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We all have battle scars, some are on the outside and others are on the inside. ~ Unknown
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Unknown
No one is without troubles, without personal hardships and genuine challenges. That fact may not be obvious because most people don't advertise their woes and heartaches. But nobody, not even the purest heart, escapes life without suffering battle scars. ~ Richelle E. Goodrich
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
Betrayal was fucked up like that. It left the kind of scars on your soul that were so deep and permanent they were a constant reminder of the battle you endured. ~ Faith Andrews
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Faith  Andrews
My brave husband came back from fighting the Turks and brought me a robe of silk and a necklace of human teeth. He sat up at night by his hearth telling tales of battle. Apparently the Turks are ten times more ferocious and fearless than the Scots. 'Perhaps we should invite them here to drive the Scots back,' I suggested, and he laughed, but he didn't kiss me. That's when I learned the truth about scars. A man with a battle scar is a veteran, a hero, given an honoured place at the fire. Small boys gaze up fascinated, dreaming of winning such badges of courage. Maids caress his thighs with their buttocks as they bend over to mull his ale. Women cluck and cosset, and if in time other men grow a little weary of that tale of honour, then they call for his cup to be filled again and again until he is fuddled and dozes quietly in the warmth of the embers.

But a scarred woman is not encouraged to tell her story. Boys jeer and mothers cross themselves. Pregnant women will not come close for fear that if they look upon such a sight, the infant in their belly will be marked. You've heard of the tales of Beauty and the Beast no doubt. How a fair maid falls in love with a monster and sees the beauty of his soul beneath the hideous visage. But you've never heard the tale of the handsome man falling for the monstrous woman and finding joy in her love, because it doesn't happen, not even in fairytales. The truth is that the scarred woman's husband buys her a good thick veil and ~ Karen Maitland
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Karen Maitland
I'm tired of waiting by the phone, and second-guessing what a guy says and trusting someone not to hurt me. Again. I've been storming the relationship castle for fifteen years, and I still don't have my prince. I've got a bunch of battle scars from the field and I want to go home and nurse my wounds. I don't want to fight anymore. ~ Kim Gruenenfelder
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Kim Gruenenfelder
Bella Swan: Jasper? Are you sure there's nothing I can do to help?
Jasper Hale: Well just your presence alone, your scent, will distract the newborns. Their hunting instinct will take over, and drive 'em crazy.
Bella Swan: Good, I'm glad.
[Jasper nods and begins to walk away]
Bella Swan: .
Bella Swan: Hey,
[Jasper turns around]
Bella Swan: how do you know so much about this?
Jasper Hale: I didn't have quite the same upbringing as my adopted siblings.
[Rolls up sleeves and shows Bella his arms, which have bite marks on them]
Jasper Hale: .
Bella Swan: [Hops off Jeep] Those bites are like mine.
Jasper Hale: Battle scars
Jasper Hale: . All the training the Confederate Army gave me was useless against the newborns, but still, I never lost a fight.
Bella Swan: Hey, this - this happened during the Civil War?
Jasper Hale: I was the youngest major in the Texas Calvary, all without having seen any real battle.
Bella Swan: Until...?
Jasper Hale: Till I met a certain immortal... Maria ~ David Slade
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by David Slade
The one thing all that battle taught me, is that no one walks away without scars. No one. (Bad Moon Rising) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
How can you say you love me
when you've never seen me cry?
when you've never heard the pieces
that keep breaking up inside
Or when the sky is dark and I'm restless in my bed
will you be the one to whisper
that the sun will rise ahead?
You've never seen the battle scars
that lay across my skin
the price I paid for love, and a joy that grew within
Sometimes the weight I carry
isn't always feather light
will you pick it up and stand up straight,
brave against the fight?
There's always room for fun and laughs
and a beauty to keep warm
but I'd never sail away with you
if you can't survive the storm. ~ M.J. Abraham
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by M.J. Abraham
Lie beside me. Let me see the division of your pores. Let me see the web of scars made by your family's claws and you their furniture. Let me see the wounds that they denied. The battle ground of family life that has been your body. Let me see the bruised red lines that signal their encampment. Let me see the routed place where they are gone. Lie beside me and let the seeing be healing. No need to hide. No need for either darkness or light. Let me see you as you are. ~ Jeanette Winterson
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Jeanette Winterson
Watch your back, wolf. There's a pall over this place and the bears are racking up enemies faster than Wal-Mart rakes in sales. When the time comes, it's going to get bloody. (Thorn)
I wouldn't have it any other way. (Fang)
Don't be so arrogant. Long before I was the debonair sophisticate standing in front of you, I was a warlord. I put more blood on my blade than Madame la Guillotine. The one thing all that battle taught me is that no one walks away without scars. No one. (Thorn) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Amie Kaufman
I have a lot of scars, man. My mother said that a man is not a man unless he has a scar on his face. And what she meant by a scar was some kind of battle that you had to go through, whether it was psychological or physical. To her, a scar was actually beautiful and not something that marred you. ~ Nick Nolte
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Nick Nolte
He was exhausted ,tired to his core ,
The 'weight' of the world was crushing his soul!
He carried so much ,
Within him , for so so long .

"Beast of burden" - that's what he was!

His rugged face filled with battle scars
That only 'he' could feel
The "smile" he wore was a 'helmet' ...

Waiting for his breath to escape for good
Praying for his final relief. ~ BinYamin Gulzar
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by BinYamin Gulzar
I remember when I was five playing tag with Cara and her brother. I accidentally got pushed into the side of her trampoline, and I bit the inside of my mouth. Blood gushed everywhere. Cara's mom held me until my parents came back. I didn't need stitches, but it was nasty. I roll my tongue over a small bump on the side of my mouth. Yep. It's still there. Real friendships have battle scars. ~ Jacquelyn Nicole Davis
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Jacquelyn Nicole Davis
Like a wounded soldier
Trudging the old road home,
But I ain't the old me,
And I walk this path alone.
I'm battle-worn, I'm battle-torn
With these scars inside my chest,
Kept up that happy face for you,
To hide that I'm a mess.

But I gave you every ounce of fight in me,
And I have no regrets.
If I was going to lose you,
At least I lost you to my best.
But it felt so wrong,
So tangled up in blue,
Like that old Dylan song,
Like I don't know who I am,
Now that you're gone.

But I lived through the pain.
Now I see the other side.
Now I know that life's too short
To shut myself down and hide.
I'm battle-torn, but I'm battle-born.
These scars are part of me.
I got nothing left but what I've learned,
And I'll use that, and you'll see,

I can still give every ounce of fight in me,
Till I have no regrets,
Because if I'm going to lose someone,
I'm gonna lose her to my best.
And I'll be strong,
When a hard rain's a-gonna fall,
Like that old Dylan song,
You're the reason I stand tall,
And that will never be gone. ~ Emery Lord
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Emery Lord
They're battle scars of a life lived and tangible evidence of her strength. She made another human being. The weight of that knowledge is heavy. ~ Eliza Lentzski
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Eliza Lentzski
... we don't love things because they're perfect. We love them for what they are inside, what they represent, the time together, the shared memories represented by our battle scars and flaws. ~ Kathleen Mix
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Kathleen Mix
It could all be so simple, but you'd rather make it hard, loving you is like a battle, and we both end up with scars, ~ Lauryn Hill
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Lauryn Hill
What they forget is that, from Ancient Greece on, the people who returned from battle were either dead on their shields or stronger, despite and because of their scars. ~ Paulo Coelho
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Paulo Coelho
I wear my wrinkles like battle scars, having earned every last one slaying life's dragons. They boast of my victories and some defeats while their beauty is a wealth of wisdom gained. ~ Richelle E. Goodrich
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
You know what makes a person a fighter? It's not the amount of punches he can throw, or how long he can last in a ring. It's when he shows real courage and strength to overcome his battle wounds and scars. You have scars, killer. Own up to them. ~ Claudia Tan
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Claudia Tan
If love is a battlefield and we all get scars ... These were my reminders ... my necessary thorns. ~ Sabrina Childress
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Sabrina Childress
When I see your scars, do I want to erase them? Absolutely. But not your physical scars. The real ones, beneath the surface. The ones that compel you to stay silent or force you to cringe. Those are the scars I want to obliterate." His finger circles the dip of a burn mark on her forearm. "This is a battle trophy and nothing to be ashamed of. Every one of your scars makes you more beautiful to me. ~ Laura Kreitzer
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Laura Kreitzer
If life is a battle, then my inner scars are medals for valor, for swiftness, for courage, for passion. Evil is the dark-haired brother of Good; they walk hand in hand - always. ~ Storm Constantine
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Storm Constantine
All the battles and wars I been through, and all the battle scars I got it's been a learning experience. Everything I been through made me the man I am so if it was different I would be different so I would say that I really learned something from every situation. ~ Kurupt
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Kurupt
We mistakenly measure strength by comparing battle scars, when the truly strong among us are those who know the battle is never really over. ~ Esther Mitchell
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Esther Mitchell
I turn, concentrating on Jeb. "No matter what you think happened between the two of us, I love you. We share battle scars and hearts. I don't want to lose that."
He studies my necklaces and the soldered clump of metal at my neck. "Yeah, I see how well you took care of my heart." ~ A.G. Howard
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by A.G. Howard
I see this is not the first time you've gotten yourself injured," she said, sounding irritated. "I suppose battle scars are a badge of honor for you Highlanders."
He shrugged. "Every scar provides a tale to share around the hearth."
"You should be more careful," she scolded.
"I am careful," he said with a laugh. "That's why I live to tell the tales. ~ Margaret Mallory
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Margaret Mallory
His mouth hardened into a tight line for a moment. "I plead for nothing." His voice deepened. "I beg for nothing." He paused, searching her eyes. "You are my heart. I beg you to forgive me, beautiful. You come before everything to me. You even come before my own pride. I'm a Zorn warrior. I have fought many battles in war. I carry scars from lost lives I took in battle. I hunt and I do it well. I have never been captured and I have never been brought to my knees." He reached out to caress her cheek. "Then I look into your eyes and remember your laugh. I am there, beautiful. You have caught me and I am on my knees to you. ~ Laurann Dohner
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Laurann Dohner
Battle scars were not a commodity that I was accustomed to selling, least of all to myself. ~ Gina Marinello-Sweeney
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Gina Marinello-Sweeney
Your scars are battle wounds, but you don't see them that way. ~ Tammara Webber
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Tammara Webber
No one else noticed, or cared. It was just something they did. Taking other people's livestock. Other people's lives. She watched the soldiers, hating them. They were different in so many ways, white and black, yellow and brown, skinny, short, tall, small, but they were all the same. Didn't matter if they wore finger-bone necklaces, or baby teeth on bracelets, or tattoos on their chests to ward off bullets. In the end, they were all mangled with battle scars and their eyes were all dead. ~ Paolo Bacigalupi
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Paolo Bacigalupi
Had the Battle of Franklin ever really ended? Carrie walked her cemetery, and around her the wounds closed up and scarred over, but only in that way that an oak struck by lightning heals itself by twisting and bending around the wound: it is still recognizably a tree, it still lives as a tree, it still puts out its leaves and acorns, but its center, hidden deep within the curtain of green, remains empty and splintered where it hasn't been grotesquely scarred over. We are happy the tree hasn't died, and from the proper angle we can look on it and suppose that it is the same tree as it ever was, but it is not and never will be. ~ Robert Hicks
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Robert Hicks
Relationships always sounded so physically painful: you fell in love, you broke a heart, you lost your head. Was it any wonder that people came through the experience with battle scars? ~ Jodi Picoult
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Jodi Picoult
If chaos is a masterpiece,
Then you should see my heart.
If battle scars are beautiful,
Then I'm a work of art. ~ Kyra Jackson
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Kyra Jackson
Oh, please." Loki stepped back, examining me with a look of disappointment. "It's only a matter of degree. So I killed a god. Big deal! He went to Niflheim and became an honored guest in my daughter's palace. And my punishment? You want to know my punishment?"

"You were tied on a stone slab," I said. "With poison from a snake dripping on your face. I know."

"Do you?" Loki pulled back his cuffs, showing me the raw scars on his wrists. "The gods were not content to punish me with eternal torture. They took out their wrath upon my two favorite sons–Vali and Narvi. They turned Vali into a wolf and watched with amusement while he disemboweled his brother Narvi. Then they shot and gutted the wolf. The gods took my innocent sons' own entrails…" Loki's voice cracked with grief. "Well, Magnus Chase, let's just say I was not bound with ropes."

Something in my chest curled up and died–possibly my hope that there was any kind of justice in the universe. "Gods."

Loki nodded. "Yes, Magnus. The gods. Think about that when you meet Thor."

"I'm meeting Thor?"

"I'm afraid so. The gods don't even pretend to deal in good and evil, Magnus. It's not the Aesir way. Might makes right. So tell me… do you really want to charge into battle on their behalf? ~ Rick Riordan
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Rick Riordan
You're going to have some really sexy scars back here, Owe."
"Do girls go for that sort of thing?"
She was surprised to hear him speak and realized he'd spit out the piece of wood. It was marred with impressions of his teeth. "Scars like this are a sign you've survived in battle."
"Some battle," he said ruefully. "Me and a cactus going three rounds, and I nearly bit the dust. ~ Joan Johnston
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Joan Johnston
We are drawn to Jesus because "he learned obedience from what he suffered" (Heb. 5:8). People who are growing up are also drawn to individuals who bear battle scars, worry furrows, and tear marks on their faces. Their lessons can be trusted, much more than the unlined faces of those who have never failed - and so have never truly lived. ~ Henry Cloud
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Henry Cloud
By the end of our lives, we're covered in battle scars and shrapnel. ~ Carrie Hope Fletcher
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Carrie Hope Fletcher
It's the progressive left in this country that has viciously and systematically slimed female conservatives for their beliefs. We have the well-worn battle scars to prove it. ~ Michelle Malkin
Battle Scars Roblox quotes by Michelle Malkin
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