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We preach sermons, write books on apologetics, conduct city-wide evangelistic campaigns. For those alienated from the church, that approach no longer has the same drawing power. And for the truly needy, words alone don't satisfy; "A hungry person has no ears," as one relief worker told me. A skeptical world judges the truth of what we say by the proof of how we live. ~ Philip Yancey
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Philip Yancey
Disorder in a drawing-room is vulgar; in an antiquary's study, not; the black battle-stain on a soldier's face is not vulgar, but the dirty face of a housemaid is. ~ John Ruskin
Ballpen Drawing quotes by John Ruskin
My family always encouraged my drawing ability. Kids in school who teased me about my reading would get out of their seats and stand behind my desk as I worked and go, 'Wow, you can really draw.' Later, I earned a degree in Fine Art and got a Ph.D. in Art History. ~ Patricia Polacco
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Patricia Polacco
The first writing of the human being was drawing, not writing. ~ Marjane Satrapi
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Marjane Satrapi
Create with the heart; build with the mind. ~ Criss Jami
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Criss Jami
Drawing is the root of everything, and the time spent on that is actually all profit. ~ Vincent Van Gogh
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Vincent Van Gogh
We must cling only to drawing. ~ Nicolas De Stael
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Nicolas De Stael
When I was younger, I just lived my life on paper. I didn't really live in the real world very much. As a consequence, I couldn't cope with the real world and real people very well. That in itself became life threatening, so I had to stop drawing so much and learn how to cope with people. ~ Robert Crumb
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Robert Crumb
When I was a barber, me being extreme was how I got popular: you name it, I was drawing it on someone's head. ~ Swizz Beatz
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Swizz Beatz
Listen, then, Jane Eyre, to your sentence: tomorrow, place the glass before you, and draw in chalk your own picture, faithfully, without softening one defect; omit no harsh line, smooth away no displeasing irregularity; write under it, 'Portrait of a Governess, disconnected, poor, and plain.'

"Afterwards, take a piece of smooth ivory--you have one prepared in your drawing-box: take your palette, mix your freshest, finest, clearest tints; choose your most delicate camel-hair pencils; delineate carefully the loveliest face you can imagine; paint it in your softest shades and sweetest lines, according to the description given by Mrs. Fairfax of Blanche Ingram; remember the raven ringlets, the oriental eye;--What! you revert to Mr. Rochester as a model! Order! No snivel!--no sentiment!--no regret! I will endure only sense and resolution. Recall the august yet harmonious lineaments, the Grecian neck and bust; let the round and dazzling arm be visible, and the delicate hand; omit neither diamond ring nor gold bracelet; portray faithfully the attire, aerial lace and glistening satin, graceful scarf and golden rose; call it 'Blanche, an accomplished lady of rank. ~ Charlotte Bronte
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Charlotte Bronte
He thought that maybe when you're making your way forward into your life, it just looks higgledy-piggledy, the way, if you were a fly walking across one of Beautiful Girl's drawings all you'd be able to see was green, then blue, then yellow. Only if you got in the air before the swat came down would you see the colors belonged to a big drawing, with the green for this part of the picture, the blue and yellow for others, every color being just where if was meant to be. Could that be what life was? ~ Rachel Simon
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Rachel Simon
Unlike the photography and prints, I never catalogued, kept track of or exhibited the sketches. I sold some occasionally, but never saw myself as a graphic artist. They became more important to me thanks to the exhibition, however, and I realized that these drawings were quite interesting after all. ~ Gerhard Richter
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Gerhard Richter
Mrs Ramsay, who had been sitting loosely, folding her son in her arm, braced herself, and, half turning, seemed to raise herself with an effort, and at once to pour erect into the air a rain of energy, a column of spray, looking at the same time animated and alive as if all her energies were being fused into force, burning and illuminating (quietly though she sat, taking up her stocking again), and into this delicious fecundity, this fountain and spray of life, the fatal sterility of the male plunged itself, like a beak of brass, barren and bare. He wanted sympathy. He was a failure, he said. Mrs Ramsay flashed her needles. Mr Ramsay repeated, never taking his eyes from her face, that he was a failure. She blew the words back at him. "Charles Tansley… " she said. But he must have more than that. It was sympathy he wanted, to be assured of his genius, first of all, and then to be taken within the circle of life, warmed and soothed, to have his senses restored to him, his barrenness made furtile, and all the rooms of the house made full of life - the drawing-room; behind the drawing-room the kitchen; above the kitchen the bedrooms; and beyond them the nurseries; they must be furnished, they must be filled with life. ~ Virginia Woolf
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Virginia Woolf
I think the way kids create is so inspiring. They're drawing a picture? They love the picture they drew; they're not tortured about it. ~ Spike Jonze
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Spike Jonze
I suppose I felt doomed to be an artist early on because of the way I drew all over the books that I needed for school, from ancient history to math. I was more interested in drawing in the margins than actually doing the work. ~ Nancy Spero
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Nancy Spero
Perversion is just another form of art. It's like painting or drawing or sculpting. Except instead of paint, us perverts use sex as our medium. ~ C.M. Stunich
Ballpen Drawing quotes by C.M. Stunich
I was interested in the idea of succession - showing a father and a son both in their own time and drawing a contrast ~ Francis Ford Coppola
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Francis Ford Coppola
Ryu laughed. "You know what I mean. A absentminded as you are, it's a true wonder you can be so focused when it comes to kendo."
"I'm also focused when I draw."
"Yeah. The problem is you're still drawing even when you don't have an actual pencil in your hand. ~ H.J. Brues
Ballpen Drawing quotes by H.J. Brues
I know never to take a wine for granted. Drawing a cork is like attendance at a concert or at a play that one knows well, when there is all the uncertainty of no two performances ever being quite the same. That is why the French say, 'There are no good wines, only good bottles.' ~ Gerald Asher
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Gerald Asher
A woman must have a thorough knowledge of music, singing, drawing, dancing, and the modern languages; she must be well trained in the fighting styles of the Kyoto masters and the modern tactics and weaponry of Europe. And besides all this, she must possess a certain something in her air and manner of walking, the tone of her voice, her address and expressions, or the word will be but half-deserved. All this she must possess, and to all this she must yet add something more substantial, in the improvement of her mind by extensive reading, meditation, and Oriental discipline. ~ Seth Grahame-Smith
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Seth Grahame-Smith
She [Mrs. Badger] was surrounded in the drawing-room by various objects, indicative of her painting a little, playing the piano a little, playing the guitar a little, playing the harp a little, singing a little, working a little, reading a little, writing poetry a little, and botanizing a little. She was a lady of about fifty, I should think, youthfully dressed, and of a very fine complexion. If I add to the little list of her accomplishments that she rouged a little, I do not mean that there was any harm in it. ~ Charles Dickens
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Charles Dickens
She'd always loved beautiful underwear - lacey bras and knickers, usually white or the deepest burgundy. What colour was she wearing today?
His heart slammed faster at the thought and, unable to stop himself, he shifted his arm, bunching up her shirt to reveal that which his hand so desperately wanted to possess.
"Oh, babe," he groaned, his stare falling on a cherry-red bra perfectly cupping her breast. Her nipple strained at the delicate lace, drawing his attention and making his breath quicken. "You are as beautiful as I remember. ~ Lexxie Couper
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Lexxie Couper
You will never experience less reality than when you are watching a reality show. You're watching people who aren't actors, put into situations created by people who aren't writers and they're second guessing how they think you would like to see them behave if this were a real situation, which it's not. And you are passively observing this; watching an amateur production of nothing. It's like a photo of a drawing of a hologram. ~ Dana Gould
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Dana Gould
The construction of the human figure, its tremendous variety of balance, of size, of rhythm, all those things make the human form much more difficult to get right in a drawing than anything else. ~ Henry Moore
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Henry Moore
She started drawing up a mental list of everyone she didn't trust, and had to stop immediately. She didn't have all day. ~ Mick Herron
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Mick Herron
What is the shape of space? Is it flat, or is it bent? Is it nicely laid out, or is it warped and shrunken? Is it finite, or is it infinite? Which of the following does space resemble more: (a) a sheet of paper, (b) an endless desert, (c) a soap bubble, (d) a doughnut, (e) an Escher drawing, (f) an ice cream cone, (g) the branches of a tree, or (h) a human body? ~ Rudy Rucker
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Rudy Rucker
I love drawing on lead. Romans used to curse each other with sheets of it. My slave would come slide the sheet under your door with a curse on it. They had amazing writing and drawings on them, and they survive to this day since lead is so stable. ~ Shea Hembrey
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Shea Hembrey
Even if you're drawing a cartoon and exaggerating, you want to capture something true about the person. ~ David Horsey
Ballpen Drawing quotes by David Horsey
Drawing a good figure doesn't make you a good artist. I can name you ten men, right off the bat, who draw better than I do. But I don't think their work gets as much response as mine. I can't think of a better man to draw Dick Tracy than Chester Gould, who certainly is no match for Leonardo Da Vinci. But Chester Gould told the story of Dick Tracy. He told the story of Dick Tracy the way it should have been told. No other guy could have done it. It's not in the draftsmanship, it's in the man.

Like I say, a tool is dead. A brush is a dead object. It's in the man.

If you want to do, you do it. If you think a man draws the type of hands that you want to draw, steal 'em. Take those hands.

The only thing I can say is: Caniff was my teacher, Alex Raymond was my teacher, even the guy who drew Toonerville Trolley was my teacher. Whatever he had stimulated me in some way. And I think that's all you need. You need that stimulation. Stimulation to make you an individual. And the draftsmanship, hang it. If you can decently: learn to control what you can, learn to control what you have, learn to refine what you have. Damn perfection. You don't have to be perfect. You are never going to do a Sistine Chapel, unless someone ties you to a ceiling. Damn perfection.

All a man has in this field is pressure. And I think the pressure supplies a stimulation. You have your own stresses, that will supply your own stimulation. If you want to do it, you'll do ~ Jack Kirby
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Jack Kirby
He was asked to draw a rabbit that wouldn't keep still as he drew it - as soon as it had paws it scratched itself luxuriously and then went hopping off around the page, nibbling at the other questions, so that he had to chase it with the pencil to finish filling in the fur. He wound up pacifying it with some hastily sketched radishes and then drawing a fence around it to keep it in line. ~ Lev Grossman
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Lev Grossman
Drawing is the artist's most direct and spontaneous expression, a species of writing: it reveals, better than does painting, his true personality. ~ Edgar Degas
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Edgar Degas
You'll find more emotions of words in those crumpled & rolled papers thrown in the dustbin than the edited script you jolted down last night in your folder. More splashes of paints lay scattered around your drawing paint-plate, the brushes equally messed up with their romance with the colours before the actual finishing of a fine portrait. Your draft box breathes more words than the real, grammatically -groomed post on your blog. The room smells more of the combined samples of vividly used tropical, musky, floral essences mixed in different ratios to get the exotic cologne at the end.
Gist is spending that extra cent to obtain a perfect blend. That extra counts to the journey of a masterpiece which later finds itself an identity of an extra-ordinary creation.
You're that 'extra' to me who glorifies my existence and makes me feel like a clone-sister of masterpiece or rather a mistress-piece!!!

- Shonali Dey (Shon Alley) ~ Shonali Dey
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Shonali Dey
Once she was gone, Pen bowed and said, "Good night, Lady."
"You don't have to bow to me, Pen."
Humor sparked in Pen's eyes, but he said nothing, only bowed again before retreating into his anteroom and drawing the curtain. ~ Erika Johansen
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Erika Johansen
For many years, I have kept in my office an ink drawing of two smiling figures with their arms around each other: Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha, with the caption: "Jesus and Buddha must be very good friends." They are not the same, but they are friends, not enemies, and they are not indifferent to one another. ~ Tilden Edwards
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Tilden Edwards
But desire must also be cultivated; the beautiful does not always immediately commend itself to every taste; Christ's beauty, like that of Isaiah's suffering servant, is not expressed in vacuous comeliness or shadowless glamor, but calls for a love that is charitable, that is not dismayed by distance or mystery, and that can repent of its failure to see; this is to acquire what Augustine calls a taste for the beauty of God (Soliloquia 1.3-14). Once this taste is learned, divine beauty, as Gregory of Nyssa says, inflames desire, drawing one on into an endless epektasis, a stretching out toward an ever greater embrace of divine glory. And, ~ David Bentley Hart
Ballpen Drawing quotes by David Bentley Hart
The young man should first learn perspective, then the proportions of objects. Next, copy work after the hand of a good master, to gain the habit of drawing parts of the body well; and then to work from nature, to confirm the lessons learned. ~ Leonardo Da Vinci
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci
Drawing and composition are the same thing. ~ John French Sloan
Ballpen Drawing quotes by John French Sloan
By over-all planning, we mean planning which takes into consideration the interests of the 600 million people of our country. In drawing up plans, handling affairs or thinking over problems, we must proceed from the fact that China has a population of 600 million people, and we must never forget this fact. ~ Mao Zedong
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Mao Zedong
When I'm drawing, I only do that at home, really, at my drawing table. But writing I could do in other places. So I've written in airports, in hotels, different places. ~ Kevin Henkes
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Kevin Henkes
If you go by a school and the kids don't whistle, back to the drawing board. ~ Harley Earl
Ballpen Drawing quotes by Harley Earl
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