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#1. Recycling is an area where jobs could be created at low cost. Green collar workers. That's not very sexy. - Author: Geoff Mulgan
Barwell Recycling quotes by Geoff Mulgan
#2. Not only was he getting a new partner but he was getting an over-achieving new partner, a liberal, over-achieving new partner. He imagined him pulling up in his hybrid vehicle, his Starbuck's save-the-rainforest bottled water and soy latte, no doubt anxiously waiting to discuss the plight of the polar bears while recycling his gum wrappers. - Author: Michiko Katsu
Barwell Recycling quotes by Michiko Katsu
#3. I'm not out there suggesting that we should ban every plastic product. But there are some whose environmental costs exceed their utility, and the [plastic] bag is one of them. - Author: Susan Freinkel
Barwell Recycling quotes by Susan Freinkel
#4. Instead of feeling sexy and tingly, it felt useless, like recycling plastics or registering to vote. - Author: Douglas Coupland
Barwell Recycling quotes by Douglas Coupland
#5. Far as I knew, closest she'd gotten to art was a drafting table and dressing mannequins in store windows, and the closest I'd gotten to saving the world was my name on some petitions, for everything from recycling aluminum cans to saving the whales. I put my cans in the trash now, and I didn't know how the whales we're doing. - Author: Joe R. Lansdale
Barwell Recycling quotes by Joe R. Lansdale
#6. I used to think then that I was Bohemian, but I know now that I am not. I prefer order and precision to untidiness and looseness. - Author: Conrad Veidt
Barwell Recycling quotes by Conrad Veidt
#7. Billions of years ago exploding stars sent atoms hurtling through space and we've been recycling them on Earth ever since. Except for the occasional comet, meteor, some interstellar dust, we've used exactly the same atoms over and over since the earth was formed. We eat them, we drink them, we breathe them, we are made of them. At this precise moment each of us is exchanging our atoms with everyone else, and not just with each other, but with other animals, trees, fungi, moulds... - Author: Nathan Filer
Barwell Recycling quotes by Nathan Filer
#8. Naturally we would prefer seven epiphanies a day and an earth not so apparently devoid of angels. - Author: Jim Harrison
Barwell Recycling quotes by Jim Harrison
#9. Films go into vaults, art into museums, and music into halls of fame. Most fashion is worn for a few seasons and off-loaded into the recycling bin or, worse, some landfill. - Author: Robin Givhan
Barwell Recycling quotes by Robin Givhan
#10. It started as a selfish act and has turned into a way of life. I can't stand to watch someone throw anything away that belongs in my green bin. - Author: Jen Hatmaker
Barwell Recycling quotes by Jen Hatmaker
#11. I prefer surveying for a week to spending a week in fashionable society even of the best class. - Author: Ellen Swallow Richards
Barwell Recycling quotes by Ellen Swallow Richards
#12. I prefer to commit 100 per cent to a movie and make fewer films, because it takes over your life. - Author: Jodie Foster
Barwell Recycling quotes by Jodie Foster
#13. I buy things through the ShopStyle app on my phone, then have them delivered to a neighbour so Oliver doesn't see them arrive. When he's out, I collect them, cut off the labels, and bury them deep in the recycling box under the wine bottles. - Author: Helen George
Barwell Recycling quotes by Helen George
#14. There's more time spent on teaching kids about recycling than on character development in the American schools. - Author: Dennis Prager
Barwell Recycling quotes by Dennis Prager
#15. The chief causes of the environmental destruction that faces us today are not biological, or the product of individual human choice. They are social and historical, rooted in the productive relations, technological imperatives, and historically conditioned demographic trends that characterize the dominant social system. Hence, what is ignored or downplayed in most proposals to remedy the environmental crisis is the most critical challenge of all: the need to transform the major social bases of environmental degradation, and not simply to tinker with its minor technical bases. As long as prevailing social relations remain unquestioned, those who are concerned about what is happening are left with few visible avenues for environmental action other than purely personal commitments to recycling and green shopping, socially untenable choices between jobs and the environment, or broad appeals to corporations, political policy-makers, and the scientific establishment--the very interests most responsible for the current ecological mess. - Author: John Bellamy Foster
Barwell Recycling quotes by John Bellamy Foster
#16. One of the problems with being a writer is that all of your idiocies are still in print somewhere. I strongly support paper recycling. - Author: P. J. O'Rourke
Barwell Recycling quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#17. Rich people's garbage was every year more complex, rife with hybrid materials, impurities, impostors. Planks that looked like wood were shot through with plastic. How was he to classify a loofah? The owners of the recycling plants demanded waste that was all one thing, pure. - Author: Katherine Boo
Barwell Recycling quotes by Katherine Boo
#18. There is comfort in such accumulations, layers of lives, of years. Gardening tools, wheelbarrow, arousal cans, old bicycles, recycling bins, battered trash cans, cardboard boxes stacked in a corner, cracked clay pots, exiled kitchenware & furniture, antique television, dog food bowls. You could do an inventory of a household by all that has been worn out or excluded, exiled from it. You could do an inventory of a life. - Author: Joyce Carol Oates
Barwell Recycling quotes by Joyce Carol Oates
#19. I regard this novel as a work without redeeming social value, unless it can be recycled as a cardboard box. - Author: Ellen Goodman
Barwell Recycling quotes by Ellen Goodman
#20. I've found my productive-writing-to-screwing-around ratio to be one to seven. So, for every eight hour day of writing, there is only one good productive hour of work being done. The other seven hours are preparing for writing: pacing around the house, collapsing cardboard bxes for recycling, reading the DVD extras pamphlet from BBC Pride & Prejudice, getting snacks lined up for writing, and YouTubing toddlers who learned the 'Single Ladies' dance. I know. Isn't that horrible? So, basically, writing this piece took me the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. - Author: Mindy Kaling
Barwell Recycling quotes by Mindy Kaling
#21. I'm not really very funny, I just keep recycling jokes. - Author: Reese Roper
Barwell Recycling quotes by Reese Roper
#22. Idolatry is always subject to the law of diminishing returns. - Author: Elyse M. Fitzpatrick
Barwell Recycling quotes by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick
#23. My first time performing was in the black box theater of my high school's basement as a member of 'Clownaz,' the school's improv team. We charged money for tickets, saying the proceeds went to our school's recycling program. Then, immediately after the show, we divided up all the money and kept it. - Author: Joe Mande
Barwell Recycling quotes by Joe Mande
#24. Today is Earth Day. The way I see it, as humans the very least we can do is recycle. A lot of recycling is going on this year. For example, Bushes and Clintons. - Author: David Letterman
Barwell Recycling quotes by David Letterman
#25. I am aware that for decades there has been exploration of options and concrete plans and investments being made to look at life on another planet. We must not stop exploring. At the same time let's preserve and enhance the life we already have on earth. Join the green revolution, plant trees, stop soil erosion, reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere and promote recycling of waste. Become aware, create awareness, act responsibly and lead by example. - Author: Archibald Marwizi
Barwell Recycling quotes by Archibald Marwizi
#26. Dad's oil dehydrator was a contained electrostatic field, one electrode down the center, the other the container's inner wall. Principal problem was finding a dielectric to separate the two. Refuse oil poured in came out as oil of the highest grade, dry chemicals, and drinking water. Petroleum Rectifying Company successfully prohibited its use. - Author: John Cage
Barwell Recycling quotes by John Cage
#27. In the draft plan, we're looking at recycling 20 percent of our garbage by 2010. - Author: Michael E. Mann
Barwell Recycling quotes by Michael E. Mann
#28. We're fine now," Sanjrani said. "We'll be fine for three years. Maybe three and a half. Then the recycling systems stop being able to meet demand. We won't have infrastructure in place to fill the gaps. And then we'll starve. Not just Earth. Not just Mars. The Belt too. And once we start, we'll have no way to stop." "All right," Michio said. "How do we fix it?" "I don't know," Sanjrani said. - Author: James S.A. Corey
Barwell Recycling quotes by James S.A. Corey
#29. The way we live our lives is not sustainable. I don't just mean recycling and turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth. I mean the way we treat each other. The way we pick and choose whose lives are important – who we actually treat as human. There is nobody on this earth whose life is not of value. And that includes those of us who have been left behind. Maybe they did go to some Christian heaven. But what I'm saying is, we're good people too. We're worthwhile people. I'd vouch for every last one of you. - Author: Katie Coyle
Barwell Recycling quotes by Katie Coyle
#30. It was Sunday, and Mumma had gone next door with Lena and the little ones. Under the pepper tree in the yard Pa was sorting, counting, the empty bottles he would sell back: the bottles going clink clink as Pa stuck them in the sack. The fowls were fluffing in the dust and sun: that crook-neck white pullet Mumma said she would hit on the head if only she had the courage to; but she hadn't. - Author: Patrick White
Barwell Recycling quotes by Patrick White
#31. People who volunteer at the recycling center or soup kitchen through a church or neighborhood group can come to feel part of something 'larger.' Such a sense of belonging calls on a different part of a self than the market calls on. The market calls on our sense of self-interest. It focuses us on what we 'get.' - Author: Arlie Russell Hochschild
Barwell Recycling quotes by Arlie Russell Hochschild
#32. Okay, just so we're clear," Piper said, "I'll show you where Jason and I entered the maze, but I'm not doing the stereotypical Native American tracker thing. I don't know tracking. I'm not your guide."
We all readily agreed, as one does when delivered an ultimatum by a friend with strong opinions and poison darts.
"Also," she continued, "if any of you find the need for spiritual guidance on this quest, I am not here to provide that service. I'm not going to dispense bits of ancient Cherokee wisdom."
"Very well," I aid. "Though as a former prophecy god, I enjoy bits of spiritual wisdom."
"Then you'll have to ask the satyr," Piper said.
Grover cleared his throat. "Um, recycling is good karma?"
"There you go," Piper said. - Author: Rick Riordan
Barwell Recycling quotes by Rick Riordan
#33. They pay little attention to what we say and prefer to read tea leaves. - Author: Nikita Khrushchev
Barwell Recycling quotes by Nikita Khrushchev
#34. My hobby of not attending meetings about recycling saves more energy than your hobby of recycling. - Author: John McCarthy
Barwell Recycling quotes by John McCarthy
#35. Where recyling takes place only in response to political pressures and exhortations, it need not meet the test of being incrementally worth its incremental costs. Accordingly, studies of government-imposed recycling programs in the United States have shown that what they salvage is usually worth less than the cost of salvaging it. - Author: Thomas Sowell
Barwell Recycling quotes by Thomas Sowell

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