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Long Beach Savings was the first existing bank to adopt what was called the "originate and sell" model. This proved such a hit - Wall Street would buy your loans, even if you would not! - that a new company, called B&C mortgage, was founded to do nothing but originate and sell. ~ Michael Lewis
B C Mortgage quotes by Michael Lewis
I'm frankly sick and tired of the political preachers across this country telling me as a citizen that if I want to be a moral person, I must believe in "A," "B," "C" and "D." Just who do they think they are? And from where do they presume to claim the right to dictate their moral beliefs to me? And I am even more angry as a legislator who must endure the threats of every religious group who thinks it has some God-granted right to control my vote on every roll call in the Senate. I am warning them today: I will fight them every step of the way if they try to dictate their moral convictions to all Americans in the name of "conservatism. ~ Barry M. Goldwater
B C Mortgage quotes by Barry M. Goldwater
History has demonstrated that the most notable winners usually encountered heartbreaking obstacles before they triumphed. They won because they refused to become discouraged by their defeats. ~ B.C. Forbes
B C Mortgage quotes by B.C. Forbes
Here's a pointer culled from the careers of men who have attained notable success: Don't sit in your office during the hours prospects can be seen. Do your office work before or after the hours during which possible customers can be reached. This may mean adding an hour or two quite often to your day's work; but in times like this particularly, the securing of a satisfactory amount of business through the expenditure of an extra hour or two a day is not an unreasonable price to pay. ~ B.C. Forbes
B C Mortgage quotes by B.C. Forbes
It was in Alexandria, during the six hundred years beginning around 300 B.C., that human beings, in an important sense, began the intellectual adventure that has led us to the shores of space. But of the look and feel of that glorious marble city, nothing remains. Oppression and the fear of learning have obliterated almost all memory of ancient Alexandria. ~ Anonymous
B C Mortgage quotes by Anonymous
Real riches are the riches possessed inside. ~ B.C. Forbes
B C Mortgage quotes by B.C. Forbes
Do too many executives still indulge in the short-sighted habit of issuing orders without taking the slightest pains to explain to those responsible for carrying them out the whyfor and wherefor of the orders? Where employees come in daily and hourly contact with the public, surely it is important that care be taken to fit them to reply intelligently to courteous questions. ""Because them are orders"" isn't a satisfying reply-even less satisfactory to the management than to the public. ~ B.C. Forbes
B C Mortgage quotes by B.C. Forbes
It turned out that salt was a microcosm for one of the oldest concepts of nature and the order of the universe. From the fourth-century-B.C. Chinese belief in the forces of yin and yang, to most of the world's religions, to modern science, to the basic principles of cooking, there has always been a belief that two opposing forces find completion - one receiving a missing part and the other shedding an extra one. A salt is a small but perfect thing. ~ Mark Kurlansky
B C Mortgage quotes by Mark Kurlansky
Everyone spends money freely that is freely given. ~ B.C. Chase
B C Mortgage quotes by B.C. Chase
Most people fail in leadership b/c they think when they should be working and work when they should be thinking. ~ Orrin Woodward
B C Mortgage quotes by Orrin Woodward
Many a man has walked up to the opportunity for which he has long been preparing himself, looked it full in the face, and then begun to get cold feet ... when it comes to betting on yourself and your power to do the thing you know you must do or write yourself down a failure, you're a chicken-livered coward if you hesitate. ~ B.C. Forbes
B C Mortgage quotes by B.C. Forbes
Anger cuts through a wide range of things. Cuts like a knife ~ D.B.C. Pierre
B C Mortgage quotes by D.B.C. Pierre
Turn resolutely to work, to recreation, or in any case to physical exercise till you are so tired you can't help going to sleep, and when you wake up you won't want to worry. ~ B.C. Forbes
B C Mortgage quotes by B.C. Forbes
Quinn sat back down. He leaned forward, elbows on knees. "Man, don't you remember taking tests in school? Multiple choice: A, B, C, D, or E, all of the above.
"Dude, sometimes the answer is 'all of the above.' This places needs you. And it needs Astrid. And it needs Sam. It's all of the above, Albert. ~ Michael Grant
B C Mortgage quotes by Michael Grant
The fact that women in the home have shut themselves away from the thought and life of the world has done much to retard progress.We fill the world with the children of 20th century A.D. fathers and 20th century B.C. mothers. ~ Charlotte Perkins Gilman
B C Mortgage quotes by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Sometimes or most of the time, we need to remind ourselves that we're not a KID anymore. ~ B.C. Yaras
B C Mortgage quotes by B.C. Yaras
B.C. sat back in his chair. Whatever America needs, the world will supply. Cocaine? Colombia steps to the plate. Shortage of farmworkers, corn detasselers? Thank God for Mexico. Baseball players? Viva Dominicana. Need more interns? India, Philippines zindabad ~ Abraham Verghese
B C Mortgage quotes by Abraham Verghese
in 3000 b.c....in spain, france, the british isles and old europe, the lives of people centered on nature and motherhood. they honored mother nature, mother earth and mother creator. women were revered as the givers of life. as creators, they were thought to be connected to diety. statues of the goddesses of these early people were of full-breasted women with bodies clearly depicting the ballooning abdomen of women about to give birth. these primal people regarded birthing as the highest manifestation of nature. when a woman gave birth, everyone gathered around her in the temple for the "celebration of life." birthing was a religious rite, and not at all the painful ordeal it came to be years later. ~ Marie F. Mongan
B C Mortgage quotes by Marie F. Mongan
There are mystically in our faces certain characters which carry in them the motto of our souls, wherein he that cannot read A, B, C may read our natures. ~ Thomas Browne
B C Mortgage quotes by Thomas Browne
Babel led to an explosion in the number of languages. That was part of Enki's plan. Monocultures, like a field of corn, are susceptible to infections, but genetically diverse cultures, like a prairie, are extremely robust. After a few thousand years, one new language developed - Hebrew - that possessed exceptional flexibility and power. The deuteronomists, a group of radical monotheists in the sixth and seventh centuries B.C., were the first to take advantage of it. They lived in a time of extreme nationalism and xenophobia, which made it easier for them to reject foreign ideas like Asherah worship. They formalized their old stories into the Torah and implanted within it a law that insured its propagation throughout history - a law that said, in effect, 'make an exact copy of me and read it every day.' And they encouraged a sort of
informational hygiene, a belief in copying things strictly and taking great care with information, which as they understood, is potentially dangerous. They made data a controlled substance... [and] gone beyond that. There is evidence of carefully planned biological warfare against the army of Sennacherib when he tried to conquer Jerusalem. So the deuteronomists may have had an en of their very own. Or maybe they just understood viruses well enough that they knew how to take
advantage of naturally occurring strains. The skills cultivated by these people were passed down in secret from one generation to the next and manifested themselves tw ~ Neal Stephenson
B C Mortgage quotes by Neal Stephenson
Once when I felt a little bruised by censorship I sent through Herodotus's account of the battle of Salamis fought between the Greeks and Persians in 480 B.C., and since there were place names involved, albeit classical ones, the Navy censors killed the whole story. ~ John Steinbeck
B C Mortgage quotes by John Steinbeck
How many men I know who are earning dollars aplenty, but who are really earning little of what counts. They are so overwhelmingly engrossed in business that they get nothing from their dollars. The Juggernaut of dollar-making has crushed out of them every capacity for genuine enjoyment, every grace, every unselfish sentiment and instinct. ~ B.C. Forbes
B C Mortgage quotes by B.C. Forbes
Whenever possible, I like to have the supreme head of a company show me over the works. It is extremely illuminating to note the attitude of workers towards their boss, and equally interesting to note the attitude towards the workers. It is tragic to notice how many chief executives of large concerns are absolutely unknown, even by sight, to the rank and file of their workers. ~ B.C. Forbes
B C Mortgage quotes by B.C. Forbes
If in the place of God we write "Reality", "Nature", "Unknowable", or "Zero", it matters not one whit; the equation is just as obscure; for all we have done is to replace a by b, c, d, or e, not knowing what these letters mean. The symbol has changed, but what it symbolizes remains as inscrutable. ~ J. F. C. Fuller
B C Mortgage quotes by J. F. C. Fuller
The platypus, as it turns out, derives its DNA from a menagerie of creatures. When its genome was fully decoded, it was found only to be 80% mammalian, and had genes found previously only in reptilian, bird, amphibian, and fish DNA. ~ B.C. Chase
B C Mortgage quotes by B.C. Chase
A price has to be paid for success. Almost invariably those who have reached the summits worked harder and longer, studied and planned more assiduously, practiced more self- denial, overcame more difficulties than those of us who have not risen so far. ~ B.C. Forbes
B C Mortgage quotes by B.C. Forbes
Summer, with its dog days, its vacations, its distractions, is over. We have had our holidays, our rest, our recreation. The fall season, with its new opportunities for effort, enterprise and achievement, is upon us. Let us rip off our coats and get down to business. We may have allowed pessimism to grip us during the summer months. We may even have allowed laziness to enter our bones. Now it is up to us to throw off both lassitude and pessimism. The time has come for action, for aggressiveness ... ~ B.C. Forbes
B C Mortgage quotes by B.C. Forbes
Different rates of development on different continents, from 11,000 B.C. to A.D. 1500, were what led to the technological and political inequalities of A.D. 1500. ~ Jared Diamond
B C Mortgage quotes by Jared Diamond
Judgment can be acquired only by acute observation, by actual experience in the school of life, by ceaseless alertness to learn from others, by study of the activities of men who have made notable marks, by striving to analyze the everyday play of causes and effects, by constant study of human nature. ~ B.C. Forbes
B C Mortgage quotes by B.C. Forbes
It must first be reiterated that with extraordinary few exceptions no educated person in the history of Western Civilization from the third century B.C. onward believed that the earth was flat ~ Jeffrey Burton Russell
B C Mortgage quotes by Jeffrey Burton Russell
The fittest, not the richest, make the most enviable mark. Pampered sons of plutocrats may shine for a time in society, but not in the world of affairs and of service unless they rip off their coats and get to work early and stay late. To be born with a golden spoon in the mouth is more of a handicap than a help in attaining worthwhile success in this age. ~ B.C. Forbes
B C Mortgage quotes by B.C. Forbes
This would never happen to Van Damme. Heroes never shit. They only fuck and kill. ~ D.B.C. Pierre
B C Mortgage quotes by D.B.C. Pierre
A willing, cheerful worker, with his heart in his job, will turn out more work and more satisfactory work in 44 hours than an unwilling worker, dissatisfied with his conditions, will turn out in 54 hours. It is good business, therefore, for every employer to go as far as he possibly can in reaching a schedule agreeable to his people. ~ B.C. Forbes
B C Mortgage quotes by B.C. Forbes
The first physician who is known to have counted the pulse, Herophilos of Alexandria (born 300 B.C.), lived in Egypt. ~ James Henry Breasted
B C Mortgage quotes by James Henry Breasted
Managing the other fellow's business is a fascinating game. Trade unionists all over the country have pronounced ideas for the reform of Wall Street banks; and Wall Street bankers are not far behind in giving plans for the tremendous improvement of trade union policies. Wholesalers have schemes for improving the retailer; the retailer knows just what is wrong in the conduct of wholesale business-and we might go through a long list ... Yet for some reason the classes that ought to be helped keep on stubbornly clinging to their own method of running their affairs ... ~ B.C. Forbes
B C Mortgage quotes by B.C. Forbes
Somebody somewhere on this planet, back about 600 B.C. found some pieces of R6, and I don't know how they found it, either by watching madman or something. But since that time they have used it and it became what is known as Christianity. The man on the cross. There was no Christ ~ L. Ron Hubbard
B C Mortgage quotes by L. Ron Hubbard
It's so much easier to do good than to be good. ~ B.C. Forbes
B C Mortgage quotes by B.C. Forbes
I believe that there was a great age, a great epoch when man did not make war: previous to 2000 B.C. Then the self had not reallybecome aware of itself, it had not separated itself off, the spirit was not yet born, so there was no internal conflict, and hence no permanent external conflict. ~ D.H. Lawrence
B C Mortgage quotes by D.H. Lawrence
The distinction between nerves and vessels was not demonstrated until the Third Century B.C., when it was made clear by Erasistratos. ~ James Henry Breasted
B C Mortgage quotes by James Henry Breasted
The bell of public opinion is today making the Morgan-Rockefeller-Vanderbilt class jump. Nor are the strongest of our corporations immune. The railroads have had to jump pretty lively, and certain gigantic industrial combinations are also being put through their paces. ~ B.C. Forbes
B C Mortgage quotes by B.C. Forbes
By the 5th century B.C., however, most of the constellations had come to be associated with myths, and the Catasterismi of Eratosthenes completed the mythologization of the stars. ~ Errol Coder
B C Mortgage quotes by Errol Coder
There's only one way to be a pilot, and that is to get this entire river by heart. You have to know it just like A B C.' That was a dismal revelation to me; for my memory was never loaded with anything but blank cartridges. ~ Mark Twain
B C Mortgage quotes by Mark Twain
It is easier to start taxes than to stop them. A tax an inch long can easily become a yard long. That has been the history of the income tax. Would not the sales tax be likely to have a similar history [in the U.S.]? ... Canadian newspapers report that an increase in the sales tax threatens to drive the Mackenzie King administration out of office. Canada began with a sales tax of 2% ... Starting this month the tax is 6%. The burden, in other words, has already been increased 200% ... What the U.S. needs is not new taxes, is not more taxes, but fewer and lower taxes. ~ B.C. Forbes
B C Mortgage quotes by B.C. Forbes
To get the most out of the world one must conscientiously strive to put the most into it. Life without worthy ideals becomes wholly unsatisfying, sour. If our supreme objective is to serve, no blow fate may administer can daunt us. ~ B.C. Forbes
B C Mortgage quotes by B.C. Forbes
You have no idea how big the other fellow's troubles are. ~ B.C. Forbes
B C Mortgage quotes by B.C. Forbes
My mom on Pitbull: 'I'm glad he's a star, b/c if he wasn't and I just saw him on the street I'd think he was going to steal from me.' ~ Sasheer Zamata
B C Mortgage quotes by Sasheer Zamata
To the end, no matter what it is you are considering. Often enough, God gives a man a glimpse of happiness, and then utterly ruins him. THE HISTORIES, HERODOTUS, FIFTH CENTURY B.C. Indians ~ Robert Greene
B C Mortgage quotes by Robert Greene
Time mends all, ends all things earthly. ~ B.C. Forbes
B C Mortgage quotes by B.C. Forbes
My father will find you and kill you for what you have done." She said to him solemnly.
Maligo towered over her, a leering smile twisting his dark face.
"You would have to consider yourself lucky if you ever see your father again. Even if it is while he watches me take your life." He snarled, allowing a haughty smirk creep across his face. ~ B.C. Morin
B C Mortgage quotes by B.C. Morin
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