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#1. The basic project of art is always to make the world whole and comprehensible, to restore it to us in all its glory and its occasional nastiness, not through argument but through feeling, and then to close the gap between you and everything that is not you, and in this way pass from feeling to meaning. It's not something that committees can do. It's not a task achieved by groups or by movements. It's done by individuals, each person mediating in some way between a sense of history and an experience of the world. - Author: Robert Hughes
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Robert Hughes
#2. The daughter of the literary biographer Leslie Stephen, and close friend of the innovative biographer of the Victorians, Lytton Strachey, Woolf herself put forward, in 'The New Biography' (1927) (reviewing work by another biographer acquaintance, Harold Nicolson), her own memorable theory of biography, encapsulated in her phrase 'granite and rainbow'. 'Truth' she envisions 'as something of granite-like solidity', and 'personality as
something of rainbow-like intangibility', and 'the aim of biography', she proposes, 'is to weld these two into one seamless whole' (E4 473). The following short biographical account ofWoolf will attempt to keep to the basic granitelike facts that Woolf novices need to know, while also occasionally attending in brief to the more elusive, but equally relevant, matter of rainbow-like personality. - Author: Jane Goldman
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Jane Goldman
#3. The scientific theorist is not to be envied. For Nature, or more precisely experiment, is an exorable and not very friendly judge of his work. It never says "yes" to a theory. In the most favorable cases it says "Maybe," and in the great majority of cases simply "No." If an experiment agrees with a theory it means for the latter "Maybe," and if it does not agree it means "No." Probably every theory will some day experience its "No" - most theories, soon after conception. - Author: Albert Einstein
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Albert Einstein
#4. memorable entertainment package takes old-school Hollywood theory and modern electronic know-how." Borz - Author: Eric Van Lustbader
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Eric Van Lustbader
#5. There are no good and bad movies, only good and bad directors - Author: Francois Truffaut
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Francois Truffaut
#6. The more success the quantum theory has, the sillier it looks. How nonphysicists would scoff if they were able to follow the odd course of developments! - Author: Albert Einstein
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Albert Einstein
#7. I'm very strongly in favor of the auteur theory. - Author: George Hickenlooper
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by George Hickenlooper
#8. I don't really believe in the auteur theory. - Author: Park Chan-wook
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Park Chan-wook
#9. Mysticism is in fact the only criticism people cannot level against my theory. - Author: Albert Einstein
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Albert Einstein
#10. My roommate at Yale University introduced me to the auteur theory of filmmaking. I soon became a big fan of the works of John Ford, Kenji Mizoguchi, Ernst Lubitsch, and Stan Brakhage. I then decided to make my own films! - Author: Lloyd Kaufman
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Lloyd Kaufman
#11. I always argued against the auteur theory; films are a collaborative art form. I've had some fantastically good people help me make the movies. - Author: Alan Parker
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Alan Parker
#12. As a loyal believer in the Auteur Theory I first felt editing was but the logical consequence of the way in which one shoots. But, what I learned is that it is actually another writing. - Author: Bernardo Bertolucci
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Bernardo Bertolucci
#13. They say that a director always makes the same film. I try to make, as François Truffaut said, the next film in opposition to the one that came before. I'm not sure if I succeed. To put it another way, I agree with the auteur theory, but I don't consider myself an auteur. I'm more of an artisan, a craftsman. - Author: Alain Resnais
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Alain Resnais
#14. Film's thought of as a director's medium because the director creates the end product that appears on the screen. It's that stupid auteur theory again, that the director is the author of the film. But what does the director shoot-the telephone book? Writers became much more important when sound came in, but they've had to put up a valiant fight to get the credit they deserve. - Author: Billy Wilder
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Billy Wilder
#15. One of my many theories about short stories is that their titles and first lines ought to be memorable, because if not memorable they will not be remembered, and if not remembered the stories will not be reprinted (because no one can find them). - Author: Damon Knight
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Damon Knight
#16. He had a theory, Walt did, that the religious life, and all the agony that goes with it, is just something God sics on people who have the gall to accuse Him of having created an ugly world. - Author: J.D. Salinger
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by J.D. Salinger
#17. If you look back in history of the women who are most memorable and most stylish, they were never the followers of fashion. They were the ones who were unique in their style, breakers of the rules. They were authentic, genuine, original. They were not following the trends. - Author: Nina Garcia
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Nina Garcia
#18. There are no days in life that are so memorable as those that vibrate to some stroke of the imagination. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#19. An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory! - Author: Sivananda
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Sivananda
#20. There is no theory. You have only to listen. Pleasure is the law. I love music passionately. And because l love it, I try to free it from barren traditions that stifle it. It is a free art gushing forth, an open-air art boundless as the elements, the wind, the sky, the sea. It must never be shut in and become an academic art. - Author: Claude Debussy
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Claude Debussy
#21. Perhaps it is this theory of all work and no play that has made the Marxist such a very dull boy. - Author: Herbert Read
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Herbert Read
#22. Democracy tends to ignore, even deny, threats to its existence because it loathes doing what is needed to counter them," explained Revel. "It awakens only when the danger becomes deadly, imminent, and evident. By then, either there is too little time left for it to save itself, or the price of survival has become crushingly high. - Author: Jean Francois Revel
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Jean Francois Revel
#23. It is true that the grasping of truth is not possible without empirical basis. However, the deeper we penetrate and the more extensive and embracing our theories become the less empirical knowledge is needed to determine those theories. - Author: Albert Einstein
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Albert Einstein
#24. At the end of the day, man-management is all about managing people's sense and sensitivity... - Author: Sandhya Jane
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Sandhya Jane
#25. The perfect woman is a higher type of humanity than the perfect man, and also something much rarer. The natural history of animals furnishes grounds in support of this theory. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#26. Even before string theory, especially as physics developed in the 20th century, it turned out that the equations that really work in describing nature with the most generality and the greatest simplicity are very elegant and subtle. - Author: Edward Witten
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Edward Witten
#27. Well, it may be all right in practice, but it will never work in theory - Author: Warren Buffett
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Warren Buffett
#28. Truth cannot be found by intellectual effort because truth is not a theory, it is an experience. - Author: Osho
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Osho
#29. In the first stage of insight-building, all that researchers can do is observe phenomena. Second, they classify the phenomena in a way that helps them simplify the apparent complexities of the world so they can ignore the meaningless differences and draw connections between the things that really seem to matter. Third, based on the classification system, they propose a theory. The theory is a statement of what causes what and why, and under what circumstances. - Author: Clayton Christensen
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Clayton Christensen
#30. ONE OF FRANCIS SCHAEFFER'S most memorable sayings was that Christianity does not start with "Jesus saves you from your sins." It starts with "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." Schaeffer's point was that Christianity cannot be reduced to a tract or a technique for getting "saved." It is a comprehensive account of the structure of reality, a rational and real-world account of the history of the universe, a verifiable storyline of the unfolding of the cosmos. In - Author: Gregory Koukl
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Gregory Koukl
#31. The catastrophist constructs theories, the uniformitarian demolishes them. - Author: William Whewell
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by William Whewell
#32. I am wealthy in my friends. - Author: William Shakespeare
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by William Shakespeare
#33. It is the dull and elementary parts of applied mathematics, as it is the dull and elementary parts of pure mathematics, that work for good or ill. Time may change all this. No one foresaw the applications of matrices and groups and other purely mathematical theories to modern physics, and it may be that some of the 'highbrow' applied mathematics will become 'useful' in as unexpected a way; but the evidence so far points to the conclusion that, in one subject as in the other, it is what is commonplace and dull that counts for practical life. - Author: G.H. Hardy
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by G.H. Hardy
#34. Equality is a political theory not a practical policy ... - Author: P.D. James
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by P.D. James
#35. Charles Darwin viewed the fossil record more as an embarrassment than as an aid to his theory ... - Author: Stephen Jay Gould
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Stephen Jay Gould
#36. Any story told is a lie cunningly told to hide the real world from the poor bastards who live in it. - Author: Catherynne M Valente
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#37. Beowulf stands out as a poem which makes extensive use of this kind of figurative language. There are over one thousand compounds in the poem, totalling one-third of all the words in the text. Many of these compounds are kennings. The word 'to ken' is still used in many Scottish and Northern English dialects, meaning 'to know'. Such language is a way of knowing and of expressing meanings in striking and memorable ways; it has continuities with the kinds of poetic compounding found in nearly all later poetry but especially in the Modernist texts of Gerard Manley Hopkins and James Joyce. - Author: Ronald Carter
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Ronald Carter
#38. My filmmaking style of remixing came out of necessity. When I was a film theory student at UC Berkeley in the early 1990s, there were no film production facilities. The only way I learned to tell stories on film was by re-cutting and splicing together celluloid of old movies, early animated films, home films, sound slug - anything I could get my hands on. - Author: Elisa Kreisinger
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Elisa Kreisinger
#39. My theory has always been that everyone in show business is there because they were deprived of some attention as a child. - Author: Ray Romano
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Ray Romano
#40. Quantum theory thus reveals a basic oneness of the universe. It shows that we cannot decompose the world into independently existing smallest units. As we penetrate into matter, nature does not show us any isolated "building blocks," but rather appears as a complicated web of relations between the various parts of the whole. These relations always include the observer in an essential way. The human observer constitute the final link in the chain of observational processes, and the properties of any atomic object can be understood only in terms of the object's interaction with the observer. - Author: Fritjof Capra
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Fritjof Capra
#41. The Christian theory is little else than the idolatry of the ancient mythologists, accommodated to the purposes of power and revenue; and it yet remains to reason and philosophy to abolish the amphibious fraud. - Author: Thomas Paine
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Thomas Paine
#42. Sometimes women's attraction to true crime is dismissed as trashy and voyeuristic (because women are vapid!). Sometimes it is unquestioningly celebrated as feminist (because if women like something, then it must be feminist!). And some argue that women read about serial killers to avoid becoming victims. This is the most flattering theory - and also, it seemed to me, the most incomplete. By presuming that women's dark thoughts were merely pragmatic, those thoughts are drained of their menace. True crime wasn't something we women at CrimeCon were consuming begrudgingly, for our own good. We found pleasure in these bleak accounts of kidnappings and assaults and torture chambers, and you could tell by how often we fell back on the language of appetite, of bingeing, of obsession. A different, more alarming hypothesis was the one I tended to prefer: perhaps we liked creepy stories because something creepy was in us. - Author: Rachel Monroe
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Rachel Monroe
#43. The Internet's abundant capacity has removed the old artificial constraints on publishing - including getting our content checked and verified. The new strategy of publishing everything we find out thus results in an immense cloud of data, free of theory, published before verified, and available to anyone with an Internet connection. And this is changing the role that facts have played as the foundation of knowledge. - Author: David Weinberger
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by David Weinberger
#44. Affery, like greater people, had always been right in her facts, and always wrong in the theories she deduced from them. - Author: Charles Dickens
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Charles Dickens
#45. Insofar as the theorist wins, therefore, by constructing an increasingly closed and terrifying machine, to that very degree he loses, since the critical capacity of his work is thereby paralysed, and the impulses of negation and revolt, not to speak of those of social transformation, are increasingly perceived as vain and trivial in the face of the model itself. - Author: Fredric Jameson
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Fredric Jameson
#46. The result of the revolution in Germany has been to establish a democracy in the best sense of the word. We are steering towards an order of things guaranteeing a process of a natural and reasonable selection in the domain of political leadership, thanks to which that leadership will be entrusted to the most competent, irrespective of their descent, name or fortune. The memorable words of the great Corsican that every soldier carries a Field Marshal's baton in his knapsack, will find its political complement in Germany. - Author: Adolf Hitler
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Adolf Hitler
#47. Theory is, of course, critical to the development of specific analyses of women's situation. Explicitly or implicitly, empirical phenomena must be organised in terms of a theoretical construct in order to be grasped conceptually. At the same time, theory is, by its very nature, severely limited. As a structure of concepts, a theoretical framework simply provides guidance for the understanding of actual societies, past and present. However indispensable this theoretical guidance may be, specific strategies, programmes, or tactics for change cannot be deduced directly from theory. Nor can the phenomenon of variation in women's situation over time, and in different societies, be addressed solely by means of theory. These are matters for concrete analysis and historical investigation. - Author: Lise Vogel
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Lise Vogel
#48. Let us return for a moment to Lady Lovelace's objection, which stated that the machine can only do what we tell it to do. One could say that a man can "inject" an idea into the machine, and that it will respond to a certain extent and then drop into quiescence, like a piano string struck by a hammer. Another simile would be an atomic pile of less than critical size: an injected idea is to correspond to a neutron entering the pile from without. Each such neutron will cause a certain disturbance which eventually dies away. If, however, the size of the pile is sufficiently increased, the disturbance caused by such an incoming neutron will very likely go on and on increasing until the whole pile is destroyed. Is there
a corresponding phenomenon for minds, and is there one for machines? There does seem to be one for the human mind. The majority of them seem to be "sub-critical," i.e. to correspond in this analogy to piles
of sub-critical size. An idea presented to such a mind will on average give rise to less than one idea in reply. A smallish proportion are supercritical. An idea presented to such a mind may give rise to a whole "theory" consisting of secondary, tertiary and more remote ideas. Animals' minds seem to be very definitely sub-critical. Adhering to this analogy we ask, "Can a machine be made to be super-critical? - Author: Alan Turing
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Alan Turing
#49. Consciousness is basic while thoughts are supreme. Speeches are nothing but the expression of thoughts and feelings. If there is no consciousness, nothing else could be there. At the same time, all forms of consciousness will not give the abilities to think and express thoughts. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Auteur Theory Memorable quotes by Debasish Mridha

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