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Been told that dreams ain't merely dreams. At times, they show us things we ought to know and sometimes what we've forgotten. ~ Aaron-Michael Hall
Arktos Books quotes by Aaron-Michael Hall
There were two primary distributors of books at that time, Ingram and Baker and Taylor, so a new retailer wouldn't have to approach each of the thousands of book publishers individually. ~ Anonymous
Arktos Books quotes by Anonymous
How very seldom do you encounter in the world a man of great abilities, acquirements, experience, who will unmask his mind, unbutton his brains, and pour forth in careless and picturesque phrase all the results of his studies and observation; his knowledge of men, books, and nature. On the contrary, if a man has by any chance an original idea, he hoards it as if it were old gold; and rather avoids the subject with which he is most conversant, from fear that you may appropriate his best thoughts. ~ Benjamin Disraeli
Arktos Books quotes by Benjamin Disraeli
I publish my own books, so there isn't a certain editor I owe the book to at a publishing house. ~ Dave Eggers
Arktos Books quotes by Dave Eggers
Richard Rohr states in one of my favorite books The Naked Now: Wisdom is not the gathering of more facts and information, as if that would eventually coalesce into truth. Wisdom is precisely a different way of seeing and knowing those ten thousand things. I suggest that wisdom is precisely the freedom to be present. Wise people always know how to be present, but it is much more then that. Presence is wisdom! People who are fully present know how to see fully, rightfully, and truthfully. Presence is the one thing necessary, and in many ways, the hardest thing of all. Just try to keep your heart open, your mind without division or resistance, and your body not somewhere else. Presence is the practical, daily task of all mature religion and all spiritual disciplines.47 ~ Mark Votava
Arktos Books quotes by Mark Votava
He came to the conclusion that humans confused the content with the container.
They would gorge themselves on great plates of inferior food, imagining it to be delicious because there was simply so much of it. Or, they would make half wits their leaders, merely because they were pleasing to the eye, or because their words were spoken in honeyed voices.
And when it came to information, they would champion weighty tomes that contained almost no real content, while shunning small books that imparted real truth. ~ Tahir Shah
Arktos Books quotes by Tahir Shah
The timeless books remain the footprints of history. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
Arktos Books quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
We should do our best to satisfy your interests in stories and books and the world. There are libraries. ~ Neil Gaiman
Arktos Books quotes by Neil Gaiman
Under the pretext of study we spent our hours in the happiness of love, and learning held out to us the secret opportunities that our passion craved. Our speech was more of love than of the books which lay open before us; our kisses far outnumbered our reasoned words. ~ Peter Abelard
Arktos Books quotes by Peter Abelard

#FRIENDINYOURPOCKET ~ Qwana M. BabyGirl Reynolds-Frasier
Arktos Books quotes by Qwana M. BabyGirl Reynolds-Frasier
Maybe books are best, because you don't have to have money to read... A man can travel all over the world and come back the same kind of fool he was when he started. You can't do that with books. ~ James A. Michener
Arktos Books quotes by James A. Michener
You know how I love talking about books, and you know how I adore receiving compliments. ~ Annie Barrows
Arktos Books quotes by Annie Barrows
Often the magical elements in my books are standing in for elements of the real world, the small and magical-in-their-own-right sorts of things that we take for granted and no longer pay attention to, like the bonds of friendship that entwine our own lives with those of other people and places. ~ Charles De Lint
Arktos Books quotes by Charles De Lint
If you stand at the window where I stood, if you read the books that I read, if we can be with each other even just like that ... then lets, count that as us being together. I'll miss you alot. I love you. I love you ... ~ T.O.P
Arktos Books quotes by T.O.P
Whence is thy learning? Hath thy toil O'er books consumed the midnight oil? ~ John Gay
Arktos Books quotes by John Gay
Eat Chew Live' is not like other diet or weight loss books. There are no programs to follow, menus to cook, or products to buy, this book is about respecting how your body works. ~ John M. Poothullil
Arktos Books quotes by John M. Poothullil
The net's future is far from assured, and history offers much warning. Within a few decades of Gutenberg's creation, princes and priests moved to restrict the right to print books. ~ Vint Cerf
Arktos Books quotes by Vint Cerf
It is a good thing to read books, and need not be a bad thing to write them, but in any case, it is a pious thing to collect them. ~ Frederick Locker-Lampson
Arktos Books quotes by Frederick Locker-Lampson
I like books that expose me to people unlike me and books that do battle against caricature or simplification. That, to me, is the heroic in fiction. ~ Zadie Smith
Arktos Books quotes by Zadie Smith
You have to store up books, becoming acquainted with human experience; let them lie around your thoughts, becoming yours - ring upon ring, as a tree grows, let them rise up from the depths like coral islands.

If it gets crowded with all the books and there's nowhere to put your bed, it's better to exchange it for a folding bed ~ Victor Shklovsky
Arktos Books quotes by Victor Shklovsky
Bianca, can I ask you something?" "No," I said quickly. "I am not giving you a blow job. No fucking way. Just the thought of it is disgusting and degrading and ... No. Never." "While that's a little disappointing," Wesley said, "it's not what I was planning to ask you."
Keplinger, Kody (2010-09-07). The DUFF: (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) (p. 166). Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. Kindle Edition. ~ Kody Keplinger
Arktos Books quotes by Kody Keplinger
She thought it must be a lonely life for a boy who hated books. ~ Hilda Van Stockum
Arktos Books quotes by Hilda Van Stockum
The best way to fight terrorism is not through guns. It's through pens, books, teachers and schools. ~ Malala Yousafzai
Arktos Books quotes by Malala Yousafzai
The association of books with their readers is unlike any other between objects and their users. ~ Alberto Manguel
Arktos Books quotes by Alberto Manguel
If the First Amendment means anything, it means that a state has no business telling a man, sitting alone in his house, what books he may read or what films he may watch. ~ Thurgood Marshall
Arktos Books quotes by Thurgood Marshall
It took the Church until 1832 to remove Galileo 's work from its list of books which Catholics were forbidden to read at the risk of dire punishment of their immortal souls. ~ Carl Sagan
Arktos Books quotes by Carl Sagan
I leapt eagerly into books. The characters' lives were so much more interesting than the lonely heartbeat of my own. ~ Ruta Sepetys
Arktos Books quotes by Ruta Sepetys
The show is good, but the books are better.
(The books are always better) ~ George R R Martin
Arktos Books quotes by George R R Martin
Size has nothing to do with literature. All legs are long enough to touch the ground, and all books are big enough to fill their covers. ~ Walter Kirn
Arktos Books quotes by Walter Kirn
And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything. ~ William Shakespeare
Arktos Books quotes by William Shakespeare
The secret of genius is to suffer no fiction to exist for us; to realize all that we know; in the high refinement of modern life,in arts, in sciences, in books, in men, to exact good faith, reality, and a purpose; and first, last, midst, and without end, to honor every truth by use. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Arktos Books quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
I have no personal experience in the military. All I know about it is what I've seen in movies and read in books and watched on television. My knowledge is probably no more or no less than the average person's. 'A Brief Encounter with the Enemy' was created by taking bits and pieces from here and there, and then putting my own spin on them. ~ Said Sayrafiezadeh
Arktos Books quotes by Said Sayrafiezadeh
But in a private library, you can at any moment converse with Socrates or Shakespeare or Carlyle or Dumas or Dickens or Shaw or Barrie or Galsworthy. And there is no doubt that in these books you see these men at their best. They wrote for you. They "laid themselves out," they did their ultimate best to entertain you, to make a favorable impression. You are necessary to them as an audience is to an actor; only instead of seeing them masked, you look into their innermost heart of heart. ~ William Lyon Phelps
Arktos Books quotes by William Lyon Phelps
I sit, tired of reading. I am sick of books. I can't tell where I leave off and the books begin. I'm nobody. I'm a polluted nothing. A confessed sin, an open door, the clutterer in the clutter. ~ Katherine Dunn
Arktos Books quotes by Katherine Dunn
All of my sermons become books. I've been accused of having no unpublished thought. I encourage pastors to do that. I think there are so many great sermons that never really get circulation. ~ Max Lucado
Arktos Books quotes by Max Lucado
And in that moment he realised that even though the dreams they'd seen together, hoped for and believed in had come true, it wasn't enough. It was far from reality which was lonesome and woeful. And conceived that love had no lastingness, it was brief and momentary. It wasn't the cherishable sensation spoken of in movies and written in books, rather a delusion inclined on ruining the very spirit, giving way to mournfulness and disappointment. ~ Chirag Tulsiani
Arktos Books quotes by Chirag Tulsiani
Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December
And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.
Eagerly I wished the morrow; - vainly I had sought to borrow
From my books surcease of sorrow - sorrow for the lost Lenore. ~ Edgar Allan Poe
Arktos Books quotes by Edgar Allan Poe
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