bysshe Shelley
Beauty In Life quotes by Percy Bysshe Shelley
#11. The real beauty in life is that beauty can sometimes occur. - Author: Colum McCann
Beauty In Life quotes by Colum McCann
#12. What I'm after, above all, is a sense of divine inspiration
that touches the very core of my being.

That lives throughout every aspect of my existence,

so all I do and all I see is beauty in the simplicity,
and mystery in the unknown.

To let nothing drag me into the monotony of living,

but to always move to the unique rhythm of each passing day.
To give nothing but all of me- my soul, my heart, my fire. - Author: Sarah Loven
Beauty In Life quotes by Sarah  Loven
#13. Peaceful times are short, just like happiness is momentary. Flowers bloom and wilt, the moon waxes and wanes. But the beauty in life is merely this - Author: Tong Hua
Beauty In Life quotes by Tong Hua
#14. Writing is a bittersweet addiction. The more it drains you; the more replenished you feel, and you crave it even more. - Author: Anthea Syrokou
Beauty In Life quotes by Anthea Syrokou
#15. I've met plenty of beautiful people but I honestly can't tell you what they look like. - Author: Dominic Riccitello
Beauty In Life quotes by Dominic Riccitello
#16. From a yogic perspective, good health starts within. All yogic practices help to keep your skin healthy and radiant.
The beauty industry spends a lot of money projecting a certain image of beauty that causes you to feel inadequate if you do not match up to this ideal.
From a yogic view you foster your inner beauty through the natural care of your body. The yogi sees their physical body as a temple that houses your soul. True beauty is the reflection of your inner self radiating and touching others - Author: Ntathu Allen
Beauty In Life quotes by Ntathu Allen
#17. And then there are stories that reveal the transformation of an ordinary person into an extraordinary one, because he or she had the courage to hope, the determination to think positively, the ability to see the beauty in life, the strength to pick up the pieces and move on and the faith that life is nurturing, if one allows it to be so. - Author: Jack Canfield
Beauty In Life quotes by Jack Canfield
#18. Through my optimism I naturally prefer and capture the beauty in life. - Author: Leni Riefenstahl
Beauty In Life quotes by Leni Riefenstahl
#19. Yoga means addition - addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul. - Author: Amit Ray
Beauty In Life quotes by Amit Ray
#20. Truth is like beauty; it lies in the mind of the beholder - Author: Bangambiki Habyarimana
Beauty In Life quotes by Bangambiki Habyarimana
#21. Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget to take the time out to enjoy the beauty in life. It's like we're zombies. Look up and take your headphones out. Say "Hi" to someone you see and maybe give a hug to someone who looks like they're hurting. - Author: Keanu Reeves
Beauty In Life quotes by Keanu Reeves
#22. Poems are invisible flowers on my skin. - Author: Sanober Khan
Beauty In Life quotes by Sanober Khan
#23. They proved that it was possible to produce beauty in life by surrounding life with
beauty. They discovered that symmetrical bodies were built by souls continuously in the presence of
symmetrical bodies; that noble thoughts were produced by minds surrounded by examples of mental
nobility. Conversely, if a man were forced to look upon an ignoble or asymmetrical structure it would
arouse within him a sense of ignobility which would provoke him to commit ignoble deeds. If an illproportioned building were erected in the midst of a city there would be ill-proportioned children born in
that community; and men and women, gazing upon the asymmetrical structure, would live inharmonious
lives. Thoughtful men of antiquity realized that their great philosophers were the natural products of the
aesthetic ideals of architecture, music, and art established as the standards of the cultural systems of the time. - Author: Manly P. Hall
Beauty In Life quotes by Manly P. Hall
#24. You know, it was beautiful to be in that kitchen just then. I guess there are times of quiet beauty in life. - Author: Benjamin Alire Saenz
Beauty In Life quotes by Benjamin Alire Saenz
#25. I do not wish to die- There is such contingent beauty in life: The open window on summer mornings Looking out on gardens and green things growing, The shadowy cups of roses flowering to themselves- Images of time and eternity- Silence in the garden and felt along the walls. - Author: A. L. Rowse
Beauty In Life quotes by A. L. Rowse
#26. There is always some beauty in life. Look up ... and get on with it. Build you a rainbow. Do it yourself! If you can't do that, build your mind near one. Learn how to fly. Then ... soar a little. - Author: J. California Cooper
Beauty In Life quotes by J. California Cooper
#27. Life becomes a blessing when you discover your calling - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Beauty In Life quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#28. Beauty without a character is a waste. - Author: Luffina Lourduraj
Beauty In Life quotes by Luffina Lourduraj
#29. In each time, in each place, in each life, there is absolute value and beauty - Author: Gyomay M. Kubose
Beauty In Life quotes by Gyomay M. Kubose
#30. The bold display of our unattractive parts is an effective substitute for beauty since it duplicates beauty's principal effects, namely the excitation of admiration, charm, and envy in the beholder, who is moved to wish that they too could carry their own defects with the same ease. - Author: Agona Apell
Beauty In Life quotes by Agona Apell
#31. I wonder if those who live here get used to this beauty."

"Undoubtedly, Magnificence. It is the nature of man to become oblivious to that which is around him daily, - Author: Raymond E. Feist
Beauty In Life quotes by Raymond E. Feist
#32. Perhaps there is more understanding and beauty in life when the glaring sunlight is softened by the patterns of shadows. Perhaps there is more depth in a relationship that has weathered some storms. Experience that never disappoints or saddens or stirs up feeling is a bland experience with little challenge or variation of color. Perhaps it's when we experience confidence and faith and hope that we see materialize before our eyes this builds up within us a feeling of inner strength, courage, and security. We are all personalities that grow and develop as a result of our experiences, relationships, thoughts, and emotions. We are the sum total of all the parts that go into the making of a life. - Author: Virginia Mae Axline
Beauty In Life quotes by Virginia Mae Axline
#33. Let's enjoy the beautiful things we can see, my dear, and not think about those we cannot. - Author: Johanna Spyri
Beauty In Life quotes by Johanna Spyri
#34. The song you write may be beautiful, the research you conceive may be beautiful, but you are the real beauty in life. - Author: Eric Maisel
Beauty In Life quotes by Eric Maisel
#35. The quintessential good and beauty in life is what each has to offer to others valuing the gesture ourselves into confluence with the Word of God. - Author: Pierre Teilhard De Chardin
Beauty In Life quotes by Pierre Teilhard De Chardin
#36. If you take a look around this great big world, every beautiful thing that you see God created. - Author: Heather Wolf
Beauty In Life quotes by Heather Wolf
#37. Sometimes it seemed so much of the beauty in life resulted from the ugly. And how did you make sense of such things? How could you be thankful for something when so much suffering was necessary to bring it to you? Or was that the very thing that defined real beauty–light after darkness? - Author: Mia Sheridan
Beauty In Life quotes by Mia Sheridan
#38. Lion, lion golden spun
in savannahs of the sun,
What immortal eye, or hand
weaves beasts from dreams,
sews sky to land? - Author: Christyl Rivers
Beauty In Life quotes by Christyl Rivers
#39. Store good words in your heart, and you will be always and everywhere finding yourself to be in goodness. Loyalty and kindness will always be with you. Paint your good words in the blue canvas of day, and in the starry canvas of night. In this way, you will always be with reminding yourself of goodness. Place your trust in the beauty of your words. Grow and culture in your understanding of beauty and love. The path of beauty and love always welcomes you to come walk it. - Author: Richard Mc Sweeney
Beauty In Life quotes by Richard Mc Sweeney
#40. Love brings confidence, kindness and beauty in life. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Beauty In Life quotes by Debasish Mridha
#41. God is the most beautiful, and beauty is the expression of God. If you can't appreciate beauty in the world how can you understand God? - Author: Amit Ray
Beauty In Life quotes by Amit Ray
#42. Pursuing an artistic existence can let you experience emotions you wouldn't know otherwise. It gives you hope and helps you see the beauty in life even in the most unlikely of places. - Author: Pantelis Nikolaos Kassotis
Beauty In Life quotes by Pantelis Nikolaos Kassotis
#43. We celebrate beauty in life and all its possibility so we open it up for others and at the same time for ourselves. - Author: Jay Woodman
Beauty In Life quotes by Jay Woodman
#44. My theory was that if I behaved like a confident, cheerful person, eventually I would buy it myself, and become that. I always had traces of strength somewhere inside me, it wasn't fake, it was just a way of summoning my courage to the fore and not letting any creeping self-doubt hinder my adventures. This method worked then, and it works now. I tell myself that I am the sort of person who can open a one-woman play in the West End, so I do. I am the sort of person who has several companies, so I do. I am the sort of person WHO WRITES A BOOK! So I do. It's the process of having faith in the self you don't quite know you are yet, if you see what I mean. Believing that you will find the strength, the means somehow, and trusting in that, although your legs are like jelly. You can still walk on them and you will find the bones as you walk. Yes, that's it. The further I walk, the stronger I become. So unlike the real lived life, where the further you walk, the more your hips hurt. - Author: Dawn French
Beauty In Life quotes by Dawn French
#45. The fleeting hour of life of those who love the hills is quickly spent, but the hills are eternal. Always there will be the lonely ridge, the dancing beck, the silent forest; always there will be the exhilaration of the summits. These are for the seeking, and those who seek and find while there is still time will be blessed both in mind and body. - Author: Alfred Wainwright
Beauty In Life quotes by Alfred Wainwright
#46. How perverse! just when everything seems to be in order and as families gather round the table to have supper,the phantom of the superclass appears,selling impossible dreams:luxury,beauty,power.And the family falls apart - Author: Paulo Coelho
Beauty In Life quotes by Paulo Coelho
#47. Don't get yourself in certain circumstances or instances, because it's not a good feeling to be sitting in that chair where you've got 12 people that are in control of your life. You have an opportunity to be in control of your life for yourself by the decisions that you make. - Author: Sean Combs
Beauty In Life quotes by Sean Combs
#48. I think if you don't regret a few things, you didn't take enough risks in life. - Author: Lauren Gallagher
Beauty In Life quotes by Lauren Gallagher
#49. The thought of death and life after death is ambivalent. It can deflect us from this life, with its pleasures and pains. It can make life here a transition, a step on the way to another life beyond – and by doing so it can make this life empty and void. It can draw love from this life and deflect it to a life hereafter, spreading resignation in 'this vale of tears'. The thought of death and a life after death can lead to fatalism and apathy, so that we only live life here half-heartedly, or just endure it and 'get through'. The thought of a life after death can cheat us of the happiness and the pain of this life, so that we squander its treasures, selling them off cheap to heaven. In that respect it is better to live every day as if death didn't exist, better to love life here and now as unreservedly as if death really were 'the finish'. The notion that this life is no more than a preparation for a life beyond, is the theory of a refusal to live, and a religious fraud. It is inconsistent with the living God, who is 'a lover of life'. In that sense it is religious atheism. - Author: Jurgen Moltmann
Beauty In Life quotes by Jurgen Moltmann
#50. If you remember you just have one constituent, and that's God himself, and if you try to please him I think you usually come with a lot steadier pace and a lot more peace in your life. - Author: Jim DeMint
Beauty In Life quotes by Jim DeMint
#51. I had been riding horses before my memory kicked in, so my life with horses had no beginning. It simply appeared from the fog of infancy. I survived a difficult childhood by traveling on the backs of horses, and in adulthood the pattern didn't change. - Author: Monty Roberts
Beauty In Life quotes by Monty Roberts
#52. Is it or is it not a matter of importance that a young man starts out in life with an ability to shut his jaw hard and say "I will," or "I will not," and mean it? - Author: John William Heisman
Beauty In Life quotes by John William Heisman
#53. At the root of every large struggle in life is the need to be honest about something that we do not feel we can be honest about. We lie to ourselves or other people because the truth might require action on our part, and action requires courage. We say we "don't know" what is wrong, when we do know what is wrong; we just wish we didn't.
Art lets us tell the truth, but even art can be something to hide behind. - Author: Deb Caletti
Beauty In Life quotes by Deb Caletti
#54. Time hath not yet so dried this blood of mine,
Nor age so eat up my invention,
Nor fortune made such havoc of my means,
Nor my bad life reft me so much of friends,
But they shall find awaked in such a kind
Both strength of limb and policy of mind,
Ability in means, and choice of friends,
To quit me of them throughly. - Author: William Shakespeare
Beauty In Life quotes by William Shakespeare
#55. Day and night gifts keep pelting down on us. If we were aware of this, gratefulness would overwhelm us. But we go through life in a daze. A power failure makes us aware of what a gift electricity is; a sprained ankle lets us appreciate walking as a gift, a sleepless night, sleep. How much we are missing in life by noticing gifts only when we are suddenly deprived of them. - Author: David Steindl-Rast
Beauty In Life quotes by David Steindl-Rast
#56. We all have a second chance in life to make up for the first. - Author: Abdulazeez Henry Musa
Beauty In Life quotes by Abdulazeez Henry Musa
#57. The terrible truth about depression, and the part of its nature that terrifies me the most, is that it appears to operate beyond reason; feelings happen to you for no apparent cause. Or rather, there is usually an initial cause, a 'trigger'as they say in therapeutic circles, but in severe depression the feelings of sadness, grief, loneliness and despair continue long after the situation has resolved itself. It is as if depression has a life of its own, which is perhaps why so many sufferers refer to it as a living thing, as some sort of demon or beast. - Author: Sally Brampton
Beauty In Life quotes by Sally Brampton
#58. His whole life was sitting there in front of him. Day after day from dawn till dark until he was dead. All of it cooked down into forty pounds of paper in a satchel. - Author: Cormac McCarthy
Beauty In Life quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#59. My mantra, like most, was that if it didn't kill you, it only made you stronger. Later on in life, after being beat down by the experiences following you'll read about, I've changed the mantra to, if it doesn't kill you now, it will later. - Author: Jennifer Topper
Beauty In Life quotes by Jennifer Topper
#60. [After she and Clare Boothe Luce met in a doorway and the latter said, 'Age before beauty':] Pearls before swine. - Author: Dorothy Parker
Beauty In Life quotes by Dorothy Parker
#61. Failure can only exist in your life at your permission. - Author: Phumi Ngwane
Beauty In Life quotes by Phumi Ngwane
#62. The exercise of criticism always destroys for a time our sensibility to beauty by leading us to regard the work in relation to certain laws of construction. The eye turns from the charms of nature to fix itself upon the servile dexterity of art. - Author: Sir Archibald Alison, 2nd Baronet
Beauty In Life quotes by Sir Archibald Alison, 2nd Baronet
#63. I just feel very often like a child in an absolutely weird world. I think that life is quite weird sometimes. - Author: Cecelia Ahern
Beauty In Life quotes by Cecelia Ahern
#64. The visions you glorify in your mind,
The ideals you enthrone in your heart..
This you will build your life by...
This you will become. - Author: James Allen
Beauty In Life quotes by James Allen
#65. I'd drown in a sea of tears if I lived my life ruminating on the past. I would undoubtedly revise memories to be more joyful that they were, or ever have been. - Author: Maximillian Degenerez
Beauty In Life quotes by Maximillian Degenerez
#66. Who can tell? It may be that there must always be growth - and that if one does not grow kinder and wiser and greater, then the growth must be the other way, fostering the evil things. Or it may be that the life they all led was too shut in, too folded back upon itself - without breadth or vision. Or it may be that, like a disease of crops, it is contagious, that first one and then another is sickened. - Author: Agatha Christie
Beauty In Life quotes by Agatha Christie
#67. The fame of Maria Foote's beauty and charm of manner had reached London, and in May 1814, she made her first appearance at Covent Garden Theatre and personated Amanthis in 'The Child of Nature' with such grace and effect that the manager complimented her with an immediate engagement. - Author: Sabine Baring-Gould
Beauty In Life quotes by Sabine Baring-Gould
#68. I leave the bridge in peace; we part as friends. I take so much of her with me and leave so much of myself behind. I think that's what life must be about-- helping others, leaving pieces of us with them, in return fitting borrowed pieces from them into our own voids, each person helping others along the way. - Author: Camron Wright
Beauty In Life quotes by Camron Wright
#69. My life had been peaceful, safe, quiet and restful. I had done invited trouble in and I had done put trouble out. - Author: J. California Cooper
Beauty In Life quotes by J. California Cooper
#70. The possibilities of pleasure seemed that morning so enormous and so various that to have only a moth's part in life, and a day moth's at that, appeared a hard fate, and his zest in enjoying his meagre opportunities to the full, pathetic. He flew vigorously to one corner of his compartment, and, after waiting there a second, flew across to the other. What remained for him but to fly to a third corner and then to a fourth? That was all he could do, in spite of the size of the downs, the width of the sky, the far-off smoke of houses, and the romantic voice, now and then, of a steamer out at sea. What he could do he did. - Author: Virginia Woolf
Beauty In Life quotes by Virginia Woolf
#71. There are events in one's life which, no matter how remote, never fade from memory - Author: Jim Corbett
Beauty In Life quotes by Jim Corbett
#72. You came out kicking and screaming, reluctant as hell to leave, and you spent the rest of your life trying to get back in. - Author: Donald O'Donovan
Beauty In Life quotes by Donald O'Donovan
#73. She loved nothing in the world except this woman's son, wanted him alive more than anybody, but hadn't the least bit of control over the predator that lived inside her. Totally taken over by her anaconda love, she had no self left, no fears, no wants, no intelligence that was her own [ ... ] Ruth heard the supplication in her words and it seemed to her that she was not looking at a person but at an impulse, a cell, a red corpuscle that neither knows nor understands why it is driven to spend its whole life in one pursuit: swimming up a dark tunnel toward the muscle of a heart or an eye's nerve end that it both nourished and fed from. - Author: Toni Morrison
Beauty In Life quotes by Toni Morrison
#74. Harness the imagination: Sometimes curbing her, sometimes giving her rein, for she is the whole of happiness. She sets to rights even the understanding. She sinks to tyranny, not satisfied with mere faith, but demanding works. Thus she becomes the mistress of life itself. She does so with pleasure or with pain, according to the nonsense presented. She makes people contented or discontented with themselves. By dangling before some nothing but the specter of their eternal suffering, she becomes the scourge of these fools. To others she shows nothing but fortune and romance, while merrily laughing. Of all this she is capable if not held in check by the wisest of wills. - Author: Baltasar Gracian
Beauty In Life quotes by Baltasar Gracian
#75. Always have the strength to live. Love life, and if despair enters your heart, look for me in the evenings when the wind is gentle and the owls sing in the hills, I shall be with you- - Author: Rudolfo Anaya
Beauty In Life quotes by Rudolfo Anaya
#76. Dance on the stage of life with love in your heart, a smile on your face, and a great vision in your mind. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Beauty In Life quotes by Debasish Mridha
#77. The challenge for each of us is to find out who we are and to live our way into our own calling.we do this by paying close attention to all aspects of life as they unfold in the present moment. - Author: Jon Kabat-Zinn
Beauty In Life quotes by Jon Kabat-Zinn
#78. People who are involved in self-discovery lead different types of lives. The lives they lead are not necessarily the lives of renunciation. Rather, it is a structuring of the elements in your life in a particular way. - Author: Frederick Lenz
Beauty In Life quotes by Frederick Lenz
#79. While some of us burned on the edges of life, insatiable and straining to see more deeply in, he sat complacently at the centre and let life come to him - so much of it, evidently, that he could not keep track of his appointments. - Author: John Updike
Beauty In Life quotes by John Updike
#80. I think your 20s are the hardest part of life. I mean, everyone goes on about how hard it is to be a teenager, but actually I think it's tougher to be in your 20s because you're expected to be a grownup and expected to earn your own living and be successful and I think you feel like a kid still. - Author: Nigel Cole
Beauty In Life quotes by Nigel Cole
#81. I spent 50 years in the NBA. Can you imagine doing something that you love the most in the entire world and doing it for your entire life and, besides that, getting a pile of money for it? It's unbelievable. I'm the luckiest guy in the world. And I know it. - Author: Don Nelson
Beauty In Life quotes by Don Nelson
#82. Opportunities in life come by creation, not by chance. You yourself, either now or in the past (including the past of former lives), have created all opportunities that arise in your path. Since you have earned them, use them to the best advantage. - Author: Paramahansa Yogananda
Beauty In Life quotes by Paramahansa Yogananda
#83. There was that in the atmosphere of San Salvatore which produced active-mindedness in all except the natives. They, as before, whatever the beauty around them, whatever the prodigal seasons did, remained immune from thoughts other than those they were accustomed to. All their lives they had seen, year by year, the amazing recurrent spectacle of April in the gardens, and custom had made it invisible to them. They were as blind to it, as unconscious of it, as Domenico's dog asleep in the sun. The visitors could not be blind to it - it was too arresting after London in a particularly wet and gloomy March. Suddenly to be transported to that place where the air was so still that it held its breath, where the light was so golden that the most ordinary things were transfigured - to be transported into that delicate warmth, - Author: Elizabeth Von Arnim
Beauty In Life quotes by Elizabeth Von Arnim
#84. I'm going to write to you about the emptiness that was left when you took my boy away. I'm going to write so you can look into my empty life and see what a human boy really is from the shape of the hole he leaves behind. I want you to feel that hole in your heart and stroke it with your hands and cut your fingers on its sharp edges. - Author: Chris Cleave
Beauty In Life quotes by Chris Cleave
#85. Mrs. Ramsey, who had been sitting loosely, folded her son in her arm, braced herself, and, half turning, seemed to raise herself with an effort, and at once to pour erect into the air a rain of energy, a column of spray, looking at the same time animated and alive as if all her energies were being fused into force, burning and illuminating (quietly though she sat, taking up her stocking again), and into this delicious fecundity, this fountain and spray of life, the fatal sterility of the male plunged itself, like a beak of brass, barren and bare. - Author: Virginia Woolf
Beauty In Life quotes by Virginia Woolf
#86. When I was in that danger ... I felt like I was shaken awake ... after everything she made me feel ... I made a decision and went to sleep. Do you know what that's like - trying to go to sleep, and lose yourself in the hopes of burying the worst fears in your life? ... I wasn't in love with the past. I was terrified of my own future. - Author: Brad Meltzer
Beauty In Life quotes by Brad Meltzer

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