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#1. If you hope to have more money tomorrow than you have today, you've got to put a chunk of your assets into stocks. Sooner or later, a portfolio of stocks or stock mutual funds will turn out to be a lot more valuable than a portfolio of bonds or CDs or money-market funds. - Author: Peter Lynch
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Peter Lynch
#2. Well oddly enough, I liken the years at MGM, and I was there for about eight years, to doing stock, what we used to call repertory or stock, playing a whole bunch of different roles. - Author: Angela Lansbury
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Angela Lansbury
#3. It takes 150 years to build an investment bank and only five minutes to convince you to sell me preferred stock in it at a 10% interest rate. - Author: Warren Buffett
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Warren Buffett
#4. I come from pioneer stock, developers of the West, people who went out into the wilderness and set up home with nothing but a pair of oxen. - Author: Joni Mitchell
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Joni Mitchell
#5. Fifteen years ago, this would have been insider trading, but that quaint concept had disappeared a decade or two ago when so many brokers were doing it that it was impossible to jail them all. Now it was called smart trading. - Author: Max Barry
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Max Barry
#6. The look in your eyes, boy. You're afraid. A man like you is afraid, I take stock." "I've known some fearless men. Hunted lions with them. A few of those gents forgot that Mother Nature is more of a killer than we humans will ever be and wound up getting chomped. She wants our blood, our bones, our goddamned guts. Fear is healthy. - Author: Laird Barron
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Laird Barron
#7. If you cannot defeat him and take his power, then you must kill him.
Apollo made it all sound so simple, like he was asking me to go to the store and pick up Crunchy Cheetos and if they didn't have them in stock, to get Cheetos Puffs. Insane. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#8. Sometimes the only way forward is to take a step back, you know?" Ellen said quietly. "Things happen, and if you can't change them, you just have to accept them…So, you stop, take stock, and then take another path. Sometimes just for a while, sometimes fir longer, and you keep trying until you find the path you want to be on for the rest of your life. Your true path. - Author: Beth Abott
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Beth Abott
#9. We may buy a little bit of a stock, to get our feet wet and get a feeling for it. - Author: Walter Schloss
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Walter Schloss
#10. When you get to be nearly 60, you do take stock. You don't know what's around the corner. - Author: Annie Lennox
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Annie Lennox
#11. For my part, I prefer the ontological argument, the cosmological argument and the rest of the old stock-in-trade, to the sentimental illogicality that has sprung from Rousseau. - Author: Bertrand Russell
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Bertrand Russell
#12. I'm telling you, this so-called 'prosperity' is going to be the downfall of Asia. Each new generation becomes lazier than the next. They think they can make overnight fortunes just by flipping properties and getting hot tips in the stock market. Ha! Nothing lasts forever, and when this boom ends, these youngsters won't know what hit them - Author: Kevin Kwan
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Kevin Kwan
#13. Laws which can be broken without any wrong to one's neighbor are a laughing-stock; and such laws, instead of restraining the appetites and lusts of mankind, serve rather to heighten them. Nitimur in vetitum semper, cupimusque negata [we always resist prohibitions, and yearn for what is denied us]. - Author: Baruch Spinoza
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Baruch Spinoza
#14. Gavriel sat stock-still. Inside him roiled such turmoil that he feared that should he move, he would smash every piece of furniture in the room, crack every pane of every window, until there was nothing but shining splinters where the parlor had been.

Instead, he leaned back his head and laughed, a long, cruel laugh that did not seem to belong to the boy Roza had known. It blazed up from deep inside him, from some embers he'd always been careful never to stoke. - Author: Holly Black
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Holly Black
#15. The similarity between Van Gogh, Haiku poetry, and good photography is the concern for mortality. That things are very fleeting, that there are people who are more sensitive to death than others. The threat of time is of great concern to them. And the camera is a very appropriate instrument for many. - Author: Dennis Stock
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Dennis Stock
#16. Take stock of your fears now and see how many of them are senseless. If you are honest with yourself you will probably find most of them are groundless. - Author: Dale Carnegie
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Dale Carnegie
#17. When I heard about the ease with which the Four had been removed, I felt a wave of sadness. How could such a small group of second-rate tyrants ravage 900 million people for so long? But my main feeling was joy. The last tyrants of the Cultural Revolution were finally gone. My rapture was widely shared. Like many of my countrymen, I went out to buy the best liquors for a celebration with my family and friends, only to find the shops out of stock there was so much spontaneous rejoicing.

There were official celebrations as well exactly the same kinds of rallies as during the Cultural Revolution, which infuriated me. I was particularly angered by the fact that in my department, the political supervisors and the student officials were now arranging the whole show, with unperturbed self-righteousness.

The new leadership was headed by Mao's chosen successor, Hua Guofeng, whose only qualification, I believed, was his mediocrity. One of his first acts was to announce the construction of a huge mausoleum for Mao on Tiananmen Square. I was outraged: hundreds of thousands of people were still homeless after the earthquake in Tangshan, living in temporary shacks on the pavements.

With her experience, my mother had immediately seen that a new era was beginning. On the day after Mao's death she had reported for work at her depas'uuent. She had been at home for five years, and now she wanted to put her energy to use again. She was given a job as the numbe - Author: Jung Chang
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Jung Chang
#18. Here is an all-too-brief summary of Buffett's approach: He looks for what he calls "franchise" companies with strong consumer brands, easily understandable businesses, robust financial health, and near-monopolies in their markets, like H & R Block, Gillette, and the Washington Post Co. Buffett likes to snap up a stock when a scandal, big loss, or other bad news passes over it like a storm cloud - as when he bought Coca-Cola soon after its disastrous rollout of "New Coke" and the market crash of 1987. He also wants to see managers who set and meet realistic goals; build their businesses from within rather than through acquisition; allocate capital wisely; and do not pay themselves hundred-million-dollar jackpots of stock options. Buffett insists on steady and sustainable growth in earnings, so the company will be worth more in the future than it is today. - Author: Benjamin Graham
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Benjamin Graham
#19. Historically, the stock market is like a gambling casino with the odds in your favor. Over the long pull, stocks are given something like nine and a half to ten percent compounded per year. The banks have probably given you something in the order of four to five. - Author: Burton Malkiel
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Burton Malkiel
#20. One of the funny things about the stock market is that every time one person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute. - Author: William Feather
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by William Feather
#21. Tech stocks were the cubic zirconium of the market. They looked good and were sexy, but they just were a way for the company selling them to make money. That's always going to be transient in terms of the stock market. What's real is that companies have to compete. Technology used well is a great tool to enable that if only because most companies dont use technologies well. - Author: Mark Cuban
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Mark Cuban
#22. Experience conclusively shows that index-fund buyers are likely to obtain results exceeding those of the typical fund manager, whose large advisory fees and substantial portfolio turnover tend to reduce investment yields. Many people will find the guarantee of playing the stock-market game at par every round a very attractive one. The index fund is a sensible, serviceable method for obtaining the market's rate of return with absolutely no effort and minimal expense. - Author: Burton Malkiel
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Burton Malkiel
#23. Farther west, Michigan's seemingly inexhaustible stock of white pine - 170 billion board feet of it when the first colonists arrived - shrank by 95 percent in just a century. - Author: Bill Bryson
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Bill Bryson
#24. The stock market has always had its own meter. Sometimes it's ahead of itself, sometimes it's behind itself. A broken watch is right twice a day. - Author: Steve Ballmer
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Steve Ballmer
#25. How dare anyone, parent, schoolteacher, or merely literary critic, tell me not to act colored. - Author: Arna Bontemps
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Arna Bontemps
#26. Stock prices aren't real things. They're just froth on a wave. The wave is the only real thing, which investors forget when they're watching the ticket slither by. - Author: Jane Bryant Quinn
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Jane Bryant Quinn
#27. You can't really invest in your looks as the only thing because it's a depreciating asset. It's like putting money into a stock that's going down. - Author: Rashida Jones
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Rashida Jones
#28. I am probably not alone in sensing above me the huge corporations and monstrous banks, science, politics and technologies, spy satellites and stock markets, military systems and massive wealth - forces and dynamics I don't understand or can hardly imagine. - Author: Michael Leunig
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Michael Leunig
#29. Buying only what you know can end in disaster. Just think about Enron's employees and business partners, the 'locals' who bought lots of its stock because they thought they were in the know. - Author: Kenneth Fisher
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Kenneth Fisher
#30. The entrepreneurs of new firms as much as the management of the old
(whether modernizing or not) are forced to do whatever is necessary to attract
the players in the casino and then worry as much – or more – about the perfor-
mance of their stock valuations as about their actual profits. Financial capital
reigns arrogant and production capital has no alternative but to adapt to the
new rules; some agents with glee, others with horror. - Author: Carlota Pérez
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Carlota Pérez
#31. It is with a rush of home-sickness that the thought of death presents itself ... Such sentiment is the eternal stock of all religions, modified indeed by changes of time and place, but indestructible, because its root is so deep in the earth of man's nature. The breath of religious initiators passes over them; a few "rise up with wings as eagles" [Isaiah 40:31], but the broad level of religious life is not permanently changed. Religious progress, like all purely spiritual progress, is confined to a few. - Author: Walter Pater
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Walter Pater
#32. At the time we were funding our national debt, we heard much about "a public debt being a public blessing"; that the stock representing it was a creation of active capital for the aliment of commerce, manufactures and agriculture. This paradox was well adapted to the minds of believers in dreams. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#33. The borrowers of America and all the world turn to New York ... It is to the quotations on the New York Stock Exchange that men of affairs from Penobscot to Honolulu turn each morning to find how beats the pulse of prosperity and enterprise. - Author: Charles A. Beard
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Charles A. Beard
#34. No art can be grafted with success on another art. For though they all profess the same origin, and to proceed from the same stock, yet each has its own peculiar modes both of imitating nature and of deviating from it ... The deviation, more especially, will not bear transplantation to another soil. - Author: Joshua Reynolds
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Joshua Reynolds
#35. You gonna have dinner with her and everything?"
Grant lifted a brow but managed to keep his composure. Everything, he reminded himself, meant different things to different people. At the moment it conjured up rather provocative images in his brain. "Things are presently unsettled," he murmured, using one of Macintosh's stock phrases. Catching himself, he grinned. "Yeah, we're going to have dinner." And something, he added as he strolled out after Gennie.
"What was all that about?" she demanded.
"Man talk."
"Oh,I beg your pardon."
The way she said it-very antebellum and disdainful-made him laugh and pull her into his arms to kiss her in full view of all of Windy Point.As the embrace lingered on,Grant caught the muffled crash from inside Fairfield's. "Poor Will," he murmured. "I know just how he feels." Humor flashed into his eyes again. "I better start around in the boat if we're going to have dinner...and everything."
Confused by his uncharacteristic lightheartedness, Gennie gave him a long stare. "All right," she said after a moment. "I'll meet you there. - Author: Nora Roberts
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Nora Roberts
#36. Over the long term, it's hard for a stock to earn a much better return that the business which underlies it earns. If the business earns six percent on capital over forty years and you hold it for that forty years, you're not going to make much different than a six percent return - even if you originally buy it at a huge discount. Conversely, if a business earns eighteen percent on capital over twenty or thirty years, even if you pay an expensive looking price, you'll end up with one hell of a result. - Author: Charlie Munger
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Charlie Munger
#37. There exists, between people in love, a kind of capital held by each. This is not just a stock of affects or pleasure, but also the possibility of playing double or quits with the share you hold in the other's heart. - Author: Jean Baudrillard
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Jean Baudrillard
#38. Vampires used to be the Dracula types, but in the last ten years most of them have become weak, brooding androgynes that only go after teenagers. A friend of mine took the opportunity to rid his whole city of them after the forth Mormon Vamps book hit and the sparkle meme was at its strongest."

"So does that make Ms. Mormon Sparkle Vamp a hero?"

"Of a sort. Before they started to sparkle, there were a lot of vamps who were tortured antiheroes, thanks to Rice and Whedon."

Ree grimaced. "Do you know if she was clued in?"

Eastwood shrugged. "She's very secretive, no one in the Underground has been able to say for sure. It's all rumor. My guess is she lost someone to a vampire and decided the greatest revenge she could inflict was to turn them into a laughing stock. - Author: Michael R. Underwood
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Michael R. Underwood
#39. Investors must keep in mind that there's a difference between a good company and a good stock. After all, you can buy a good car but pay too much for it. - Author: Richard Thaler
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Richard Thaler
#40. The idols of modern culture have had a profound influence on the shape of our work today. In traditional societies people found their meaning and sense of value by submitting their interests and sacrificing their desires to serve higher causes like God, family, and other people. In modern societies there is often no higher cause than individual interests and desires. This shift powerfully changed the role of work in people's lives - it now became the way we defined ourselves. Traditional cultures tended to see people's place on the social ladder as assigned by nature or convention, each family having its "proper place." That view had put too little stock in the role of individual talent, ambition, and hard work for determining the outcome of one's life. But modern society responded by putting too much stock in the autonomous person. - Author: Timothy Keller
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Timothy Keller
#41. Just been talking today out here to all the Senators investigating these stock swindles and overcapitalizations. There has been hundreds of millions lost. There ought to be some form of guardianship for people that buy all this junk. Education won't do it. The buyers are the ones we have educated up till they are just smart enough to fall for everything that comes along. - Author: Will Rogers
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Will Rogers
#42. But you just watch, little girl. I'm goin' to show 'em. In five years they'll come crawlin' to me on their bellies. I don't know what it is, but I got a kind of feel for the big money. - Author: John Dos Passos
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by John Dos Passos
#43. No existing form of anthropoid ape is even remotely related to the stock which has given rise to man. - Author: Henry Fairfield Osborn
Arna Nasdaq Stock quotes by Henry Fairfield Osborn

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