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#1. You already have it, you have that thing everybody else wants. You can take it for granted but let me tell you if you didn't, if you couldn't be with the person that you love I guarantee that hearing him promise to love you and honor you and cherish you no matter what, it would be pretty much all you could think about. - Author: Isobel Stevens
Anear Tv quotes by Isobel Stevens
#2. "Stand up against the wall!" That's what everybody gets offered, especially women. When women started appearing on TV again in something other than the girl or the mother role it was all, "Get up against the wall," or, "The skin underneath her fingernail would tell me that she," you know, forensic stuff. Oh, God gross. Now, they're hunting terrorists. - Author: Debra Winger
Anear Tv quotes by Debra Winger
#3. I'm always looking upwards and looking forwards and so when someone says, "Hey, would you consider a TV show?" I say, "Hell yeah, I'll consider that. I'll check that out." - Author: Henry Rollins
Anear Tv quotes by Henry Rollins
#4. Being a teacher at a restaurant in the town where you lived was a little like being a TV star ... - Author: Meg Wolitzer
Anear Tv quotes by Meg Wolitzer
#5. It's been great to come to the U.S. and not have people judge me because of what they saw or heard when I was 16 and on a TV show. They're actually judging me on the fact that I can sing and how my personality is now. Which I think is great. - Author: Cher Lloyd
Anear Tv quotes by Cher Lloyd
#6. I write pretty often. I have a home studio. Music is what I do for fun. I never get tired of it, so to take a break from [TV and movies], I would go make some music. - Author: Queen Latifah
Anear Tv quotes by Queen Latifah
#7. A lot of times, as an actor, especially a TV or film actor, you don't get a lot of interaction, or you don't get the feeling you are actually touching someone, or someone actually cares about what you do. - Author: Christopher Judge
Anear Tv quotes by Christopher Judge
#8. In theater, you really work out the kinks and figure out exactly what you want to do and what we want to say, so by the time we have an audience, we're really prepared. With TV, you have a day ... Sometimes, just a few hours. - Author: Amber Stevens
Anear Tv quotes by Amber Stevens
#9. Most indie shoots, or any kind of film shooting, even TV, it's out of Los Angeles, unfortunately. I wish that would change, that people could work where their families are, across the board - crew, cast. I wish we could all stay here. - Author: Jeanne Tripplehorn
Anear Tv quotes by Jeanne Tripplehorn
#10. I've been told if you're an actress you can't sing, if you're a dancer you can't act, you can't do theatre and be respected if you've done a TV soap, you can't have a No. 1 record. All these different things they've told me I can't do, but I wanted to do them, so I've done them. - Author: Martine McCutcheon
Anear Tv quotes by Martine McCutcheon
#11. I made a record album in 1960 and it exploded, and I got all these offers for TV. - Author: Bob Newhart
Anear Tv quotes by Bob Newhart
#12. The first film I can remember seeing on TV was 'The Brides of Dracula.' I was instantly hooked. - Author: Mark Gatiss
Anear Tv quotes by Mark Gatiss
#13. I don't think that TV on the Radio is some dark mysterious band that no one can know about. We write music because it's an immediate form of communication. We're able to put on record what's happening in our times, and we want that message to be heard by the most amount of people. - Author: Dave Sitek
Anear Tv quotes by Dave Sitek
#14. Checking out shoes when looking for Lesbians is an elimination device, a negative marker. Lesbians wear sensible shoes whenever possible. Irene and I have learned to pass right by a woman who looks like a Lesbian from head to ankle, but wears flimsy shoes with pointed toes and heels. She is sure to mention a husband by her second sentence.

So, what does a Lesbian look like? Well, we saw two old women drive into a campground in a large motorhome. One dog and no men accompanied them. These are Lesbian-positive clues. We seldom see old women in campgrounds unless they are accompanied by old men. They walked the dog, each wearing a long "ladies" winter coat and lipstick. We casually intercepted them.

"Nice dog," says Irene. The dog growled. We mentioned the movie about nuclear war on TV the night before.

"They should go to Russia. Show it to the Communists," they angrily replied. We walked on. If they were Lesbians, I did not want to know.

"Not Lesbians," pronounced my expert. "There are Lesbians who wear 'ladies' coats and Lesbians who wear lipstick. There are even Lesbians who prefer nuclear war to "Godless Communism"; but Lesbians would not let their dog growl at a woman without correcting it. - Author: Julia Penelope
Anear Tv quotes by Julia Penelope
#15. It was really great to also see the response that people were having to 'Treme' 'cause you're in a vacuum when you're on a TV show. You see the response online, you read about it and all of that, but actually to be live and have that many thousands of fans come out, it's really wonderful. - Author: Wendell Pierce
Anear Tv quotes by Wendell Pierce
#16. He's feeling a pull, like gravity, of the approaching TV news. It's a condition of the times, this compulsion to hear how it stands with the world, and be joined to the generality, to a community of anxiety. The habit's grown stronger these past two years; a different scale of news value has been set by monstrous and spectacular scenes. [ ... ] Everyone fears it, but there's also a darker longing in the collective mind, a sickening for self-punishment and a blasphemous curiosity. Just as the hospitals have their crisis plans, so the television networks stand ready to deliver, and their audiences wait. Bigger, grosser next time. Please don't let it happen. But let me see it all the same, as it's happening and from every angle, and let me be among the first to know. - Author: Ian McEwan
Anear Tv quotes by Ian McEwan
#17. Feed me. If you don't, all the way to Rosalinda's, I'm explaining the entirety of the history of Angel, the vampire with a soul given to him by gypsies as punishment for him killing one of their own. This history will range from Buffy, The Vampire Slayer through to Angel, his own TV show. I'll also add my opinions on why they should never have cancelled Angel. I'll tell you now, this is multi-part and doesn't all have to do with the fact that David Boreanaz is hot. And, if you delay, I might even have time to get into why I think Joss Whedon should be recommended for sainthood. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Anear Tv quotes by Kristen Ashley
#18. Jace suggested that the cast of "Gilligan's Island" could go do something anatomically unlikely with themselves. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Anear Tv quotes by Cassandra Clare
#19. Despite the impression you may have from watching too much TV, movies are not about reproducing reality. They're about telling stories. - Author: Seth Shostak
Anear Tv quotes by Seth Shostak
#20. FM signals and those of broadcast television ... travel out to space at the speed of light. Any eavesdropping alien civilization will know all about our TV programs (probably a bad thing), will hear all our FM music (probably a good thing), and know nothing of the politics of AM talk-show hosts (probably a safe thing). - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Anear Tv quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
#21. I was addicted to 'The Monkees' TV programme - not so much because of the music but because of the commercials in between. The programme was sponsored by Yardley, and in the commercial breaks, there would be these English girls on roller skates, wearing hot pants, and I just thought, 'God! How neat!' - Author: Marie Helvin
Anear Tv quotes by Marie Helvin
#22. There are many different ways the public can respond to actors - they can see you on TV and feel they know you and own you, and there can be something quite cornering about that. - Author: Chiwetel Ejiofor
Anear Tv quotes by Chiwetel Ejiofor
#23. Bloggers and other flavors of lone wolf are publishing heart-wrenching photo-essays from the front line of the recovery effort. Newspapers and TV networks? They're writing about the temperature of the water in some part (they don't specify which) of some damaged reactor, illustrating it with video screen grabs of machinery they don't understand enough to explain. - Author: Tim Bray
Anear Tv quotes by Tim Bray
#24. It hadn't really percolated through my brain that I was going to see real, live TV from the surface of the Moon, and boy, oh, boy, had that Saturn V launch been exciting! And then, there it was - late at night, sitting up, watching, and there was Neil Armstrong actually standing on the surface of the Moon. - Author: David Weber
Anear Tv quotes by David Weber
#25. ONE SUNDAY MORNING, I climbed up to the light from a weighty and complicated dream, nothing of it left but a ringing in my ears and the ache of something slipped from my grasp and fallen into a crevasse where I would not see it again. Yet somehow - in the midst of this profound sinking, snapped threads, fragments lost and untrackable - a sentence stood out, ticking across the darkness like a news crawler at the bottom of a TV screen: - Author: Donna Tartt
Anear Tv quotes by Donna Tartt
#26. I love a good steak with a great glass of red wine. But for the TV watching, laying around doing nothing kinds of days, nothing beats a pepperoni pizza and chocolate Haagen Daas. - Author: Erin Daniels
Anear Tv quotes by Erin Daniels
#27. Film and television are very different. On the TV show, we do seven or eight scenes a day, so time and money are of the essence, and we have zero room for creativity because you've got to do each scene in only five takes. Whereas, on a film, you have an entire day to film one scene, so you have so much time to choose how you want to fill in a scene. - Author: Shailene Woodley
Anear Tv quotes by Shailene Woodley
#28. You sat in your nice little flat all through our war and watched us, bleeding all over the TV news. And you thought, 'How awful!' and then you got up and made yourself another cup of gourmet coffee." I flinched when he said that. It was a pretty accurate description. - Author: Geraldine Brooks
Anear Tv quotes by Geraldine Brooks
#29. There's times when I'll see a show, or something cooking on TV, and think, 'That can really be fun when it's working.' But it's a grind. I did that at NBC, it was five days a week. I was doing 'Talk Soup' and 'Later' at the same time. It's a hard job, more difficult than people realize. - Author: Greg Kinnear
Anear Tv quotes by Greg Kinnear
#30. Ridge and I just finished discussing TV rules," I lie. "I get Thursdays." "No, you don't," Warren says. "Tomorrow is Thursday. I watch Thursday-night porn on Thursdays. - Author: Colleen Hoover
Anear Tv quotes by Colleen Hoover
#31. If you think what you see on TV is prejudiced, it is. Follow your instincts. - Author: Chris Matthews
Anear Tv quotes by Chris Matthews
#32. The shell must be broken before the bird can fly. - Author: Jennifer Worth
Anear Tv quotes by Jennifer Worth
#33. Most of my work is okay to look at on a TV screen or a flat screen, but this is actually much better in a theatre. - Author: Michel Auder
Anear Tv quotes by Michel Auder
#34. I think a reason why TV is exciting and getting so much better is because we [authors] get to play off of an actor's strengths and challenge them on their weaknesses. On a feature [film], you don't necessarily get to do that. You hope that they cast the right guy, who comes in and plays your part. - Author: Michael Brandt
Anear Tv quotes by Michael Brandt
#35. I felt like I'd somehow gotten stuck in a scene from one of those cheesy TV movies I never watched because they were too unrealistic...Except apparently somehow, unbelievably, this had become my real life. - Author: May Archer
Anear Tv quotes by May Archer
#36. I've feel like I've been doing TV shows most of my life. - Author: Miranda Cosgrove
Anear Tv quotes by Miranda Cosgrove
#37. The only thing that I don't like is my kids watching comedy that isn't actually funny. There's a lot of supposed tween comedy on TV that isn't particularly funny, but it's got a lot of laugh track. And I go, 'Please don't watch that. Please just watch something that's actually funny.' - Author: Stephen Colbert
Anear Tv quotes by Stephen Colbert
#38. While wrestling in college as a junior it came to a point where wrestling just wasn't enough for me anymore. I love wrestling, but I felt like I was missing something, and so the striking part about MMA, the boxing and kickboxing, was what got me really interested in MMA. I saw it on TV and I just knew that I wanted to do it. - Author: Cain Velasquez
Anear Tv quotes by Cain Velasquez
#39. There's a reason we eat popcorn during a movie. If I want to zone out, be brainless and entertained, then I watch TV, go to a movie. If I want a good story, then I read a book." "Ah - Author: Penny Reid
Anear Tv quotes by Penny Reid
#40. I get very upset with all of the crowd seekers today, and people out there trying to get on TV. It ain't about you. It's about trying to make the world more just for everybody. - Author: Marian Wright Edelman
Anear Tv quotes by Marian Wright Edelman

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