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Time with his old flail Beat me full sore; Till: Hold, I cried, I'll stand no more. Then I heard a wail And looking spied How love's little bow Had laid time low. ~ John Dewey
Beat Me quotes by John Dewey
I have always been English, ever since I emigrated from England and since the kids in Canada beat me up at the age of twelve for having an East London Cockney accent. I thank them for the cockney taunts because the beatings turned me on to boxing. But on a serious note Canada has been kind to me. ~ Lennox Lewis
Beat Me quotes by Lennox Lewis
My mom beat me up, I informed my reflection. It looked back sympathetically. ~ Richelle Mead
Beat Me quotes by Richelle Mead
You only beat me if you get me to hate. ~ Billy Joel
Beat Me quotes by Billy Joel
My body never belonged to me. You must have felt that too. If someone wanted to beat me, they could beat me. If someone wanted to lock me in the closet, they could. Childhood is such a perverse injustice, I don't know how anyone survives it without going crazy. But I have a chance to turn the tables. I have a chance to run the streets and be a wealthy woman. No one is ever, ever, ever going to treat me with disrespect again. ~ Heather O'Neill
Beat Me quotes by Heather O'Neill
Though snails are exceedingly slow,
There is one thing I'd like to know.
If I out run 'em round the yard,
How come they beat me to the chard? ~ Allen Klein
Beat Me quotes by Allen Klein
I realized, there are people out there who can beat me, want to beat me. And unless I continue to innovate and evolve, I am going to learn a painful lesson from someone who has. ~ Andrew Johnson
Beat Me quotes by Andrew Johnson
We're in Madison Square Garden, I can't let you beat me in Madison Square Garden, are you serious!? ~ Roy Jones Jr.
Beat Me quotes by Roy Jones Jr.
Grind me, crush me, beat me
But low I shall not lie
I shall bounce back with much more fervour
And my zeal shall touch the sky… ~ Neelam Saxena Chandra
Beat Me quotes by Neelam Saxena Chandra
I'll tell you now. That silence almost beat me. It's the silence that scares me. It's the blank page on which I can write my own fears. The spirits of the dead have nothing on it. The dead one tried to show me hell, but it was a pale imitation of the horror I can paint on the darkness in a quiet moment. ~ Mark Lawrence
Beat Me quotes by Mark Lawrence
My Father Still Sleeping After Surgery
In spite of himself,
my father loved me. In spite
of the hands that beat me, in spite
of the mouth that kept silent, in spite
of the face that turned cruel
as a gold Chinese king,
he could not control the love
that came out of him.
The body is monumental, a colossus
through which he breathes.
His hands crawl over his stomach
jerkily as sand crabs on five legs;
he makes a fist
like the fist of a newborn. ~ Toi Derricotte
Beat Me quotes by Toi Derricotte
You can't beat me. I have the mind of a warlock with adonis DNA. Winning! ~ Charlie Sheen
Beat Me quotes by Charlie Sheen
Eat me, beat me, bite me, blow me. Suck me, fuck me, very slowly. If you kiss me, don't be hasty, use your tongue and make it tasty ~ Hilary Storm
Beat Me quotes by Hilary Storm
As a little kid I had a girlfriend, and her boyfriend used to beat me up, so then I used to sing these songs, and that's what it's all about. Country music is all about your heart and your people and things like that. ~ Dick Dale
Beat Me quotes by Dick Dale
I was just going to call and say hi."
"Give me the phone." I hand it over. Jess, despite her scrawniness, is stronger than I am and could beat me up. She turns my cell off and hands it back. Clearly, I'm very drunk, because it appears to me that the matter is now closed. ~ Julie Buxbaum
Beat Me quotes by Julie Buxbaum
When a liberal is abused, he says, 'Thank God they didn't beat me.' When he
is beaten, he thanks God they didn't kill him. When he is killed, he will thank God that his immortal soul has been delivered from its mortal clay. ~ Vladimir Lenin
Beat Me quotes by Vladimir Lenin
The more I lose, the more they believe they can beat me. But believing is not enough, you still have to beat me. ~ Roger Federer
Beat Me quotes by Roger Federer
Ali even told me in the ring, 'You can't beat me - I'm your Lord.' I just told him, 'Lord, you're in the wrong place tonight.' ~ Joe Frazier
Beat Me quotes by Joe Frazier
If I didn't forgive the people who took me into the barracks and beat me unconscious over a period of days during the period when the British state was indicted for inhuman and degrading treatment in 1971-72, or even the guys who shot me, if you don't forgive them, you end up with unnecessary baggage. ~ Gerry Adams
Beat Me quotes by Gerry Adams
No one who works a forty hour week will ever beat me. ~ Bill Rodgers
Beat Me quotes by Bill Rodgers
Every time I go out and do something, Hans panics and starts trying to beat me. He's like a dog humping your leg. ~ Dean Potter
Beat Me quotes by Dean Potter
That's what I said the first time I was called a hero. But you're going to find that hero is a title other people give you; you don't really get a say in the matter. Now me, I'm the kind of hero that slays the dragon. I overthrew the ArchTyrant and ended the age of Ragnarok..." he trailed off, his eyes distant. "...of course, ever since then I have been unable to reform the beauracrats and the nobles. Despite my best efforts, they beat me in the end." He cleared his throat and looked up. "Now you, on the other hand, you are a different kind of hero. You take the dragon home with you. You feed it, teach it, tame it, befriend it. You remove the threat by changing its heart, rather than actually slaying the beast ~ Aaron Lee Yeager
Beat Me quotes by Aaron Lee Yeager
The only way that I can do better than someone else, maybe they're better at something else, but they'll never beat me at work. ~ Kevin McCarthy
Beat Me quotes by Kevin McCarthy
Dammit woman, stop trying to beat me. I'll sue you for domestic violence. ~ Karen Mahoney
Beat Me quotes by Karen Mahoney
So," Annabeth said, "are you going to argue about me coming along?"
"Nah. You'd just beat me up." Percy said.
She managed a laugh, which was good to hear ~ Rick Riordan
Beat Me quotes by Rick Riordan
Don't even think about it." Søren said as Kingsley pulled his coat and gloves off.
"I'm always thinking about it." Kingsley said. "I brought the lube."
"Kingsley, it's not even five in the morning yet."
"You beat me this early before."
"I was attempting to wake you up."
"With your alarm cock? ~ Tiffany Reisz
Beat Me quotes by Tiffany Reisz
He doesn't beat me," I said irritably. "I'd kill him if he did."
"She would. She has a temper. Stubborn, too. But we're working on that, aren't we, Ms. Lane? ~ Karen Marie Moning
Beat Me quotes by Karen Marie Moning
I always say if I play my best it's difficult to beat me ~ Serena Williams
Beat Me quotes by Serena Williams
Although I have to say, it's become a lot harder for me since I won the world series because everyone wants to beat me. For example, bluffing is really tough now, because there's always someone who calls me on the off-chance that they'll then be able to say they read a world champion's bluff. ~ Chris Moneymaker
Beat Me quotes by Chris Moneymaker
Even though I heard him say he doesn't believe, cuz' that's why from watching Ali gave me the great deal of confidence and deep-down inner belief to believe there's no man fighting that could beat me. ~ Mike Tyson
Beat Me quotes by Mike Tyson
My father beat me with a curtain rod when I was nine, (That was) the inspiration for Creep ~ Thom Yorke
Beat Me quotes by Thom Yorke
My greatest fear is that the audience will beat me to the punch line. ~ David Mamet
Beat Me quotes by David Mamet
How has retirement affected my golf game? A lot more people beat me now. ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower
Beat Me quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
Oh, Arkady, do me a favour, do let us for once have a really good quarrel - no holds barred, to the death." "But if we do, it'll end in..." "Blows?" Bazarov continued. "What if it does? Here, in the hay, in these idyllic surroundings, far from the world and the eyes of men - it doesn't matter. But you won't beat me. I'm going to take you now by the throat... ~ Ivan Turgenev
Beat Me quotes by Ivan Turgenev
One of the reasons I started acting was to re-make The Karate Kid, but Jaden Smith beat me to it. ~ Justin Hires
Beat Me quotes by Justin Hires
The way I feel about it is: Beat me or feed me, but don't tease me. It's toy food; who needs it? Serve it to toy people. ~ Jeff Smith
Beat Me quotes by Jeff Smith
I think I tried to separate indoors and out. And so when he beat me indoors, I did not see that as letting anybody down, I saw it as a good head to head competition, and so it was. It was fine. ~ Ralph Boston
Beat Me quotes by Ralph Boston
Dear Logan,
I'm sorry that the stupid Russians shot you.
Mainly because I really want to shoot you, and I hate that they beat me to it.
Maddie ~ Ally Carter
Beat Me quotes by Ally Carter
Kraut was a stand-up guy in the old tradition, in a strange way reminiscent of my father in his steadfast refusal to abandon a position once he had taken it. It was a quality I lacked, and so admired in others when they weren't using it to beat me to the canvas or break my heart. ~ Miles Watson
Beat Me quotes by Miles Watson
I called for a consumer protection financial bureau before it was created. And I think the best evidence that the Wall Street people at least know where I stand and where I have always stood is because they are trying to beat me in this primary. ~ Hillary Clinton
Beat Me quotes by Hillary Clinton
Lay me on an anvil, O God.
Beat me and hammer me into a crowbar.
Let me pry loose old walls.
Let me lift and loosen old foundations.
Lay me on an anvil, O God.
Beat me and hammer me into a steel spike.
Drive me into the girders that hold a skyscraper together.
Take red-hot rivets and fasten me into the central girders.
Let me be the great nail holding a skyscraper through blue nights into white stars. ~ Carl Sandburg
Beat Me quotes by Carl Sandburg
Well the truth is, Santino didn't beat me, because I beat myself. ~ Sheamus
Beat Me quotes by Sheamus
Don't you dare be reasonable in this, Don-Dueli. Not when I want to be mad at you for the insult you just dealt."Mara
"Well, far be it from me to deprive you of anything, love. If you want to beat me arse, I'll even get naked for it. . . ." He lifted his bare leg out from beneath the covers to wiggle his toes at her. "Oh , wait, I already am." Devyl ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Beat Me quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Wise Child: Why don't you beat me then?
Juniper: I can't be bothered. ~ Monica Furlong
Beat Me quotes by Monica Furlong
Race me back. Beat me there, and I'll tell you." I blinked. "What kind of kindergarten crap is that?" His grey eyes flashed with anger. "You want to know what it's like? Beat me down the beach." "Of all the ridiculous, immature nonsense," I said. Then I hooked a foot behind Thomas's calf, shoved him down to the sand, and took off down the beach at a dead sprint. ~ Jim Butcher
Beat Me quotes by Jim Butcher
All my life I had to fight. I had to fight my daddy. I had to fight my brothers. I had to fight my cousins and my uncles. A girl child ain't safe in a family of men. But I never thought I'd have to fight in my own house. She let out her breath. I loves Harpo, she say. God knows I do. But I'll kill him dead before I let him beat me. ~ Alice Walker
Beat Me quotes by Alice Walker
It's hard for anyone intelligent to be nonviolent. Everything in the universe does something when you start playing with his life, except the American Negro. He lays down and says, 'Beat me, daddy.' ~ Malcolm X
Beat Me quotes by Malcolm X
He was going to punish me now. He couldn't beat me up with his old man fists, but he could hurt me with his old man words. ~ Sherman Alexie
Beat Me quotes by Sherman Alexie
Henry would turn into a mud puddle of despair if you died. And then who would beat me in chess? No one at all. ~ Emma Clifton
Beat Me quotes by Emma Clifton
There's no blueprint on how to beat me. ~ Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
Beat Me quotes by Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
I would never let a white boy beat me. You can print that. I would never lose to a white person. ~ Bernard Hopkins
Beat Me quotes by Bernard Hopkins
He beat me like he beat the children. Cept he don't never hardly beat them. He say, Celie, git the belt. The children be outside the room peeking through the cracks. It all I can do not to cry. I make myself wood. I say to myself, Celie, you a tree. That's how come I know trees fear man. ~ Alice Walker
Beat Me quotes by Alice Walker
If I was fighting myself, I always say that I would kill Mike Tyson but then again I don't know how hard a punch Mike Tyson can take and I don't know how hard Mike Tyson's punch is. I don't know. For me looking at me, I think I can beat me. ~ Mike Tyson
Beat Me quotes by Mike Tyson
The other exception to the rule regards dealings with masochists. A masochist derives pleasure from being hurt; so denying the masochist his pleasure through-pain hurts him just as much as actual physical pain hurts the non masochist. The story of the truly cruel sadist illustrates this point: The masochist says to the sadist, "beat me." To which the merciless sadist replies, "NO!" If a person wants to be hurt and enjoys suffering, then there is no reason not to indulge him in his
wont. ~ Anton Szandor LaVey
Beat Me quotes by Anton Szandor LaVey
Russell ... I love you. I thank you so much man. You made me better. You know, Your work ethic. I always wanted to compete with you. I always wanted to pull up into the parking lot of the practice facility, And if you beat me there, I was always upset. I always wanted to outwork you. And you set the bar. You set the tone. And thank you so much man. Thank you. You had a big piece of this MVP trophy. You're an MVP caliber player It's a blessing to play with you man. ~ Kevin Durant
Beat Me quotes by Kevin Durant
Well, Valek, any new promotions?" the Commander asked
"No. But Maren shows promise. Unfortunately she doesn't want to be in my corps or even be my second.She just wants to beat me." Valek grinned, delighted by the challenge.
"And can she?" the Commander inquired. His eyebrows rose.
"With time and the proper training. She's deadly with her bow; it's just her tactics that need work."
"Then what do we do with her?"
"Promote her to General and retire some of those old wind-bags. We could use some fresh blood in the upper ranks."
"Valek, you never had a good grasp of military structure."
"Then promote her to First Lieutenant today, Captain tomorrow, Major the next day, Colonel the day after, and General the day after that."
"I'll take it under advisement. ~ Maria V. Snyder
Beat Me quotes by Maria V. Snyder
I still have the scars from when they captured me and beat me in the middle of the street."
"You don't get scars."
"Emotional scars then. ~ Amy Tintera
Beat Me quotes by Amy Tintera
When people realized I'm strong, some of them appeared to be morons who automatically assumed it meant they might feel free to "beat" me as hard as they liked to, supposing it had to be fine with me. ~ Sahara Sanders
Beat Me quotes by Sahara Sanders
We all have a limit. What we're willing to put up with before we break. When I married your father, I knew exactly what my limit was. But slowly . . . with every incident . . . my limit was pushed a little more. And a little more. The first time your father hit me, he was immediately sorry. He swore it would never happen again. The second time he hit me, he was even more sorry. The third time it happened, it was more than a hit. It was a beating. And every single time, I took him back. But the fourth time, it was only a slap. And when that happened, I felt relieved. I remember thinking, 'At least he didn't beat me this time. This wasn't so bad. ~ Colleen Hoover
Beat Me quotes by Colleen Hoover
I did not know that I had all these feelings inside me. They have never been aroused before. Now they cascade down upon my head and threaten to beat me down to the ground, into the dust. ~ Eldridge Cleaver
Beat Me quotes by Eldridge Cleaver
My father being a Caribbean minister, one day I stole the radio. The radio that I stole, I took it to school, showing off how big this boom box was and how bad I was at the time. Once my father figured out where I left the radio, he then got his belt and he walked me, he beat me all the way to where I had hid the radio, and with the boom box. ~ Wyclef Jean
Beat Me quotes by Wyclef Jean
Are you sure you don't remember? Your mind seems to be working just fine to me."
"You know what? Just forget it. Whatever it was, I forgive you. Give me my backpack so I can go back to the office. We're about to get busted anyway, just standing here."
"If you really do forgive me, then you wouldn't still be going to the office." He tightens his hold on the strap of my backpack.
"Ohmysweetgoodness, Galen, why are we even having this conversation? You don't even know me. What do you care if I change my schedule?" I know I'm being rude. The guy offered to carry my things and walk me to class. And depending on which version of the story I believe, he either asked me out on Monday already, or he did it indirectly a few seconds ago. None of it makes any sense. Why me? Without any effort, I can think of at least ten girls who beat me out in looks, personality, and darker foundation. And Galen could pull any of them.
"What, you don't have a question for my question?" I ask after a few seconds.
"It just seems silly for you to change your schedule over a disagreement about when the Titanic-"
I throw my hands up at him. "Don't you see how weird this is for me?"
"I'm trying to, Emma. I really am. But I think you've had a tough couple of weeks, and it's taking a toll on you. You said every time you're around me something bad happens. But you can't really know for sure that's true, unless you spend more time with me. You should at least acknowledge that." ~ Anna Banks
Beat Me quotes by Anna Banks
My parents always swore that in my childhood they had to let me win at board games. If, by the lucky stroke of the plastic wheel, my father would accidentally beat me at Candy Land, I would fly into fits of bawling that I'm told would last for hours. If I couldn't triumph, I didn't want to play. ~ Koren Zailckas
Beat Me quotes by Koren Zailckas
Obey and hate yourself, survive. Disobey, redeem yourself, perish. I thought later how simply and quickly they had introduced that concept to me, as easily as breaking a little finger. For some reason they had decided not to beat me. ~ Elizabeth Kostova
Beat Me quotes by Elizabeth Kostova
I love to compete. To me, business is the ultimate sport. It's always on. There is always someone trying to beat me. ~ Mark Cuban
Beat Me quotes by Mark Cuban
That night on TV, I saw the tattoo I wished my life had warranted. If you have not known suffering, love me. A Russian murderer beat me to it. ~ Jenny Offill
Beat Me quotes by Jenny Offill
I can't become satisfied, because if I get satisfied, I'll be like, "Oh, I've won Wimbledon, I've won the U.S. Open. Now can I relax." But now people are really going to be fighting to beat me. ~ Serena Williams
Beat Me quotes by Serena Williams
I didn't answer right away; I was too busy savoring the moment. The delicious night air, the music of mama cows in a distant pasture, the trillions of stars overhead, the feeling of his fingers entwined in mine. The night couldn't have gone any more perfectly. I'm not sure anything, even going home with him, could possibly make it any better.
I started to open my mouth, but Marlboro Man beat me to it. Standing up and lifting me off the tailgate of his pickup, he carried me, Rhett Butler-style, toward the passenger door. Setting me down and opening my door, he said, "On second thought…I think I'd better take you home." I smiled, convinced he must have read my mind.
Whether he had or not, the fact was that instantly and noticeably the whole vibe between us had changed. Before I'd dumped my Chicago apartment and told him my plans to stay, the passion between us had sometimes felt urgent, rushed, almost as if some imaginary force was compelling us to get it all out right here, right now, because before too long we wouldn't have the chance. There'd been a quiet desperation in our romance up until that point, feelings of excitement and lust mixed with an uncomfortable hint of doom and dread. But now that my move had all but been eliminated from the equation, the doom and dread had been replaced with a beautiful sense of comfort. In the blink of an eye, Marlboro Man and I, while madly and insanely in love, were no longer in any hurry.
"Yeah," I said, nodding my head. ~ Ree Drummond
Beat Me quotes by Ree Drummond
Now, did you really mean that about not wanting to do this the rest of your life?" he asked. That familiar, playful grin appeared in the corner of his mouth.
I blinked a couple of times and took a deep breath, smiling back at him and reassuring him with my eyes that no, I hadn't meant it, but I did hate his horse. Then I took a deep breath, stood up, and dusted off my Anne Klein straight-leg jeans.
"Hey, we don't have to do this now," Marlboro Man said, standing back up. "I'll just do it later."
"No, I'm fine," I answered, walking back toward my horse with newfound resolve.
I took another deep breath and climbed back on the horse. As Marlboro Man and I rode back toward the thicket of trees, I suddenly understood: if I was going to marry this man, if I was going to live on this isolated ranch, if I was going to survive without cappuccino and takeout food…I sure wasn't going to let this horse beat me. I'd have to toughen up and face things.
As we rode, it became even more clear. I'd have to apply this same courage to all areas of my life--not just the practical, day-in and day-out activities of ranch life, but also the reality of my parents' marital collapse and any other problems that would arise in the coming years. Suddenly, running off and getting married no longer seemed like the romantic adventures I was trying to convince myself it would be. Suddenly I realized that if I did that, if I ran away and said "I do" in some dark, hidden corner of the ~ Ree Drummond
Beat Me quotes by Ree Drummond
Let's play double or nothing... you beat me... fair... now let's play again, let's see was that your lucky day or not!? ~ Deyth Banger
Beat Me quotes by Deyth Banger
I'm not letting any 17 year old beat me tonight ~ Blaine Wilson
Beat Me quotes by Blaine Wilson
But I see now that whether I show up for work or not, the evil forces are going to beat me. They're going to come 100 percent, so if I dont be 100 percent pure-hearted, I'm going to lose. And thats why I'm losing. ~ Tupac Shakur
Beat Me quotes by Tupac Shakur
Rick, you sick, ass-sucking fuck, I want you to know I'm not here because you beat me. I'm not even here just because you beat children. There are lots of ways I could get you for that. But you're going to die like the gasping pussy you are because…" Beckett advanced until he was nose to nose with Rick.
"You." Beckett pushed on Rick's shoulder until he kneeled.
"Touched." Beckett leveled the pistol between Rick's eyes.
"My." Beckett cocked the hammer with a quiet click.
"Brothers." Beckett smiled as he pulled the trigger. ~ Debra Anastasia
Beat Me quotes by Debra Anastasia
As a Texan, I say ma'm and sir to my age contemporaries and open doors for anyone that I can. This goes for men, too, though it is appreciated when they beat me to it and disappointing when they don't. ~ Tiffany Madison
Beat Me quotes by Tiffany Madison
They could never beat me in Springfield. I loved that old ballpark. If I could have pitched there all my career, I'd be a 300-game winner. ~ Tommy Lasorda
Beat Me quotes by Tommy Lasorda
You've got to get up pretty early in the morning to beat me to my rooster costume. ~ Jarod Kintz
Beat Me quotes by Jarod Kintz
The only thing I can promise is my best and when I bring my best, you're going to have to bring six people to beat me. ~ Henry Cejudo
Beat Me quotes by Henry Cejudo
Why are you being nice to me?"
The suprise on his face suprises me even more.
"Because I care about you." he says simply.
"You care about me?" The numbness in my body is beginning to dissipate. My blood pressure is rising and anger making its way to the forefron of my consciousness. "I almost killed Jenkins because of you!"
"You didn't kill-"
"Your soldiers beat me! You keep me here like a prisoner! You threaten me! You threaten to kill me! You give me no freedom and you say you care about me?" I nearly throw the glass of water at his face. "You are a monster!"
Warner turns away so I'm staring at his profile. He clasps his hands. Changes his mind. Touches his lips. "I am only trying to help you."
He seems to consider that. Nods, just once. "Yes, most of the time, yes. ~ Tahereh Mafi
Beat Me quotes by Tahereh Mafi
People like me are aware of their so-called genius at ten, eight, nine. . . . I always wondered, ``Why has nobody discovered me?' In school, didn't they see that I'm cleverer than anybody in this school? That the teachers are stupid, too? That all they had was information that I didn't need? I got fuckin' lost in being at high school. I used to say to me auntie
``You throw my fuckin' poetry out, and you'll regret it when I'm famous, ' and she threw the bastard stuff out. I never forgave her for not treating me like a fuckin' genius or whatever I was, when I was a child. It was obvious to me. Why didn't they put me in art school? Why didn't they train me? Why would they keep forcing me to be a fuckin' cowboy like the rest of them? I was different
I was always different. Why didn't anybody notice me? A couple of teachers would notice me, encourage me to be something or other, to draw or to paint - express myself. But most of the time they were trying to beat me into being a fuckin' dentist or a teacher ~ John Lennon
Beat Me quotes by John Lennon
I feel his intent, his total focus into this moment. He is aiming to reach the centre of my soul. And he will beat me until my soul surrenders and accepts him as her master. ~ Senta Holland
Beat Me quotes by Senta Holland
With grades like hers, she ought to go there.' 'So that's where I ended up. Six years I went and I never liked it. All I could think of was getting out. And you know, I've got certificates of merit for never having ben late or missed a day of school. That's how much I hated the place. Get it?'
'No, I don't get it.'
'It's cause I hated the place so much. I wasn't going to let it beat me. ~ Haruki Murakami
Beat Me quotes by Haruki Murakami
It took a while to shoot the scene by the coconut stall at the fun fair, so Michelle (Mary) and I had a competition. I think she beat me 10-1 - she was uncannily good. The crew were very disappointed in me. To be beaten by a woman is bad enough, but one in Edwardian dress is really highlighting something. ~ Jessica Fellowes
Beat Me quotes by Jessica Fellowes
But thy strong Hours indignant work'd their wills, And beat me down and marr'd and wasted me, And tho' they could not end me, left me maim'd To dwell in presence of immortal youth, Immortal age beside immortal youth, And all I was, in ashes. - Tithonus ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson
Beat Me quotes by Alfred Lord Tennyson
But the next generation, like this baby in the airport, will never know what life is like without a device. This raises a couple of questions: What does the future hold for this baby? And can she beat me at Candy Crush? ~ Lauren Graham
Beat Me quotes by Lauren Graham
I'm like a chameleon. I can kind of change and get my game going to whatever the situation is. If I play well, which I don't think I've even reached yet at all in this tournament, it's really hard for anyone to beat me. ~ Serena Williams
Beat Me quotes by Serena Williams
Since leaving Kocho, I had begged for death, I had willed Salman to kill me or asked God to let me die or refused to eat or drink in the hopes I would fade away. I had thought many times that the man who raped and beat me would kill me. But death had never come. In the checkpoint bathroom, I began to cry. For the first time since I left Kocho, I thought I actually might die. And I also knew for sure that I didn't want to. ~ Nadia Murad
Beat Me quotes by Nadia Murad
My sister used to say I had a frail chest and she 'd beat me up all the time. ~ Michael Clarke Duncan
Beat Me quotes by Michael Clarke Duncan
How can they beat me? I've been struck by lightning, had two back operations, and been divorced twice. ~ Lee Trevino
Beat Me quotes by Lee Trevino
I was fighting with Thoby on the lawn. We were pommelling each other with our fists. Just as I raised my fist to hit him, I felt: why hurt another person? I dropped my hand instantly, and stood there, and let him beat me. I remember the feeling. It was a feeling of hopeless sadness. It was as if I became aware of something terrible; and of my own powerlessness. I slunk off alone, feeling horribly depressed. ~ Virginia Woolf
Beat Me quotes by Virginia Woolf
There's no one that ever beat me playing cards, the only one that ever beat me was myself. ~ Stu Ungar
Beat Me quotes by Stu Ungar
I'd like to imagine that in order to beat me a person would have to play almost perfect tennis. ~ Venus Williams
Beat Me quotes by Venus Williams
My dad was one of those dads that would make me stop crying by threatening to beat me. ~ Felipe Esparza
Beat Me quotes by Felipe Esparza
I've thought all my life, 'Lord Christ in heaven! what did I live for?' Beatings, work! I saw nothing except my husband. I knew nothing but fear! And how Pasha grew I did not see, and I hardly know whether I loved him when my husband was alive. All my concerns, all my thoughts were centered upon one thing - to feed my beast, to propitiate the master of my life with enough food, pleasing to his palate, and served on time, so as not to incur his displeasure, so as to escape the terrors of a beating, to get him to spare me but once! But I do not remember that he ever did spare me. He beat me so - not as a wife is beaten, but as one whom you hate and detest. ~ Maxim Gorky
Beat Me quotes by Maxim Gorky
A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing. ~ Emo Philips
Beat Me quotes by Emo Philips
Before you can beat me (this is the easy part), you have to allow yourself to win. ~ John Brady
Beat Me quotes by John Brady
Sometimes, Chase ... it's the emotional wounds that hurt the most." I pushed back the anger and sighed. "I'd rather he beat me. Cuts heal, bruises fade - but broken hearts? They carry scars for a lifetime. ~ Rachel Van Dyken
Beat Me quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
Didn't I tell you to stay out of my thoughts?' – Abigail
'You can beat me later. Just do it naked.' – Sundown ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Beat Me quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
When I'm smiling and having fun, that's when you should have a problem. If I'm out there frowning and looking mean, that's when you know you've beat me - because I'm not having fun. I've been playing basketball since I was three. Everybody since I was three tried to tell me to stop smiling. Even my dad. My dad apologized to me when I was ten. ~ Dwight Howard
Beat Me quotes by Dwight Howard
I must fight my demons, they are illogical and irrational, yet they seem to beat me each time they strike. ~ Sophie Glynn
Beat Me quotes by Sophie Glynn
Remembering how my mother looked before she gave birth to my sister is frightening. But even more frightening is the feeling that I wanted them to catch me and beat me. Why did I want to be punished? Shadows out of the past clutch at my legs and drag me down. I open my mouth to scream, but I am voiceless. My hands are trembling, I feel cold, and there is a distant humming in my ears. ~ Daniel Keyes
Beat Me quotes by Daniel Keyes
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