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#1. But I gotta say, I am so proud right now." Axel flattened his hand over his heart. "You borrowed my patented move, proving I'm made of more than awesome. I'm awesalicious. Is that a word? It's probably a girl word, but who cares! Seriously. Do you see a tear in my eye? Because I'm pretty sure I feel one. - Author: Gena Showalter
Axel quotes by Gena Showalter
#2. What captivated my fancy was that I, Axel Heyst, the most detached of creatures in this earthly captivity, the veriest tramp on this earth, an indifferent stroller going through the world's bustle - that I should have been there to step into the situation of an agent of Providence. I, a man of universal scorn and unbelief ... - Author: Joseph Conrad
Axel quotes by Joseph Conrad
#3. When you're listening to the radio, you're hearing dance beats, all the bells and whistles, and 'Say Something' makes you quiet and forces you to listen. - Author: Ian Axel
Axel quotes by Ian Axel
#4. Producers on Broadway approached us with an original script after relaunching ourselves as 'A Great Big World,' and wanted us to write the music. They asked us to make the music we would sing if we could, and so we can go a little crazier. We refer to it as 'our music on steroids.' - Author: Ian Axel
Axel quotes by Ian Axel
#5. I see," acknowledged Axel. "But it's not really your hunting trophy anyway, is it? I mean one that you collected yourself... Unless it died of old age, that is, right at your feet. - Author: Aaron D'Este
Axel quotes by Aaron D'Este
#6. Axel Reid, you wake up right now!" I yell. "Get your paws off my tit and call your dick off its search for my pussy, he found it asshole, now back off. - Author: Harper Sloan
Axel quotes by Harper Sloan
#7. Pasteur himself was absolutely fearless. Anxious to secure a sample of saliva straight from the jaws of a rabid dog, I once saw him with the glass tube held between his lips draw a few drops of the deadly saliva from the mouth of a rabid bull-dog, held on the table by two assistants, their hands protected by leather gloves. - Author: Axel Munthe
Axel quotes by Axel Munthe
#8. Mother said: "Isn't it better for the press to be able to criticize everyone equally?" "A wonderful idea," he said. "But you socialists live in a dream world. We practical men know that Germany cannot live on ideas. People must have bread and shoes and coal." "I quite agree," Mother said. "I could use more coal myself. But I want Carla and Erik to grow up as citizens of a free country." "You overrate freedom. It doesn't make people happy. They prefer leadership. I want Werner and Frieda and poor Axel to grow up in a country that is proud, and disciplined, and united." "And in order to be united, we need young thugs in brown shirts to beat up elderly Jewish shopkeepers? - Author: Ken Follett
Axel quotes by Ken Follett
#9. Always looked up to Brian and his skating, I loved his skating and what he had done for the sport. And the triple axel, that was the thing, and I wanted a triple axel. - Author: Elvis Stojko
Axel quotes by Elvis Stojko
#10. Everyone said I had a boyish look about me. The Thunderdome manager Axel mentioned the same thing when I arrived for my first fight. Why does a sweet boy like you want to get your ass kicked? I just smiled at his comment since I never had a talent for the kind of trash talking that made so many men scary. As a teenager, I practiced acting tough in front of the mirror. I always ended up laughing because even I didn't believe the bullshit coming out of my mouth. Though tall and strong, I'd never be scary.
Every guy I'd fought over the years thought he could take me in less than a minute. Even now as Dragon, I never scared anyone. Their lack of fear was what made the first punch so perfect. The moment my opponents realized they were fucked. - Author: Bijou Hunter
Axel quotes by Bijou Hunter
#11. A dog gladly admits the superiority of his master over himself, accepts his judgment as final, but, contrary to what dog-lovers believe, he does not consider himself as a slave. His submission is voluntary, and he expects his own small rights to be respected. - Author: Axel Munthe
Axel quotes by Axel Munthe
#12. Axel pressed harder against me and somehow I was turned until I was chest to chest with him. - Author: C.L.Stone
Axel quotes by C.L.Stone
#13. We never thought 'Say Something' would be a holiday song. I'm still surprised that it's resonating at this time of year. Maybe that's why it's working so well - it balances out all the joy. - Author: Ian Axel
Axel quotes by Ian Axel
#14. Those who work for the government are never men of their word. -Axel Chambers - Author: Rosie Scott
Axel quotes by Rosie  Scott
#15. Geologists don't do that! We go out in the field and observe, and then we can try to make a model with computerization; but it's not the first thing. - Author: Nils-Axel Morner
Axel quotes by Nils-Axel Morner
#16. Axel is the best uninvited miracle in my life. - Author: Priya Kanaparti
Axel quotes by Priya Kanaparti
#17. All animals exhibit innate behaviors in response to specific sensory stimuli that are likely to result from the activation of developmentally programmed circuits. - Author: Richard Axel
Axel quotes by Richard Axel
#18. Just as, in the case of love, children acquire, via the continuous experience of 'maternal' care, the basic self-confidence to assert their needs in an unforced manner, adult subjects acquire, via the experience of legal recognition, the possibility of seeing their actions as the universally respected expression of their own autonomy. The idea that self-respect is for legal relations what basic self-confidence was for the love relationship is already suggested by the conceptual appropriateness of viewing rights as depersonalized symbols of social respect in just the way that love can be conceived as the affectional expression of care retained over distance. [...] What is required are conditions in which individual rights are no longer granted disparately to members of social status groups but are granted equally to all people as free beings; only then will the individual legal person be able to see in them an objectivated point of reference for the idea that he or she is recognized for having the capacity for autonomously forming judgments. - Author: Axel Honneth
Axel quotes by Axel Honneth
#19. My room is much better than Axel's and that's what counts, right?" "That's right," Dad said. "Hey!" Axel said. - Author: Aileen Erin
Axel quotes by Aileen Erin
#20. To my amazement, I have heard that there are people who have never seen a gnome. I can't help pitying these people. I am certain there must be something wrong with their eyesight. - Author: Axel Munthe
Axel quotes by Axel Munthe
#21. All handling by IPCC of the Sea Level questions have been done in a way that cannot be accepted and that certainly not concur with modern knowledge of the mode and mechanism of sea level changes. - Author: Nils-Axel Morner
Axel quotes by Nils-Axel Morner
#22. It's different for every song. But for 'Say Something,' I think it was Chad who had an idea on guitar, and I had an idea on piano for different songs, and we just married them together. We bounce things off each other constantly and kind of massage all these ideas into a three and a half minute pop song. - Author: Ian Axel
Axel quotes by Ian Axel
#23. Okay, I'll move the lawn chairs. (Axel) - Author: Robert Kirkman
Axel quotes by Robert Kirkman
#24. Hip hop's got 30 years of history and we wanted to show that. A lot of us grew up with it. - Author: Axel Alonso
Axel quotes by Axel Alonso
#25. Child's creativity – indeed, the human faculty of imagination – presupposes a capacity to be alone, which itself can arise only out of basic confidence in the care of a loved one. - Author: Axel Honneth
Axel quotes by Axel Honneth
#26. That's just their way, honey. His father was the same way with Dee. Axel the same with me. Greg and Melissa. Maddox and Emmy. Asher and Chelcie. My sweet Dani with Cohen. Heck, even Davey had his moment with Sway. These men, it's just how they are. When they set their minds to something there is nothing and no one that will hold them back. And sweetheart, before you even let this thought take root in your mind, when they know, they know and they know in a way that sticks forever. - Author: Harper Sloan
Axel quotes by Harper Sloan
#27. Norstrom always used to say that I had two
different brains working alternatively in my head:
the well developed brain of a fool and the un-
developed brain of a sort of genius. - Author: Axel Munthe
Axel quotes by Axel Munthe
#28. Telling someone you'll accept them as long as they pretend to be someone they're not - that's not real acceptance. And saying you'll love someone as long as they lie about part of who they are - that's not real love, pup." Bayden tensed at the word love being uttered out loud for the first time. Axel smiled and pressed a kiss against Bayden's temple. "I won't be someone who does that. - Author: Kim Dare
Axel quotes by Kim Dare
#29. If you have a temperature rise, if it's a problem in one area, it's beneficial in another area. But sea level is the real 'bad guy,' and therefore they [The IPCC] have talked very much about it. But the real thing is, that [sea level rise] doesn't exist in observational data, only in computer modeling. - Author: Nils-Axel Morner
Axel quotes by Nils-Axel Morner
#30. Don't become the one people expect you to be, become who you really are! - Author: Axel N.
Axel quotes by Axel N.
#31. The fly sat upon the axel-tree of the chariot-wheel and said, What a dust do I raise! - Author: Aesop
Axel quotes by Aesop
#32. I feel that when Chad is in the room, I can tap into this other thing where music comes from. I don't know. It's just this really magical, special connection and relationship. - Author: Ian Axel
Axel quotes by Ian Axel
#33. What are we doing, Axel?"

"I don't know, Princess. I don't know. But, it feels way too fucking good to ignore. - Author: Harper Sloan
Axel quotes by Harper Sloan
#34. You cannot be a good doctor without pity. - Author: Axel Munthe
Axel quotes by Axel Munthe
#35. I grew up in Oregon, where as a teenager I worked with my grandfather Axel on his i shing boat at the mouth of the Columbia River. - Author: Karl Marlantes
Axel quotes by Karl Marlantes
#36. This was one of the unfortunate consequences of exaggerating the enemy's evil. You were obligated to exaggerate your own virtues as well. To counter the enemy's fiendish subversion, you wielded a blunt instrument of righteousness. And then you got a congressional committee of yahoos with subpoena power and God on their side...If only, Axel thought. If only they weren't so god damned dumb. - Author: Ward Just
Axel quotes by Ward Just
#37. Oh my honey Jesus. You did NOT tell Sway that you knew this fine mountain of a man, no you did NOT. Holy goodness Lord above, I need a cold shower after that girlfriend. You get your pretty little self into my chair and you tell Sway all about it. Every single delectable thing about it, if you know what I mean. Sweet heavens, I need a drink."
I turn my head from my perch in Axel's arms and laugh down at Sway. He is standing in the doorway of the salon fanning his face.
"What is that?" Axel says softly into my ear so only I hear him.
Turning around with a bright smile I say, "That is Sway. - Author: Harper Sloan
Axel quotes by Harper Sloan
#38. It is all those moral deviations that constitute the developmental process of society and its relations of recognition. In every historical epoch, individual, particular anticipations of expanded recognition relations accumulate into a system of normative demands, and this, consequently, forces societal development as a whole to adapt to the process of progressive individuation. The process of development goes in the direction of ever-greater liberation of individuality, increasing personal autonomy. - Author: Axel Honneth
Axel quotes by Axel Honneth
#39. My home shall be open for the sun and the wind and the voices of the sea - like a Greek temple - and light, light, light everywhere! - Author: Axel Munthe
Axel quotes by Axel Munthe
#40. The most beautiful programming language in the world is useless unless it allows you to write the program that you need. - Author: Axel Rauschmayer
Axel quotes by Axel Rauschmayer
#41. Looooook!" Axel pointed ahead. "Holy Lord-"Axel shrieked. "Of the rings. - Author: Cameron Jace
Axel quotes by Cameron Jace
#42. You think I've been around these fuckers long enough to get comfortable enough to SLEEP ten feet away from them? Not fucking likely. (Axel) - Author: Robert Kirkman
Axel quotes by Robert Kirkman
#43. What you keep to yourself you lose, what you give away, you keep forever. - Author: Axel Munthe
Axel quotes by Axel Munthe
#44. And who have we here?" Nick turned to Ellen and flashed her a charming smile. Val performed the introductions. "Ellen, may I make known to you Nick Haddonfield, the biggest scamp in the realm, and since his marriage, the happiest. Nick, Ellen Markham, Baroness Roxbury, my neighbor and friend." "Baroness." Nick executed a very proper bow but kissed Ellen's hand - a shocking presumption - rather than merely bowing over it. "Ignore him," Axel warned. "Any attempt to chide, flirt, or comment only encourages him, and this is after he has found a woman willing to marry him." "And bear my children," Nick added, eyes twinkling. Talk - Author: Grace Burrowes
Axel quotes by Grace Burrowes
#45. All the books I liked were basically about the same topic. White Niggers by Ingvar Ambjørnsen, Beatles and Lead by Lars Saabye Christensen, Jack by Alf Lundell, On the Road by Jack Kerouac, Last Exit to Brooklyn by Hubert Selby, Jr., Novel with Cocaine by M. Agayev, Colossus by Finn Alnaes, Lasso Round the Moon by Agnar Mykle, The History of Bestiality trilogy by Jens Bjørneboe, Gentlemen by Klas Östergren, Icarus by Axel Jensen, The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger, Humlehjertene by Ola Bauer and Post Office by Charles Bukowski.

Books about young men who struggled to fit into society, who wanted more from life than routines, more from life than a family, in short, young men who hated middle-class values and sought freedom. They travelled, they got drunk, they read and they dreamed about their life's Great Passion or writing the Great Novel.

Everything they wanted I wanted too. - Author: Karl Ove Knausgaard
Axel quotes by Karl Ove Knausgaard
#46. In humans, smell is often viewed as an aesthetic sense, as a sense capable of eliciting enduring thoughts and memories. Smell, however, is the primal sense. It is the sense that affords most organisms the ability to detect food, predators, and mates. - Author: Richard Axel
Axel quotes by Richard Axel
#47. I started writing songs when I was real young, when I was 3 years old. The piano spoke to me - I don't remember when I wasn't playing piano. My second grade talent show was the first time I performed my own thing. I dressed up as Dracula and played a song called 'Monster Rock' that I wrote. And I won. - Author: Ian Axel
Axel quotes by Ian Axel
#48. Axel and Fable, their father was a woodcutter, and they live in a Candy House? Axel is always hungry, and eats too much candy, and Fable is fond of eating bread. It doesn't get easier than that to know who they really are. - Author: Cameron Jace
Axel quotes by Cameron Jace
#49. The sea is not rising. It hasn't risen in 50 years. - Author: Nils-Axel Morner
Axel quotes by Nils-Axel Morner
#50. We have not begun to live', Yeats writes, 'until we conceive life as a tragedy.' Newman confessed that he considered most men to be irretrievably damned, although he spent his life 'trying to make that truth less terrible to human reason'. Goethe could call his life 'the perpetual rolling of a rock that must be raised up again forever'. Martin Luther told a woman who wished him a long life: 'Madam, rather than live forty more years, I would give up my chance of paradise.' No, the Outsider does not make light work of living; at the best, it is hard going; at the worst (to borrow a phrase from Eliot) 'an intolerable shirt of flame',

It was this vision that made Axel declare: 'As for living, our servants will do that for us.' Axel was a mystic; at least, he had the makings of a mystic. For that is just what the mystic says: 'I refuse to Uve.' But he doesn't intend to die. There is another way of living that involves a sort of death: 'to die in order to Uve'. Axel would have locked himself up in his castle on the Rhine and read Hermetic philosophy. He saw men and the world as Newman saw them, as Eliot saw them in 'Burnt Norton':
... strained, time-ridden faces
Distracted from distraction by distraction
Filled with fancies and empty of meaning
Tumid apathy with no concentration
Men and bits of paper, whirled by the cold wind
That blows before and after time

But he was not willing to regard himself as hopelessly damned merely bec - Author: Colin Wilson
Axel quotes by Colin Wilson
#51. I'm a big fan of piano-based rock music like Elton John, Ben Folds, and even Queen. - Author: Ian Axel
Axel quotes by Ian Axel
#52. I'm not a spy, I'm an agent. There's a difference. I'm protecting you, not that you seem to be grateful."
"You're protecting me. How old are you anyway?"
"Fifteen? You can't even drive!"
"I can drive," I responded. It's just that certain officers say I may not drive."
"WTF?" she said. "We're going into Afghanistan, and they've sent a pre-driver."
Pre-driver? Was that even a word? And I was here specifically because Talya and Thorne were so young. "I thought you were sixteen," I said.
"I can drive," she responded haughtily. - Author: Axel Avian
Axel quotes by Axel Avian
#53. The soul needs more space than the body. - Author: Axel Munthe
Axel quotes by Axel Munthe
#54. Drag wasn't a disguise or an illusion; it was armor. When he stepped onstage, Axel became someone fierce and untouchable, a force of nature that gave no fucks and couldn't be bothered. He brought hecklers to their knees, read homophobes until they needed the Da Vinci Code to piece their dignity back together, and faced the worst with a smart remark and a tongue pop. Lisel was both shield and weapon, the only refuge he'd had from these ugly years. - Author: Caleb Roehrig
Axel quotes by Caleb Roehrig
#55. Look, Axel. We all do have secrets. We try to hide them from the others, we keep them down, in a dark cellar of our mind, hoping they will never come back, haunting us.

Dr. Henry Hart - Author: Jeffrey Kosh
Axel quotes by Jeffrey Kosh
#56. Happiness we can only find in ourselves, it is a waste of time to seek for it from others, few have any to spare. Sorrow we have to bear alone as best we can, it is not fair to try to shift it on others, be they men or women. We have to fight our own battles and strike as hard as we can, born fighters as we are. - Author: Axel Munthe
Axel quotes by Axel Munthe
#57. There are people we look up to, like Lady Gaga and what she's built. She's not afraid to own who she is. - Author: Ian Axel
Axel quotes by Ian Axel
#58. I have read countless comics books while listening to hip hop, and as a young one, I wasted countless hours practicing nunchuks to Schoolly D's "Saturday Night." I would give anything for a video of that. - Author: Axel Alonso
Axel quotes by Axel Alonso
#59. My favorite colors come from the shades of local earth. Dig in the ground and you'll find so many layers of color-amazing yellows, sand, browns, black, beige. - Author: Axel
Axel quotes by Axel
#60. Got it memorized? - Author: Axel Medellin
Axel quotes by Axel Medellin
#61. The late 20th century sea level rise rate lacks any sign of acceleration. Satellite altimetry indicates virtually no changes in the last decade. - Author: Nils-Axel Morner
Axel quotes by Nils-Axel Morner
#62. I'd rather have a hissing cobra in my face than a viper sneaking to my chest. - Author: Axel (me)
Axel quotes by Axel (me)
#63. I have a girlfriend and she really keeps me grounded. Makes me normal. - Author: Ian Axel
Axel quotes by Ian Axel
#64. I remember attending Toronto Comicon shortly after the release of Captain Marvel and seeing a five-year-old girl who'd come in a handmade Captain Marvel outfit with her hair moussed up - and I totally got the need for this book, for this hero. Someone who looks like her, and acts like her. So, in a way, Captain Marvel helped pave the road to the expanded role of female leads. - Author: Axel Alonso
Axel quotes by Axel Alonso
#65. You don't see, I dare say, Axel, but if you were to listen, you might hear. - Author: Jules Verne
Axel quotes by Jules Verne
#66. A man can stand a lot as long as he can stand himself. He can live without hope, without friends, without books, even without music, as long as he can listen to his own thoughts. - Author: Axel Munthe
Axel quotes by Axel Munthe

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