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#1. Today, planning has become collaborative and interactive, using software and tools that will allow clients to "play" with different scenarios, becoming invested in the results. Our delivery is online, and the focus is on the process of planning, not the product (the plan). We engage as many other professionals as we need to (accountants, attorneys, and insurance agents) to complete the implementation. - Author: Deena B. Katz
Aquesta Online quotes by Deena B. Katz
#2. That's one reason why today meeting in bars or in the neighborhood is far less common among LGBT couples than it used to be, and why nearly 70 percent of LGBT couples meet online. (BLT couples - bacon, lettuce, and tomato couples - are inanimate objects and are not engaging in romantic pursuits.) - Author: Aziz Ansari
Aquesta Online quotes by Aziz Ansari
#3. There are only two types of content of any value online: conversation, and the things about which the conversation takes place. Stop making Electric Age media - start doing Digital Age stuff. Stop making records, start having conversations. - Author: Anonymous
Aquesta Online quotes by Anonymous
#4. In the online math class, there was almost no meaningful student/teacher or student/student interaction. To equate this type of online learning with a real-world classroom experience is a major stretch. - Author: Ian Lamont
Aquesta Online quotes by Ian Lamont
#5. If you look up gerbil videos online, at least half of them are hiney gerbils. - Author: Trisha
Aquesta Online quotes by Trisha
#6. Its one of the traditional multiplayer game which indians have played from a long time. You can learn Indian rummy game in very short time period. - Author: Indian Rummy
Aquesta Online quotes by Indian Rummy
#7. [Computer viruses] switch from one country to another, from one jurisdiction to another - moving around the world, using the fact that we don't have the capability to globally police operations like this. So the Internet is as if someone [had] given free plane tickets to all the online criminals of the world. - Author: Mikko Hypponen
Aquesta Online quotes by Mikko Hypponen
#8. One's email address serves as an identity online and speaks volumes about a person; it may be telling potential clients, partners or employers a whole lot about you: to be hired or fired. Unfortunately most send negative signals, indicating that: you are not a serious person - you are immature - Unprofessional, - Uncouth. etc. Take a look at your email address again today, get professional, be ethical, respectful, be admirable - Author: Bernard Kelvin Clive
Aquesta Online quotes by Bernard Kelvin Clive
#9. Don't worry?" I parrot. "This is like some Game of Thrones bullshit right here - how the hell are we supposed to not worry?"

Henry explains.

"It's not as if we don't ever get hate mail. Or online threats - it happens all the time. I had five stalkers by the time I was sixteen."

Henry shrugs at my sister. "You're not really a royal until you have a stalker - welcome to the club, Olive."

Nope. That doesn't make me feel even a little bit better. - Author: Emma Chase
Aquesta Online quotes by Emma Chase
#10. Teachers need to integrate technology seamlessly into the curriculum instead of viewing it as an add-on, an afterthought, or an event. - Author: Heidi Hayes Jacobs
Aquesta Online quotes by Heidi Hayes Jacobs
#11. That night I looked Stephanie [Burt] up online and started reading more about her work...I kept encountering a striking factoid...: she's often cited as the most influential poetry critic of her generation. And she's openly trans. This is not the world I was taught I would grow into when I was a young trans child -- the one where transgender people are heard, are brilliant, are influential, are even the best. At anything. Being trans, I'd learned subliminally, was supposed to keep you from being that -- even if you loved your trans self, and even if some other trans people and a few allies did too, the world at large would keep your potential tamped down."

- from "Surface Difficulty: An Adventure in Reading Trans Poetry," Original Plumbing Magazine 2014 - Author: Mitch Kellaway
Aquesta Online quotes by Mitch Kellaway
#12. Digital educators Salman Khan and Shantanu Sinha contend the world is on the verge of another "printing press moment," which will break the elite's grip on the essentials of education, making available to millions of aspiring learners online knowledge and ideas once restricted to the lecture halls of Harvard or Stanford. - Author: McKinsey & Company
Aquesta Online quotes by McKinsey & Company
#13. While the concept of the muse is noteworthy, the development of the muse has changed substantially in today's online world. The tables have practically turned as the artist who is responsible for creating music in today's world is now being the muse to others. They have been responsible for the creation of "fan art," a style of performance where people create new forms of media based off of existing creations.
It was originally that the muse was what prompted the artist to create something new. Today it has changed to where the artist is the muse to others in society. - Author: Kytka Hilmar-Jezek
Aquesta Online quotes by Kytka Hilmar-Jezek
#14. With Yowza there are no games, you don't have to check in or become the mayor or go back home and redeem anything online - you will always press one button, show the coupon at the register and save money. It's as simple as that. - Author: Greg Grunberg
Aquesta Online quotes by Greg Grunberg
#15. The online shopping paradigm is finally changing. Indeed, I think we've seen more innovation in the last 10 months than in the last 10 years. We've seen an explosion of interesting technologies and opportunities that seek to change online shopping. - Author: Josh Kopelman
Aquesta Online quotes by Josh Kopelman
#16. Just as TurboTax simplified much of the tax process, so has the colossally scary legal process been reduced to a kinder, gentler series of mouse clicks and 'Continue' buttons by LegalZoom, the online leader that has become so prominent in its market that it's practically a generic. - Author: Lynda Resnick
Aquesta Online quotes by Lynda Resnick
#17. I love black dresses. I think everyone should own a lot, but black dresses don't sell online because on the computer they don't read like anything. - Author: Tom Ford
Aquesta Online quotes by Tom Ford
#18. Try arguing the virtues of Nello on, or a similar online meeting ground for knowledgeable food nerds, and prepare to get pilloried. - Author: Anthony Bourdain
Aquesta Online quotes by Anthony Bourdain
#19. Whether you're online or out in the real world, treat every person you meet as a possible future resource. - Author: Erik Deckers
Aquesta Online quotes by Erik Deckers
#20. I'm not an anti-online person. I get what the modern world's about and I understand that that's the nature of music dissemination. - Author: Tim Hecker
Aquesta Online quotes by Tim Hecker
#21. A lot of negative words adults call the young, like 'naive,' 'impulsive' and 'way too connected online,' are all things we can turn into strengths to help us. - Author: Adora Svitak
Aquesta Online quotes by Adora Svitak
#22. Well, if you count my phone as an access point (which I do), I'm pretty much constantly online unless I'm at an event or practice or something. - Author: Chris Kluwe
Aquesta Online quotes by Chris Kluwe
#23. Ambient awareness is the experience of knowing what's going on in the lives of other people - what they're thinking about, what they're doing, what they're looking at - by paying attention to the small stray status messages that people are putting online. We're now able to stitch together these fantastic details and mental maps of what is going on in other people's lives. - Author: Clive Thompson
Aquesta Online quotes by Clive Thompson
#24. The dating world makes me feel incredibly vulnerable. You put yourself out there earnestly as available only to encounter some of the most disingenuous people. There seems to be no formula. Just a boat load of anxiety. Did I do this right? Will he call? If I just say I like him, will it backfire because he will know he doesn't have to earn my time and attention anymore? How do people do - Author: Alafia Stewart
Aquesta Online quotes by Alafia Stewart
#25. Online, you have things like Slate Magazine, which has a lot of commentary and analysis of stories, so it gives you a fuller picture. I would compare that to a news magazine or the New Republic. - Author: Tabitha Soren
Aquesta Online quotes by Tabitha Soren
#26. Being open and observant of people and the world around you is really important. People have the same desires and needs online as they do offline. The way that people are stays constant. You can change the format, make it easier for them to communicate or use photos instead of words but human necessities never change. - Author: Caterina Fake
Aquesta Online quotes by Caterina Fake
#27. It's important to build a personal brand because it's the only thing you're going to have. Your reputation online, and in the new business world is pretty much the game, so you've got to be a good person. You can't hide anything, and more importantly, you've got to be out there at some level. - Author: Gary Vaynerchuk
Aquesta Online quotes by Gary Vaynerchuk
#28. I love 'Call of Duty;' I'm a huge fan, but I started off with 'Medal of Honor' and I stuck with what I knew. I never got into the online play with people, across the world, across the country. - Author: Mehcad Brooks
Aquesta Online quotes by Mehcad Brooks
#29. Good marketers see consumers as complete human beings with all the dimensions real people have. - Author: Jonah Sachs
Aquesta Online quotes by Jonah Sachs
#30. I'm just online too much. I drink too much. A lot of bad things. - Author: Luke Temple
Aquesta Online quotes by Luke Temple
#31. Our "protective bubbles" - our houses, our cars, our friends, our online identities - might make us feel secure, but most of it's just an illusion. It's easy to get hurt, just like it's easy to hurt other people. - Author: Paula Stokes
Aquesta Online quotes by Paula Stokes

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