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#1. For stories teach us, that liberty sought out of season, in a corrupt and degenerate age, brought Rome itself to a farther slavery: for liberty hath a sharp and double edge, fit only to be handled by just and virtuous men; to bad and dissolute, it becomes a mischief unwieldy in their own hands: neither is it completely given, but by them who have the happy skill to know what is grievance and unjust to a people, and how to remove it wisely; what good laws are wanting, and how to frame them substantially, that good men may enjoy the freedom which they merit, and the bad the curb which they need. - Author: John Milton
Bcp Remove Double quotes by John Milton
#2. One thing I must tell you preacher is to let go of the old life you were living before you repented, because they are playing a greater role in your life than your life as a believer.Since you have repented, you need to remove your old self like a garment and put on your new self so that you may not continue to deceive yourself or be living a double lifestyle and be arrested by death or the coming of the LORD. - Author: James C. Uwandu
Bcp Remove Double quotes by James C. Uwandu
#3. Did we not aid the grisly Taliban to achieve and hold power? Yes indeed 'we' did. Well, does that not double or triple our responsibility to remove them from power? - Author: Christopher Hitchens
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#4. The rapid progress of the sciences makes me sorry, at times, that I was born so soon. Imagine the power that man will have over matter, a few hundred years from now. We may learn how to remove gravity from large masses, and float them over great distances. Agriculture will double its produce with less labor. All diseases will surely be cured ... even old age. If only the moral sciences could be improved as well. Perhaps men would cease to be wolves to one another ... and human beings could learn to be human. - Author: Benjamin Franklin
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#5. At a few minutes before four, Peeta turns to me again. "Your favorite colour ... it's green?"
"That's right." Then I think of something to add. "And yours is orange."
"Orange?" He seems unconvinced.
"Not bright orange. But soft. Like the sunset," I say. "At least, that's what you told me once."
"Oh." He closes his eyes briefly, maybe trying to conjure up that sunset, then nods his head. "Thank you."
But more words tumble out. "You're a painter. You're a baker. You like to sleep with the windows open. You never take sugar in your tea. And you always double-knot your shoelaces."
Then I dive into my tent before I do something stupid like cry. - Author: Suzanne Collins
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Suzanne Collins
#6. Always remember this. Television, fame, money - listen, here is a news flash for America. Fame cannot remove your sin. And all of the money you ever amass cannot raise you from the dead. - Author: Phil Robertson
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Phil Robertson
#7. It's better to keep one's mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubts. - Author: Diana Palmer
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Diana Palmer
#8. FORGIVE The People That Hurt You. God Will Pay You Back With Double The Joy ... Double The Victory. - Author: Joel Osteen
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Joel Osteen
#9. The reserve of modern assertions is sometimes pushed to extremes in which the fear of being contradicted leads the writer to strip himself of almost all sense and meaning. - Author: Winston S. Churchill
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Winston S. Churchill
#10. You can sit," Maggot said in a small, shy voice.

Mia did as she was bid, holding her throbbing hand to her chest. Maggot toddled across the room, fishing about in a series of chests. She returned with a handful of wooden splints and a ball of woven brown cotton.

"Hold out your hand," the girl commanded.

Mia's shadow swelled, Mister Kindly drinking her fear at the thought of what was to come. Maggot looked her digits over, stroking her chin. And gentle as falling leaves, she took hold of Mia's smallest finger.

"It won't hurt," she promised. "I'm very good at this."

"All riiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAGHH!" Mia howled as Maggot popped her finger back into place, quick as silver. She rose from the slab and bent double, clutching her hand.

"That HURT!" she yelled.

Maggot gave a solemn nod. "Yes."

"You promised it wouldn't!"

"And you believed me." The girl smiled sweet as sugarfloss. "I told you, I'm very good at this." She motioned to the slab again. "Sit back down."

Mia blinked back hot tears, hand throbbing in agony. But looking at her finger, she could see Maggot had worked it right, popping the dislocated joint back into place neat as could be. Breathing deep, she sat back down and dutifully proffered her hand.

The little girl took hold of Mia's ring finger, looked up at her with big, dark eyes.

"I'm going to count three," she said.

"All riiiiia - Author: Jay Kristoff
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Jay Kristoff
#11. For nursery days are gone, nightmare is
real and there are no good Fairies.
The fox's teeth are in the bunny
and nothing can remove them, honey. - Author: Gavin Ewart
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Gavin Ewart
#12. When you come to any town
And one comes to any town very late
When you come very late to any town
In case that town happens to be Valjevo
Where I also came
You'll come by the path you had to come by
Which didn't exist before you
But was born with you
For you to go by your path
And meet her whom you must meet
On the path you must go by
Who was your life
Even before you met her
Or knew that she existed
Both her and the town to which you came.
Until she comes into your life
And there forever remains
She who started towards you
From a great distance
From somewhere in the Russian Jerusalem
From the Caucasus from Pyatigorsk
Where she had never been
And her name was what it was
For instance Vera Pavlodoljska
And looked the way she looked
The way no one on earth looks anymore.
That will be the only town
Where you've always been
And as soon as you heard her name
And before you met her
You always knew her
And already loved her for centuries.
When you come to any town
And one comes to any town very late
When you come very late to any town
In case that town happens to be Valjevo
You will come stepping to a double echo
Yours and the clatter of another
Who travels with you
And whose voice blows in the wind
On an unusual day for that time of year
So even you won't be - Author: Matija Bećković
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Matija Bećković
#13. If the Treasury Department should not remove Hamilton from the $10 bill, what should they do? The answer is fairly simple: Replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. - Author: Eric Schneiderman
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Eric Schneiderman
#14. I guess I lead a double life, and I must admit I'm happy with both. - Author: Yvonne De Carlo
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Yvonne De Carlo
#15. Looking around the tight confines of her first home on Mars, it suddenly seemed to her that the walls were moving
beating very lightly
a kind of standing wave of double vision, as if she were standing in the low morning light looking through a temporal stereopticon, which revealed all four dimensions at once with a pulsating, hallucinatory light. - Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Kim Stanley Robinson
#16. Don't tell anyone at the church this, but I think girls going out with girls is quite sensible. Imagine not having to do all the housework, and if you found a nice girl the same size you'd have double the wardrobe and you'd never have to shave your legs or clean whiskers out of the sink. I don't know why everyone doesn't do it. Not it's fine, provided you stay that way. It's the changing back to men that sends you mad. - Author: Toni Jordan
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Toni Jordan
#17. as she bestowed her heavy censure alike on his virtues as his errors, on his devoted friendship and his ill-bestowed loves, on his disinterestedness and his prodigality, on his pre-possessing grace of manner, and the facility with which he yielded to temptation, her double shot proved too heavy, and fell short of the mark. Nor - Author: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
#18. Democracy appears to be safer and less liable to revolution than oligarchy. For in oligarchies there is the double danger of the oligarchs falling out among themselves and also with the people; but in democracies there is only the danger of a quarrel with the oligarchs. No dissension worth mentioning arises among the people themselves. And we may further remark that a government which is composed of the middle class more nearly approximates to democracy than to oligarchy, and is the safest of the imperfect forms of government. - Author: Aristotle.
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Aristotle.
#19. Why don't you and I have a nice penetrating man-to-man conversation? - Author: Sanami Matoh
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Sanami Matoh
#20. dear little baby of the folks I work for, I got a present for you .. my whole damn life! I'm handin' it over to you & your ma & pa. if you got no money to pay, I wanna stay anyhow, my pleasure is to wait on you forever. to hell with my children & hooray for you!.. you stayin' up all night fixin' up Character Parts for me! givin' 'em what you call dignity! dignity! you know what your dignity is? a black straw hat with a flower stickin' up in front, hands folded cross my stomach, sayin' the same damn fool things .. only nice & easy & proper!" --trouble in mind (1955) - Author: Alice Childress
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Alice Childress
#21. German sailors sing a drunken song in the street, and a house spider over the stove spins a new web every night, and to Marie-Laure this is a double cruelty: that everything else keeps living, that the spinning earth does not pause for even an instant in its trip around the sun. - Author: Anthony Doerr
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Anthony Doerr
#22. He tried to remove it as gently as he could, but it wouldn't budge so he gave it a pretty good jerk and it ripped the skin on my lip. He got the butt all right, only now I could feel and taste the blood that was starting to drip down from my lip onto my survival vest. "Christ, you're bleeding, am I gonna have to Medivac you as well? Hey Doc, Captain Spicer is bleeding heavily from his lip, what should I do?" "Well Captain, you could put a tourniquet around his neck." "Naw, he looks gray in the face already. - Author: W.R. Spicer
Bcp Remove Double quotes by W.R. Spicer
#23. A writer needs loneliness, and he gets his share of it. He needs love, and he gets shared and also unshared love. He needs friendship. In fact, he needs the universe. To be a writer is, in a sense, to be a day-dreamer - to be living a kind of double life. - Author: Jorge Luis Borges
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
#24. Reasoning draws a conclusion, but does not make the conclusion certain, unless the mind discovers it by the path of experience. - Author: Roger Bacon
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Roger Bacon
#25. Often you reach a point in life where you begin to react to things too much or not at all. If you're at that state, double guard yourself. - Author: Nitya Prakash
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Nitya Prakash
#26. deceivers shall always be at the junction of double mindedness - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#27. The double role of living systems as parts and wholes requires the interplay of two opposite tendencies: an integrative tendency to function as part of a larger whole, and a self-assertive, or self-organizing tendency to preserve individual autonomy (see Chapter 7). - Author: Fritjof Capra
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Fritjof Capra
#28. I hope I inspire people who hear. Hearing people have the ability to remove barriers that prevent deaf people from achieving their dreams. - Author: Marlee Matlin
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Marlee Matlin
#29. See yourself as you really are. Listen to what none of your leaders and representatives dares tell you: You are a "little, common man." Understand the double meaning of these words: "little" and "common." Don't run. Have the courage to look at yourself! - Author: Wilhelm Reich
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Wilhelm Reich
#30. The secular argument, or the liberal argument, is to as much as possible remove taboos so things do not become unmentionable; to let some air into the discussion. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#31. What's it like to be a baby? It's like being in love in Paris for the first time after you've had three double espressos. - Author: Alison Gopnik
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Alison Gopnik
#32. Because the same as any man, women were entitled to a fuss-free sex life should they so choose. And it didn't make us sluts, or whores, or any of the other nasty, misogynistic, double-standard bullshit that got thrown a woman's way when she didn't fit with the traditional ideals of who and what a female should be. - Author: Kylie Scott
Bcp Remove Double quotes by Kylie Scott

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