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#1. If I fuck you, you'll think all your prayers have been answered. I'll make you see god, Middleton. I'll make you think I am god."

Ty Henderson - Act Your Age - Author: Eve Dangerfield
Aussie Bbq quotes by Eve Dangerfield
#2. What do you want?" he whispered against the thick thud of her carotid pulse. "Tell me what you want, baby."
No one had ever called her baby. The fact that it had come from a guy seven years her junior should have been ridiculous. But it wasn't. It curled her toes. - Author: Amy Andrews
Aussie Bbq quotes by Amy Andrews
#3. Make a List (or lists)

•Make a list of all the things that you can look at and think: Why did we even bother to move that the last time? Now will be your last and best chance to give or throw away unwanted items until your next move (5-7 years on average). Give unwanted clothes, furniture, kitchen items, etc. to a charity that allows you to use your donation as a tax write-off. Yard sales are another option.
•Make a list (and/or get one online) of household hazardous materials. These are common items in your home that are not or might not be safe to transport: flammables like propane tanks (even empty ones), gasoline or kerosene, aerosols or compressed gases (hair spray, spray paint), cleaning fluids in plastic containers (bleach, ammonia) and pesticides (bug spray) and herbicides (weed killer) and caustics like lye or pool acid.
There is more likely to be damage caused by leakage of cleaning fluids-- like bleach--than there is by damage caused by a violent explosion or fire in your truck. The problem lies in the fact that any leaking fluid is going to drip its way to the floor and spread out--even in the short time span of your move and more so if you are going up and down hills. Aerosols can explode in the summer heat as can propane BBQ tanks. Gasoline from lawnmowers and pesticide vapors expand in the heat and can permeate everything in the truck. Plastic containers that have been opened can expand and contract with a change in temperature and al - Author: Jerry G. West
Aussie Bbq quotes by Jerry G. West
#4. The heat from the lava was sweltering, and the air was hot and humid. Flames rose from the ground, as if the whole place was a giant BBQ pit. It was so difficult to breathe. I gasped for air, for normal air. As I stood there and looked around, sweat dripped continuously from my brow. Then - Author: Steve The Noob
Aussie Bbq quotes by Steve The Noob
#5. I have spent too long training myself to speak with an American accent, it's ingrained. I spend 16 hours a day on set speaking with an American accent. Now, when I try to speak with an Aussie accent, I just sound like a caricature of myself. - Author: Poppy Montgomery
Aussie Bbq quotes by Poppy Montgomery
#6. Do not define me by my gender or my socio-economic status, Noah Willis. Do not tell me who I am and do not tell me who society thinks I am and then put me in that box and expect me to stay there. Because, I swear to God, I will climb the hell out of that box and I will take that box you've just put me in and I will use that box to smash your face in until you're nothing more than a freckly, bloodied pulp. You got that, sweet cheeks? - Author: Megan Jacobson
Aussie Bbq quotes by Megan Jacobson
#7. I have a lot of celebrity friends. But they're all Hollywood friends. You can't call them if you fall over and break your leg, but if you're having a BBQ and wanna chitchat, you hang out with them, or you go to their house. - Author: Rebel Wilson
Aussie Bbq quotes by Rebel Wilson
#8. I'm deeply grateful to live and work in this country and to the United States for opening its arms to me the way it has. I mean I think my attitude as an Aussie coming here - I've been coming here for a while now, I've been coming here for about 12 or 13 years - is that this country has afforded me and my family work and security. For that, I'm forever grateful. - Author: Jennifer Lopez
Aussie Bbq quotes by Jennifer Lopez
#9. Aussie culture is pretty relaxed in general, but at the same time people know how to work really hard to go above and beyond what's expected of them. - Author: Keiynan Lonsdale
Aussie Bbq quotes by Keiynan Lonsdale
#10. I can't have sex with you, Troy."
"Yeah. You've mentioned it once or twice."
She groaned again. "It's just that…you're so damn tempting."
He grinned. At her conflict and the absurdity of it. As if they were teenagers who'd sworn a virginity pledge and had the purity rings to prove it. He rolled up on his side, supporting his head with his palm. "I'm sorry. For being so tempting."
She snorted. "No you're not."
Troy laughed. "You're right. I'm not. - Author: Amy Andrews
Aussie Bbq quotes by Amy Andrews
#11. I don't make shit, I make masterpieces," she replied, pretending to take offence from Charlie's words. "And just for that, I'll take a BBQ sauce base with tuna, anchovies and pineapple please. - Author: Beth Ashworth
Aussie Bbq quotes by Beth Ashworth
#12. There were only two things he was really good at. Riding bulls and satisfying women.
But Joss wasn't just another woman to him. Deep in his bones he knew she was special.
She was the eight-second ride. The gold buckle. - Author: Amy Andrews
Aussie Bbq quotes by Amy Andrews
#13. There are a lot more tabloids in England that like to report other things in your life, some of which are true and some of which are exaggerated and untrue. There have been stories where people claim to have seen me in one place and I wasn't even in that city then. The Aussie press is more judgmental and moralistic. - Author: Shane Warne
Aussie Bbq quotes by Shane Warne
#14. The first Tuesday of November, every year it is the same Every Aussie heart is beating with the excitement of the game For they bet on dream or fancy or the forms they've followed up From a dollar up to thousands on the famous Melbourne Cup - Author: Slim Dusty
Aussie Bbq quotes by Slim Dusty
#15. Australia has always encouraged the little bloke to have a go, the Aussie battler to get up. - Author: Andrew Forrest
Aussie Bbq quotes by Andrew Forrest
#16. You look great, he said. Oh, get fucked, she said, grinning. - Author: Tim Winton
Aussie Bbq quotes by Tim Winton
#17. Are you missing your filter, or is it an Aussie thing to blurt out every inappropriate thought you have? - Author: Georgia Cates
Aussie Bbq quotes by Georgia Cates
#18. Baby girl, five minutes alone with me and you're gonna be begging me to taste your pie. - Author: Carmen Jenner
Aussie Bbq quotes by Carmen Jenner
#19. Let me BBQ the red headed bitch goddess - Simi - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Aussie Bbq quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#20. Sometimes when Australians go overseas, it's as though the 'Aussie' is refined out of them. I don't know why. It's never happened to me, because I'm really proud of it. I'm not embarrassed about where I'm from or who I am any more. I know who I am. I don't fit in everywhere, but I know where I do fit in. - Author: Rachael Taylor
Aussie Bbq quotes by Rachael Taylor
#21. But still she stood, ready to get back at it. Badass and admirable. - Author: Cristin Harber
Aussie Bbq quotes by Cristin Harber
#22. I meant what I said about sex."
His hand slid all the way up her leg, pushing what little skirt was still covering her out of the way, holding it in a bunch at her belly button. Her nudity was fully exposed to his gaze and he looked his fill, breathing out hard.
"Who said anything about sex?"
He leaned in, his mouth dropping to the pale slice of skin between where his hand held her skirt and the thatch of hair between her legs. She wasn't trimmed as was the fashion among the women he usually took to his bed but Troy was not a fussy guy and here, under the stars, his head filling with the musky scent of her arousal, au naturel seemed fitting.
The ragged pant of her breathing stuttered into the air as he lazily stroked his tongue down.
Down. Down. Down.
She roused. Shifted. Raised herself up on her elbows, her abs tightening, her thighs tensing. "I think you'll find that still counts," she said, obviously throwing one last-ditch effort into denying herself the pleasure she so clearly craved.
He chuckled low, his warm breath fanning her belly, satisfied to feel gooseflesh stippling the soft skin. "If you think this is sex, you need to read some more textbooks, doc. - Author: Amy Andrews
Aussie Bbq quotes by Amy Andrews
#23. Backslapping and smiling all around. Even Matthias.
"Oh my God," I croaked. They all froze. "You have
The rest of the boys grinned at the Aussie who slapped a hand over his mouth to help cover the deep, adorable dimples prominently displayed in each cheek. He pointed a finger at us and said, "Knock it off!" but from behind his hand it actually came out "Naw ih aw!" We laughed harder. He gave up the hand and turned away in a
huff, but the dimples remained. - Author: A. Kirk
Aussie Bbq quotes by A.  Kirk
#24. Mercury starts barking
at a bunch of colourful parrots sitting in the bending fennel.
I let him off the leash,
and they twitter and fly away,
in a
moving constellation.

Dad used to say Aussie birds reminded him
of fish in the reef near his village,
Free, multicoloured, dreamlike. - Author: Omar Musa
Aussie Bbq quotes by Omar Musa
#25. I truly love Australia; I miss Aussie kids and their attitude! - Author: Nicole Trunfio
Aussie Bbq quotes by Nicole Trunfio
#26. I've always loved, as an Aussie, comedy is part of my life. My friends and I are always ribbing each other and that's how we get through the days. When it comes to cameras rolling and getting that timing right, the only way to do it and do it well is to throw yourself into it. - Author: Alex O'Loughlin
Aussie Bbq quotes by Alex O'Loughlin
#27. You get all these different cuts of meat cooking at once' he said. 'You've got your sausage, which cooks fast. You've got your big steak, which is your best cut, which takes some time, right? You got to talk to all these girls at once just like you take care of all that meat at once'

After he made this analogy, I presented Ajay with a trophy that said 'Most Sexist Food Analogy of All Time: Meat and BBQ division'. - Author: Aziz Ansari
Aussie Bbq quotes by Aziz Ansari
#28. love, real love, comes with three conditions - respect, kindness and trust. It isn't, and should never be, unconditional. - Author: Megan Jacobson
Aussie Bbq quotes by Megan Jacobson
#29. I can't grill vegetables, shellfish or steaks without tongs. Don't bother with those long-handled grilling tongs normally found in the BBQ section of your home store. Get intimate with your grill and opt for the regular stainless steel tongs. - Author: Bobby Flay
Aussie Bbq quotes by Bobby Flay
#30. I think you just made me forget my own name. Not even amnesia managed that. - Author: Amy Andrews
Aussie Bbq quotes by Amy Andrews
#31. The chalkboard menu really seemed to emphasize that everything was local and that everything had maple syrup in it. The BBQ beef was in maple syrup BBQ sauce. The mac and cheese was made with smoked maple cheese. There was maple tofu and maple-syrup dressing for the salads.
"Did you forget you were in Vermont for a second?" Stevie said to Janelle as they took their trays. "Look down. You are standing in maple syrup."
"Yeah," Janelle replied, a bit dispiritedly, as she took some tofu and vegetables. "It's not my favorite."
Nate stared down the sneeze guard at the mapleized meats.
"I'll drink the living blood of trees," he said. "Hit me. - Author: Maureen Johnson
Aussie Bbq quotes by Maureen Johnson
#32. You're going to be a famous artist." His voice is deep velvet - soothing and sure. "You'll live in one of those artsy, upscale apartments in Paris with your rich husband. Oh, who just happens to be a world-renowned exterminator. How's that for a twist of fate? You won't even have to catch your own bugs anymore. That'll give you more time to spend with your five brilliant kids. And I'll come visit every summer. Show up on the doorstep with a bottle of Texas BBQ sauce and a French baguette. I'll be weird Uncle Jeb. - Author: A.G. Howard
Aussie Bbq quotes by A.G. Howard
#33. In terms of being Australian, I think a big part of it is the determination to prove yourself, just like Aussie actors. - Author: Keiynan Lonsdale
Aussie Bbq quotes by Keiynan Lonsdale
#34. It was him against the flames and he revelled in it.
Logan was good at his job. Exceptionally good. He had the Knight gift for it.
There was no fear of the fire that would turn most mortals to jelly because flames licked in his blood.
To him it was a battle - good against evil.

And he was the good guy. - Author: Amy Andrews
Aussie Bbq quotes by Amy Andrews
#35. These Aussie girls are free to set their own courses in the world, to meander and experiment. Their travels are not bumps along the road - they are life itself. See the world and then come home and decide who you want to be in it, not the other way around, as seems the general trajectory in the U.S. - Author: Rachel Friedman
Aussie Bbq quotes by Rachel Friedman

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