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#1. Climbing the steps to the hotel, Grace paused, taking a long look at Paris, in all its shimmering, enigmatic elegance, wearing the nigh as a beautiful woman wears diamonds. - Author: Kathleen Tessaro
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Kathleen Tessaro
#2. If you travel everywhere and find the same elements everywhere, somehow it reduces the value of the place (Curiosity, Tokyo, Japan) - Author: Editorial Board Of Approaching Hotel Designers
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Editorial Board Of Approaching Hotel Designers
#3. Gentlewomen of the jury! Bear with me! Allow me to take just a tiny bit of your precious time. So this was le grand moment. I had left my Lolita still sitting on the edge of the abysmal bed, drowsily raising her foot, fumbling at the shoelaces and showing as she did so the nether side of her thigh up to the crotch of her panties she had always been singularly absent-minded, or shameless, or both, in matters of legshow. This, then, was the hermetic vision of her which I had locked inafter satisfying myself that the door carried no inside bolt. The key, with its numbered dangler of carved wood, became forthwith the weighty sesame to a rapturous and formidable future. It was mine, it was part of my hot hairy fist. In a few minutes say, twenty, say half-an-hour, sicher its sicher as my uncle Gustave used to say I would let myself into that "342" and find my nymphet, my beauty and bride, imprisoned in her crystal sleep. Jurors! If my happiness could have talked, it would have filled that genteel hotel with a deafening roar. And my only regret today is that I did not quietly deposit key "342" at the office, and leave the town, the country, the continent, the hemisphere,indeed, the globe that very same night. - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#4. If decorum allowed, she would take tea at the hotel. Once inside, she might run into a rich northern gentleman who had ridden in this very coach. If only she could touch something colored blue for luck before entering the building! "Touch blue and your wish will come true." That, along with the rabbit's foot she always carried in her pocket, would almost ensure such a meeting. - Author: Karen Cecil Smith
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Karen Cecil Smith
#5. I enjoy traveling and playing baseball.Other than that, the minor leagues are tough. The wear and tear on your body.. and it's tough to stay on a nutrition program because you can only eat what is within walking distance of the hotel and what the clubhouse provides. - Author: Tyler Thornburg
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Tyler Thornburg
#6. Myron nodded. "The hotel on Route 80? Maybe five miles from here?" "Right. My source doesn't know what it was for or what ended up on it. He just knows the work was for the Downing divorce. He also confirmed the obvious: this thing is usually done to catch a spouse in flagrante delicto." Myron - Author: Harlan Coben
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Harlan Coben
#7. I don't really collect books. I tend to lose interest in them the minute I've read them, so most of the books I've read are left in airplanes and hotel rooms. - Author: Malcolm Gladwell
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#8. If I'm staying in a hotel or I'm sleeping on my own I have the hairdryer on. - Author: Wayne Rooney
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Wayne Rooney
#9. Never relinquish clothing to a hotel valet without first specifically telling him that you want it back. - Author: Fran Lebowitz
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Fran Lebowitz
#10. She had suddenly realized something about people like this -- whether they were businessmen, policemen, civil servants, hotel proprietors, landlords, or what: it was that they didn't mean what they said. They never told the truth. What they seemed to be doing -- catching criminals, buying and selling, banking, administering, making things -- wasn't the real business of their lives at all. It was a cover. They were only playing at it, and they didn't even do it well, because they didn't believe in it. The real, secret business of their lives lay in keeping power for people like themselves. That was all they really cared about, and they were desperately serious about it, because the thought of losing the little power they had was terrifying to them: and they didn't mind what damage they did to truth or honesty or justice in the struggle to hang on to it. - Author: Philip Pullman
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Philip Pullman
#11. Life is funny like that; just about the time you're able to fully
appreciate the accommodations, you're checking out of the
hotel. - Author: Nate Kenyon
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Nate Kenyon
#12. Already, Seattle is taking hold of her. She still holds Sedona in the dry tan of her skin and in her hair, but the fine mist of the Northwest is making its way to places she didn't know were parched. - Author: Susan Wiggs
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Susan Wiggs
#13. The last words he said to me when I bade him good-night were:
Tell Amy it's no good coming after me. Anyhow, I shall change my hotel, so she wouldn't be able to find me.'
My own impression is that she's well rid of you,' I said.
My dear fellow, I only hope you'll be able to make her see it. But women are very unintelligent. - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#14. I know I said this before, but it bears repeating. You know Tate won't like you staying with me."
"I don't care," she said bitterly. "I don't tell him where to sleep. It's none of his business what I do anymore."
He made a rough sound. "Would you like to guess what he's going to assume if you stay the night in my apartment?"
She drew in a long breath. "Okay. I don't want to cause problems between you, not after all the years you've been friends. Take me to a hotel instead."
He hesitated uncharacteristically. "I can take the heat, if you can."
"I don't know that I can. I've got enough turmoil in my life right now. Besides, he'll look for me at your place. I don't want to be found for a couple of days, until I can get used to my new situation and make some decisions about my future. I want to see Senator Holden and find another apartment. I can do all that from a hotel."
"Suit yourself."
"Make it a moderately priced one," she added with graveyard humor. "I'm no longer a woman of means. From now on, I'm going to have to be responsible for my own bills."
"You should have poured the soup in the right lap," he murmured.
"Which was?"
"Audrey Gannon's," he said curtly. "She had no right to tell you that Tate was your benefactor. She did it for pure spite, to drive a wedge between you and Tate. She's nothing but trouble. One day Tate is going to be sorry that he ever met her."
"She's lasted longer than the others."
"You haven - Author: Diana Palmer
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Diana Palmer
#15. James also revealed he and his teammates smoked marijuana one night after getting access to a hotel room in Akron. - Author: LeBron James
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by LeBron James
#16. Where I'm is one of those stair climbing machines the agent has installed. You climb and climb forever and never get off the ground. You're trapped in your hotel room. It's the mystical sweat love lodge experience of our time, the only sort of Indian vision quest we can schedule into our daily planner.Our Stair Master to Heaven. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#17. People are always asking me if I work out, but to be honest, I'm doing very little at the moment. The only time I really go to the gym is if I'm staying in a hotel. - Author: Ashley Jensen
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Ashley Jensen
#18. Instead of saying "Amanda took one look at the hotel room and recoiled in disgust," describe the room in such a way that the readers feel that disgust for themselves. You don't want to give your readers information. You want to give them experiences. - Author: Renni Browne
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Renni Browne
#19. targets destroyed, the training, the discipline, the hours of study, all led to this moment. This cold, bright afternoon in January 2061 marked the true beginning. A clear mind and cool blood. The apprentice knew these elements were as vital as skill, as wind direction, humiture, and speed. Under the cool blood lived an eagerness ruthlessly suppressed. The mentor had arranged all. Efficiently, and with an attention to detail that was also vital. The room in the clean, middle-class hotel - Author: J.D. Robb
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by J.D. Robb
#20. Besides, I wasn't the only one with sleep problems, as Victor had been talking in his sleep since he was a kid. When he was eight he was travelling with his dad and sat up in a darkened hotel room at two a.m., opened his eyes, and raised his arm to point toward the dark hall, saying, "Who's that man standing in the corner?" Then he lay back down and went straight back to sleep while his father quietly shit himself. Metaphorically. Probably. - Author: Jenny Lawson
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Jenny Lawson
#21. The first car I bought was the most beautiful car I've ever seen. It was secondhand, but I parked it outside of my hotel the day I got it. I sat up all night, just lookin' at it. - Author: Elvis Presley
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Elvis Presley
#22. The bull who killed Vicente Girones was named Bocanegra, was Number 118 of the bull-breeding establishment of Sanchez Taberno, and was killed by Pedro Romero as the third bull of that same afternoon. His ear was cut by popular acclimation and given to Pedro Romero, who, in turn, gave it to Brett, who wrapped it in a handkerchief belonging to myself, and left both ear and handkerchief, along with a number of Muratti cigarette-stubs, shoved far back in the drawer of the bed-table that stood beside her bed in the Hotel Montoya, in Pamplona. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#23. At my hotel room, my friend came over and asked to use the phone. I said Certainly. He said Do I need to dial 9 I say Yeah. Especially if it's in the number. You can try four and five back to back real quick. - Author: Mitch Hedberg
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Mitch Hedberg
#24. I wanted to win to feed the hungry people of my community. I didn't want to win to buy a diamond.. I didn't have no diamonds then. I didn't want to win to buy a car, I didn't want to win to bring a couple of chicks downtown to a hotel. I wanted to win to feed the poor people of the community. - Author: Mr. T
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Mr. T
#25. Wisdom of the Ages: "The Nativity" The Son of God was born in a manger-not surprising, have you seen the prices of hotel rooms in Bethlehem? Oy Vay! Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah Peace! - Author: Matthew D. Heines
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Matthew D. Heines
#26. He says, "This hotel is very cheap, ma cherie. The innkeeper behind the desk said our room was forty francs a night but only twenty francs if we made our own bed." He listens to her breathe. "So I said, 'Oh, we can make our own bed.' And he said, 'Right, I'll get you some nails and wood.'"
Marie-Laure still does not smile. - Author: Anthony Doerr
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Anthony Doerr
#27. He (Tesla) was 84, and he died in a hotel, completely broke and alone. In love with a pigeon. This is a nightmare. I'm in hell. This is hell. I'm talking about Tesla in my puke. Tesla was the electric Jesus. I can't breathe. - Author: Duncan Trussell
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Duncan Trussell
#28. Because if I kiss you, then I'll want to taste you, and if I taste you then I'll need to fuck you. And if I fuck you, that means your mine. And when I make you mine, I want it to be in OUR bed. Not in a hotel room ... Is that okay? - Author: Jay McLean
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Jay McLean
#29. If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Follow your bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be. - Joseph Campbell - Author: Claire Fullerton
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Claire Fullerton
#30. So there were people who got up at noon, pared their toenails, and sat naked in hotel rooms without regarding each day as an apocalypse. Amazing! If someone had burst into my room and found me naked and paring my nails, I would have died of shock. Or would I? Maybe I was stronger than I thought. - Author: Erica Jong
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Erica Jong
#31. You have seven writers in your basement?"
Donald nods, signing, "They like it here. There's a poet, a couple of novelists, an opera librettist, an essay writer ... They don't usually make much trouble. - Author: Susan Wiggs
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Susan Wiggs
#32. If you think God has promised this world will be a five-star hotel, you will be miserable as you live through the normal struggles of life. But if you remember that God promised we would be pilgrims and this world may feel more like a desert or even a prison, you might find your life surprisingly happy. - Author: Kevin DeYoung
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Kevin DeYoung
#33. Harrison, you're an idiot. An idiot who tries hard, but still."
I'd widened my eyes, questioning.
"You've back-burnered your love life for so long that you have no idea what it actually means to date. Most of the guys you've been least the ones you've let me meet? Shit, they would have loved to have used your home like a luxury hotel. But this Luke guy sounds like he came from nothing, and everything he has, he's fought for."
I nodded. He had.
"You meant well. I know that. But he needs to work. To feel useful. When he lost that, instead of listening to him while he figured things out, you tried to give him a handout he couldn't pay back in a million years. How was that gonna make him feel, honey?"
< But he gave me so much when I needed it.>
She brushed some hair off my forehead in that maternal way she sometimes had. "He was doing his job, Paine. I'm sure he enjoyed it, and it sounds like the connection between you got real, but he probably didn't see it as a transaction. Taking care of you was his duty. You don't owe a man for doing what he's called to do."
< He's being stubborn. He helps me, I help him.>
She shrugged and laughed. "Men need to be stubborn sometimes. You pushed too hard, babe. He just needed an ear and a shoulder. Maybe if you'd given him that, it would have taught him to trust you, made him comfortable enough to be the right kind of vulnerable." She took my hand, squeezing it between hers. - Author: Peter Styles
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Peter Styles
#34. Okay, listen up, dudes. We have to book. Yesterday, when I find you guys are, like, AWOL? I, like, freak. Yelling at everybody–where are they, why did you let them leave–the hotel people are, like, whaaaa? Anyway, I pack up all your stuff, figuring I may never see the place again, and down in the lobby I find my man Arif. I'm, like, help me, and he takes all of our stuff to this launch–and then we're halfway across the sea when Arif gets this radio message, and he's all excited, but I don't know what he's saying until he's, like, 'POLICE!' in English. And we see these cop cars and somebody's getting a big old boat, so we're, like, sayonara, only in Indonesian, and we tool out into this boat-traffic jam to try to loose them, and I'm hearing these radio reports that are half English–there's been a fire and somebody's dead, yada yada, and I'm totally wigging out–Why did you do that? Why did you and your sister leave me in a hotel without even a note? - Author: Peter Lerangis
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Peter Lerangis
#35. When you get into a hotel room, you lock the door, and you know there is a secrecy, there is a luxury, there is fantasy. There is comfort. There is reassurance. - Author: Diane Von Furstenberg
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Diane Von Furstenberg
#36. And what I said was I'll miss you,
What I meant to say was that I love you,
What I wanted to say was that I meant what I said
I miss you like I miss my own bed
after too many nights of sleeping on couches
or hardwood floors
Or sitting silently behind the doors
Of hotel rooms became wounds
Breathing life in to this loneliness
I miss you
Like a burn victim must miss their own skin
I miss you like a sad ending
Must miss someplace new to begin
Because some say that the highway becomes a flat line
if you travel it for too long
I can't tell if that's true or false,
But I'm racing down it towards you trying to find my
Pulse. - Author: Shane Koyczan
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Shane Koyczan
#37. Grip had been hungry ever since the first youthful spots on his sheets. Wanting to try what others only fantasized about, finding his way to the fearless ones who laughed back, the ones who also wanted it. Games with new positions had started before the end of adolescence. Later: bruises, leather straps, and candles - anything that excited - on airplanes, in hotel elevators with the emergency stop button pushed. - Author: Robert Karjel
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Robert Karjel
#38. On my arrival at Tokyo, I
rushed into her house swinging my valise, before going to a
hotel, with "Hello, Kiyo, I'm back!"
"How good of you to return so soon!" she cried and hot tears
streamed down her cheeks. I was overjoyed, and declared that
I would not go to the country any more but would start housekeeping
with Kiyo in Tokyo.
Some time afterward, some one helped me to a job as assistant
engineer at the tram car office. The salary was 25 yen a
month, and the house rent six. Although the house had not a
magnificent front entrance, Kiyo seemed quite satisfied, but, I
am sorry to say, she was a victim of pneumonia and died in
February this year. On the day preceding her death, she asked
me to bedside, and said, "Please, Master Darling, if Kiyo is
dead, bury me in the temple yard of Master Darling. I will be
glad to wait in the grave for my Master Darling."
So Kiyo's grave is in the Yogen temple at Kobinata. - Author: Natsume Sōseki
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Natsume Sōseki
#39. I'm much better known in France and Germany and Spain than I am in the U.S. When I go to Russia, I get mobbed; I have groups of fans waiting for me out in the hotel lobby, waiting for me to come down off the elevator. In China, I almost got beat up because people were trying to get me to do a drawing for them. - Author: Bill Plympton
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Bill Plympton
#40. I'm starving. When we check into our hotel, let's ask the desk clerk where we can find one of those vast pizzas."
"What are you talking about?"
"Your guidebook says Florence is a city of vast pizzas. Look it up yourself."
"Those are vast piazzas, not pizzas! It means public squares!"
Dan's face fell. "Oh."
Amy sighed. "I honestly thought the clue hunt took the dweeb out of you. No such luck. - Author: Gordon Korman
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Gordon Korman
#41. Laurel returned to CJ's bedroom. "Do you want me to remove your clothes?"
"Hell, yeah," he said, and the growly expression immediately vanished. - Author: Terry Spear
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Terry Spear
#42. I got to meet a lot of cool people [on the Voice], and my favorite part about the experience was getting to sit around and do little jam sessions in the hotel. We were pretty much in lockdown at the hotel in downtown Los Angeles, and there wasn't much to do. It was interesting to be in a room with someone that was a rapper next to me, a country artist, then you have someone playing a song on the keyboard, and it was just really cool as just a random ensemble. - Author: Curtis Grimes
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Curtis Grimes
#43. Saigon had also changed names after it changed hands, but they couldn't bring themselves to call it Ho Chi Mind City. Neither could the taxi driver who ferried them from their hotel to the house, even though he was too young to remember a time when the city was officially Saigon. - Author: Viet Thanh Nguyen
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Viet Thanh Nguyen
#44. Acceptance doesn't mean predictability. Sex isn't always for 11 at night - - it's also 'meet at a hotel room at noon'. What you feel during dating can exist at home, if you don't suffocate it. - Author: Esther Perel
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Esther Perel
#45. Clean boyfriend someday. I love you. Joe. On the other side was a photograph of the Sylvia Beach Hotel on the Oregon coast, where we'd stayed together once. I stared at the photograph for several moments, a series of feelings washing over me in waves: grateful for a word from someone I knew, nostalgic for Joe, disappointed that only one person had written to me, and heartbroken, unreasonable as it was, that the one person who had wasn't Paul. I bought two bottles of Snapple lemonade, a king-sized Butterfinger, and a bag of Doritos and went outside and sat on the front steps, devouring the things I'd purchased while reading the postcard over and over again. After a while, I noticed a box in the corner of the porch stuffed - Author: Cheryl Strayed
Aubrecht Hotel quotes by Cheryl Strayed

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