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#1. In our perception all life is equal, and that includes the birds, animals, things that grow, things that swim. All life is equal in our perception. - Author: Oren Lyons
Anchors And Birds quotes by Oren Lyons
#2. Listening to the birds tells you different things about a place. I heard bird sounds I'd never heard before. I heard street sounds and country sounds and city sounds that are very different from what it is I'm used to and I get very fascinated about how that marks a place. - Author: Matana Roberts
Anchors And Birds quotes by Matana Roberts
#3. I'd fly. I sit and watch the birds go by and say, I wish I could do that. - Author: Kristin Kreuk
Anchors And Birds quotes by Kristin Kreuk
#4. I spent a lot of money on booze, birds, and fast cars. The rest I just squandered. - Author: George Best
Anchors And Birds quotes by George Best
#5. She's not dead. You didn't kill her, nor did the hunger birds, although they did their best to get to you through her. She's been given her ocean. One day, in its own time, the ocean will give her back.
I thought of corpses and of skeletons with pearls for eyes. I thought of mermaids with tails that flicked when they moved, like my goldfishes' tails had flicked before my goldfish had stopped moving, to lie, belly up, like Lettie, on the top of the water. I said, 'Will she be the same? - Author: Neil Gaiman
Anchors And Birds quotes by Neil Gaiman
#6. If I shut my eyes it returns: the evocation of a whole wood, a whole world of wood-darkness and flowers and birds and late summer silence, of a million leaves turning mellowly to death. It becomes then more than the mere memory of a wood, the first and the best wood I have ever known. It is the redistillation of another and more lovely world. - Author: H.E. Bates
Anchors And Birds quotes by H.E. Bates
#7. At a certain point, you say to the woods, to the sea, to the mountains, the world, Now I am ready. Now I will stop and be wholly attentive. You empty yourself and wait, listening. After a time you hear it: there is nothing there. There is nothing but those things only, those created objects, discrete, growing or holding, or swaying, being rained on or raining, held, flooding or ebbing, standing, or spread. You feel the world's word as a tension, a hum, a single chorused note everywhere the same. This is it: this hum is the silence. Nature does utter a peep - just this one. The birds and insects, the meadows and swamps and rivers and stones and mountains and clouds: they all do it; they all don't do it. There is a vibrancy to the silence, a suppression, as if someone were gagging the world. But you wait, you give your life's length to listening, and nothing happens. The ice rolls up, the ice rolls back, and still that single note obtains. The tension, or lack of it, is intolerable. The silence is not actually suppression: instead, it is all there is. - Author: Annie Dillard
Anchors And Birds quotes by Annie Dillard
#8. Street Ballad

From high above the birds look down and sing because
they see
the monstrous comedies they miss, living several storeys
the dirty degradations and the gross humiliations,
they, like the gods, without pity, look down upon from a
telephone wire.

but as they sit there high above and gaze down upon our
short and messy circumstances, they do not see the one
who stands behind a cardboard tree examining them
with one eye closed and the other staring along the barrel
of a gun. - Author: George Barker
Anchors And Birds quotes by George Barker
#9. We women are callow fledglings as compared with the wise old birds who manipulate the political machinery, and we still hesitate to believe that a woman can fill certain positions in public life as competently and adequately as a man. For instance, it is certain that women do not want a woman for President. Nor would they have the slightest confidence in her ability to fulfill the functions of that office. Every woman who fails in a public position confirms this, but every woman who succeeds creates confidence. - Author: Eleanor Roosevelt
Anchors And Birds quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt
#10. Tell them you came, and saw, and looked
into my eyes and saw the shadow
of the guard receding.
Thoughts in time and out of season,
the hitchinker stood by the side of the road
and levelled his thumb in the
calm calculus of reason.
[ ... ]
Why does my mind circle around you?
Why do planets wonder what it
would be like to be you?
All your soft wild promises were words,
birds, endlessly in flight. - Author: Jim Morrison
Anchors And Birds quotes by Jim Morrison
#11. But still, it was not the desire to 'write' that was his real motive. To get out of the money-world - that was what he wanted. Vaguely he looked forward to some kind of moneyless, anchorite existence. He had a feeling that if you genuinely despise money you can keep going somehow, like the birds of the air. He forgot that the birds of the air don't pay room-rent. The poet starving in a garret - but starving, somehow, not uncomfortably - that was his vision of himself.

The next seven months were devastating. They scared him and almost broke his spirit. He learned what it means to live for weeks on end on bread and margarine, to try to 'write' when you are half starved, to pawn your clothes, to sneak trembling up the stairs when you owe three weeks' rent and your landlady is listening for you. Moreover, in those seven months he wrote practically nothing. The first effect of poverty is that it kills thought. He grasped, as though it were a new discovery, that you do not escape from money merely by being moneyless. On the contrary, you are the hopeless slave of money until you have enough of it to live on - a 'competence', as the beastly middle-class phrase goes. - Author: George Orwell
Anchors And Birds quotes by George Orwell
#12. Through the side window, a screen of late-afternoon sunlight is projected onto the wall. Shadows of birds flit across it.
Some shadows are sharp, some shadows are blurry.
I've seen them before in another time and place. - Author: David Mitchell
Anchors And Birds quotes by David Mitchell
#13. And I can't help thinking of the birds here - how they disappear in the wintertime, heading south for food and warmth and shelter. Heading south to stay alive . . . passing us on the way - Author: Jacqueline Woodson
Anchors And Birds quotes by Jacqueline Woodson
#14. Sing, goddess, of Achilles' ruinous anger
Which brought ten thousand pains to the Achaeans,
And cast the souls of many stalwart heroes
To Hades, and their bodies to the dogs
And birds of prey. - Author: Homer
Anchors And Birds quotes by Homer
#15. Life is going to give you just what you put in it. Put your whole heart in everything you do, and pray, then you can wait. - Author: Maya Angelou
Anchors And Birds quotes by Maya Angelou
#16. My Lebanon is a flock of birds fluttering in the early morning as shepherds lead their sheep into the meadow & rising in the evening as farmers return from their fields and vineyards.You have your Lebanon and its people. I have my Lebanon and its people. - Author: Khalil Gibran
Anchors And Birds quotes by Khalil Gibran
#17. In my opinion, if most urban meat-eaters were to visit an industrial broiler house, to se how the birds are raised, and could see the birds being "harvested" and then being "processed" in a poultry processing plant, they would not be impressed and some, perhaps many of them would swear off eating chicken and perhaps all meat. - Author: Peter Cheeke
Anchors And Birds quotes by Peter Cheeke
#18. And wisdom is a butterfly
And not a gloomy bird of prey ... - Author: William Butler Yeats
Anchors And Birds quotes by William Butler Yeats
#19. The beautiful sky will catch the dew
The beautiful sky is always watching you
The beautiful sky no you cannot break through
The beautiful sky so divine and true
The beautiful sky birds only few
The beautiful sky reminds me of you
The beautiful sky gives me no clue
The beautiful sky is wholesome like you - Author: Suyasha Subedi
Anchors And Birds quotes by Suyasha Subedi
#20. As the social matrix becomes increasingly subject to rapid fluctuations, throwing out anchors into a collectivised past becomes more prominent than movement into a future. The desire to establish a core identity within the profusion of styles has led to image building becoming an industry in itself - as much reflected by the tactics of political groups and corporate bodies, as in the fetishistic scramble for designer labels and trendy occult symbols. Identity has, therefore, become another commodity to be traded in the marketplace. The gulf between objective icons and the Illusory has widened to such an extent that illusions have come to equal value. - Author: Phil Hine
Anchors And Birds quotes by Phil Hine
#21. After that summer, after being friends with Won-a-nee and her young, I never killed another otter. I had an otter cape for my shoulders, which I used until it wore out, but never again did I make a new one. Nor did I ever kill another cormorant for its beautiful feathers, though they have long, think necks and make ugly sounds when they talk to each other. Nor did I kill seals for their sinews, using instead kelp to bind the things that needed it. Nor did I kill another wild dog, nor did I try to speak another sea elephant.
Ulape would have laughed at me, and other would have laughed, too -- my father most of all. Yet this is the way I felt about the animals who had become my friends and those who were not, bu in time could be. If Ulape and my father had come back and laughed, and all the other had come back and laughed, still I would have felt the same way, for animals and birds are like people, too, though they do no talk the same or do the same things. Without them the earth would be an unhappy place. - Author: Scott O'Dell
Anchors And Birds quotes by Scott O'Dell
#22. Here is the soundless cypress on the lawn:
It listens, listens. Taller trees beyond
Listen. The moon at the unruffled pond
Stares. And you sing, you sing.
That star-enchanted song falls through the air
From lawn to lawn down terraces of sound,
Darts in white arrows on the shadowed ground;
And all the night you sing.
My dreams are flowers to which you are a bee
As all night long I listen, and my brain
Receives your song, then loses it again
In moonlight on the lawn.
Now is your voice a marble high and white,
Then like a mist on fields of paradise,
Now is a raging fire, then is like ice,
Then breaks, and it is dawn. - Author: Harold Monro
Anchors And Birds quotes by Harold Monro
#23. A tree is made to live in peace in the color of day and in friendship with the sun, the wind and the rain. Its roots plunge in thefat fermentation of the soil, sucking in its elemental humors, its fortifying juices. Trees always seem lost in a great tranquil dream. The dark rising sap makes them groan in the warm afternoons. A tree is a living being that knows the course of the clouds and presses the storms because it is full of birds' nests. - Author: Jacques Roumain
Anchors And Birds quotes by Jacques Roumain
#24. I've recently started practicing japa meditation. Meditating has always been a bit difficult for me, but japa asks you to focus on the space between things, and psychologically knowing I have anchor points frees me to do so. - Author: Allison McAtee
Anchors And Birds quotes by Allison McAtee
#25. Sundown had bloodied the horizon over the uneven rooftops of South Boston. Birds were perched on every roof and seemed to be watching the girl walking slowly below. - Cradle and All - Author: James Patterson
Anchors And Birds quotes by James Patterson
#26. Exchanging Hats

Unfunny uncles who insist
in trying on a lady's hat,
--oh, even if the joke falls flat,
we share your slight transvestite twist

in spite of our embarrassment.
Costume and custom are complex.
The headgear of the other sex
inspires us to experiment.

Anandrous aunts, who, at the beach
with paper plates upon your laps,
keep putting on the yachtsmen's caps
with exhibitionistic screech,

the visors hanging o'er the ear
so that the golden anchors drag,
--the tides of fashion never lag.
Such caps may not be worn next year.

Or you who don the paper plate
itself, and put some grapes upon it,
or sport the Indian's feather bonnet,
--perversities may aggravate

the natural madness of the hatter.
And if the opera hats collapse
and crowns grow draughty, then, perhaps,
he thinks what might a miter matter?

Unfunny uncle, you who wore a
hat too big, or one too many,
tell us, can't you, are there any
stars inside your black fedora?

Aunt exemplary and slim,
with avernal eyes, we wonder
what slow changes they see under
their vast, shady, turned-down brim. - Author: Elizabeth Bishop
Anchors And Birds quotes by Elizabeth Bishop
#27. I dream of a garden overripe and wild. Of a woman gathering the sea into her hands and letting it fall in many colored petals to a green, green earth. I dream of words on a page transforming to birds, and birds transforming to children, and children transforming to stars. - Author: Kelly Barnhill
Anchors And Birds quotes by Kelly Barnhill
#28. How can land be owned by another man. Warns one can not steal what was given as a gift. Is the sky owned by birds and the rivers owned by fish. - Author: Lupe Fiasco
Anchors And Birds quotes by Lupe Fiasco
#29. He found that he had this sudden desperate longing for the fuming, smoky streets of Ankh-Morpork, which was always at its best in the spring, when the gummy sheen on the turbid waters of the Ankh River had a special iridescence and the eaves were full of birdsong, or at least birds coughing rhythmically - Author: Terry Pratchett
Anchors And Birds quotes by Terry Pratchett
#30. One gave oneself time, one
lost oneself, one followed

the sun, one fell asleep so often
on a bed of straw,

and now, how fresh is
the memory of wind

one might say that the rain hissed
a long silence

and it was as if in the evening
gods were born

but so small
that the birds pecked them like grain. - Author: Claude Esteban
Anchors And Birds quotes by Claude Esteban
#31. Adlestrop
Yes, I remember Adlestrop
The name, because one afternoon
Of heat the express-train drew up there
Unwontedly. It was late June.
The steam hissed. Someone cleared his throat.
No one left and no one came
On the bare platform. What I saw
Was Adlestrop
only the name
And willows, willow-herb, and grass,
And meadowsweet, and haycocks dry,
No whit less still and lonely fair
Than the high cloudlets in the sky.
And for that minute a blackbird sang
Close by, and round him, mistier,
Farther and farther, all the birds
Of Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.
- Author: Edward Thomas
Anchors And Birds quotes by Edward Thomas
#32. You are now listening to me; you are not making an effort to pay attention, you are just listening; and if there is truth in what you hear, you will find remarkable change taking place in you – a change that is not premeditated or wished for, a transformation, a complete revolution in which the truth alone is master and not the creations of your mind. And if I may suggest it, you should listen in that way to everything – not only to what I am saying, but also to what other people are saying; to the birds, to the whistle of a locomotive, to the noise of the bus gong by. You will find that the more you listen to everything, the greater is the silence, and that silence is then not broken by noise. It is only when you are resisting something, when you are putting up a barrier between yourself and that to which you do not want to listen – it is only then that there is a struggle. - Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
Anchors And Birds quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
#33. And when the rains were over and it was October and the birds were in song again, I could lie in the sun on sweet-smelling grass and gaze up through a pattern of oak leaves into a blind-blue heaven. And I would thank my God for leaves and grass and the smell of things, the smell of mint and myrtle and bruised clover, and the touch of things, the touch of grass and air and sky, the touch of the sky's blueness. - Author: Ruskin Bond
Anchors And Birds quotes by Ruskin Bond
#34. You English words?
I know you:
You are light as dreams,
Tough as oak,
Precious as gold,
As poppies and corn,
Or an old cloak:
Sweet as our birds
To the ear,
As the burnet rose
In the heat
Of Midsummer - Author: Edward Thomas
Anchors And Birds quotes by Edward Thomas
#35. Even if you break the bird's wings, you cannot change its spirit and heart,"-- Lilette (The Sign of Change) - Author: H. El-Tahwagi
Anchors And Birds quotes by H. El-Tahwagi
#36. Flamingoes and mustard both bite. And the moral of that is
Birds of a feather flock together. - Author: Lewis Carroll
Anchors And Birds quotes by Lewis Carroll
#37. One bird's an eagle born - FALK. And one a hen. - Author: Henrik Ibsen
Anchors And Birds quotes by Henrik Ibsen
#38. If you walk east at daybreak from the town
To the cliff's foot, by climbing steadily
You cling at noon whence there is no way down
But to go toppling backward to the sea.
And not for birds nor birds' eggs, so they say,
But for a flower that in these fissures grows,
Forms have been seen to move throughout the day
Skyward; but what its name is no one knows.
'Tis said you find beside them on the sand
This flower, relinquished by the broken hand. - Author: Edna St. Vincent Millay
Anchors And Birds quotes by Edna St. Vincent Millay
#39. In a vision I heard this clearly whispered:
Study most those who sing the most, but are free of criticism and praise. Following this advice, things turned out just as I suspected:
I started spending more time with birds. - Author: Daniel Ladinsky
Anchors And Birds quotes by Daniel Ladinsky
#40. Insects, birds, and small game all chattered, yet for a while, they sat in peace. In an odd way, connection and understanding thrived on the non-words. The forest spoke like God's voice, alive and real, leaving healing and hope in the wake of silence. - Author: Michelle Griep
Anchors And Birds quotes by Michelle Griep
#41. Even Solomon, he says, "the man that wandereth out of the way of understanding shall remain in the congregation of the dead." Give not thyself up, then, to fire, lest it invert thee, deaden thee, as for the time it did me. There is a wisdom that is woe; but there is a woe that is madness. And there is a Catskill eagle in some souls that can alike dive down into the blackest gorges, and soar out of them again and become invisible in the sunny spaces. And even if he for ever flies within the gorge, that gore is in the mountains; so that even in his lowest swoop the mountain eagle is still higher than other birds upon the plain, even though they soar. (pg 465) - Author: Herman Melville
Anchors And Birds quotes by Herman Melville
#42. Yet nor the lays of birds nor the sweet smell Of different flowers in odour and in hue Could make me any summer's story tell, Or from their proud lap pluck them where they grew; Nor did I wonder at the lily's white, Nor praise the deep vermilion in the rose; They were but sweet, but figures of delight, Drawn after you, you pattern of all those. - Author: William Shakespeare
Anchors And Birds quotes by William Shakespeare
#43. Nurse's Song
WHEN the voices of children are heard on the green,
And laughing is heard on the hill,
My heart is at rest within my breast,
And everything else is still.
Then come home, my children, the sun is gone down,
And the dews of night arise;
Come, come, leave off play, and let us away
Till the morning appears in the skies.
No, no, let us play, for it is yet day,
And we cannot go to sleep;
Besides, in the sky the little birds fly,
And the hills are all cover'd with sheep.
Well, well, go and play till the light fades away,
And then go home to bed.'
The little ones leaped and shouted and laugh'd
And all the hills echoed. - Author: William Blake
Anchors And Birds quotes by William Blake
#44. Body of a woman, white hills, white thighs,
you look like a world, lying in surrender.
My rough peasant's body digs in you
and makes the son leap from the depth of the earth.
I was lone like a tunnel. The birds fled from me,
and nigh swamped me with its crushing invasion.
To survive myself I forged you like a weapon,
like an arrow in my bow, a stone in my sling.
But the hour of vengeance falls, and I love you.
Body of skin, of moss, of eager and firm milk.
Oh the goblets of the breast! Oh the eyes of absence!
Oh the roses of the pubis! Oh your voice, slow and sad!
Body of my woman, I will persist in your grace.
My thirst, my boundless desire, my shifting road!
Dark river-beds where the eternal thirst flows
and weariness follows, and the infinite ache. - Author: Pablo Neruda
Anchors And Birds quotes by Pablo Neruda
#45. There was no sound but that of his shoes and the now senseless singing of birds. Once I thought they sang because everything was right with the world, Robert Neville thought. I know now I was wrong. They sing because they're feeble minded. - Author: Richard Matheson
Anchors And Birds quotes by Richard Matheson
#46. I loved birds, and every bird was my favorite bird. But no bird was a better bird than a bird I saw with Linda. - Author: Bob Tarte
Anchors And Birds quotes by Bob Tarte
#47. Mockingbirds are the true artists of the bird kingdom. Which is to say, although they're born with a song of their own, an innate riff that happens to be one of the most versatile of all ornithological expressions, mocking birds aren't content to merely play the hand that is dealt them. Like all artists, they are out to rearrange reality. Innovative, willful, daring, not bound by the rules to which others may blindly adhere, the mockingbird collects snatches of birdsong from this tree and that field, appropriates them, places them in new and unexpected contexts, recreates the world from the world. For example, a mockingbird in South Carolina was heard to blend the songs of thirty-two different kinds of birds into a ten-minute performance, a virtuoso display that serve no practical purpose, falling, therefore, into the realm of pure art. - Author: Tom Robbins
Anchors And Birds quotes by Tom Robbins
#48. There are folks who can't abide camp-robber jays, but I take to them. Often enough they've been my only company for days at a time, and they surely do get friendly. They'll steal your grub right from under your nose, but who I am to criticize the lifestyle of a bird? He has his ways, I have mine. Like I say, I take to them. - Author: Louis L'Amour
Anchors And Birds quotes by Louis L'Amour
#49. After school the very next day, El Rey's mobile home was gone. I laid in bed and wondered what happens to people when they go, if they become like shadows, if they fade away when they disappear from your life. The only thing I could see was the broken picket fence. The only sound I could hear was the cry of birds being killed in the night. - Author: Joe Meno
Anchors And Birds quotes by Joe Meno

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