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#1. Amateur comes from the Latin agent amatus. To love. Never worry about love. Love delivers. It's the incompetent professionals that'll screw you. - Author: C.D. Reiss
Amatus quotes by C.D. Reiss
#2. This is not the way these tales end," Calliope said firmly.
"This is not the way that things end when they get to be tales," Amatus said, "but since ours is not yet told, we cannot count on it. There were a hundred dead princes on the thorns outside Sleeping Beauty's castle, and I'm sure many of them were splendid fellows. - Author: John Barnes
Amatus quotes by John Barnes
#3. Amatus waited a long time, but at last he broke the silence.
"There is much I don't understand."
"That will never change," Mortis said decisively. "Except that what you don't understand will change. - Author: John Barnes
Amatus quotes by John Barnes

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