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#1. The Moon Pie is a bedrock of the country store and rural tradition. It is more than a snack. It is a cultural artifact. - Author: William R. Ferris
Artifact quotes by William R. Ferris
#2. The pleasure of the sentence is to a high degree cultural. The artifact created by rhetors, grammarians, linguists, teachers, writers, parents
this artifact is mimicked in a more or less ludic manner; we are playing with an exceptional object, whose paradox has been articulated by linguistics: immutably structured and yet infinitely renewable: something like chess. - Author: Roland Barthes
Artifact quotes by Roland Barthes
#3. A forecasting game is a kind of simulation, a kind of scenario, a kind of teleconference, a kind of artifact from the future - and more - that enlists the participants as 'first-person forecasters.' - Author: Howard Rheingold
Artifact quotes by Howard Rheingold
#4. Consider a mug of American coffee. It is found everywhere. It can be made by anyone. It is cheap - and refills are free. Being largely without flavor, it can be diluted to taste. What it lacks in allure it makes up in size. It is the most democratic method ever devised for introducing caffeine into human beings. Now take a cup of Italian espresso. It requires expensive equipment. Price-to-volume ratio is outrageous, suggesting indifference to the consumer and ignorance of the market. The aesthetic satisfaction accessory to the beverage far outweighs its metabolic impact. It is not a drink; it is an artifact.

This contrast can stand for the differences between America and Europe - differences nowadays asserted with increased frequency and not a little acrimony on both sides of the Atlantic. The mutual criticisms are familiar. To American commentators Europe is 'stagnant.' Its workers, employers, and regulations lack the flexibility and adaptability of their U.S. counterparts. The costs of European social welfare payments and public services are 'unsustainable.' Europe's aging and 'cossetted' populations are underproductive and self-satisfied. In a globalized world, the 'European social model' is a doomed mirage. This conclusion is typically drawn even by 'liberal' American observers, who differ from conservative (and neoconservative) critics only in deriving no pleasure from it.

To a growing number of Europeans, however, it is America that is in trouble a - Author: Tony Judt
Artifact quotes by Tony Judt
#5. It was a warship, after all. It was built, designed to glory in destruction, when it was considered appropriate. It found, as it was rightly and properly supposed to, an awful beauty in both the weaponry of war and the violence and devastation which that weaponry was capable of inflicting, and yet it knew that attractiveness stemmed from a kind of insecurity, a sort of childishness. It could see that - by some criteria - a warship, just by the perfectly articulated purity of its purpose, was the most beautiful single artifact the Culture was capable of producing, and at the same time understand the paucity of moral vision such a judgment implied. To fully appreciate the beauty of the weapon was to admit to a kind of shortsightedness close to blindness, to confess to a sort of stupidity. The weapon was not itself; nothing was solely itself. The weapon, like anything else, could only finally be judged by the effect it had on others, by the consequences it produced in some outside context, by its place in the rest of the universe. By this measure the love, or just the appreciation, of weapons was a kind of tragedy. - Author: Iain M. Banks
Artifact quotes by Iain M. Banks
#6. I have come to believe that food is history of the deepest kind. Everything we eat tells a tale of ingenuity and creation, domination and injustice-and does so more vividly than any other artifact, any other medium. - Author: Robin Sloan
Artifact quotes by Robin Sloan
#7. No artifact is a work of art if it does not help to humanize us. Without art ... our world would have remained a jungle. - Author: Bernard Berenson
Artifact quotes by Bernard Berenson
#8. A book is more than the sum of its materials. It is an artifact of the human mind and hand. - Author: Geraldine Brooks
Artifact quotes by Geraldine Brooks
#9. As test documentation goes, test plans have the briefest actual lifespan of any test artifact. Early in a project, there is a push to write a test plan [...]. Indeed, there is often an insistence among project managers that a test plan must exist and that writing it is a milestone of some importance. But, once such a plan is written, it is often hard to get any of those same managers to take reviewing and updating it seriously. The test plan becomes a beloved stuffed animal in the hands of a distracted child. We want it to be there at all times. We drag it around from place to place without ever giving it any real attention. We only scream when it gets taken away. - Author: James A. Whittaker
Artifact quotes by James A. Whittaker
#10. The best artifact was the calendar of the ancients, a great carved piece of stone as big as a kitchen, circular, bolted to the wall like a giant clock. In the center was an angry face looking out, as if he'd come through that stone from some other place to have a look at us, and not very pleased about it. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
Artifact quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#11. It should not be thought that war, often accompanied by genocide, is a cultural artifact of a few societies. Nor has it been an aberration of history, a result of the growing pains of our species' maturation. Wars and genocide have been universal and eternal, respecting no particular time or culture. - Author: Edward O. Wilson
Artifact quotes by Edward O. Wilson
#12. the goal of a mapping effort isn't to complete an artifact, but to address the challenges the diagrams help discover and understand. Diagrams - Author: James Kalbach
Artifact quotes by James Kalbach
#13. My tastes, like my bones, fossilized decades ago. Reach a certain age and you are obliged to become an anthropologist. It's the only way to ignore that the rest of the world regards you as an artifact, that your culture has faded beyond the horizon, leaving you adrift on your tiny, solitary life raft. - Author: Julia Glass
Artifact quotes by Julia Glass
#14. Molly watched the pale water, changing, always changing, and always the same, and she could feel him near, not touching, not speaking. Thin clouds chased across the face of the swelling moon. Soon it would be full, the harvest moon, the end of Indian summer. The moon was so cleanly outlined, so unambiguous, she thought. A misshapen bowl, like an artifact made by inexpert hands that would improve with practice. - Author: Kate Wilhelm
Artifact quotes by Kate Wilhelm
#15. I expect to see the coming decades transform the planet into an art form; the new man, linked in a cosmic harmony that transcends time and space, will sensuously caress and mold and pattern every facet of the terrestrial artifact as if it were a work of art, and man himself will become an organic art form. There is a long road ahead, and the stars are only way stations, but we have begun the journey. To be born in this age is a precious gift, and I regret the prospect of my own death only because I will leave so many pages of man's destiny - if you will excuse the Gutenbergian image - tantalizingly unread. But perhaps, as I've tried to demonstrate in my examination of the postliterate culture, the story begins only when the book closes. - Author: Marshall McLuhan
Artifact quotes by Marshall McLuhan
#16. You are pure-hearted, Branza, and lovely, and you have never done a moment's wrong. But you are a living creature, born to make a real life, however it cracks your heart. However sweet that other place was, it was not real. It was an artifact of your mam's imagination; it was a dream of hers and a desire; you could not have stayed there forever and called yourself alive. Now you are in the true world, and a great deal more is required of you. Here you must befriend real wolves, and lure real birds down from the sky. Here you must endure real people around you, and we are not uniformly kind; we are damaged and impulsive, each in our own way. It is harder. It is not safe. But it is what you were born to. (357) - Author: Margo Lanagan
Artifact quotes by Margo Lanagan
#17. A girl? Her mother looked at her, curiously, as if the word were unknown to her; ancient and puzzling as an artifact behind a glass encasement. - Author: Abby Slovin
Artifact quotes by Abby Slovin
#18. Whoa! So, we're going to a planet covered in zombies to recover a religious artifact right before the planet explodes? - Author: Aaron J. Ethridge
Artifact quotes by Aaron J. Ethridge
#19. The moment we see a pop artifact offering even a sliver of something different - say, a woman who isn't a size zero or who doesn't treat a man as the center of the universe - we cling to it desperately because that representation is all we have. - Author: Roxane Gay
Artifact quotes by Roxane Gay
#20. Law and society turns this conventional view on its head. "Real law" is law as it is lived in society, and the abstract ideal is itself a human artifact. Many interesting questions follow. How does real law actually operate? How are law and everyday life intertwined? Where does law as abstraction come from, and what purposes does it serve? What can we learn from the disparity between abstract law and real law? And, why is the idealized version of law so resilient even in the face of extensive contrary experience? - Author: Kitty Calavita
Artifact quotes by Kitty Calavita
#21. Chris Anderson is a computer-fabricated artifact. - Author: Paul W. K. Rothemund
Artifact quotes by Paul W. K. Rothemund
#22. Another great mistake is this; another understandable error is this: living to live the footprints of others when you have your own foot! Live your footprints! You were born unique! If possible, put the shoes of others, (they must fit you however) but don't walk as they walked and as much as possible, don't leave the same footprints they left except you were born to be like them or you can change the face of their footprints into a unique artifact! - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Artifact quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#23. I don't do lunch. Corrupt artifact of late capitalism. Breakfast maybe? - Author: Thomas Pynchon
Artifact quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#24. Grace, not willpower, is what ultimately empowers us to live loving lives. Creativity, both in what spawns within the artist and the artifact, can be a vital source of that grace. - Author: Ronald Rolheiser
Artifact quotes by Ronald Rolheiser
#25. Racial discrimination in elections in Texas is no mere historical artifact. To the contrary, Texas has been found in violation of the Voting Rights Act in every redistricting cycle from and after 1970. - Author: Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Artifact quotes by Ruth Bader Ginsburg
#26. More often than not, the ideal breast is an invented breast. Decolletage, the tushy breast, is an artifact of clothing. Naked breasts don't dance cheek to cheek
they turn away from each other. Breasts vary in size and shape to an outlandish degree, but they can be whipped into an impressive conformity, and because we are human and we can't leave anything alone, we have whipped away. - Author: Natalie Angier
Artifact quotes by Natalie Angier
#27. A poem is a verbal artifact which must be as skillfully
and solidly constructed as a table or a motorcycle. - Author: W. H. Auden
Artifact quotes by W. H. Auden
#28. I know this is a major cultural artifact but it's bad for the community. - Author: Dante Alighieri
Artifact quotes by Dante Alighieri
#29. Now, though, there was a second part, an artifact of his recent illness, as if his melancholy had, in a universe adjacent to this one, claimed his life. As if he was his own ghost, standing slightly behind himself, observing. - Author: Garth Risk Hallberg
Artifact quotes by Garth Risk Hallberg
#30. Our interpreting the universe as an artifact absolutely requires that we posit an author for it, or a celestial fimmaker, dramatist, painter, sculptor, composer, architect, or choreographer. And no one has been willing openly to posit such an artist for the universe since the American transcedentalists and before them the Medieval European philosophers. - Author: Annie Dillard
Artifact quotes by Annie Dillard
#31. Oh and I've been wanting a word with you too, Arthur," said Mr. Crouch, his sharp eyes falling upon Mr. Weasley. "Ali Bashir's on the warpath. He wants a word with you about your embargo on flying carpets." Mr. Weasley heaved a deep sigh. "I sent him an owl about that just last week. If I've told him once I've told him a hundred times: Carpets are defined as a Muggle Artifact by the Registry of Proscribed Charmable Objects, but will he listen?" "I doubt it," said Mr. Crouch, accepting a cup from Percy. "He's desperate to export here. - Author: J.K. Rowling
Artifact quotes by J.K. Rowling
#32. Tiant, noted for odd pitching mannerisms, is also a famous mound dawdler. Stands on hill like sunstruck archeologist at Knossos. Regards ruins. Studies sun. Studies landscape. Looks at artifact in hand. Wonders: Keep this potsherd or throw it away? Does Smithsonian want it? Hmm. Prepares to throw it away. Pauses. Sudd. discovers writing on object. Hmm. Possible Linear B inscript.? Sighs. Decides. Throws. Wipes face. Repeats whole thing. Innings & hours creep by. Spectators clap, yawn, droop, expire. - Author: Roger Angell
Artifact quotes by Roger Angell
#33. Media'?" "I guess so." "It was an artifact of relatively low connectivity. - Author: William Gibson
Artifact quotes by William Gibson
#34. If you make something, it's an artifact. It's something that somebody or some corporate entity has caused to come into being. A great many human beings have thought about each of the artifacts that surround us. Different degrees of intelligence and attention have been brought to bear on anything. - Author: William Gibson
Artifact quotes by William Gibson
#35. From the alienated starting point of our pseudo-sanity, everything is equivocal. Our sanity is not "true" sanity. Their madness is not "true" madness. The madness of our patients is an artifact of the destruction wreaked on them by us, and by them on themselves. - Author: R.D. Laing
Artifact quotes by R.D. Laing
#36. Few things contain and impact the immediacy of cultural impress so evocatively as books, and not only through their ideas. A book is an artifact, and every age establishes upon the basic functional structure its own particular stamp. - Author: William Everson
Artifact quotes by William Everson
#37. SF is an opportunity to have an intense relationship with your own imagination. It's a kind of drive-by poetry, trashy and addictive; it's fun. After that, for me, it's an opportunity to explore that kind of imaginative artifact from inside, and use a little camped-up contemporary science as a way of generating new metaphors around my typical obsessions. - Author: M. John Harrison
Artifact quotes by M. John Harrison
#38. Despite not knowing if what he felt from moment to moment would pass or last forever, he entered fully into his shifting states of violent rage, self-pity, longing, heartbreak, cynicism, without losing the ability to think about what was happening to him. That took courage, I thought, living with the suffering in a mindful way, as an artifact of being, neither good nor bad. - Author: Diane Ackerman
Artifact quotes by Diane Ackerman
#39. Whoever declares another heretic is himself a devil. Whoever places a relic or artifact above justice, kindness, mercy, or truth is himself a devil and the thing elevated is a work of evil magic. - Author: Sheri S. Tepper
Artifact quotes by Sheri S. Tepper
#40. Art is the concrete artifact of faith and expectation, the realization of a world that would otherwise be little more than a veil of pointless consciousness stretched over a gulf of mystery. - Author: Stephen King
Artifact quotes by Stephen King
#41. Writing can be bad and still be part of something good. That 'art' is really 'artifact,' Exhibit A, Exhibit B, of something else: a person's whole experience and life. And that always there's the chance that this will fail. That things will not work out. - Author: Chris Kraus
Artifact quotes by Chris Kraus
#42. Agreement not to discuss. "He never gets tired of comparing one physical artifact to another," Anders went on, "even if they all look pretty - Author: David Weber
Artifact quotes by David Weber
#43. Once you're labeled as mentally ill, and that's in your medical notes, then anything you say can be discounted as an artifact of your mental illness. - Author: Hilary Mantel
Artifact quotes by Hilary Mantel
#44. Parcifal is one of those corkscrew artifact of culture in which you get the subjective sense that you've learned something from it, something valuable or even priceless; but on closer inspection you suddenly begin to scratch your head and say Wait a minute. This makes no sense. - Author: Philip K. Dick
Artifact quotes by Philip K. Dick
#45. But first and foremost, I learned from Whitman that the poem is a temple - or a green field - a place to enter, and in which to feel. Only in a secondary way is it an intellectual thing - an artifact, a moment of seemly and robust wordiness - wonderful as that part of it is. I learned that the poem was made not just to exist, but to speak - to be company. - Author: Mary Oliver
Artifact quotes by Mary Oliver
#46. Like most young Annawadians, the girls considered the caste obsession of their elders to be an irrelevant artifact. Manju and Meena had become friends because they both loved to dance, and stayed friends because they could keep each other's secrets. - Author: Katherine Boo
Artifact quotes by Katherine Boo
#47. Think it's the artifact. It says the tablet is on the Isle of Eigg, hidden and guarded in a stone circle. - Author: Donna Grant
Artifact quotes by Donna Grant
#48. Books, be they physical objects or electronic pulses, are way cool. They are idea houses. So let those who want to read from machines. Those who love the feel, the smell, the gilt edging and the pretty covers and the soft paper, and the kinetic memories will enjoy the physical objects. Either form can be artifact. So long as we're all reading, and gaining joy from it, does it really matter so much? - Author: Wendy Welch
Artifact quotes by Wendy Welch
#49. I believe architecture is a cultural output and I think Rem Koolhaas is one of the rare individuals who was able to really output architecture as cultural artifact. - Author: Jimenez Lai
Artifact quotes by Jimenez Lai
#50. There is one story about letters. A perpetually cheerful Frog pays a visit to Toad but finds Toad glum, sitting on his front porch.
"This is my sad time of day," says Toad, "when I wait for the mail to come."
"Why is that?" says Frog.
"No one has ever sent me a letter. My mailbox is always empty. That is why waiting for the mail is a sad time for me."
Then Frog and Toad sit "on the porch, feeling sad together."
Frog rescues the situation by running home, writing a letter to Toad, and sending it literally by snail mail. The little snail brings it four days later.
Even though Toad saw Frog every day, he longed for the strangeness, the otherness of a letter, for something to come from out there and address him, "Dear Toad." Is that the thrill I feel finding a letter from you in my box? The address of a friend is made into a physical fact and every letter an artifact of the otherwise invisible communion of friendship. - Author: Amy Andrews
Artifact quotes by Amy Andrews
#51. Art is nothing tangible. We cannot call a painting 'art' as the words 'artifact' and 'artificial' imply. The thing made is a work of art made by art, but not itself art. The art remains in the artist and is the knowledge by which things are made. - Author: Ananda Coomaraswamy
Artifact quotes by Ananda Coomaraswamy
#52. Love is the invention of a few high cultures ... it is cultural artifact. To make love the requirement of a lifelong marriage is exceedingly difficult, and only a few people can achieve it. I don't believe in setting universal standards that a large proportion of people can't reach. - Author: Margaret Mead
Artifact quotes by Margaret Mead
#53. I'm lying on a Star Wars bedspread," said a dry voice behind them, "Will I ever be able to look myself in the eye again?"
They all turned.
"By the fact that I'm not on Rashah," Ronan said, looking about him, "but instead apparently in suburban hell, and in contact with this dubious cultural artifact, I take it we won? - Author: Diane Duane
Artifact quotes by Diane Duane
#54. Thorn grunted and the metal control fell from his spasming fingers. It bounced across the dusty concrete and I stomped down as hard as I could. I felt more than heard the metallic crunch under my boot. Another irreplaceable artifact ruined, courtesy of Julia Reed. - Author: Erica Lindquist
Artifact quotes by Erica Lindquist
#55. I see a direct connection between the Fuenta Magna Bowl and Ogma, I believe the former is an authentic yet misplaced artifact that has its origins in the Middle East as the Irish/Celtic mythology as well. Ogma -being the god/originator of speech and language- carries the syllable of 'Og' in his name (according to a renowned authority on Irish Mythology, James Swagger) which signals some process of initiation through which other members could join into this culture. His family connections were confused (according to, The Dictionary Of Mythology) but it is said that he was the brother of Dagda and Lugh; and Dagda owned a magical cauldron known as Undry, which was always full and used to satisfy his enormous appetite. The [Tales depict Dagda as a figure of immense power, armed with a magic club to kill nine men with one blow]. This symbolism shows another remarkable link, however, to ancient Egypt with the Nine Bows representing its enemies. With Richard Cassaro's work, we now know the significance of the Godself icon which we see on the Fuenta Magna Bowl; and yet my observation and surprise here lies in the fact that the Godself icon could simply refer to Dagda being a figure of immense power, but what is more astounding is when I found that the Latin word caldaria (whence 'cauldron' was taken) means a 'cooking pot'. This is indeed amazing, but that's not all! This Latin word has its etymological roots in the Semitic languages, where the Old Babylonian word 'kid' meaning 'to cu - Author: Ibrahim Ibrahim
Artifact quotes by Ibrahim Ibrahim
#56. It's the invention of clothes, not nature, that made "private parts" private. - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Artifact quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#57. Information wants to be free.' So goes the saying. Stewart Brand, the founder of the Whole Earth Catalog, seems to have said it first.
I say that information doesn't deserve to be free.
Cybernetic totalists love to think of the stuff as if it were alive and had its own ideas and ambitions. But what if information is inanimate? What if it's even less than inanimate, a mere artifact of human thought? What if only humans are real, and information is not?
Information is alienated experience. - Author: Jaron Lanier
Artifact quotes by Jaron Lanier
#58. Of the many strange things Einstein's work revealed, the fluidity of time is the hardest to grasp. Whereas everyday experience convinces us that there is an objective concept of time's passage, relativity shows this to be an artifact of life at slow speeds and weak gravity. Move near light speed, or immerse yourself in a powerful gravitational field, and the familiar, universal conception of time will evaporate. If you're rushing past me, things I insist happened at the same moment will appear to you to have occurred at different moments. If you're hanging out near the edge of a black hole, an hour's passage on your watch will be monumentally longer on mine. - Author: Brian Greene
Artifact quotes by Brian Greene
#59. Plus, magic just doesn't feel like a tool. Can you imagine how boring it would be if casting a spell were like turning on an electric drill? But it's not. It's irregular and beautiful. It's not an artifact, it's something else, something organic. It feels like a grown thing, not a made thing. - Author: Lev Grossman
Artifact quotes by Lev Grossman
#60. Man is an artifact designed for space travel. He is not designed to remain in his present biologic state any more than a tadpole is designed to remain a tadpole. - Author: William S. Burroughs
Artifact quotes by William S. Burroughs
#61. One of our best dates was actually a weekend when we went to the wedding of a friend from the Teams. The couple married in Wimberley, Texas, a small town maybe forty miles south of Austin and a few hours' drive from where we lived. We were having such a pleasant day, we didn't want it to end.
"It doesn't have to end," suggested Chris as we headed for the car. "The kids are at my parents' for the weekend. Where do you want to go?"
We googled for hotels and found a place in San Antonio, a little farther south. Located around the corner from the Alamo, the hotel seemed tailor-made for Chris. There was history in every floorboard. He loved the authentic Texan and Old West touches, from the lobby to the rooms. He read every framed article on the walls and admired each artifact. We walked through halls where famous lawmen-and maybe an outlaw or two-had trod a hundred years before. In the evening, we relaxed with coffee out on the balcony of our room-something we'd never managed to do when we actually owned one. It was one of those perfect days you dream of, completely unplanned.
I have a great picture of Chris sitting out there in his cowboy boots, feet propped up, a big smile on his face. It's still one of my favorites.
People ask about Chris's love of the Old West. It was something he was born with, really. It had to be in his genes. He grew up watching old westerns with his family, and for a time became a bronco-bustin' cowboy and ranch hand.
More than t - Author: Taya Kyle
Artifact quotes by Taya Kyle
#62. I think continuity is the devil. I think it's constricting and restrictive, I think it's alienating and off-putting, and it inflicts an artifact of linear time as we experience it on something that exists outside of linear time as well as keeps new readership away by keeping comics a matter of trivia and history rather than actual stories. - Author: Matt Fraction
Artifact quotes by Matt Fraction
#63. Artistic judgments are silly if expressed as dogmas, at least until we get an "artometer" which can measure objectively how many micro-michelangelos or kilo-homers of genius a given artifact has in it. - Author: Robert Anton Wilson
Artifact quotes by Robert Anton Wilson
#64. Luxury, not necessity, is the mother of invention. Every artifact is somewhat wanting in its function, and that is what drives its evolution. - Author: Henry Petroski
Artifact quotes by Henry Petroski
#65. But, I tell myself, Weight is just an artifact of gravity. If this were a jazz club on the moon, I would weigh less. - Author: Weike Wang
Artifact quotes by Weike Wang
#66. Notice that I am treating psychotherapy as a cultural artifact that can be interpreted, rather than as a universal healing technology that has already brought a transcendent "cure" to earthlings. As a matter of fact, nothing has cured the human race, and nothing is about to. Mental ills don't work that way; they are not universal, they are local. Every era has a particular configuration of self, illness, healer, technology; they are a kind of cultural package. They are interrelated, intertwined, inter­penetrating. So when we study a particular illness, we are also studying the conditions that shape and define that illness, and the sociopolitical impact of those who are responsible for healing it. - Author: Philip Cushman
Artifact quotes by Philip Cushman
#67. A weird artifact of the past, aiming at the future. An intrusive, constructive contradiction. - Author: Katherine Howe
Artifact quotes by Katherine Howe
#68. Eventually, I headed to the bathroom, and I mention this only because I saw in that bathroom the most quintessentially American artifact I have ever encountered: a bright blue rubber mat resting in the bottom of the urinal emblazoned with the following legend:
World's Cleanest Airport
Omaha, NE
God bless our relentless idiotic optimism. - Author: Steve Almond
Artifact quotes by Steve Almond
#69. The Book of the Heart provides a fresh perspective on the influence of the book as artifact on our language and culture. Reading this book broadens our appreciation of the relationship between things and ideas. - Author: Henry Petroski
Artifact quotes by Henry Petroski
#70. How very bold to cross over into enemy territory," she said to the man. "Particularly when an old artifact like me doesn't believe in taking prisoners." The smile she gave him was wolfish and sure, and reminded me so much of Astrid I took a step back, not entirely sure if I should trust the woman standing in front of me. - Author: Ingrid Paulson
Artifact quotes by Ingrid  Paulson
#71. To her audience, Janis Joplin has remained a symbol, artifact and reminder of late Sixties youth culture. Her popularity never derived from her musical ability, but from her capacity to link her fantasies of freedom and immortality with ours. - Author: Jon Landau
Artifact quotes by Jon Landau
#72. When it broke out in the mid 1990s, the web was society's first at-scale digital artifact. It spread in orders of ten, first thousands, then millions, then hundreds of millions of pages - and on it went, to the billions it now encompasses. - Author: John Battelle
Artifact quotes by John Battelle
#73. The canon is an artifact of revelation, not an object of revelation itself. It is known infallibly to God by necessity and to man with a certainty directly related to God's purpose in giving the Word to the church. The canon exists because God has inspired some writings, not all writings. it is known to man in fulfillment of God's purpose in engaging in the action of inspiration so as to give His people a lamp for their feet and a light for their path. - Author: James R. White
Artifact quotes by James R. White
#74. No machines will ever truly fully figure the brain out, because the brain's performance is constantly altered or else constrained by this inanimate, rogue artifact you can't control, namely, speech. - Author: Tom Wolfe
Artifact quotes by Tom Wolfe
#75. The book, that stubbornly unelectric artifact of pure typography, possesses resources conducive to the flourishing of the soul. A thoughtful reading of the printed text orients one to a world of order, meaning, and the possibility of knowing truth. - Author: Douglas Groothuis
Artifact quotes by Douglas Groothuis
#76. We want to believe racism is an artifact of the past, and if you have a political massacre, that contradicts that. - Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates
Artifact quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
#77. White America's trust in the system and related belief in its own merit pose a frequent roadblock in racial reconciliation. Many Whites in these settings are fine with discussing White supremacy as an abstract principle, or a historical artifact, or even as an ongoing reality in the lives of people of color. But they are highly resistant to examining their own privilege or to the suggestion that any element of their success may be the product of racial privilege. - Author: Chanequa Walker-Barnes
Artifact quotes by Chanequa Walker-Barnes
#78. History is just this froth of artifact production that has appeared in the last ten to fifteen thousand years. It spread across the planet very quickly. But that mind in man just goes back and back into the darkness. - Author: Terence McKenna
Artifact quotes by Terence McKenna
#79. Wine is not discovered but made: it is an artifact that can be appraised that can be appraised aesthetically - Author: Tim Crane
Artifact quotes by Tim Crane
#80. Wilderness is the raw material out of which man has hammered the artifact called civilization. - Author: Aldo Leopold
Artifact quotes by Aldo Leopold
#81. She had seen Holden on the newsfeeds and reports. At the beginning of the war between Mars and the Belt, he had been the most important man in the solar system, and the celebrity, while it had waxed and waned over the years, had never gone away. James Holden was an icon. For some, he was the symbol of the triumph of the single ship over governments and corporations. For others, he was an agent of chaos who started wars and threatened stability in the name of ideological purity. But whatever people thought he meant, there was no question that he was important. He was the man who'd saved Earth from the protomolecule. He was the man who'd brought down Mao-Kwikowski. Who'd made the first contact with the alien artifact and opened the gates that led to a thousand different worlds. In person, he looked different - Author: James S.A. Corey
Artifact quotes by James S.A. Corey
#82. If ants had a language they would, no doubt, call their anthill an artifact and describe the brick wall in its neighborhood as a natural object. Nature in fact would be for them all that was not 'ant-made'. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Artifact quotes by C.S. Lewis
#83. For you?" "A relic," he said. "A what?" "An artifact, Mister Dresden. An antique possessed by the Church for several centuries." - Author: Jim Butcher
Artifact quotes by Jim Butcher
#84. The effort to eliminate the formative role of the mind, making the artifact more important than the artificer, reduces mystery to absurdity; and that affirmation of absurdity is the life-heresy of the present generation. This reductionism turns at last into the drooling blankness of 'Waiting for Godot' or 'Krapp's Last Tape,' with their representation of boredom and tedium as the inevitable climax of human existence. This in itself is a sardonic final commentary on the mechanical world picture, the power system, and the subjective non-values derived from them. For a technology that denies reality to the subjective life cannot claim any human value for even its own highest products. - Author: Lewis Mumford
Artifact quotes by Lewis Mumford
#85. Every artifact of human culture is a positive response to God's general revelation and simultaneously a rebellious assertion against His sovereign rule over us. - Author: Timothy Keller
Artifact quotes by Timothy Keller
#86. ...but here it hung, and it was an artifact of love. Well, of a hopeless doomed selfish ridiculous love, but what other kind had ever existed? - Author: Rebecca Makkai
Artifact quotes by Rebecca Makkai
#87. He observed how his feet chose each wrong turning, working against his navigational instincts, circling and repeating, and bringing on a feverish detachment. Someone older than himself paced inside his body, someone stronger too, cut loose from the common bonds of sex, of responsibility. Looking back he would remember a brief moment when time felt mute and motionless. This hour of solitary wandering seemed a gift, and part of the gift was an old greedy grammar flapping in his ears: lost, more lost, utterly lost. He felt the fourteen days of his marriage collapsing backward and becoming an invented artifact, a curved space he must learn to fit into. Love was not protected. No, it wasn't. It sat out in the open like anything else. - Author: Carol Shields
Artifact quotes by Carol Shields
#88. An odd thing about perception is that when we identify some new thing with one or more of our five senses, it is not really, immutably real
it is a passing will o' the wisp, an artifact of the senses and the translations of the brain until we get used to it and we give it a home in our hearts - Author: Nigel Hey
Artifact quotes by Nigel Hey
#89. For all the allure of speciously stress-free suburbs, for all the grinding of city life, cities endure. And when all those diverse energies are harnessed, and those choices, private and public, cohere, and all the bargains made in a million ways every day hold up, then a city flourishes and is the most stimulating center for life, and the most precious artifact, a culture can create. Think of great cities large and small (size, as with any work of art, does not necessarily determine value) and, in addition to nodes of government, commerce, law, hospitals, libraries, and newspapers will come to mind, as will restaurants and theaters and houses of worship and museums and opera houses and galleries and universities. And so will stadia and arenas and parks. In short, once finds not simply commerce but culture, not simply work but leisure, not only negotium but otium, not simply that which ennobles but also that which perfects us. Such has forever been the ultimate purpose of a city, to mirror our higher state, not simply to shelter us from wind and rain. As with leisure, so with the city: It is the setting to make us not the best that Nature can make us, but to manifest the best we, humankind, adding Art to Nature, can make us. - Author: A. Bartlett Giamatti
Artifact quotes by A. Bartlett Giamatti
#90. Of all the nouns we use to disguise the hollowness of the human condition, none is more influential than "myself". It consists of a collage of still images - name, gender, nationality, profession, enthusiasms, relationships - which are renovated from time to time, but otherwise are each a relic from one particular experience or another. The defining teaching of the Buddhist tradition, that of non-self, is merely pointing out the limitations of this reflexive view we hold of ourselves. It's not that the self does not exist, but that it is as cobbled together and transient as everything else. [With] the practice of meditation, ... we can begin to see how each artifact of the mind is raised and lowered to view, like so many flashcards. But we can also glimpse, once in a while, the sleight-of-hand shuffling the card and pulling them off the deck. Behind the objects lies a process. Self is a process. Self is a verb. - Author: Andrew Olendzki
Artifact quotes by Andrew Olendzki
#91. statistical thinking is merely an artifact of human ignorance. we need to use statistics nature does not. - Author: Pierre-Simon Laplace
Artifact quotes by Pierre-Simon Laplace
#92. Genius creates from the heart and when the artifact is broken so is the heart. - Author: Elizabeth Goudge
Artifact quotes by Elizabeth Goudge
#93. A new device or method is put together from the available components - the available vocabulary - of a domain. In this sense a domain forms a language; and a new technological artifact constructed from components of the domain is an utterance in the domain's language. This makes technology as a whole a collection of several languages, because each new artifact may draw from several domains. - Author: W. Brian Arthur
Artifact quotes by W. Brian Arthur
#94. I'm sure he just wanted to touch a piece of home. Hell, whatever artifact he took probably belonged to him or some member of his family. I'm not going to kill anyone because he was homesick, Artie – kind of like killing someone when he's on the can. It's just wrong. (Acheron) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Artifact quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#95. When there's no more room in hell, this artifact said, the dead will walk the earth. - Author: Stephen King
Artifact quotes by Stephen King

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