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#1. I can't be on too long before I have to stop. If she hadn't left, you'd both be home right now."

Victoria's brow wrinkled.

"I don't understand."

"You take energy from people, from crowds, and you expend more. For you, when you're on, you run like a German engine, no?"


"When you go home after the party's over and you haven't had enough attention, you miss it. You crave more."


"I don't take in energy like that. People take energy from me. I can be social, I can be on, but I go home for silence and solitude, not because it's time for the party to end. I don't want to hear another person's voice for three days so I can recharge. Like a battery. - Author: Moriah Jovan
Ariono Jovan quotes by Moriah Jovan
#2. For there is no true equivalence between languages, and English law differs from civil law in both its genesis and its practice. - Author: Jovan Autonomašević
Ariono Jovan quotes by Jovan Autonomašević
#3. Never underestimate the commercial value of mental illness. - Author: Moriah Jovan
Ariono Jovan quotes by Moriah Jovan
#4. If Jovan Belcher didn't possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today. - Author: Bob Costas
Ariono Jovan quotes by Bob Costas
#5. Zane sighed. Jovan and Mother were just the same. "Maybe later" meant no. - Author: C.J. Milbrandt
Ariono Jovan quotes by C.J. Milbrandt
#6. Jovan: "I'll pass any test you present me. I assure you."
Eviona: "I wonder what the best test of pride would be." :) - Author: Eve S. Nicholson
Ariono Jovan quotes by Eve S. Nicholson
#7. This situation is further complicated when the linguist is confronted with speakers of Romany. The largest minority in Europe have no state of their own, and consequently no formal legal institutions or legal lexicon, although there is a formal rhetoric used before Romany ad hoc tribunals. The language professional must therefore draw on the legal terminology of the official language of the Romany speaker's country of origin when facilitating interaction between Romany speakers and institutions in the UK. - Author: Jovan Autonomašević
Ariono Jovan quotes by Jovan Autonomašević
#8. Women do not admit to the past, they mourn for past even less. They grab from each moment anything they can reach. - Author: Jovan Ducic
Ariono Jovan quotes by Jovan Ducic
#9. You can't be friends with yesterday and tomorrow at the same time. - Author: Jovan
Ariono Jovan quotes by Jovan
#10. Living life is like walking down a road
you dont look down and count your every step,
instead you look straight forward to your destination. - Author: Jovan Baladiang
Ariono Jovan quotes by Jovan Baladiang

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