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#1. She gave off a little neigh when I reached to touch her cheek. I fell in love with her immediately.
"You like her more than me," Edan pouted.
"That's not hard to do." I petted her mane again; then offered Edan a small smile. "But thank you. - Author: Elizabeth Lim
Asian Fantasy quotes by Elizabeth Lim
#2. There are thousands of other women to choose from. You understand me? And this court runs on ambition alone. - Author: Cindy Pon
Asian Fantasy quotes by Cindy Pon
#3. A lot of my songs are fantasy. I can dream up all kinds of things. That's the kind of world I live in. It's very sort of flamboyant, and that's the kind of way I write. I love it - Author: Freddie Mercury
Asian Fantasy quotes by Freddie Mercury
#4. Do you know that in the Archaic Empire, the Master of Spies referred to every agent by the name of a flower or an animal or some such - never by their own names. Not even their sexes were known."
"Sex?" asked Guisarme. "We wouldn't use women as spies, would we?"
There was the briefest pause, as there always is when a dozen men realise that one of their number is a fool. - Author: Miles Cameron
Asian Fantasy quotes by Miles  Cameron
#5. Muse, We are servants of the Mystery. We were put here on earth to act as agents of the Infinite, to bring into existence that which is not yet, but which will be, through us. Every breath we take, every heartbeat, every evolution of every cell comes from God and is sustained by God every second, just as every creation, invention, every bar of music or line of verse, every thought, vision, fantasy, every dumb-ass flop and stroke of genius comes from that infinite intelligence that created us and the universe in all its dimensions, out of the Void, the field of infinite potential, primal chaos, the Muse. To acknowledge that reality, to efface all ego, to let the work come through us and give it back freely to its source, that, in my opinion, is as true to reality as it gets. - Author: Steven Pressfield
Asian Fantasy quotes by Steven Pressfield
#6. Don't ever quit pretending. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
Asian Fantasy quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#7. When white people envision their perfect home, it always has hardwood floors. In fact, most white people would prefer a dirt floor over wall-to-wall carpeting, because to them it would have the same level of cleanliness and probably fewer germs.
White people are petrified of germs, and when they look at a carpet all they can see is everything that has ever been spilled, tracked in, or shaken loose into the carpet fibers. But more disgusting to white people is that wall-to-wall carpeting reminds them of suburban homes, motel rooms, and the horrible apartments that they have visited or lived in over the years. It has no soul. Only germs.
Hardwood floors, on the other hand, are easily cleaned and give a sense of character to a place, since they are often the original flooring in older buildings. It is a well-known white fantasy to purchase a home or apartment that has disgusting carpet and then to pull it up to reveal a beautiful hardwood floor underneath. - Author: Christian Lander
Asian Fantasy quotes by Christian Lander
#8. The Boy's head was spinning. Raul was real, and quite possibly not kindly disposed to him, as Marama's potential heir and jail-breaker. The sailors worshiped Marama, who controlled the tides and commanded them through dreams? The Geolwe collected clouds and lived in the sky? And did the captain just say there were mountains in the sea? Did he mean under the water? Downing the drink in front of him, he began to laugh. It was all just so hopelessly un-real. Anselt and the captain stared for a moment, then found his mirth infectious. Before long they were laughing too, and the sound of their merriment sailed through the night and out to greet the rolling waves, wrapping itself around the ship like a cloud. - Author: J.J. Gadd
Asian Fantasy quotes by J.J. Gadd
#9. What is the difference between a dream and its memory? - Author: Sukanya Venkatraghavan
Asian Fantasy quotes by Sukanya Venkatraghavan
#10. Is that how you get propositioned at the court? 'Mylady, would you be so kind as to allow me to put my manhood in your vagina'? - Author: Erica Dakin
Asian Fantasy quotes by Erica Dakin
#11. There's always a bit of real mixed in with everything - Author: Stephanie Garber
Asian Fantasy quotes by Stephanie Garber
#12. Don't even try to make this into something weird, Lori. We grew up in the same place, so get over your complex. Unless, of course, this is part of your fantasy. The asshole rich boy and the noble girl from the poor family."

"F*ck off," she growled. - Author: Victoria Dahl
Asian Fantasy quotes by Victoria Dahl
#13. The love that moves the sun and the other stars. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
Asian Fantasy quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#14. 'Star Trek' is science fiction. 'Star Wars' is science fantasy. Based on the episodes I worked on, I think with 'Star Wars: Clone Wars,' we're starting to see a merging, though. It does deal, philosophically, with some of the issues of the time, which is always something 'Star Trek' was known for. - Author: George Takei
Asian Fantasy quotes by George Takei
#15. He raised her hand to his lips and kissed it, a tender gesture that made her heart melt. Come. Let us dance the skies together. - Author: C.L. Wilson
Asian Fantasy quotes by C.L. Wilson
#16. I am only a dead Sciomancer, but I must warn you of fire and kisses. - Author: Lita Burke
Asian Fantasy quotes by Lita Burke
#17. The seed of the gift may come, but a seedling that isn't nourished dies quickly. - Author: Mary E. Pearson
Asian Fantasy quotes by Mary E. Pearson
#18. You might even say their bark is as bad as their bite. - Author: Deborah Blake
Asian Fantasy quotes by Deborah Blake
#19. I love Urban Fantasy, even though I'm inevitably compared to 'Supernatural,' only a little more edgy. - Author: Rob Thurman
Asian Fantasy quotes by Rob Thurman
#20. Violet will carry he mark of Merlin's bloodline and she'll be able to wake The Lady from her slumber. - Author: Allison Sipe
Asian Fantasy quotes by Allison Sipe
#21. Each morning, you dress to become a different woman. Fashion helps. - Author: Carine Roitfeld
Asian Fantasy quotes by Carine Roitfeld
#22. Modeling is about fantasy, getting people to buy into a lifestyle and a vision. - Author: Liris Crosse
Asian Fantasy quotes by Liris Crosse
#23. In the age of Facebook and Instagram you can observe this myth-making process more clearly than ever before, because some of it has been outsourced from the mind to the computer. It is fascinating and terrifying to behold people who spend countless hours constructing and embellishing a perfect self online, becoming attached to their own creation, and mistaking it for the truth about themselves.20 That's how a family holiday fraught with traffic jams, petty squabbles and tense silences becomes a collection of beautiful panoramas, perfect dinners and smiling faces; 99 per cent of what we experience never becomes part of the story of the self.
It is particularly noteworthy that our fantasy self tends to be very visual, whereas our actual experiences are corporeal. In the fantasy, you observe a scene in your mind's eye or on the computer screen. You see yourself standing on a tropical beach, the blue sea behind you, a big smile on your face, one hand holding a cocktail, the other arm around your lover's waist. Paradise. What the picture does not show is the annoying fly that bites your leg, the cramped feeling in your stomach from eating that rotten fish soup, the tension in your jaw as you fake a big smile, and the ugly fight the happy couple had five minutes ago. If we could only feel what the people in the photos felt while taking them!
Hence if you really want to understand yourself, you should not identify with your Facebook account or with the inner story of the s - Author: Yuval Noah Harari
Asian Fantasy quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#24. I think the measure of advancement depends on where you are stood and from what distance you look. A thousand years ago, we farmed the fields, built towns and defended our land with swords and spears. It is little different now, save for the number of people we have to protect. We still kill with a sharp edge or point of metal, blood runs red still, sons ride off to war and parents grieve. If you look at the Empire in its whole, then it is peaceful. If you look closely, you will see the small wars, the bandits and rebellions. Look more closely still and you'll see the petty crimes, the struggle to survive, the rich bleeding the poor. Even the soil can turn against its farmers, yielding few crops. Or the weather, a late frost killing the early crops. There is strife and conflict everywhere in the Empire. Everywhere you find men, you find conflict. - Author: G.R. Matthews
Asian Fantasy quotes by G.R. Matthews
#25. Unbeknownst to most of its dormant and otherwise distracted inhabitants, one beautiful tiny blue sphere, spinning through the dark cloak of galactic space, was clearly under siege. - Author: Patricia Cori
Asian Fantasy quotes by Patricia Cori
#26. So why isn't the world overrun with evil spirits?"
Moira stared at her, a half-smile on her face. "Who says it isn't? - Author: Allison Brennan
Asian Fantasy quotes by Allison Brennan
#27. I have a recurring fantasy that one more article has been added to the Bill of Rights: the right to free access to imagination. I have come to believe that genuine democracy cannot exist without the freedom to imagine and the right to use imaginative works without any restrictions. To have a whole life, one must have the possibility of publicly shaping and expressing private worlds, dreams, thoughts and desires, of constantly having access to a dialogue between the public and private worlds. How else do we know that we have existed, felt, desired, hated, feared? - Author: Azar Nafisi
Asian Fantasy quotes by Azar Nafisi
#28. Benny pushed a slow breath through his teeth. "Is it so terrible to believe in something? - Author: Melanie Crowder
Asian Fantasy quotes by Melanie  Crowder
#29. His mouth was on hers, the champagne flavoring his tongue and lips, his sexy scent reaching her over the warm, bubbling water. She stroked his arms, loving the feel of his mouth against hers, hot and hungry. Just like hers was, unable to get enough, not wanting to give this up, wanting to kiss him until the sun rose in the morning. - Author: Terry Spear
Asian Fantasy quotes by Terry Spear
#30. Don't break me up - I wouldn't offend any person, be they black, Asian or whatever. - Author: Mickey Rooney
Asian Fantasy quotes by Mickey Rooney
#31. Without even thinking about it, she reached out for warmth, reached out for acceptance. She was hurt and as much as she tried to build up the wall of protection and never let anyone in again, Wharick had changed her building capabilities. Wharick had changed her heart. - Author: Madison Thorne Grey
Asian Fantasy quotes by Madison Thorne Grey
#32. The result will not be an Orwellian police state. We always prepare ourselves for the previous enemy, even when we face an altogether new menace. Defenders of human individuality stand guard against the tyranny of the collective, without realising that human individuality is now threatened from the opposite direction. The individual will not be crushed by Big Brother; it will disintegrate from within. Today corporations and governments pay homage to my individuality, and promise to provide medicine, education and entertainment customised to my unique needs and wishes. But in order to so, corporations and governments first need to break me up into biochemical subsystems, monitor these subsystems with ubiquitous sensors and decipher their working with powerful algorithms. In the process, the individual will transpire to be nothing but a religious fantasy. Reality will be a mesh of biochemical and electronic algorithms, without clear borders, and without individual hubs. - Author: Yuval Noah Harari
Asian Fantasy quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#33. Unreality cooled reality's burn. - Author: Cameron Conaway
Asian Fantasy quotes by Cameron Conaway
#34. I'm very into fantasy films. - Author: Alexandra Daddario
Asian Fantasy quotes by Alexandra Daddario
#35. It's a never ending dream for everyone it seems, to find again what was once precious and has been lost. - Author: Carolyn Turgeon
Asian Fantasy quotes by Carolyn Turgeon
#36. As he rose to his feet he noticed that he was neither dripping nor panting for breath as anyone would expect after being under water. His clothes were perfectly dry. He was standing by the edge of a small pool - not more than ten feet from side to side in a wood. The trees grew close together and were so leafy that he could get no glimpse of the sky. All the light was green light that came through the leaves: but there must have been a very strong sun overhead, for this green daylight was bright and warm. It was the quietest wood you could possibly imagine. There were no birds, no insects, no animals, and no wind. You could almost feel the trees growing. The pool he had just got out of was not the only pool. There were dozens of others - a pool every few yards as far as his eyes could reach. You could almost feel the trees drinking the water up with their roots. This wood was very much alive. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Asian Fantasy quotes by C.S. Lewis
#37. Writing is emotional ... it is baring your soul to the world and waiting for someone to acknowledge and love it, or shun and hate it, or worse be indifferent about it. - Author: Anne-Rae Vasquez
Asian Fantasy quotes by Anne-Rae Vasquez
#38. Orcs live in caves. Goblins live in shadows. It's the pain of distance versus the pain of proximity. - Author: Jeff Mach
Asian Fantasy quotes by Jeff Mach

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