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#1. Arsenal play pretty-boy football. Good to watch on the telly, but there's no real grit in their play. - Author: Karl Wiggins
Arsenal Fc quotes by Karl Wiggins
#2. Arsenal fans are without a doubt the dullest supporters to have visited here for a long time.
They've only got one chant, 'Ars-suh-nul! Ars-suh-nul! Ars-suh-nul' and that was it. But for most of the game they were incapable of even managing that - Author: Karl Wiggins
Arsenal Fc quotes by Karl Wiggins
#3. Being a Gunner has been the most trying of all the relationships I've had and probably will. What gives me hope is none other than Gor Mahia FC. So tonight was to sit back, sip my glass and watch Arsenal FC's beautiful game. - Author: DON SANTO
Arsenal Fc quotes by DON SANTO
#4. During the match I received a text from a mate of mine, Joe (West Ham), saying 'I hope you thrash 'em.' I replied that their fans were abysmal, and he answered, 'They always are, mate. Even when you go to The Emirates there's no atmosphere.' And that just about sums it up really. God, I would hate to support Arsenal - Author: Karl Wiggins
Arsenal Fc quotes by Karl Wiggins
#5. We took 9000 fans to The Emirates to play Arsenal in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup, and we sang non-stop. But the place is a bloody library! About every twenty minutes or so their 40,000 crowd would half-heartedly sing their Ars-suh-nul song, and to encourage them we'd give them a round of applause. But even that didn't work. Whatever we did we couldn't give their fans the much-needed boost they evidently needed to support their own team - Author: Karl Wiggins
Arsenal Fc quotes by Karl Wiggins
#6. My companions for the afternoon were affable, welcoming middle-aged men in their late thirties and early forties who simply had no conception of the import of the afternoon for the rest of us. To them it was an afternoon out, a fun thing to do on a Saturday afternoon; if I were to meet them again, they would, I think, be unable to recall the score that afternoon, or the scorer (at half-time they talked office politics), and in a way I envied them their indifference. Perhaps there is an argument that says Cup Final tickets are wasted on the fans, in the way that youth is wasted on the young; these men, who knew just enough about football to get them through the afternoon, actively enjoyed the occasion, its drama and its noise and its momentum, whereas I hated every minute of it, as I hated every Cup Final involving Arsenal. - Author: Nick Hornby
Arsenal Fc quotes by Nick Hornby
#7. Crystal Palace, Man City and West Ham bring good support. They never stop singing. As do teams like Leicester, Cardiff and (although I hate to admit it) QPR. I can't stand West Brom, but at least they come in fine voice. But it would be fair to say that the Arsenal support is atrocious - Author: Karl Wiggins
Arsenal Fc quotes by Karl Wiggins
#8. I don't think it's because of my eyes, my beautiful eyes.
(on Henry staying at Arsenal for the money) - Author: Arsene Wenger
Arsenal Fc quotes by Arsene Wenger
#9. I'm looking forward to meeting my new team-mates and to be playing for Arsenal in the Premier League and Champions League. I will give my best to Arsenal and want to make all the supporters happy. - Author: Alexis Sanchez
Arsenal Fc quotes by Alexis Sanchez
#10. Are you guys really arguing over where to eat dinner?"
"It's one of the more savage tools in the diplomatic arsenal. - Author: Howard Tayler
Arsenal Fc quotes by Howard Tayler
#11. Over the moon about strong support for the National Health Service - an institution I will defend to my dying day, second only to Everton FC. - Author: Andy Burnham
Arsenal Fc quotes by Andy Burnham
#12. They're a very offensive team and even without Thierry Henry they can still do damage to you all over the pitch.
(on Arsenal) - Author: Frank Lampard
Arsenal Fc quotes by Frank Lampard
#13. Betrayal was the name of the game - to get what he'd have, to use every weapon in his arsenal - Author: Anne Stuart
Arsenal Fc quotes by Anne Stuart
#14. There is a theology to gardening that few of us consider, but to understand this theology means relinquishing much control - our arsenal of books, techniques, tools, chemicals, fertilizers, fancy hybrids, and expectations. Yet, that is exactly what we must do if we are to fully embrace a more spiritual form of gardening. As a part of Nature we must learn to enter our garden as if it were truly sacred, we must learn to enter with humility. - Author: Christopher McDowell
Arsenal Fc quotes by Christopher McDowell
#15. Everybody knows how much I love Arsenal - I became a fan. And to be out here [in front of the Emirates as a statue] celebrating a goal against Tottenham, there's not much else to say after thatLike I've said before, Once a Gooner, always a Gooner. - Author: Thierry Henry
Arsenal Fc quotes by Thierry Henry
#16. What's that, forgone conclusion then you reckon, sir?' said the barman. 'Arsenal without a chance?'
'No, no,' said Ford, 'it's just that the world's about to end. - Author: Douglas Adams
Arsenal Fc quotes by Douglas Adams
#17. The decision to use the atom bomb on Japanese cities, and the consequent buildup of enormous nuclear arsenals, was made by governments, on the basis of political and military perceptions. - Author: Joseph Rotblat
Arsenal Fc quotes by Joseph Rotblat
#18. The selection process is simple. Hubby exhausts every ploy in his psychological arsenal to filter out the liars, fakes, and undesirables. (If only every husband were so devoted . . .) Me, I try to prove to that I'm not the stereotypical single male. That I'm in the Lifestyle for the right reasons. That I'm courteous and respectful. All of which are true, but the burden of proof is on
me. It always is. - Author: Daniel Stern
Arsenal Fc quotes by Daniel Stern
#19. Vladimir Putin uses energy to hold our allies hostage. If energy is going to be used as a weapon, I say America must have the largest arsenal. - Author: Rick Perry
Arsenal Fc quotes by Rick Perry
#20. Of all the weapons in the Federal Reserve arsenal, words were the the most unpredictable in their consequences. - Author: John Kenneth Galbraith
Arsenal Fc quotes by John Kenneth Galbraith
#21. OK, publishing a book and releasing a movie is all very well, but Tottenham beating Man. U. 3-2 ... priceless. - Author: Salman Rushdie
Arsenal Fc quotes by Salman Rushdie
#22. Always remember the secrets you were trusted to keep. Those become weapons, and I've developed an arsenal. - Author: Teresa Mummert
Arsenal Fc quotes by Teresa Mummert
#23. Have Tottenham closed the gap on Arsenal?
Last time I checked they were still 4 miles and 11 titles away - Author: Arsene Wenger
Arsenal Fc quotes by Arsene Wenger
#24. Arsenal haven't won anything for three years, so they're used to success - Author: Glenn Hoddle
Arsenal Fc quotes by Glenn Hoddle
#25. If you want to have a calm discussion about a hot topic, use an arsenal of cold phrases. - Author: Vizi Andrei
Arsenal Fc quotes by Vizi Andrei
#26. Other clubs never came into my thoughts once I knew Arsenal wanted to sign me. - Author: Dennis Bergkamp
Arsenal Fc quotes by Dennis Bergkamp
#27. I was tired of an outlaw's life. I have been hunted for twenty-one years. I have literally lived in the saddle. I have never known a day of perfect peace. It was one long, anxious, inexorable, eternal vigil. When I slept it was literally in the midst of an arsenal. If I heard dogs bark more fiercely than usual, or the feet of horses in a greater volume of sound than usual, I stood to arms. Have you any idea of what a man must endure who leads such a life? No, you cannot. No one can unless he lives it for himself. - Author: Frank James
Arsenal Fc quotes by Frank James
#28. Through its inability to solve its racial problems, the United States handed the Soviet Union one of the most effective propaganda weapons in their arsenal.
Newly independent countries around the world, eager for alliances that would support their emerging identities and set them on their path to long-term prosperity, were confronted with a version of the same question black Americans had asked during World War II. Why would a black or brown nation stake its future on America's model of democracy when within its own borders the United States enforced discrimination and savagery against people who looked just like them? - Author: Margot Lee Shetterly
Arsenal Fc quotes by Margot Lee Shetterly
#29. If you're not sure what to do with the ball, just pop it in the net and we'll discuss your options afterwards. - Author: Bill Shankly
Arsenal Fc quotes by Bill Shankly
#30. Most of this fixation was easy to explain. Brady was a midfield player, a passer, and Arsenal haven't really had one since he left. It might surprise those who have a rudimentary grasp of the rules of the game to learn that a First Division football team can try to play football without a player who can pass the ball, but it no longer surprises the rest of us: passing went out of fashion just after silk scarves and just before inflatable bananas. Managers, coaches and therefore players now favour alternative methods of moving the ball from one part of the field to another, the chief of which is a sort of wall of muscle strung across the half-way line in order to deflect the ball in the general direction of the forwards. Most, indeed all, football fans regret this. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we used to like passing, that we felt that on the whole it was a good thing. It was nice to watch, football's prettiest accessory (a good player could pass to a team-mate we hadn't seen, or find an angle we wouldn't have thought of, so there was a pleasing geometry to it), but managers seemed to feel that it was a lot of trouble, and therefore stopped bothering to produce any players who could do it. There are still a couple of passers in England, but then, there are still a number of blacksmiths. - Author: Nick Hornby
Arsenal Fc quotes by Nick Hornby
#31. I, too, was walking on air. Lou turned, her mouth a scarlet orb, as I have seen the sunset over Belgium, over the crinked line of shore, over the dim blue mystic curve of sea and sky; with the thought in my mind beating in tune with my excited heart. We didn't miss the arsenal this time. I was the arsenal too. I had exploded. I was the slayer and the slain! And there sailed Lou across the sky to meet me. - Author: Aleister Crowley
Arsenal Fc quotes by Aleister Crowley
#32. When we have the football, everybody's a player. - Author: Brendan
Arsenal Fc quotes by Brendan
#33. We must not fixate on what this new arsenal of digital technologies allows us to do without first inquiring what is worth doing. - Author: Evgeny Morozov
Arsenal Fc quotes by Evgeny Morozov
#34. Only by remembering to say 'no' will the women of 21st century regain their voice and remember their power. 'No' is the most important word in a woman's dialectic arsenal, and it is the one word that our employers, our leaders, and quite often, the men in our lives would do anything to prevent us from saying. No, we will not serve. No, we will not settle for the dirty work, the low-paid work, the unpaid work. No, we will not stay late at the office, look after the kids, sort out the shopping. We refuse to fit the enormity of our passion, our creativity, and our potential into the rigid physical prison laid down for us since we were small children. No. We refuse. We will not buy your clothes and shoes and surgical solutions. No, we will not be beautiful; we will not be good. Most of all, we refuse to be beautiful and good. - Author: Laurie Penny
Arsenal Fc quotes by Laurie Penny
#35. I suppose I'm happy when I know I've given a horse a good ride, no matter where it is. I like playing golf in the summer; I'm happy when I hit a good shot, and I enjoy watching Arsenal playing beautiful football, but overall I can't believe you can be happy when you're not winning. I honestly can't accept that. - Author: Tony McCoy
Arsenal Fc quotes by Tony McCoy
#36. I'd underestimated him. I assumed anyone who started out gut-punching you in an elevator couldn't have all that much else in his arsenal. For instance, I had no idea he could smile, let alone at such an inappropriate time. - Author: Jonathan Lethem
Arsenal Fc quotes by Jonathan Lethem
#37. Arsenal means every thing to me. I've been here since I was nine and I love the Club. - Author: Jack Wilshere
Arsenal Fc quotes by Jack Wilshere
#38. If one day I leave Arsenal, I will never sign for another English team. Quite sure. - Author: Cesc Fabregas
Arsenal Fc quotes by Cesc Fabregas
#39. Disbelief is the strongest tool in our arsenal. - Author: Thomm Quackenbush
Arsenal Fc quotes by Thomm Quackenbush
#40. Strange how blind people are! They are horrified by the torture chambers of the Middle Ages, but their arsenals fill them with pride! - Author: Bertha Von Suttner
Arsenal Fc quotes by Bertha Von Suttner
#41. If atomic bombs are to be added as new weapons to the arsenals of a warring world, or to the arsenals of nations preparing for war, then the time will come when mankind will curse the names of Los Alamos and of Hiroshima. - Author: J. Robert Oppenheimer
Arsenal Fc quotes by J. Robert Oppenheimer
#42. I knew before I came to Arsenal what kind of players were here. And of course, in training, you can see how many good players are here; the most important thing is that we work well as a team - that's the most important thing. - Author: Mesut Ozil
Arsenal Fc quotes by Mesut Ozil

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