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#1. The relationships that I've built and the connections and the network that I have created playing on these multiple teams, playing for these multiple coaches and assistant coaches - I wouldn't give that back for anything, because I believe that's going to prepare me for my next step, whether that's going to be on the floor coaching or in an office doing some type of management work. - Author: Drew Gooden
Assistant Coaches quotes by Drew Gooden
#2. For me, it is just the total experience - from the time I first started as an assistant coach until I wound up at the University of Texas for 20 years. - Author: Darrell Royal
Assistant Coaches quotes by Darrell Royal
#3. We have to move the meter in sports in Africa, especially basketball. With the growth of the NBA globally, we have to figure out more ways to develop facilities, coaching, leagues, and youth development in Africa. The talent is incredible. Especially physically. How do we get the youth to start playing at an early age just like in soccer? The future is bright. We now have an NBA office in Africa, we have legends and Hall of Famers, we have African assistant coaches, front office members, and some prominent African players over the last 10 years. So we must plan well for the next 10. - Author: Masai Ujiri
Assistant Coaches quotes by Masai Ujiri
#4. I know a lawyer who'd love to retire and be an assistant coach. I mean, it's fun. - Author: Dean Smith
Assistant Coaches quotes by Dean Smith
#5. I am being taken care of by a higher being than myself or my coaches or my training staff. - Author: Rebecca Lobo
Assistant Coaches quotes by Rebecca Lobo
#6. She was tired of playing the dutiful assistant to a great man. - Author: Laurel Corona
Assistant Coaches quotes by Laurel Corona
#7. Great coaches do not tell people what to think. They point people in the right direction to find the answers. This self-restraint is one of the most difficult challenges of leadership. - Author: Thomas G. Bandy
Assistant Coaches quotes by Thomas G. Bandy
#8. My numbers and my stats were exactly the same. I was doing what the coaches wanted me to do. And what I had been doing up to that point was enough to get me a very well-paying contract with the Vikings ... In my mind there was only one thing that had changed from the year before and the year I got cut: And that was I started speaking out in support of same-sex rights. - Author: Chris Kluwe
Assistant Coaches quotes by Chris Kluwe
#9. Definitely, I think I'm a life coach for real. The lessons I give are lessons you can take to the bank. - Author: Flavor Flav
Assistant Coaches quotes by Flavor Flav
#10. I have a senior staff meeting every day, with key personnel who interface with the players - coaches, the medical staff, our analyst department. This is a useful exercise as it means we are all across what is happening and they are aware of my expectations. - Author: Brendan Rodgers
Assistant Coaches quotes by Brendan Rodgers
#11. A lot of coaches have come up to me and liked the way I played. - Author: Richard Sherman
Assistant Coaches quotes by Richard Sherman
#12. The barber's assistant asks if I am a Swede. An American? Not that either. A Russian? Well, then, what are you? I love to answer such nationalistically tinted questions with a steely silence, and to leave people who ask me about my patriotic feelings in the dark. Or I tell lies and say that I'm Danish. Some kinds of frankness are only hurtful and boring. - Author: Robert Walser
Assistant Coaches quotes by Robert Walser
#13. My coaches have told me my muscles and body structure are perfect for skating. - Author: Kim Yuna
Assistant Coaches quotes by Kim Yuna
#14. If we just knew which end to start with,' Lamen said. It was suddenly obvious that Lamen had no idea what to do. With a clear moment of insight, Charls saw that Lamen was not a cloth merchant's assistant. He was the prince's private companion, and had no real skills whatsoever. 'Guilliame, - Author: C.S. Pacat
Assistant Coaches quotes by C.S. Pacat
#15. Tom said to himself that it was not such a hollow world, after all. He had discovered a great law of human action, without knowing it
namely, that in order to make a man or a boy covet a thing, it is only necessary to make the thing difficult to attain. If he had been a great and wise philosopher, like the writer of this book, he would now have comprehended that Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do, and that Play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do. And this would help him to understand why constructing artificial flowers or performing on a tread-mill is work, while rolling ten-pins or climbing Mont Blanc is only amusement. There are wealthy gentlemen in England who drive four-horse passenger-coaches twenty or thirty miles on a daily line, in the summer, because the privilege costs them considerable money; but if they were offered wages for the service, that would turn it into work and then they would resign. - Author: Mark Twain
Assistant Coaches quotes by Mark Twain
#16. Seven thousand of them were indicted and arraigned, and then they entered the maw of the criminal justice system - right here - through the gateway into Gibraltar, where the vans were lined up. That was about 150 new cases, 150 more pumping hearts and morose glares, every week that the courts and the Bronx County District Attorney's Office were open. And to what end? The same stupid, dismal, pathetic, horrifying crimes were committed day in and day out, all the same. What was accomplished by assistant D.A.'s, by any of them, through all this relentless stirring of the muck? The Bronx crumbled and decayed a little more, and a little more blood dried in the cracks. The Doubts! One thing was accomplished for sure. The system was fed, and those vans brought in the chow. - Author: Tom Wolfe
Assistant Coaches quotes by Tom Wolfe
#17. Singer and actress Gertrude Lawrence once overheard an assistant describing the beauty of a coat she knew she could never even dream of affording. Having ascertained the exact shop, coat and price, Ms. Lawrence returned from her lunch break wearing that coat, apparently in order to flaunt and emphasize her greater purchasing power and, by inference, her superior status. - Author: Sheridan Morley
Assistant Coaches quotes by Sheridan Morley
#18. •"…it is easy to read that this game is more than just a game, it is a culmination of a group of coaches and boys on a mission to not just experience, but rather to achieve something that only they believe is truly possible. - Author: George M. Gilbert
Assistant Coaches quotes by George M.   Gilbert
#19. I'd rather be a football coach. That way you only lose eleven games a year. - Author: Abe Lemons
Assistant Coaches quotes by Abe Lemons
#20. I really feel like that concept of enjoying the now and not worrying about the future is what my coach has been trying to teach me for 14 years - and that is what has made me such a different athlete 10 years later, and that is what has made me strong enough mentally to make this Olympic team. - Author: Melanie Roach
Assistant Coaches quotes by Melanie Roach
#21. Coaches do so much research about a referee because they believe refereeing is such a crucial part of the game that the result may hinge on what we say or do. They probably know more about me than I know myself! - Author: Alan Lewis
Assistant Coaches quotes by Alan Lewis
#22. Guys would take runs at me even if I didn't have the puck. [On one occasion] my coach told me that the other team were told to hit number 21 as hard as they could the first period, so we switched jerseys. - Author: Cammi Granato
Assistant Coaches quotes by Cammi Granato
#23. My first job out of college was as an editorial assistant in a New York publishing house. Being an editorial assistant is the purgatory would-be editors must endure before they can ascend the ladder and begin acquiring books on their own. I spent a year filing paperwork, writing copy, and typing rejection letters. - Author: Lincoln Child
Assistant Coaches quotes by Lincoln Child
#24. Our sports [softball] is a game of failure already so my dad always says to parents who he is a pitching coach and he's been my pitching coach since I was 11 years old is if they can be the best kid on the team, let them experience that and then obviously the challenge has to come later on but you don't get that opportunity very often and confidence is such a huge part of this game and in life in general. - Author: Jennie Finch
Assistant Coaches quotes by Jennie Finch
#25. The "etiquette of freedom," to use poet Gary Snyder's phrase. It encompasses small acts like teaching your children to be honest in their dealings with others. It includes serving on community councils and as soccer coaches. It means leaving a place in better shape than you found it. It means helping others during hard times and being able to ask for help. It means resisting the temptation to call a problem someone else's. - Author: Eric Liu
Assistant Coaches quotes by Eric Liu
#26. I was a production assistant in the post department on 'The Surreal Life.' And it's been reported before that I was an assistant editor on 'The Surreal Life.' That is not true. - Author: Bill Hader
Assistant Coaches quotes by Bill Hader
#27. In future there will be no more designers. The designers of the future will be the personal coach, the gym trainer, the diet consultant, - Author: Philippe Starck
Assistant Coaches quotes by Philippe Starck
#28. I've always respected the authority figures in my life, including my coaches. - Author: Richard Seymour
Assistant Coaches quotes by Richard Seymour
#29. He would now have comprehended that work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do, and that play consists of whaterver a body is not obliged to do. And this would help him to understand why construcing artificial flowers or performing on a tread-mill, is work, whilst rolling nine-pins or climbing Mont Blanc is only amusement. There are wealthy gentlemen in England who drive four-horse passenger-coaches twenty or thirty miles on a daily line, in the summer, because the privilege costs them considerable money; but if they were offered wages for the service that would turn it into work, then they would resign. - Author: Mark Twain
Assistant Coaches quotes by Mark Twain
#30. I suppose I might be a player-coach nowadays. I'm a great teacher, and I enjoy teaching. But I'm glad I got injured and ended up turning to cooking. It was an accident but the happiest one of my life. - Author: Gordon Ramsay
Assistant Coaches quotes by Gordon Ramsay
#31. I know that there are coaches who do end up sleeping on the sofa in their office. - Author: Chuck Pagano
Assistant Coaches quotes by Chuck Pagano
#32. There are things about Joe Torre, if I wanted to come out and say, would show how cold and calculated he really is ... Joe Torre is for Joe Torre ... The graveyard of Yankees coaches is loaded with bones of coaches Joe Torre did nothing about. - Author: Michael Kay
Assistant Coaches quotes by Michael Kay
#33. For reasons that baffle me still, my high school sports coaches put me in the first division of the rugby, cricket, and soccer teams. - Author: Hamish Bowles
Assistant Coaches quotes by Hamish Bowles
#34. The one thing about players today is that they're very sensitive, and very fragile. They didn't grow up with tough coaches. - Author: Doug Collins
Assistant Coaches quotes by Doug Collins
#35. Oh, man, if in real life I was as cool and suave as Coach Taylor and had all the answers, things would be easier. - Author: Kyle Chandler
Assistant Coaches quotes by Kyle Chandler
#36. You can't make people smarter. You can expose them to information, but your responsibility stops there. - Author: Mark Rippetoe
Assistant Coaches quotes by Mark Rippetoe
#37. If there is a mutual respect between players and coaches, that keeps the team honest and makes for a very healthy environment which in turn promotes other important qualities such as work ethic, integrity and a positive atmosphere for competing and winning. - Author: Jillian Ellis
Assistant Coaches quotes by Jillian Ellis
#38. Protecting the rights of service members was an important part of my work as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights. - Author: Thomas Perez
Assistant Coaches quotes by Thomas Perez
#39. My old coach used to say that if you were in it for the match, if you were in it for the trophies, you were in it for the wrong reasons. - Author: John Irving
Assistant Coaches quotes by John Irving
#40. Friendship was given by nature to be an assistant to virtue, not a companion in vice. - Author: Marcus Tullius Cicero
Assistant Coaches quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
#41. I learned through apprenticeship. I was an assistant to a defensive coach, and I'm still learning. - Author: Brendan Daly
Assistant Coaches quotes by Brendan Daly
#42. The most important role models in people's lives, it seems, aren't superstars or household names. They're "everyday" people who quietly set examples for you-coaches, teachers, parents. People about whom you say to yourself, perhaps not even consciously, "I want to be like that." - Author: Tim Foley
Assistant Coaches quotes by Tim Foley
#43. I don't control what people put on dot-com or anything else. So I'm just telling you there's no significance, in my opinion, about this, about me, about any interest that I have in anything other than being the coach here. - Author: Nick Saban
Assistant Coaches quotes by Nick Saban
#44. As a football coach, everything in your life comes after your football schedule. I just could not make that commitment. - Author: Joe Namath
Assistant Coaches quotes by Joe Namath
#45. Transformational coaches invest in the root and, over time, it produces a lot of fruit. - Author: Jon Gordon
Assistant Coaches quotes by Jon Gordon

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