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I'm just really not even that huge of a UFC fan. If you go on my Instagram or Twitter, you will notice ... people that I've actually met and hung out with, you know, I'm not like a huge UFC guy. ~ Jon Jones
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Jon Jones
Belief is a powerful thing. ~ T.J. Dillashaw
Assuncao Ufc quotes by T.J. Dillashaw
Through adversity we find our better self. ~ Michelle Waterson
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Michelle Waterson
You learn how to persevere ... to have discipline, you learn to lose, you learn to win, you learn how to not quit. ~ Ricardo Liborio
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Ricardo Liborio
I would like to apologize to Brock Lesnar, his family, the UFC and the UFC fans for my stupid remarks. I respect Brock, all the other fighters, and the sport of mixed martial arts. I'm sorry that I stepped out of line. ~ Frank Mir
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Frank Mir
I think everyone in all due respect just needs to calm down Chris Weidman just because he's undefeated. He's undefeated because he's beaten a bunch of bums. He's only had about seven fights. I've had nearly 30 fights. I've been in the UFC when he was still in school probably. So I got nothing against Chris Weidman, but I don't see him as the Great White Hope that's going to come in and destroy Anderson Silva. He's just another middle of the road UFC fighter as far as I'm concerned. ~ Michael Bisping
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Michael Bisping
Back in '93 I saw my first UFC fight and just became enamored by it then. ~ Kevin James
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Kevin James
UFC 151 will be remembered as the event Jon Jones and Greg Jackson murdered. ~ Dana White
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Dana White
I knew I'd be in the UFC since I started my career. ~ Conor McGregor
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Conor McGregor
I love watching 'UFC' - Ultimate Fighting Championship - I don't know why, because I'm more of a coward than a fighter, but I seem to be very drawn to these blokes actually smashing each other to bits. ~ Marc Warren
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Marc Warren
There are certain things that I always dreamed of, like fighting in the UFC. There's just certain things that I feel like haven't been accomplished there. There's such great women coming up in the sport; seems like a wonderful time to be in women's MMA. ~ Gina Carano
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Gina Carano
The standard is the same. Don't get me wrong, the main difference is the number of sparring partners. Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn are the best coaches in the world in my opinion and in many other people's opinion but it really it comes down to the number of sparring partners. I go to my gym and I have 10 fighters fighting on the local level but when you go over there it's like 30 fighters all fighting in the UFC or other bigger shows. That's really the main thing; the numbers. ~ Anthony Perosh
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Anthony Perosh
After I knock out Randy Couture, I'll fight for the heavyweight title, the real heavyweight boxing title in October or November, come back and fight in the UFC in January or February. It doesn't matter, I'm a two sport athlete. The oldest man to ever do that. ~ James Toney
Assuncao Ufc quotes by James Toney
Anyone who likes or hates Dana White should take a look at this. ~ June White
Assuncao Ufc quotes by June White
Do your best ... really that's all you can ask for from an athlete. ~ Jessica Penne
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Jessica Penne
I have a big belief that whatever your passion is in life, pursue it to the fullest and try to be the best at it. ~ Myles Jury
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Myles Jury
We fall, but we get up because the ground is no place for a champion. ~ Dustin Poirier
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Dustin Poirier
I tried to take every little thing and use it as an advantage. People were asking me how it felt to be in the UFC, and I wasn't thinking about that. All that mattered was Alessio Sakara. I had to win that fight. Even now I still haven't got time to sit back. Again, this is a must win, must dominate, fight for me in my eyes, and I won't be happy unless that's the way it goes. ~ Chris Weidman
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Chris Weidman
Don't just exist, be a part of life. ~ Uriah Hall
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Uriah Hall
Be your own motivation. ~ Jon Jones
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Jon Jones
I'm used to being under pressure ... luckily I perform well under pressure. ~ Paige VanZant
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Paige VanZant
I am very honored and excited to be part of UFC 100; it's going to be the hardest challenge of my career so far and it's going to be pretty tough - I can't wait. ~ Georges St-Pierre
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Georges St-Pierre
If you look at UFC champions: BJ Penn - terrifying! GSP - terrifying! Anderson Silva - terrifying! But I'm not terrifying. I am not the super-submission guy, I am not the one-punch KO guy, so I am not the most feared guy in the worldBut I will not quit, I will not break and I will fight you like a dog for every second of every round. I am not a super-talented guy, I'm just a dude who will fight you tooth and nail. ~ Forrest Griffin
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Forrest Griffin
The purpose is to become the best writer in my category (yes, page for page and pound for pound). ~ Georges St-Pierre
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Georges St-Pierre
I love race car drivers, I love gymnastics, I love UFC, I love police officers, I love firefighters. I just try to give them the same enjoyment they give me. ~ Shaquille O'Neal
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Shaquille O'Neal
Man I told Dana when I first came to the UFC, I don't wanna fight none of these bums ... I want the best. I wanted this man right here [points to poster of Brock Lesnar], but he was sick. I didn't know that. So I said, 'what about Chuck, Chuck, whatever his name is, Chuck Liddell?' He was sitting there all scared and nervous. ~ James Toney
Assuncao Ufc quotes by James Toney
My injuries are a long way from my heart. ~ Donald Cerrone
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Donald Cerrone
Hey,maybe I could have a talk show, since you aren't going to be my June Cleaver anymore. I could call it the O'Neal Hour. Sounds important, doesn't it?" [Butch to Vishous]
"First of all, you were going to be June Cleaver-"
"Screw that. No way I'd bottom for you."
"Whatever. And second, I don't think there's much of a market for your particular brand of psychology."
"So not true."
"Butch, you and I just beat the crap out of each other."
"You started it. And actually, it would be perfect for Spike TV. UFC meets Oprah. God, I'm brilliant."
"Keep telling yourself that. ~ J.R. Ward
Assuncao Ufc quotes by J.R. Ward
No matter what comes your way, just don't let it phase you, you can overcome anything. ~ Rose Namajunas
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Rose Namajunas
I go to bed with a clear conscience. I sleep great. I know I did my best. ~ Alistair Overeem
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Alistair Overeem
When you have butterflies and you're feeling anxious and you have anxiety or are nervous, that's when you're most powerful... A lot of people, instead of honing this power and using it, they allow it to just consume them. There's another quote that says, 'A big challenge, a big pressure is like a fire, it's like a raging fire. Either you can allow this fire to consume you and just take you over completely, or you can gain control of this fire and harness it and you blow it right at your opponent, Dragonball Z style.' That's what I'm trying to do, trying to get my emotions under control and use this adrenaline to my advantage. ~ Jon Jones
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Jon Jones
The main reason I like UFC is not just the martial arts aspect, but it's about one person against the other person. It's about being able to test yourself with the truth. ~ Donnie Yen
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Donnie Yen
As Aristotle wrote a long, long time ago, and I'm paraphrasing here, the goal is to avoid mediocrity by being prepared to try something and either failing miserably or triumphing grandly. Mediocrity is not about failing, and it's the opposite of doing. Mediocrity, in other words, is about not trying. The reason is achingly simple, and I know you've heard it a thousand times before: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. ~ Georges St-Pierre
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Georges St-Pierre
I always come back around. I make it work. ~ Cat Zingano
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Cat Zingano
I like 'em feisty. Especially with that twangy accent you got going on. I'd give my last UFC check to see you in a pair of Daisy Duke shorts. With those long legs, I bet they'd look amazing. ~ Kele Moon
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Kele Moon
I don't want any sports anymore, except fighting which is the only sport I really watch - whether it's boxing or UFC. I don't know why. I think maybe it's an aspiration I didn't get the chance to explore more, but I don't think my father expected anything from me, I think it's more what I put on myself. ~ Channing Tatum
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Channing Tatum
'Fight Master' is a show that Spike came up with. Obviously, Spike has a vested interest in Bellator, which is filling a void that was created when the UFC and 'The Ultimate Fighter' left and went to Fox. I think this fills a huge piece of the puzzle for the folks at Spike, in terms of demographics and what programming they like to do. ~ Randy Couture
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Randy Couture
I am comfortable in the uncomfortable. ~ Conor McGregor
Assuncao Ufc quotes by Conor McGregor
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