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When you recognize the many types of abundance in your life, more abundance will flow to you through all levels of your life and amongst all of the people in your life. ~ Cheryl Hamada
Ayako Hamada quotes by Cheryl Hamada
Although some of the people at church rejected and even denounced me, this did not particularly hinder me in my search. Rather, the fact that there were church people as weak and foolish as I was myself gave me a deep sense of reassurance. Arrogantly I thought, 'If God accepts that sort of person, isn't it possible thatHe will even accept me?' And I began to read the Bible more attentively. ~ Ayako Miura
Ayako Hamada quotes by Ayako Miura
The media might pretend that every life was of equal importance, but they selected people, graded them, decided whether their lives were -- as Ayako put it -- "heavy" or "lightweight," then imposed that set of values on society.

The death of a famous person. And the death of someone who wasn't.

A tragic death. And one that wasn't. ~ Hideo Yokoyama
Ayako Hamada quotes by Hideo Yokoyama
It is vitally important to discern your true heart's desire. Your heart's desire is different from fleeting wants or insatiable cravings. Your heart's desire is positive, life-enhancing, and beneficial to you and others. ~ Cheryl Hamada
Ayako Hamada quotes by Cheryl Hamada
...It's not something shared with society, but rather its a personal possession. I've never thought that I wanted to share morality with someone. I feel it's like a white canvas on which nothing is yet drawn, a silent room which accepts any sounds of music and nature, a litmus paper that has not yet been dipped into a solution. In future, it will be a white canvas on which anyone should be allowed to draw anything. ~ Ayako Sono
Ayako Hamada quotes by Ayako Sono
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