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#1. Only a Mahican would bring a comb to war." Connor rolled his eyes, then leaned in as if about to tell Amalie a great secret, lowering his voice to a whisper. "It helps them keep their feathers pretty."
-Connor about Joesph - Author: Pamela Clare
Amalie quotes by Pamela Clare
#2. He'd given her all the love he could give tonight without taking her maidenhead, undressing her, carrying her to his bed, kissing away her tears, caressing her, bringing her to her peak with his hands again and again, until she lay, weak and utterly spent, in his arms. Then he'd held her through the watches of the night, wishing dawn would never come.
"Tha moran ghradh agam ort, dh'Amaliedh," he whispered. My love lies upon you, Amalie.
He lifted the rosary from around his neck and placed the wooden beads in her palm. Then he took the tartan sash from his French uniform and draped it across the pillow beside her, branding her with Clan MacKinnon's colors. Would she know what that meant? - Author: Pamela Clare
Amalie quotes by Pamela Clare
#3. Then Christian made the fatal mistake of looking into her eyes. Suddenly he couldn't move a muscle. They smoldered with a terrible black anger even as her mouth returned his kiss. It was as if they were two separate beings, the sweetness of her mouth upon his, and the darkness of her terrible eyes draining the life out of him. Christian could feel her heart racing, the fury of her blood uncontrollable, and he knew that if she couldn't rein it in somehow, he would be lost. Already his hunger eviscerated him, he could feel the holes in his gut as those eyes, so blackly terrifying - hers but not hers, sucking everything from him, taking, feeding ... killing. He felt wetness on his face.
Somehow, she'd become the vampire. - Author: Amalie Howard
Amalie quotes by Amalie Howard
#4. I'd grown used to accepting the oddities of twenty different planets. Fian wouldn't carry a comb around with him. Krath was scared of butterflies. Dalmora was horrified if she was late for something. Amalie held her shoes upside down and shook them before putting them on. - Author: Janet Edwards
Amalie quotes by Janet Edwards
#5. But who are you, Jeffrey? Does Shumaker & Gates represent you as well?"
"Oh, yes! Of course. Why else would I be here?" Jeffrey laughed.
"And do you write under your real name or a pen name?"
"Oh. A pen name," Jeffrey said quickly.
"And what name would that be?" asked Michael.
With his gears turning, I recognized the instant he got an idea.
"Nicholas Sparks," Jeffrey replied. - Author: Amalie Silver
Amalie quotes by Amalie Silver
#6. The same beautiful receptionist greeted Christian who had met him before and she extended the same lush invitation as she had the last time. Victoria's eyes narrowed and Christian chuckled under his breath at her jealousy."Relax chérie, she's paid to do that." "Well, she didn't come on to me, so obviously she's not doing her job properly," Victoria said. Christian laughed. - Author: Amalie Howard
Amalie quotes by Amalie Howard
#7. Don't be afraid of who you are. You cannot hope to control your power if you do not understand it and who you are. You must protect yourself at all costs even against those you ... love.' He hesitated lost for a moment and Victoria felt his thoughts flicker briefly into a strange nothingness before moving back to the consciousness she recognized. His words were hard. 'Love is a breeding ground for betrayal. Guard against it. - Author: Amalie Howard
Amalie quotes by Amalie Howard
#8. Forgiveness is a choice. You control how you respond to something or someone. You can't change things that happened in the past, but you can decide how you let them affect you. - Author: Amalie Howard
Amalie quotes by Amalie Howard
#9. Look, I'm not saying I look like a catfish or anything, but have you fucking seen him? He's the kind of guy who makes Channing Fuck-My-Face Tatum dancing to Pony in Magic Mike look like an incompetent and ungraceful slouch. - Author: Amalie Silver
Amalie quotes by Amalie Silver
#10. Morgan glanced over his shoulder to where Dougie walked behind him. "Dougie, you're lookin' a bit worn. Are you needin' to stop and, um, rest a bit?"
Dougie looked at him as if he'd lost his mind. "Rest? Are you daft?"
Morgan glared at him and gave a jerk of his head toward Amalie, who struggled on determinedly before him.
Dougie winked. "Och, aye, I am a bit weary."
In no time, word had gotten up and down the line that Amalie needed to rest but was being too stubborn to admit it. And suddenly Morgan was besieged with whispered pleas to stop, his men whining of sore feet, headaches, and aching backs.
Then Connor appeared at his side, looking fashed.
"What in God's name has come over the men? They're complainin' like old wom - - Author: Pamela Clare
Amalie quotes by Pamela Clare
#11. Did someone forget the golden rule?"
Look, but don't touch…
Taste, but don't swallow. - Author: Amalie Silver
Amalie quotes by Amalie Silver
#12. And you're not leaving," she said. "Promise me."
It was as if she had asked him to promise to keep breathing, to notice sunshine, to permit the spinning of the earth. What choice did he have? Even if he left her, she would be camped in his heart, an insistent and willful presence. She would match her strides to his on any journey he ever took; she would lie beside him on any bed.
Amalie, he said, "that's the easiest promise I've ever had to make. - Author: Sharon Shinn
Amalie quotes by Sharon Shinn
#13. I already fear for my life just because of who I am, you think adding a little inconsequential vampire to the equation will change any of that? - Author: Amalie Howard
Amalie quotes by Amalie Howard
#14. Why a flower had become that, I had no idea. Something about flowers always made me think about the reproductive system.The scent of a rose - and any other flower - was like stuffing your nose into a vagina. What attracts bees to the aroma is the very reason flowers pollinate and continue to flourish. Smelling a flower was the equivalent to sniffing its reproductive organs.I shrugged and plucked the flower from its vase, pinning it to my lapel. This'll do. I feel like such a pussy. - Author: Amalie Silver
Amalie quotes by Amalie Silver
#15. Perhaps I could change my fate, but in the end, I realized, my destiny may have already been written. - Author: Amalie Jahn
Amalie quotes by Amalie Jahn

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