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#1. I encourage him to be in his garden as often as possible. Then he has to walk to Rosings nearly every day ... I admit I encourage him in that also. - Author: Jane Austen
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Jane Austen
#2. An adaptation I was working on of Trollope's 'The Pallisers' has been axed by the BBC ... I was also going to do Dickens' 'Dombey and Son' but they've asked me to do 'David Copperfield' instead. - Author: Andrew Davies
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Andrew Davies
#3. You know, the Elizabethans thought nostalgia was a diagnosable disease. Perhaps they were right. - Author: Mark Gatiss
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Mark Gatiss
#4. Morality comes from religion? There are no Baptist babies or Catholic babies or Muslim babies. Religion is imposed on children by adults and society, and morality is an evolutionary adaptation. Period. - Author: Kelli Jae Baeli
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Kelli Jae Baeli
#5. (before playing Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet) I couldn't really come up with a short way to sum up this song, but I was watching the movie 'Adaptation' the other day and this sort of sums it up in my head. You are not who loves you. You are who you love. Always remember that. - Author: Pete Wentz
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Pete Wentz
#6. Every great religion is, in truth, a concentration of great ideas, capable, as all ideas are, of infinite expansion and adaptation. - Author: Mary Augusta Ward
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Mary Augusta Ward
#7. The issue of doing an adaptation of a book is the theater of the mind, and so you always face that. - Author: Dana Brunetti
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Dana Brunetti
#8. The first thing we did was to proclaim our Liverpoolness to the world, and say 'It's all right to come from Liverpool and talk like this'. Before, anybody from Liverpool who made it, like Ted Ray, Tommy Handley, Arthur Askey, had to lose their accent to get on the BBC. - Author: John Lennon
Bbc Adaptation quotes by John Lennon
#9. The great leap was one from adaptation to, to control over the natural environment. - Author: Pierre L. Van Den Berghe
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Pierre L. Van Den Berghe
#10. This Tony Haywire guy, whatever his name is, he told the BBC on Sunday that he believes the new oil cap that they've installed will eventually capture the vast majority of oil spewing from the well. You know, if they could capture half the BS spewing from Tony Hayward, people would be thrilled. - Author: Jay Leno
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Jay Leno
#11. I used to do all my programming on a BBC computer. It was limited to 16 tracks, and you used the keyboard, not a mouse, to input, but I was using it so long, I got quite fast at it. - Author: Vince Clarke
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Vince Clarke
#12. The history of otaku culture is one of adaptation, of how to domesticate American culture. - Author: Hiroki Azuma
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Hiroki Azuma
#13. In 1916, Universal Studios released the first filmed adaptation of Jules Verne's novel '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.' Georges Melies made a film by that name in 1907, but, unlike his earlier adaptations of Verne, Melies' version bears no resemblance to the book. - Author: Kage Baker
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Kage Baker
#14. Historical fact: People stopped being people in 1913. That was the year Henry Ford put his cars on rollers and made his workers adopt the speed of the assembly line. At first, workers rebelled. They quit in droves, unable to accustom their bodies to the new pace of the age. Since then, however, the adaptation has been passed down: we've all inherited it to some degree, so that we plug right into joy-sticks and remotes, to repetitive motions of a hundred kinds. - Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
#15. Variety is the spice of life because it is the natural enemy of adaptation. - Author: Jonathan Haidt
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Jonathan Haidt
#16. Because of my medical and ideological training, I am accustomed to saying that life is adaptation and symbiosis. - Author: Tabare Vazquez
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Tabare Vazquez
#17. As long as the appointment process is transparent and there is a broad mix of political views among the governors of the BBC, I think the public can feel confident that impartiality and independence are just as important to me as they have been to previous incumbents. - Author: Gavyn Davies
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Gavyn Davies
#18. No it was never even discussed because it was, you know, an adaptation of a novel. And we - the mini-series encompassed the whole novel. And so it was always going to be a finite sort of event. And then I imagine when people started to really respond to the show and then we got ten Emmy nominations, USA sort of said, "Oh, I think maybe we have something here." - Author: Debra Messing
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Debra Messing
#19. It's more than coping. It's adaptation. - Author: Richard Kadrey
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Richard Kadrey
#20. The diversity of 'cas'(complex adaptive systems) is a dynamic patter, often persistent and coherent like the standing wave we alluded to earlier. If you disturb the wave, say with a stick or paddle, the wave quickly repairs itself once the disturbance is removed. Similarly in 'cas', a pattern of interactions disturbed by the extinction of component agents often reasserts itself, though the new agents may differ in detail from the old. There is, however, a crucial difference between the standing wave pattern and 'cas' patterns: 'cas' patterns evolve. The diversity observed in 'cas' is the product of progressive adaptations. Each new adaptation opens the possibility for further interactions and new niches. - Author: John H. Holland
Bbc Adaptation quotes by John H. Holland
#21. It is the fate of great achievements, born from a way of life that sets truth before security, to be gobbled up by you and excreted in the form of shit. For centuries great, brave, lonely men have been telling you what to do. Time and again you have corrupted, diminished and demolished their teachings; time and again you have been captivated by their weakest points, taken not the great truth, but some trifling error as your guiding principal. This, little man, is what you have done with Christianity, with the doctrine of sovereign people, with socialism, with everything you touch. Why, you ask, do you do this? I don't believe you really want an answer. When you hear the truth you'll cry bloody murder, or commit it. … You had your choice between soaring to superhuman heights with Nietzsche and sinking into subhuman depths with Hitler. You shouted Heil! Heil! and chose the subhuman. You had the choice between Lenin's truly democratic constitution and Stalin's dictatorship. You chose Stalin's dictatorship. You had your choice between Freud's elucidation of the sexual core of your psychic disorders and his theory of cultural adaptation. You dropped the theory of sexuality and chose his theory of cultural adaptation, which left you hanging in mid-air. You had your choice between Jesus and his majestic simplicity and Paul with his celibacy for priests and life-long compulsory marriage for yourself. You chose the celibacy and compulsory marriage and forgot the simplicity of Jesus' m - Author: Wilhelm Reich
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Wilhelm Reich
#22. Because cultures and languages are constantly changing and because the apostolic testimony must be attested in ever-new circumstances, it is a necessary feature of the apostolic tradition that it both guard the original testimony and make it understandable in new culture settings. Failing either is to default on the apostolic tradition. Far from implying unbending immobility, apostolicity requires constant adaptation of the primitive apostolic testimony to new historical challenges and languages, yet without altering or diluting the primitive witness. - Author: Thomas C. Oden
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Thomas C. Oden
#23. Working at BBC, at the head of one of the top dramas, is a tradition for great actors. - Author: Idris Elba
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Idris Elba
#24. I wrote a screenplay for a 'Sweet Valley High' adaptation, and it's really amazing to me how many women who are my age have responded to the idea and are excited about the movie. - Author: Diablo Cody
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Diablo Cody
#25. Have you ever had someone? And when I say "had", I'm being indelicate. - Author: Irene Adler
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Irene Adler
#26. When you talk to crews that went to Mir or have gone up to International Space Station, they say that you go through different phases of adaptation or getting used to the space environment. - Author: Laurel Clark
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Laurel Clark
#27. was a funny idea, writing in a language not your own. It almost makes you feel guilty, she said, the way people feel forced to use English, how much of themselves must get left behind in that transition, like people being told to leave their homes and take only a few essential items with them. Yet there was also a purity to that image that attracted her, filled as it was with possibilities for self-reinvention. To be freed from clutter, both mental and verbal, was in some ways an appealing prospect; until you remembered something you needed that you had had to leave behind. She, for instance, found herself unable to make jokes when she spoke in another language...So it was not, she imagined, a question of translation so much as one of adaptation. The personality was forced to adapt to its new linguistic circumstances, to create itself anew... - Author: Rachel Cusk
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Rachel Cusk
#28. Death is only relevant to "genetic adaptation" insofar as it relates to the capacity for self-reproduction (what is relevant is not that an individual died, but success in gene propagation while alive). The potentially misleading phrase "genetic adaptation" means that either because or despite an organism's adaptedness to external conditions, genes were or are successful in propagating themselves. Success in reproducing genes, in other words, is the ultimate measure of so-called "genetic adaptation". The possibility of adaptation unto extinction through individualism does not contradict the Darwinian notion of adaptation for survival. On the contrary, it is only a confirmation of it. The question here is what survives, the individual or its genes? The genes, and not the individual organism, provide the measure of survival in biological evolution. This point is illustrated by the modern corporate executive who adapts to the changing economic conditions better than any of his or her competitors, but fails to produce any children. - Author: Mitchell Heisman
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Mitchell Heisman
#29. One form of insecurity of attachment, called "disorganized/disoriented", has been associated with marked impairments in the emotional, social, and cognitive domains, and a predisposition toward a clinical condition known as dissociation in which the capacity to function in an organized, coherent manner is at times impaired.

Studies have also found that youths with a history of disorganized attachments are at great risk of expressing hostility with their peers and have the potential for interpersonal violence as they mature (Lyons-Ruth & Jacobwitz, 1999; Carlson, 1998). This disorganized form of attachment has been proposed to be associated with the caregiver's frightened, frightening, or disoriented behavior with the child. Such experiences create a state of alarm in the child. The parents of these children often have an autobiographical narrative finding, as revealed in the Adult Attachment Interview, of unresolved trauma or grief that appears as a disorientation in their narrative account of their childhoods. Such linguistic disorientation occurs during the discussion of loss or threat from childhood experiences. Lack of resolution appears to be associated with parental behaviors that are incompatible with an organized adaptation on the part of the child. Lack of resolution of trauma or grief in a parent can lead to parental behaviors that create "paradoxical", unsolvable, and problematic situations for the child. The attachment figure is intended to be the s - Author: Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.
#30. CNN International, Al-Jazeera and BBC are the same in how they report mostly that America is wrong and bad. - Author: Roger Ailes
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Roger Ailes
#31. In their own brief conversations, he had the distinct impression that she was toying with him, verbally challenging him to a duel that she was certain to win, for she established the rules and kept them a secret from him. As perplexing as this was, he found her game engaging, and he inexplicably wanted more of it. - Author: Diana J. Oaks
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Diana J. Oaks
#32. When I joined Granada - which, you don't want to start crying about these things, but Granada was a very, very hot place to be, it was my good fortune to be there at that time - the BBC was firmly asleep. - Author: Michael Apted
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Michael Apted
#33. The BBC is very much in thrall to all this techno cross-fertilisation, in much the same way that print journalists are now encouraged to blog. To the point where there is an emerging breed of sub-editors who take perfectly well-written and punctuated original copy and rewrite it so that it resembles a text message written by a 14-year-old under the influence of Bacardi Breezers. - Author: Kathryn Flett
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Kathryn Flett
#34. As China is about adaptation, not transformation, it is unlikely to change the world dramatically should it ever assume the global driver's seat. But this does not mean that China won't exploit that world for its own purposes. - Author: Ivan Krastev
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Ivan Krastev
#35. I did an adaptation for a movie called 'The Devil in the White City' by Erik Larson for Warner Brothers. I love that book. - Author: Graham Moore
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Graham Moore
#36. Maybe hope springs eternal in the whale's heart too. I don't know. If you look at the history of species there seems to be no selective advantage to intelligence. It's the microbes who have totally ignored selection for three and a half billion years that remain with us and probably will remain. They seem almost immortal. The process of evolution appears to be about specialization and adaptation and yet these are the very things that seem ultimately to mediate against survival itself. - Author: Cormac McCarthy
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#37. Furthermore, if I lost my soul, I'd adapt. I always do. Adaptation is my specialty. I practically invented the word. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
Bbc Adaptation quotes by Karen Marie Moning

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