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#1. It [Communism] is not new. It is, in fact, man's second oldest faith. Its promise was whispered in the first days of the Creation under the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil: "Ye shall be as gods." It is the great alternative faith of mankind. Like all great faiths, its force derives from a simple vision. Other ages have had great visions. They have always been different versions of the same vision: the vision of God and man's relationship to God. The Communist vision is the vision of Man without God.
It is the vision of man's mind displacing God as the creative intelligence of the world. It is the vision of man's liberated mind, by the sole force of its rational intelligence, redirecting man's destiny and reorganizing man's life and the world. It is the vision of man, once more the central figure of the Creation, not because God made man in his image, but because man's mind makes him the most intelligent of the animals. Copernicus and his successors displaced man as the central fact of the universe by proving that the earth was not the central star of the universe. Communism restores man to his sovereignty by the simple method of denying God. - Author: Whittaker Chambers
Alternative quotes by Whittaker Chambers
#2. At some point, we all have to decide how we are going to fail: by not going far enough, or by going too far. The only alternative for the most successful (maybe even the most fulfilled) people is the latter. - Author: Harriet Rubin
Alternative quotes by Harriet Rubin
#3. 18th century scientists, the French in particular, seldom did things simply if an absurdly demanding alternative was available. - Author: Bill Bryson
Alternative quotes by Bill Bryson
#4. Government "planning" is not an alternative to chaos. It is a pre-emption of other people's plans. - Author: Thomas Sowell
Alternative quotes by Thomas Sowell
#5. Suddenly, all the giant Hollywood franchises are being driven by alternative filmmakers. - Author: Annalee Newitz
Alternative quotes by Annalee Newitz
#6. I still look at my job as being a doctor of the people, and I'm going to look at the science ... If we can find a viable alternative that gave us harm reduction as people are withdrawing from nicotine, I'm happy to engage in that science and see if we can do that. - Author: Richard Carmona
Alternative quotes by Richard Carmona
#7. The Chinese public is deeply nationalist, which matters to China's unelected political leadership as much as U.S. nationalism does to American politicians. As China becomes the world's largest economy, there is meaningful public pressure for its power status to advance in parallel. Any alternative would be humiliating. - Author: Noah Feldman
Alternative quotes by Noah Feldman
#8. Setting boundaries isn't an alternative to loving your child. It is a means of loving her. - Author: Henry Cloud
Alternative quotes by Henry Cloud
#9. Money is just like the metric system:
you work more, you earn more
and there's always an extra zero to be added.
It's only a zero, though. - Author: Luca Pesaro
Alternative quotes by Luca Pesaro
#10. There is no alternative to the peaceful coexistence of cultures. - Author: Salman Rushdie
Alternative quotes by Salman Rushdie
#11. You're missing the point. It's not that I believe in what Lee's saying; it's that I hope he's right. I really, really hope he's right, because what's the alternative? - Author: Alexandra Bracken
Alternative quotes by Alexandra Bracken
#12. Because it was just too creepy to consider the alternative: nothing changing at all, everything shrinking into the sad belated recognition that the best days had come and gone without her even realizing it. - Author: Tom Perrotta
Alternative quotes by Tom Perrotta
#13. Women in troubled marriages frequently try to work out their problems through their children. Whether a woman does this through the extremes of overwhelming demands, severe rejection, or smothering control, the results are the same: the boy becomes too dependent on her. Without realizing it, in adulthood he transfers this dependency, as well as the conflicts and fears that go with it, onto the woman in his life. The misogynist saw his mother as having the power to frustrate him, to withhold love from him, to smother him, to make him feel weak, or to make insatiable demands on him - and he now views his partner as having those same powers. The father who doesn't provide his son with any alternative to his mother's influence leaves the boy alone with his fears and his panicky feelings of vulnerability and neediness. - Author: Susan Forward
Alternative quotes by Susan Forward
#14. The American press is extraordinarily free and vigorous, as it should be. It should be, not because it is free of inaccuracy, oversimplification and bias, but because the alternative to that freedom is worse than those failings. - Author: Robert Bork
Alternative quotes by Robert Bork
#15. ( ... ) contemporary art has become a kind of alternative religion for atheists. ( ... ) For many art world insiders and art aficionados of other kinds, concept-driven art is a kind of existencial channel through which they bring meaning to their lives. It demands leaps of faith, but it rewards the believer with a sense of consequence. Moreover, just as churches and other ritualistic meeting places serve a social function, so art events generate a sense of community around shared interests - Author: Sarah Thornton
Alternative quotes by Sarah Thornton
#16. Because the alternative sucks! - Author: Rachel Vincent
Alternative quotes by Rachel Vincent
#17. Considering the alternative ... it's not too bad at all. - Author: Maurice Chevalier
Alternative quotes by Maurice Chevalier
#18. If intellectual life involves a certain amount of self-awareness about alternative interpretations or a certain amount of tentativeness in exploring the connection between evidence and conclusions, it was hard to find any encouragement for the intellectual life in the self-assured dogmatism of fundamentalism. - Author: Mark A. Noll
Alternative quotes by Mark A. Noll
#19. When Communism fell in 1989, the temptation for Western commentators to gloat triumphantly proved irresistible. This, it was declared, marked the end of History. Henceforth, the world belonged to liberal capitalism – there was no alternative – and we would all march forward in unison towards a future shaped by peace, democracy and free markets. Twenty years on this assertion looks threadbare.

There can be no question that the fall of the Berlin Wall and the domino-like collapse of Communism states from the suburbs of Vienna to the shores of the Pacific marked a very significant transition: one in which millions of men and women were liberated from a dismal and defunct ideology and its authoritarian institutions. But no one could credibly assert that what replaced Communism was an era of idyllic tranquility. There was no peace in post-Communist Yugoslavia, and precious little democracy in any of the successor states of the Soviet Union.

As for free markets, they surely flourished, but it is not clear for whom. The West – Europe and the United States above all – missed a once-in-a-century opportunity to re-shape the world around agreed and improved international institutions and practices. Instead, we sat back and congratulated ourselves upon having won the Cold War: a sure way to lose the peace. The years from 1989 to 2009 were consumed by locusts. - Author: Tony Judt
Alternative quotes by Tony Judt
#20. There had been a head of the FDA (who later turned out to be a fraud) his name was Fishbein and he was rampantly opposed to any alternative therapy. He went after Hoxsey, the Hoxsey therapy back in the 1940's and 50's, and destroyed Hoxsey. But not before Hoxsey sued the AMA and Fishbein and [proved] that the therapy actually worked. But it didn't help him because they closed him down anyhow - Author: Gary Null
Alternative quotes by Gary Null
#21. A mutation can create an alternative form of a phenomenon - a phenotype or trait - and we can learn a lot by seeing this alternative state. Once I saw a mouse with no eyelids. It simply had a membrane over the eyes. I found it fascinating that there is a single gene required for eyelids to develop. - Author: Bruce Beutler
Alternative quotes by Bruce Beutler
#22. Why is everything that's good for our bodies, our communities, our world, and our planet called the 'alternative'? That means everything bad for us is the accepted norm. - Author: Julia Hill
Alternative quotes by Julia Hill
#23. Ironically, as some people become harder, they use softer words to describe dark deeds. This, too, is part of being sedated by secularism. Needless abortion, for instance, is a "reproductive health procedure, ... " "Illegitimacy" gives way to the wholly sanitized words "non-marital birth" or "alternative parenting." - Author: Neal A. Maxwell
Alternative quotes by Neal A. Maxwell
#24. Modern society has never been about finding contentment in the basics; modern society is founded on the principle that happiness lies in having more. We are bred to keep up with the Jones' because he who dies with the most toys wins. If I only work a little bit harder, a little bit longer, I'll be able to afford that boat and then I'll finally be happy. The illusive concept of finding happiness in things is the gerbil wheel that perpetually powers capitalism. I had hiked 2,283 miles and now my eyes were too wide opened to want to get on the wheel. But what was the alternative? Being homeless? - Author: Erin Miller
Alternative quotes by Erin Miller
#25. Having a man this good looking begging me for sex was the best therapy I could ask for. - Author: Lucy Robinson
Alternative quotes by Lucy Robinson
#26. They speak as if it was some how beneficial to an African to work for them instead for himself and to make sure that he will receive this benefit they do their best to take away his land and leave him with no alternative. Along with his land they rob him of his government, condemn his religious ideas, and ignore his fundamental conceptions of justice and morals, all in the name of civilisation and progress. - Author: Jomo Kenyatta
Alternative quotes by Jomo Kenyatta
#27. People mistakenly assume that if I'm against government involvement in health care, I must favor an alternative where profits drive decisions and businesses take center stage.

The opposite of government isn't business. The opposite of government is voluntary.
[Health Care Without (much) Government,] - Author: Russ Roberts
Alternative quotes by Russ Roberts
#28. There are a few other things. Weesee, when she used that word, Loup-garou, was right, at least in a sense. The word means werewolf.'

Whitaker protested with a gasp of astonishment.

'They don't exist,' he said sharply, jolted by a memory of old movies.

The doctor replied quickly:

'No, of course not. Not that way, not like some monster, a vampire or some such'

'What's the matter with him?'

The doctor spoke softly, unwilling to stop until he had talked out the whole scope of the problem.

'It is a type of encephalitis. Uncommon, but there, as solidly classified in medical literature as measles. Late effects of acute infectious encephalitis, lycanthropy, to be exact. Once it was called a form of monomania. Morbus lupinus is another name.'

'You will have to hunt him down. Then he will have to be kept in a cell, for a long time, under strong drugs, probably until he dies.' De Glew touched his throat, cleared it slightly. 'The alternative is that you hunt him down and kill him. He will kill, Aaron.'

'Won't it pass?' asked Whitaker incredulously.

'I don't think so, not permanently. And pass for how long? Suppose he is only mad one day out of four.' The doctor paused. 'Or when the moon is full. Or when he sees it full in his mind's eye. - Author: Leslie H. Whitten Jr.
Alternative quotes by Leslie H. Whitten Jr.
#29. In the absence of real power blood seemed the only alternative.
though he could walk away, and had to walk away, he could not walk away with impunity. he could never be a mordantly amused or merely interested observer of the beast. - Author: Thomas Williams
Alternative quotes by Thomas Williams
#30. the task is to articulate not just an alternative set of policy proposals but an alternative worldview to rival the one at the heart of the ecological crisis - embedded in interdependence rather than hyper-individualism, reciprocity rather than dominance, and cooperation rather than hierarchy. - Author: Naomi Klein
Alternative quotes by Naomi Klein
#31. I strongly reject any conceptual scheme that places our options on a line, and holds that the only alternative to a pair of extreme positions lies somewhere between them. More fruitful perspectives often require that we step off the line to a site outside the dichotomy. - Author: Stephen Jay Gould
Alternative quotes by Stephen Jay Gould
#32. We were told by the president that we had no alternative but to go into Iraq because of the threat that Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction posed, but to date, these weapons have not been found. - Author: Jay Rockefeller
Alternative quotes by Jay Rockefeller
#33. Novel-writing is not so much a profession as a yoga, or "way," an alternative to ordinary life-in-the-world. Its benefits are quasi-religious - a changed quality of mind and heart, satisfactions no non-novelist can understand - and its rigors generally bring no profit except to the spirit. For those who are authentically called to the profession, spiritual profits are enough.
John Gardner - Author: Marcy Sheiner
Alternative quotes by Marcy Sheiner
#34. For a healthy alternative to buffalo wings, slide the bone of a human finger into a block of tofu and bake. - Author: Giada De Laurentiis
Alternative quotes by Giada De Laurentiis
#35. If oil companies were to invest their high profits into alternative fuel research it will help America move toward new forms of energy. - Author: Rick Renzi
Alternative quotes by Rick Renzi
#36. I would only read the novels that people classify as 'beach books' if I were being held prisoner and the only alternative was the 'Book of Mormon.' - Author: Tom Robbins
Alternative quotes by Tom Robbins
#37. I haven't heard anything new that I've liked on the show. A lot of the bands we play with are just bad, especially those alternative rock bands. They can do it in the studio but they can't play live... I see the audience applauding while they're playing, and I wonder if it's just because they're fans of the band and don't care, or out of spite. Because it certainly isn't because they sound good.

Branford Marsalis on the musical acts booked on The Tonight Show. - Author: Branford Marsalis
Alternative quotes by Branford Marsalis
#38. Don't be discouraged. When one door closes, you can find alternative open door. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Alternative quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#39. I suspect, for example, that the dishonor that now shrouds Richard Nixon results not from the fact that he lied but that on television he looked like a liar. Which, if true, should bring no comfort to anyone, not even veteran Nixon-haters. For the alternative possibilities are that one may look like a liar but be telling the truth; or even worse, look like a truth-teller but in fact be lying. As - Author: Neil Postman
Alternative quotes by Neil Postman
#40. [When asked how it felt to be a female prime minister:] I don't know: I've never experienced the alternative. - Author: Margaret Thatcher
Alternative quotes by Margaret Thatcher
#41. In Russia, the person who put Sevastopol on the literary map was Leo Tolstoy, a veteran of the siege. His fictionalized memoir The Sebastopol Sketches made him a national celebrity. Already with the first installment of the work published, Tsar Alexander II saw the propaganda value of the piece and ordered it translated into French for dissemination abroad. That made the young author very happy. Compared with Tolstoy's later novels, The Sebastopol Sketches hasn't aged well, possibly because this is not a heartfelt book. As the twenty-six-year-old Tolstoy's Sevastopol diaries reveal, not heartache but ambition drove him at the time. Making a name as an author was just an alternative to two other grand plans - founding a new religion and creating a mathematical model for winning in cards (his losses during the siege were massive even for a rich person). - Author: Constantine Pleshakov
Alternative quotes by Constantine Pleshakov
#42. Sometimes survival is the worst alternative there is - Author: Joanne Harris
Alternative quotes by Joanne Harris
#43. Who can control his fate? asks the ruined Othello. No one, indeed. But everyone controls his option, chooses his alternative. - Author: Joseph Furphy
Alternative quotes by Joseph Furphy
#44. This was what happiness felt like - this wondrous, miraculous alternative to dread. - Author: Meg Rosoff
Alternative quotes by Meg Rosoff
#45. You think when you don't want to do anything. Thinking is a poor alternative to acting. Your thinking is consuming all your energy. Act, don't think! - Author: U.G. Krishnamurti
Alternative quotes by U.G. Krishnamurti
#46. It is clear that these are alternative methods of co-ordinating production. Yet, having regard to the fact that, if production is regulated by price movements, production could be carried on without any organization at all might we ask, why is there any organization? - Author: Ronald Coase
Alternative quotes by Ronald Coase
#47. Then Alan looked thoughtful and seemed reluctant to speak, perhaps because he had just written the sequel to the Star Wars novelization that Lucas had sold to Ballantine Books, but in his reserved and gentlemanly fashion he told the audience of a day when he had seen a rough cut of the film and had remarked on just this scientific illiteracy to Lucas. He had even suggested a workable alternative ... no, two workable alternatives ... and Lucas had said words to the effect of (approximate quote), "There's a lot of money tied up in this film and people expect to hear a boom when something blows up, so I'll give them the boom." And at that moment, the cynicism showed through. - Author: Harlan Ellison
Alternative quotes by Harlan Ellison
#48. It sometimes happens that evidence accumulates across many studies to the point where scientists must change their minds. I've seen this happen in my colleagues (and myself) many times,34 and it's part of the accountability system of science - you'd look foolish clinging to discredited theories. But for nonscientists, there is no such thing as a study you must believe. It's always possible to question the methods, find an alternative interpretation of the data, or, if all else fails, question the honesty or ideology of the researchers. - Author: Jonathan Haidt
Alternative quotes by Jonathan Haidt
#49. My chances with moral vanity," Stephen interrupted, "when the alternative is - Author: Jonathan Franzen
Alternative quotes by Jonathan Franzen
#50. Much of the oxygen we breathe comes from plants that died long ago. We can give thanks to these ancestors of our present-pay foliage, but we can't give back to them. We can, however, give forward. When we are unable to return the favor, we can pay it forward to someone or something else. Using this approach, we can see ourselves as part of a larger flow of giving and receiving throughout time. Receiving from the past, we can give to the future. When tackling issues such as climate change, the stance of gratitude is a refreshing alternative to guilt or fear as a source of motivation. - Author: Joanna Macy & Chris Johnstone
Alternative quotes by Joanna Macy & Chris Johnstone
#51. Alone isn't a bad place to be, especially when it's the alternative to distrust and unhappiness, but - Author: Carolyn Brown
Alternative quotes by Carolyn Brown
#52. Animal research has lead to advances in the treatment of many conditions ... Where there is no alternative available, we will continue to ensure that the balance between animal welfare and scientific advancement is maintained. - Author: Andy Burnham
Alternative quotes by Andy Burnham
#53. Many of the benefits of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) can be obtained without going into therapy. There are a number of self-help books, CDs and computer programs that have been used to treat depression and some of these have been tested in clinical trials with positive results. I can particularly recommend these two books. One is 'Control Your Depression', the lead author of which is Peter Lewinsohn, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Oregon ... The other book that I can recommend with confidence is 'Feeling Good' by the psychiatrist David Burns. 'Control Your Depression' emphasizes behavioral techniques like increasing pleasant activities, improving social skills and learning to relax. 'Feeling Good' puts greater emphasis on changing the way people think about themselves. But both books include both cognitive and behavioral techniques. - Author: Irving Kirsch
Alternative quotes by Irving Kirsch
#54. There is no alternative to action, and that requires faith. The issue is how we are to mold for ourselves a belief system that is worthy of life. - Author: Naguib Mahfouz
Alternative quotes by Naguib Mahfouz
#55. Dan's voice was rough and low as he murmured against Vadim's lips. 'I hate you, Russkie.' No. He didn't, but he couldn't find the right word for this. This feeling. Hatred was the closest he could get. The alternative was still unthinkable. - Author: Aleksandr Voinov
Alternative quotes by Aleksandr Voinov
#56. Research seems to indicate that there is a third and better alternative: We can recognize the in love experience for what it was - a temporary emotional high - and now pursue "real love" with our spouse. That kind of love is emotional in nature but not obsessional. It is a love that unites reason and emotion. It involves an act of the will and requires discipline, and it recognizes the need for personal growth. Our most basic emotional need is not to fall in love but to be genuinely loved by another, to know a love that grows out of reason and choice, not instinct. I need to be loved by someone who chooses to love me, who sees in me something worth loving.
That kind of love requires effort and discipline. It is the choice to expend energy in an effort to
benefit the other person, knowing that if his or her life is enriched by your effort, you too will find a sense of satisfaction - the satisfaction of having genuinely loved another - Author: Gary Chapman
Alternative quotes by Gary Chapman
#57. I have quite a robust relationship with regret. You simply don't know what the alternative would have been. - Author: Juliet Stevenson
Alternative quotes by Juliet Stevenson
#58. There are those of us that believe if you truly want to try drive down the cost of gas, if you really want to solve the problem, then you should be pursuing the extraction of our resources that are right here at home: alternative energy and traditional. - Author: Jason Chaffetz
Alternative quotes by Jason Chaffetz
#59. I hope that people will see that we don't have to sit by the sidelines and watch as the two major parties limit their choices to slightly different flavors of the status quo. It is, in fact, possible to join the fray, stand up for principles and offer a real alternative. - Author: Gary Johnson
Alternative quotes by Gary Johnson
#60. In war as in life, it is often necessary when some cherished scheme has failed, to take up the best alternative open, and if so, it is folly not to work for it with all your might. - Author: Winston S. Churchill
Alternative quotes by Winston S. Churchill
#61. Blair worshipped Thatcherism, could see little or no wrong in it, believed that that was what the country needed, thought that there was no alternative, regarded it as a legacy that had to be built on rather than rejected. - Author: Martin Jacques
Alternative quotes by Martin Jacques
#62. I will choosing to die rather than to remain alive without freedom and beg, as an alternative to death, a vastly inferior life. - Author: Xenophon
Alternative quotes by Xenophon
#63. Growing old is God's privilege to you ... you only can be compared to any antique and old wine ... antiques are expensive and old wines taste best ... above all, it beats the alternative
DYING YOUNG. So cheer up and be grateful that God is giving you that privilege. - Author: Peekey
Alternative quotes by Peekey
#64. I have been working for years to promote a responsible energy policy that works to increase energy efficiency and invest in alternative and renewable energy sources. - Author: Lois Capps
Alternative quotes by Lois Capps
#65. [Buddhism and Christianity] are in one sense parallel and equal; as a mound and a hollow, as a valley and a hill. There is a sense in which that sublime despair is the only alternative to that divine audacity. It is even true that the truly spiritual and intellectual man sees it as sort of dilemma; a very hard and terrible choice. There is little else on earth that can compare with these for completeness. And he who does not climb the mountain of Christ does indeed fall into the abyss of Buddha. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
Alternative quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#66. Ravelle, anyone in command feigns ease when death is near. We do it for those around us, and we do it for ourselves. We do it because the sole alternative is to die cringing. - Author: Scott Lynch
Alternative quotes by Scott Lynch
#67. If you're going to suggest I try dropping twenty feet down a pitch dark tower in the hope of hitting a couple of greasy little steps which might not even still be there, you can forget it," said Rincewind sharply.

"There is an alternative, then."

"Out with it, man."

"You could drop five hundred feet down a pitch black tower and hit stones which certainly are there," said Twoflower. - Author: Terry Pratchett
Alternative quotes by Terry Pratchett
#68. The real alternative to power of the rich is not power of the poor. It's just plain power. - Author: P. J. O'Rourke
Alternative quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#69. Awakening involves mind training. Step back and pay attention to the thoughts that come into awareness. Feel your desire for healing. Preferences are judgments, and as the mind yields to the nonjudgmental Perspective of the Holy Spirit, the Awakening is obvious. Observe that as long as appetites seem to exist there are the ego defenses of indulgence and repression. Neither is better or worse than the other, for they are the same illusion. The miracle offers a real alternative and when one is consistently miracle-minded, defenses are no longer needed. - Author: David Hoffmeister
Alternative quotes by David Hoffmeister
#70. From assorted challenges, diverse gifts, unique personalities, and varied contributions, Mary and Martha lead us to the Necessary One--Jesus Christ. Like the sisters of Bethany, we do not fully acknowledge Him as necessary until we confront our lost and fallen condition without Him. Most often that occurs when we face a crisis greater than alternative methods can help us to survive. In such dire circumstances, when neither our finest skills nor those of anyone else on earth are effective, we become profoundly humble. We cry out to the One who is necessary, and we wait--wait for Him--because we realize that no other power can rescue us. - Author: Camille Fronk Olson
Alternative quotes by Camille Fronk Olson
#71. If your project or organization depends on knowing things that other people don't know (but could find out if they wanted to), your days are probably numbered. Ask a travel agent The alternative, while difficult, is obvious. Provide enough non-commodity service and customization that it doesn't matter if the ideas spread. In fact, it will help you when they do. - Author: Seth Godin
Alternative quotes by Seth Godin
#72. Tell me!" Cecily insisted later, shaking Colby by both arms.
"Cut it out, you'll dismember me," Colby said, chuckling.
She let go of the artificial arm and wrapped both hands around the good one. "I want to know. Listen, this is my covert operation. You're just a stand-in!"
"I promised I wouldn't tell."
"You promised in Lakota. Tell me in English what you promised in Lakota."
He gave in. He did tell her, but not Leta, what was said, but only about the men coming to the reservation soon.
"We'll need the license plate number," she said. "It can be traced.
"Oh, of course," he said facetiously. "They'll certainly come here with their own license plate on the car so that everyone knows who they are!"
He chuckled at her irritation. He was about to tell her about his alternative method when a big sport utility vehicle came flying down the dirt road and pulled up right in front of Leta's small house.
Tate Winthrop got out, wearing jeans and a buckskin jacket and sunglasses. His thick hair fell around his shoulders and down his back like a straight black silk curtain. Cecily stared at it with curious fascination. In all the years she'd known him, she'd very rarely seen his hair down.
"All you need is the war paint," Colby said in a resigned tone. He turned the uninjured cheek toward the newcomer. "Go ahead. I like matching scars."
Tate took off the dark glasses and looked from Cecily to Colby without smiling. "Holden - Author: Diana Palmer
Alternative quotes by Diana Palmer
#73. Sublime places repeat in grand terms a lesson that ordinary life typically teaches viciously: that the universe is mightier than we are, that we are frail and temporary and have no alternative but to accept limitations on our will; that we must bow to necessities greater than ourselves. - Author: Alain De Botton
Alternative quotes by Alain De Botton
#74. The principle of always seeking an alternative applies to nonviolence as well. It is this: If nonviolence is to be credible, it must answer the questions that violence purports to answer, but in a better way. - Author: Jim Wallis
Alternative quotes by Jim Wallis
#75. To be young and aware is to know you're being lied to; to know that a bright green future is possible; to know that we can reimagine the world, rebuild our cities, redesign our lives, retool our factories, distribute innovation and creativity and all live in a world that is not only better than the alternative, but much better than the world we have now. - Author: Alex Steffen
Alternative quotes by Alex Steffen
#76. pointed to an alternative approach, a 'negative path' to happiness, that entailed taking a radically different stance towards those things that most of us spend our lives trying to avoid. It involved learning to enjoy uncertainty, embracing insecurity, stopping trying to think positively, becoming familiar with failure, even learning to value death. In short, all these people seemed to agree that in order to be truly happy, we might actually need to be willing to experience more negative emotions - or, at the very least to learn to stop running quite so hard from them. - Author: Oliver Burkeman
Alternative quotes by Oliver Burkeman
#77. I'm cheerful because the alternative is to see obstacles everywhere and expect people will hurt you. I choose to live in full color. I choose to say hey there to the hotties, fuck off to the haters, tell lovers how I want it, and people how it shall be. - Author: Kate Meader
Alternative quotes by Kate Meader
#78. When Christian teaching fails to connect beauty to the blessing of creation, an alternative account of beauty may develop. In some cases, beauty is appropriated and affirmed as a tool for witness to the gospel. The mistake here is subtle: rather than celebrating beauty as an aspect of the blessing of creation and thus an essential part of the good news of creation and its redemption, beauty becomes merely instrumental to Christian witness. - Author: Jonathan R. Wilson
Alternative quotes by Jonathan R. Wilson
#79. Privatisation is presented as being the only alternative to an inefficient, corrupt state. In fact, it is not a choice at all ... it is a mutually profitable business contract between the private company (preferably foreign) and the ruling elite of the Third World - Author: Arundhati Roy
Alternative quotes by Arundhati Roy
#80. Authoritarianism is not pretending anymore to be a real alternative to democracy, but we can see many more authoritarian practices and styles basically being smuggled into democratic governments. - Author: Ivan Krastev
Alternative quotes by Ivan Krastev
#81. The only alternative to making mistakes is for someone to make all your decisions for you, in which case you will make their mistakes instead of your own. - Author: Grace Llewellyn
Alternative quotes by Grace Llewellyn
#82. I don't think the Bonzo Dog could have evolved in America, nor could the old Nice: because of their musical discipline. This is one thing that British groups do have, a sort of discipline. Sometimes it can get a bit soulless, but on the whole I think it's preferable to the American alternative. - Author: Jon Lord
Alternative quotes by Jon Lord
#83. you can't simply compare a hypothesis to a single competing model and treat that one alternative suggestion as a substitute for all the remaining options. - Author: Lisa Randall
Alternative quotes by Lisa Randall
#84. The Revolution, after discovering that it had confused the knife with the assassin, turned sugar, which had been responsible for underdevelopment, into an instrument of development. There was no alternative, born of Cuba's incorporation into the world market, to break the spine of that monoculture and dependence. - Author: Eduardo Galeano
Alternative quotes by Eduardo Galeano
#85. Nothing on the horizon; nothing in heaven.

He implores the expanse, the waves, the seaweed, the reef; they are deaf. He beseeches the tempest; the imperturbable tempest obeys only the infinite.

Around him darkness, fog, solitude, the stormy and non- sentient tumult, the undefined curling of those wild waters. In him horror and fatigue. Beneath him the depths. Not a point of support. He thinks of the gloomy adventures of the corpse in the limitless shadow. The bottomless cold paralyzes him. His hands contract convulsively; they close, and grasp nothingness. Winds, clouds, whirlwinds, gusts, useless stars! What is to be done? The desperate man gives up; he is weary, he chooses the alternative of death; he resists not; he lets himself go; he abandons his grip; and then he tosses forevermore in the lugubrious dreary depths of engulfment.

Oh, implacable march of human societies! Oh, losses of men and of souls on the way! Ocean into which falls all that the law lets slip! Disastrous absence of help! Oh, moral death!

The sea is the inexorable social night into which the penal laws fling their condemned. The sea is the immensity of wretchedness.

The soul, going down stream in this gulf, may become a corpse. Who shall resuscitate it? - Author: Victor Hugo
Alternative quotes by Victor Hugo
#86. Often, we try to repair broken things in such a way as to conceal the repair and make it "good as new." But the tea masters understood that by repairing the broken bowl with the distinct beauty of radiant gold, they could create an alternative to "good as new" and instead employ a "better than new" aesthetic. They understood that a conspicuous, artful repair actually adds value. Because after mending, the bowl's unique fault lines were transformed into little rivers of gold that post repair were even more special because the bowl could then resemble nothing but itself. - Author: Teresita Fernandez
Alternative quotes by Teresita Fernandez
#87. It is interesting that for Plato, and for most Platonists, an altruistic individualism cannot exist. According to Plato, the only alternative to collectivism is egoism; he simply identifies all altruism with collectivism, and all individualism with egoism. This is not a matter of terminology, of mere words, for instead of four possibilities, Plato recognized only two. This has created considerable confusion in speculation on ehtical matters, even down to our own day.

Plato's identification of individualism with egoism furnishes him with a powerful weapon for his defence of collectivism as well as for his attack upon individualism. In defending collectivism, he can appeal to our humanitarian feeling of unselfishness; in his attack, he can brand all individualists as selfish, as incapable of devotion to anything but themselves. This attack, although aimed by Plato against individualism in our sense, i.e. against the rights of human individuals, reaches of course only a very different target, egoism. But this difference is constantly ignored by Plato and by most Platonists...

Individualism was part of the old intuitive idea of justice. That justice is not, as Plato would have it, the health and harmony of the state, but rather a certain way of treating individuals, is emphasized by Aristotle, when he says, 'justice is something that pertains to persons. - Author: Karl Popper
Alternative quotes by Karl Popper

Stars and Cards Never Lie

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Chapter 1
Four Cookies and a Funeral

Yesterday I went on Craigslist and hired a Tarot reader to tell me whether I was in any danger of losing my job. I wasn't really worried because last week, an astrologer I'd also found on Craigslist, had told me there was no major movement in the sixth house, which is the area of my chart that governs work. But just in case, I met with the Tarot card reader who told me everything was going to be okay.
Today I got canned. - Author: Alexandra Ares
Alternative quotes by Alexandra Ares
#89. Evolution is promoted by its practitioners as more than mere science. Evolution is promulgated as an ideology, a secular religion - a full-fledged alternative to Christianity, with meaning and morality. I am an ardent evolutionist and an ex-Christian, but I must admit that in this one complaint - ... and Mr. Gish is but one of many to make it - the literalists are absolutely right. Evolution is a religion. This was true of evolution in the beginning, and it is true of evolution today. - Author: Michael Ruse
Alternative quotes by Michael Ruse
#90. A condemned man who, at the hour of death, says or thinks that if the alternative were offered him of existing somewhere, on a height of rock or some narrow elevation, where only his two feet could stand, and round about him the ocean, perpetual gloom, perpetual solitude, perpetual storm, to remain there standing on a yard of surface for a lifetime, a thousand years, eternity! - rather would he live thus than die at once? Only live, live, live! - no matter how, only live! - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Alternative quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#91. Capitalism , as Marx defined it, is a system in which productive wealth is privately owned. Communism (which Marx proposed as an alternative) is one in which productive wealth is owned by the community, or by the nation on behalf of the people. - Author: Richard Heinberg
Alternative quotes by Richard Heinberg
#92. And knowing that the only alternative to your grief is the nothingness that's fast approaching, you try to embrace your own sorrow, to be open and empty and let it all pass through you. This is the key, you have learned – to relinquish control, to relinquish the desire for control. Even in this late drama, to try to control is to go mad. And so you do your best to let it all go. - Author: Ron Currie Jr.
Alternative quotes by Ron Currie Jr.
#93. But we don't have an example of a democratic society existing in a socialist economy - which is the only real alternative to capitalism in the modern world. - Author: Peter L. Berger
Alternative quotes by Peter L. Berger
#94. I'm tired of resisting love. Love will never be safe, but we've seen the alternative. - Author: Thea Hillman
Alternative quotes by Thea Hillman
#95. Alternative medicine is simply medicine for which there is no evidence of effectiveness. Once - Author: Daniel J. Levitin
Alternative quotes by Daniel J. Levitin
#96. We should get a cup of coffee."
Chang said, "I don't understand how you drink so much coffee."
"Law of gravity," Reacher said. "If you tip it up, it comes right out. You can't help but drink it."
"Your heart must be thumping all the time."
"Better than the alternative. - Author: Lee Child
Alternative quotes by Lee Child
#97. Tradition is, after all, what we make it. The definition of the term is simply this: "a story, belief, custom, or proverb handed down from generation to generation." There is nothing about the word that suggests tradition must be oppressive, or that it must necessarily serve to uphold the status quo. It is simply the narrative we tell ourselves, and as such, could just as easily involve resistance to oppression or injustice, as the perpetuation of the same. But if we aren't clear in articulating the alternative tradition, we can hardly be surprised when persons don't choose the direction in which it points, having never been appraised of its existence. - Author: Tim Wise
Alternative quotes by Tim Wise
#98. Adoption was such a positive alternative to abortion, a way to save one life and brighten two more: those of the adoptive parents. - Author: George W. Bush
Alternative quotes by George W. Bush
#99. So many of us had hoped that the civil system might be an alternative for some women, where the burdens were a little bit less, and cases might be easier to prove. - Author: Susan Estrich
Alternative quotes by Susan Estrich
#100. In my mind, learning to fly was a very logical alternative. I honestly saw no other way to free myself from this torture other than to fly just like the birds did; the birds were completely free"
​ - Author: Veronika Gasparyan
Alternative quotes by Veronika Gasparyan
#101. Life is life, and it is infinitely better than the alternative, or so we presume, for nobody returns to dispute it. Such is my motto. - Author: Neil Gaiman
Alternative quotes by Neil Gaiman
#102. At least at first, the new thing is rarely as good as the old thing was. If you need the alternative to be better than the status quo from the very start, you'll never begin. - Author: Seth Godin
Alternative quotes by Seth Godin
#103. How has it come about that we are so bewitched by our self-hatred, so impressed and credulous in the face of our self-criticism, as unimaginative as it usually is? And why is it akin to a judgement without a jury? A jury, after all, represents some kind of consensus as an alternative to autocracy… We need to be able to tell the difference between useful forms of responsibility taken for acts committed, and the evasions of self-contempt… This doesn't mean that no one is ever culpable; it means that culpability will always be more complicated than it looks; guilt is always underinterpreted… Self-criticism, when it isn't useful in the way any self-correcting approach can be, is self-hypnosis. It is judgement as spell, or curse, not as conversation; it is an order, not a negotiation; it is dogma, not overinterpretation. - Author: Adam Phillips
Alternative quotes by Adam Phillips
#104. To this day, we get letters at Alternative Tentacles from young teenagers who hide their Dead Kennedys albums behind their mirror or in the mattress of their bed. Wouldn't it be better if the parents just discussed this with the kids instead of creating this culture of sneaking and dishonesty within the family? The moral of the story being, you don't hide reality from your kids because then they grow up to be smarter, more aware adults. - Author: Jello Biafra
Alternative quotes by Jello Biafra
#105. My father has always had just one piece of advice about zombies and ammunition, one he's drilled into my head enough times that it's managed to stick: When you have one bullet left and there's no visible way out of the shit you're standing in, save it for yourself. It's better than the alternative. - Author: Mira Grant
Alternative quotes by Mira Grant
#106. There's so many things happening with computers and what-not, where we may be able to live until 150 and even longer, but if the planet's not here for us to live on it, if we burn ourselves out from global warming and everything else, if we don't figure that out, if we don't figure out an alternative form of energy, I think we're in big, fat trouble. - Author: Lisa Rinna
Alternative quotes by Lisa Rinna
#107. If you can create something useful, its reachable audience (e.g., employers or customers) is essentially limitless - which greatly magnifies your reward. On the other hand, if what you're producing is mediocre, then you're in trouble, as it's too easy for your audience to find a better alternative online. Whether you're a computer programmer, writer, marketer, consultant, or entrepreneur, your situation has become similar to Jung trying to outwit Freud, or Jason Benn trying to hold his own in a hot start-up: To succeed you have to produce the absolute best stuff you're capable of producing - a task that requires depth. - Author: Cal Newport
Alternative quotes by Cal Newport
#108. The appeal to the intellectually insecure is also more important than it might seem. Because economics touches so much of life, everyone wants to have an opinion. Yet the kind of economics covered in the textbooks is a technical subject that many people find hard to follow. How reassuring, then, to be told that it is all irrelevant
that all you really need to know are a few simple ideas! Quite a few supply-siders have created for themselves a wonderful alternative intellectual history in which John Maynard Keynes was a fraud, Paul Samuelson and even Milton Friedman are fools, and the true line of deep economic thought runs from Adam Smith through obscure turn-of-the-century Austrians straight to them. - Author: Paul Krugman
Alternative quotes by Paul Krugman
#109. Individuals can make choices about their own health treatments, but it is critical public health decisions are evidence based and that consumers have appropriate evidence based information about alternative health products. - Author: Metiria Turei
Alternative quotes by Metiria Turei
#110. Our English language really says if you're not a theist, the only alternative is to be an atheist. What I'm trying to do is develop a language that will enable us to talk about God beyond the, what I think, are sterile categories of theism and atheism. - Author: John Shelby Spong
Alternative quotes by John Shelby Spong
#111. Most allopathic doctors think practitioners of alternative medicine are all quacks. They're not. Often they're sharp people who think differently about disease. - Author: Mehmet Oz
Alternative quotes by Mehmet Oz
#112. Trust me. This was much better than the alternative. I'm exactly where I want to be. He glanced down at me and gave me a half-smile. - Author: Cora Carmack
Alternative quotes by Cora Carmack
#113. Technology, as it becomes more sophisticated and mature, eventually gets displaced by newer or more effective technology," Raffaelli told me, describing the traditional path of creative destruction. "But there are these odd circumstances where there's an alternative path, where these dead technologies get repositioned for new life. - Author: David Sax
Alternative quotes by David Sax
#114. Daphne turned to Simon with an amused expression. "I can't quite decide if she is being terribly polite or exquisitely rude."
"Exquisitely polite, perhaps?" Simon asked mildly.
She shook her head. "Oh, definitely not that."
"The alternative, of course, is - "
"Terribly rude?" Daphne grinned and watched as her mother looped her arm through Lord Railmont's, pointed him toward Daphne so that he could nod his good-bye, and led him from the room.
And then, as if by magic, the remaining beaux murmured their hasty farewells and followed suit.
"Remarkably efficient, isn't she?" Daphne murmured.
"Your mother? She's a marvel."
"She'll be back, of course."
"Pity. And here I thought I had you well and truly in my clutches."
Daphne laughed. "I don't know how anyone considered you a rake. Your sense of humor is far too superb."
"And here we rakes thought we were so wickedly droll."
"A rake's humor," Daphne stated, "is essentially cruel."
Her comment surprised him. He stared at her intently, searching her brown eyes, and yet not really knowing what it was he was looking for.
There was a narrow ring of green just outside her pupils, the color as deep and rich as moss. He'd never seen her in the daylight before, he realized.
"Your grace?" Daphne's quiet voice snapped him out of his daze.
Simon blinked. "I beg your pardon."
"You looked a thousand miles away," she said, her brow wrinkling.
Author: Julia Quinn
Alternative quotes by Julia Quinn
#115. It is my PRIDE, my damned, native, unconquerable Pride, that plunges me into Distraction. You must know that 19 - 20th of my Composition is Pride. I must either live a Slave, a Servant; to have no Will of my own, no Sentiments of my own which I may freely declare as such;
or DIE
perplexing alternative! - Author: Thomas Chatterton
Alternative quotes by Thomas Chatterton
#116. My colleague Sen. Rick Santorum, Pennsylvania Republican, erroneously suggested that I support the teaching of intelligent design as an alternative to biological evolution. That simply is not true. ... Unlike biological evolution, intelligent design is not a genuine scientific theory and, therefore, has no place in the curriculum of our nation's public school science classes. - Author: Edward Kennedy
Alternative quotes by Edward Kennedy
#117. It seems too simplistic that just repeating a persuasive message should increase its effect, but that's exactly what psychological research finds (again and again). Repetition is one of the easiest and most widespread methods of persuasion. In fact it's so obvious that we sometimes forget how powerful it is. - Author: Jeremy Bean
Alternative quotes by Jeremy Bean
#118. The discounting presumably is to be done for each period of time at that rate of interest which represents the alternative cost of employing capital in the occupation in question; that is, at the rate which the entrepreneur could obtain in other investments - Author: Kenneth E. Boulding
Alternative quotes by Kenneth E. Boulding
#119. In your daily life, you make dozens of chooses between an alternative with higher overall value and a more tempting but ultimately inferior option. - Author: Abhijit Naskar
Alternative quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#120. In every role that I do - whether I'm a teacher, actor or mentor - I do it with total dedication and as much honesty as I feel is required because there's no alternative to honesty and hard work. - Author: Anupam Kher
Alternative quotes by Anupam Kher
#121. This is the problem of relativity-we look at our decisions in a relative way and compare them locally to the available alternative. - Author: Dan Ariely
Alternative quotes by Dan Ariely
#122. Some of the ideas were silly, thanks to Molly, who, despite being upset with Jones, was still trying to keep the mood upbeat.
They had boxes and boxes of copy paper. They could make thousands of paper airplanes with the message, "Help!" written on them and fly them out the windows.
Could they try to blast their way out of the tunnel? Maybe dig an alternative route to the surface? It seemed like a long shot, worth going back in there and taking a look at the construction - which Jones had done only to come back out, thumbs down.
Two of them could create a diversion, while the other to took the Impala and crashed their way out of the garage.
At which point the Impala - and everyone in it - would be hit by hundreds of bullets.
That one - along with taking their chances with the far fewer number of soldiers lying in wait at the end of the escape tunnel - went into the bad idea file.
Molly had thought that they could sing karaoke. Emilio had a Best of Whitney Houston karaoke CD. Their renditions of I Will Always Love you, she insisted, would cause the troops to break rank and run away screaming.
Except the karaoke machine was powered by electricity, which they were trying to use only for the computer and the security monitors, considering - at the time - that the generator was almost out of gasoline.
Yeah, that was why it was a silly idea.
It did, however, generate a lot of desperately needed laughter. - Author: Suzanne Brockmann
Alternative quotes by Suzanne Brockmann
#123. I have total respect for anyone who discovers a band like Snow Patrol. I would be hopeless at signing a rock band, or anything alternative, cause I don't know what that audience are into and I don't particularly like that kind of music. - Author: Simon Cowell
Alternative quotes by Simon Cowell
#124. The better alternative to fighting a guy, go have sex with his girlfriend. That's how you knock a dude out! - Author: Donnell Rawlings
Alternative quotes by Donnell Rawlings
#125. We didn't wait for the renewable heat incentives to come into place; we wanted to be first to provide consumers with alternative ways to heat their homes. - Author: Martin Naughton
Alternative quotes by Martin Naughton
#126. OK," I said. "Forget the whole thing." "Really?" "Orders are orders," I said. "The alternative is anarchy and chaos. - Author: Lee Child
Alternative quotes by Lee Child
#127. The best writers attempt to become alternative historians. - Author: Colum McCann
Alternative quotes by Colum McCann
#128. I'm a snacker, but also health-conscious. I thought there had to be an alternative to what was out there. But it had to taste good - if it doesn't taste good, it isn't a snack. - Author: Keith Belling
Alternative quotes by Keith Belling
#129. You get tough when you grow up unloved. People described me as a boyish girl - rather shy, but I didn't show it. I had an attitude. I was rather wild. I lied a lot because I knew the alternative was to be punished. As I got older I realised I didn't have to lie any more and it was a nice feeling. I could be myself. - Author: Maj Sjowall
Alternative quotes by Maj Sjowall
#130. I do like beer, but lately I've started drinking non-alcoholic beer and I like the taste of it and I don't get the alcohol, so that's a good alternative also. - Author: Mike Ditka
Alternative quotes by Mike Ditka
#131. There is no possible idea," Kenneth thought as he came onto the terrace, "to which the mind of man can't supply some damned alternative or other. Yet one must act. - Author: Charles Williams
Alternative quotes by Charles Williams
#132. I've never been into alternative, hipster rap music. - Author: Harmony Korine
Alternative quotes by Harmony Korine
#133. He wonders briefly if he can still keep the Molinaro's trust money if he murders Patrick. He's pretty sure there's no Molinaro stipulation against that. Murder's always been a viable Molinaro alternative to accepting the consequences of any situation that's gone wrong. - Author: Leta Blake
Alternative quotes by Leta Blake
#134. It's really been a long-term dream of mine to have an alternative to wood-based paper. Over half of the trees cut in the world are cut for paper products. - Author: Woody Harrelson
Alternative quotes by Woody Harrelson
#135. Damn! - I'd rather walk into something of my own accord than to be frogmarched into it."
"So it says here in the file. James Mowry, twenty-six, restless and pigheaded. Can be trusted to do anything at all - provided the alternative is worse."
"You sound like my father. Did he tell you that?"
"The Service does not reveal its sources of information. - Author: Eric Frank Russell
Alternative quotes by Eric Frank Russell
#136. Writing for adults often means just increasing the swearing - but find an alternative to swearing and you've probably got a better line. - Author: Steven Moffat
Alternative quotes by Steven Moffat
#137. One of the causes of unhappiness among intellectuals in the present day is that so many of them, especially those whose skill is literary, find no opportunity for the independent exercise of their talents, but have to hire themselves out to rich corporations directed by Philistines, who insist upon their producing what they themselves regard as pernicious nonsense. If you were to inquire among journalists in either England or America whether they believed in the policy of the newspaper for which they worked, you would find, I believe, that only a small minority do so; the rest, for the sake of a livelihood, prostitute their skill to purposes which they believe to be harmful. Such work cannot bring any real satisfaction, and in the course of reconciling himself to the doing of it, a man has to make himself so cynical that he can no longer derive whole-hearted satisfaction from anything whatever. I cannot condemn men who undertake work of this sort, since starvation is too serious an alternative, but I think that where it is possible to do work that is satisfactory to man's constructive impulses without entirely starving, he will be well advised from the point of view of his own happiness if he chooses it in preference to work much more highly paid but not seeming to him worth doing on its own account. Without self-respect genuine happiness is scarcely possible. And the man who is ashamed of his work can hardly achieve self-respect. - Author: Bertrand Russell
Alternative quotes by Bertrand Russell
#138. And what is the reaction of the British politcal class? Well the Lib Dems, still think that the Euro is a success! I don't quiet think where Cleggy gets this from, I don't know. Prehaps he is cosidering an alternative career, as a stand up comedian, once he's out of politics. - Author: Nigel Farage
Alternative quotes by Nigel Farage
#139. The United States prefers that Iraq meet its obligations voluntarily, yet we are prepared for the alternative. - Author: George W. Bush
Alternative quotes by George W. Bush
#140. I was in my early 20s and open to alternative lifestyles. I thought, 'I bet you get a lot of attractive, interesting women in a vegetarian co-op.' - Author: John Mackey
Alternative quotes by John Mackey
#141. "Nix, I know you're faking the static." She could picture her sister blowing into her fist directly at the receiver. The static abruptly stopped. "Why?"
"It seamed less rude than the alternative."
"What's that?"
Click. - Author: Kresley Cole
Alternative quotes by Kresley Cole
#142. When you have established that one alternative is good and the other is evil, there is no justification for the choice of a mixture. There is no justification ever for choosing any part of what you know to be evil. - Author: Ayn Rand
Alternative quotes by Ayn Rand
#143. It is very hard to talk to a person who believes that he or she has the moral high ground. You have to prevent that the Politically Correct individual views you as somebody who doesn't HAVE an idea on morality. Therefore, the first step to successfully debate the left is to establish an alternative moral position and explain to the opponent that this moral position is at least equally legitimate as his or her moral position. You can think of this as a preparatory step that needs to be taken before the real debate can actually begin. - Author: Paul Nielsen
Alternative quotes by Paul Nielsen
#144. Believing in yourself when no one else does is lonely. Surround yourself with people who believe in you. The alternative is eventual insanity. - Author: Penfist
Alternative quotes by Penfist
#145. New Year is the time when we are high up on motivation and for that reason is the correct time for making a Brand-new Year Resolution! And also, since, over-weight has actually been a global issue. Let's join hands to make a pledge on healthy living. A life that is free of undesirable fast foods, and to adopt food products instead that are high on nutrition. As overweight or excess BMI is the primary reason for unhealthy food routines and the reason for our continuing distress.

So, friends if you also are one of the candidates falling under the over-weight category and is dealing with a consistent struggle to lose those extra unwanted extra pounds from your body. Then here are a few suggestions that might assist you shed those unfavorable body mass and aid you achieve the body you constantly desired for accomplishing, thereby making your resolution a success.
Idea No. 1: Weight Management Dietary Supplements: If you lead a hectic way of living and can hardly manage at any time to plan meals. After that right here is a Saviour. A team of leading health and wellness professionals have actually formulated the Safest, yet Many Effective Fat burning Dietary Supplements in alliance with leading wellness brands with the objective to help you slim down.
Developed with 100% safe, clinically proven, and also all-natural ingredients, these weight management nutritional supplements are the very best, and the Only Lawful Alternative to the drug, Phentermine, minus its - Author: Phenaustralia
Alternative quotes by Phenaustralia
#146. Some say; "Poetry is what gets lost in translation!"
In this sense, my life is a bitter poem. But that is the force of nature.
I already changed it to my alternative order: "Poetry must find ways of breaking distance. - Author: Fereidoon Yazdi
Alternative quotes by Fereidoon Yazdi
#147. Among other things, drag queens are living testimony to the way women used to want to be, the way some people still want them to be, and the way some women still actually want to be. Drags are ambulatory archives of ideal moviestar womanhood. They perform a documentary service, usually consecrating their lives to keeping the glittering alternative alive and available for (not-too-close) inspection. - Author: Andy Warhol
Alternative quotes by Andy Warhol
#148. I think anyone who comes upon a Nautilus machine suddenly will agree with me that its prototype was clearly invented at some time in history when torture was considered a reasonable alternative to diplomacy. - Author: Anna Quindlen
Alternative quotes by Anna Quindlen
#149. An alternative modernity worthy of the name would recover the mediating power of ethics and aesthetics. This would be accomplished not by a return to blind traditionalism but through the democratization of technically mediated institutions. Power - Author: Andrew Feenberg
Alternative quotes by Andrew Feenberg
#150. When I began to do a little public speaking, one of the questions I heard most often was, "What good is science fiction to Black people?" I was usually asked this by a Black person ...
What good is science fiction's thinking about the present, the future, and the past? What good is its tendency to warn or to consider alternative ways of thinking and doing? What good is its examination of the possible effects of science and technology, or social organization and political direction? At its best, science fiction stimulates imagination and creativity. It gets reader and writer off the beaten track, off the narrow, narrow footpath of what "everyone" is saying, doing, thinking
whoever "everyone" happens to be this year.
And what good is all this to Black people? - Author: Octavia E. Butler
Alternative quotes by Octavia E. Butler
#151. There's no real alternative to what there is. - Author: Louis Auchincloss
Alternative quotes by Louis Auchincloss
#152. Another hallmark of Christianity is that salvation is not individualistic-it's not something one person receives for himself or herself. Salvation is the reign of God. It is a political alternative to the way the world is constituted. That's a very important part of the story that has been lost to accounts of salvation that are centered in the individual. But without an understanding that salvation is the reign of God, the need for the church to mediate salvation makes no sense at all. - Author: Stanley Hauerwas
Alternative quotes by Stanley Hauerwas
#153. There was simply no alternative to Dan, and the thought of that breaking or fading made him sick to his stomach.
"You're all I have, Dan. Every bit." (Vadim) - Author: Aleksandr Voinov
Alternative quotes by Aleksandr Voinov
#154. In most sciences, there are few findings more prized than a counterintuitive result. It shows something surprising and forces us to reconsider our often tacit assumptions. In philosophy of mind, a counterintuitive "result" (e.g., a mind-boggling implication of somebody's "theory" of perception, memory, consciousness, or whatever) is typically taken as tantamount to a refutation. This affection for one's current intuitions, sometimes amounting (as we saw in the previous chapter) to a refusal even to consider alternative perspectives, installs deep conservatism in the methods of philosophers. Conservatism can be a good thing, but only if it is acknowledged. By all means, let's not abandon perfectly good and familiar intuitions without a fight, but let's recognize that the intuitions that are initially used to frame the issues may not live to settle the issues. - Author: Daniel Dennett
Alternative quotes by Daniel Dennett
#155. Thank you to BBC6 Music and Something Else for the opportunity to broadcast my corner of electronic and alternative music across the airwaves for the last 6 years. # RIP6MIX - Author: Erol Alkan
Alternative quotes by Erol Alkan
#156. It kills me when I see some metal band trying to pass themselves off as an 'alternative band.' - Author: Dimebag Darrell
Alternative quotes by Dimebag Darrell
#157. With optimism, you look upon the sunny side of things. People say, 'Studs, you're an optimist.' I never said I was an optimist. I have hope because what's the alternative to hope? Despair? If you have despair, you might as well put your head in the oven. - Author: Studs Terkel
Alternative quotes by Studs Terkel
#158. With leading research universities, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and private companies like Blue Sun working on developing alternative fuels, Colorado is poised to become an international leader in clean energy. - Author: Ken Salazar
Alternative quotes by Ken Salazar
#159. Contemplation is an alternative consciousness that refuses to identify with or feed what are only passing shows. It is the absolute opposite of addiction, consumerism or any egoic consciousness. - Author: Richard Rohr
Alternative quotes by Richard Rohr
#160. We can write morals into law, and enforce those morals harshly, or we can return to a true Free Enterprise System, which has the sink-or-swim justice of Caesar Augustus built into it. I emphatically favor the latter alternative. We must be hard, for we must become again a nation of swimmers, with the sinkers quietly disposing of themselves. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Alternative quotes by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
#161. I hate getting old," Violet said. "I do, too. But the alternative is worse. - Author: Joanna Bourne
Alternative quotes by Joanna Bourne
#162. The Democratic Party is that amazing thing, out of power for six years and yet exhausted. They're pale, tired, and unready. Too bad, since it's their job to be an alternative, not an embarrassment. - Author: Peggy Noonan
Alternative quotes by Peggy Noonan
#163. His face churned. That was the point, before he said a word, that he broke her heart. The contortion of those muscles paraded a decision over whether to tell her the truth. Once he finally spoke, Lawrence's opting for the honesty route didn't nearly compensate for the fact that candor had been a choice. For an alternative direction to have beckoned, it was probably well trod. - Author: Lionel Shriver
Alternative quotes by Lionel Shriver
#164. APOLLYON is an alternative and credible alternative drama about the foundation and emergence of Christianity. - Author: Greg Rigby
Alternative quotes by Greg Rigby
#165. There are no shortcuts, in life or in love. This pain must be felt. The alternative is much worse. It's what makes us special, what makes us beautiful, what, what makes us worthy; the pain of how we love. But that pain is accompanied by something else, isn't it? Hope. With your pain, there is hope. And that is where you are. Somewhere between agony and optimism and prayer. So you're human. You're alive. And that is what we have. - Author: Brothers Sisters
Alternative quotes by Brothers Sisters
#166. For every planned situation, my head contains every single consequence, outcome, alternative and possibility. In an unplanned situation none of these thoughts exist, so they have to be constructed, from scratch. This takes up energy. My existence runs on a very complicated thought- process. It is no wonder I am exhausted all the time. "Simple" decisions have big emotional consequences. - Author: Alis Rowe
Alternative quotes by Alis Rowe
#167. Always beneath or above concrete events, I remain a prisoner of this alternative: the world as a real object that dominates me and devours me (like Judith) in suffering and in fear, or else the world as a pure fantasy which dissolves in my hands, which I destroy (like Lucrece thrusting home the dagger) without ever succeeding in possessing it. Perhaps, above all, the question for me is to escape this dilemma by finding a way in which the world and myself--object and subject--confront each other on an equal footing, as the matador stands before the bull. - Author: Michel Leiris
Alternative quotes by Michel Leiris
#168. We have the alternative. "Do I want to be on the subway looking at these people, or do I want to be in my phone looking at my people?" - Author: Douglas Rushkoff
Alternative quotes by Douglas Rushkoff
#169. You can't change people but you can provide an alternative to how they see their life now. - Author: Troy Gathers
Alternative quotes by Troy Gathers
#170. "I put you and Simon in danger just by..."
"By being here? And what's the alternative? Take off? Give up on finding your dad? Leave Simon behind?"
He blinked. "No, I wouldn't leave...but I feel like..."
"Feel like what?"
He shook his head, looking away. I walked around in front of him.
"Feel like what, Derek? Like you should leave? Like we'd be better off if you did?"
He rolled his shoulders in a half shrug, then looked away again. I was right. He just didn't like hearing the thought voiced; it sounded too close to self-pity.
"No one is better off if you leave," I said.
"Yeah." He mumbled the word, unconvinced.
"Simon needs you."
I need you. I didn't say that, of course. How could I, without it sounding weird.? But I felt it, heart hammering against my ribs, and it wasn't some romantic I can't bear to be without you nonsense. It was something deeper, more desperate.
When I thought of Derek leaving, the ground seemed to slide under my feet. I needed something to hold on to, something solid and real when everything around me was changing so fast. Even if there were times I thought it would be easier without Derek there, ready to tear a strip off me at my every misstep, in some ways I relied on that - someone to keep me thinking, keep me striving to do better, keep me from burying my head and praying it all worked out.
When he turned away, he must have seen it on my face. As fast as I tried to cover it up, i - Author: Kelley Armstrong
Alternative quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#171. If God really became incarnate, and if His Incarnation can with justice compel man to change his life,then we have no alternative but to conceive of this Incarnation as something which is still present and which will remain present for all future time ... What happens in the liturgical celebration of the Eucharist is something for which all religions of mankind have exressed longing, dimly sensed was coming, and as a rule even prefigured- the physical presence of the divine Logos made man, and the presence of his sacrificial death, in the midst of the congregation celebrating the mysteries. - Author: Josef Pieper
Alternative quotes by Josef Pieper
#172. The alternative to the myth of pure evil is that most of the harm that people visit on one another comes from motives that are found in every normal person. - Author: Steven Pinker
Alternative quotes by Steven Pinker
#173. In the days when Glastonbury was an alternative festival, it was quite interesting. Now it is the most bourgeois thing on the planet ... we'll leave the middle classes to do Glastonbury and the rest of the great unwashed will decamp to Knebworth and drink a lot of beer and have fun. - Author: Bruce Dickinson
Alternative quotes by Bruce Dickinson
#174. I want here to make three suggestions: first, that the doubts the ordinary man feels about religion are justified, and need not be stifled or concealed; second, that there is no ground for the view that Christianity is the only alternative to communism, or that there can be no sound character training that is not based on religion; and, third, I want to make some practical suggestions to the parents who are not believers, on what they should tell the children about God, and what sort of moral training they should give them. - Author: Margaret E. Knight
Alternative quotes by Margaret E. Knight
#175. Science and technology has tried to offer an alternative to religion by making a god out of human reason, but that didn't work out too well. - Author: Thomas Keating
Alternative quotes by Thomas Keating
#176. When you adopt an alternative mindset, you enter a new world. - Author: Francis Shenstone
Alternative quotes by Francis Shenstone
#177. It was my assumption that skilled teachers spent their days imparting important and meaningful knowledge to eager students. I also believed, as many of you do, that I didn't remember or wasn't good at the things we learned in high school because I didn't pay close enough attention or didn't work hard enough. - Author: Brian Huskie
Alternative quotes by Brian Huskie
#178. Don't be carried away by the current of the situation. Focus on the essentials, take action on the best alternative are the ways of shifting from reactive to proactive mindset. - Author: Amit Ray
Alternative quotes by Amit Ray
#179. Failing sucks. But it's better than the alternative."
"Which is?"
"Not even trying." Now he did look at me, straight on. "Life's short, you know? - Author: Sarah Dessen
Alternative quotes by Sarah Dessen
#180. In recent years a fashionable alternative to "make money and grow sales" was that organizational purpose was to steadily grow shareholder value. But now the king of shareholder value, General Electric's retired chairman Jack Welch, has acknowledged - thank goodness - that this is a result, not a strategy for achieving this result.2 Now - Author: Jim Womack
Alternative quotes by Jim Womack
#181. To overcome negative emotions, consulting intuition is always useful. How can it guide you. During nervous periods, it offers a more centered alternative to agitation. Intuition is a neutral from of information that allows you to soberly gauge the validity of your worries. If you tune in and find out they're unfounded, you'll be relieved. If they are founded, you can develop a strategy to deal with them. - Author: Judith Orloff
Alternative quotes by Judith Orloff
#182. Do not press an enemy at bay. Prince Fu Ch'ai said: Wild beasts, when at bay, fight desperately. How much more is this true of men! If they know there is no alternative, they will fight to the death. - Author: Sun Tzu
Alternative quotes by Sun Tzu
#183. Going to school is rarely a choice at all, but rather just the thing you do because everyone else does it. - Author: Brian Huskie
Alternative quotes by Brian Huskie
#184. Assuming that two-thirds of the Senate will not vote to remove the president, what is the alternative? I think we need to explore that in debate, .. Some have suggested censure. I think it is certainly a possibility that the Senate will decide on some alternative to removing the president from office. - Author: Thad Cochran
Alternative quotes by Thad Cochran
#185. In business, organization is an absolute necessity, not an alternative. - Author: Larry Burkett
Alternative quotes by Larry Burkett
#186. I love things that are very broad. I love alternative, rock, hip hop, rap, and I'll go to classical or jazz. - Author: Corbin Bleu
Alternative quotes by Corbin Bleu
#187. Last spring, David had offered this crazy solution to our woes, only half in jest: ... "What if we admitted that we make each other nuts, we fight constantly and hardly ever have sex, but we can't live without each other, so we deal with it? And then we could spend our lives together- in misery, but happy to not be apart." Let it be a testimony to how desperately I love this guy that I have spent the last ten months giving that offer serious consideration. The other alternative in the backs of our minds, of course, was that one of us might change. He might become more open and affectionate, not withholding himself from anyone who loves him on the fear that she will eat his soul. Or I might learn how to ... stop trying to eat his soul. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
Alternative quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#188. If you're taking an antidepressant, it's working, and you're not experiencing side effects, go on taking it. But if it's not working, or not working well enough, or if you have side effects you don't like, talk to your doctor about an alternative approach. - Author: Irving Kirsch
Alternative quotes by Irving Kirsch
#189. It seems like I've only shut my eyes for a few minutes, but when I open them, I flinch at the sight of Haymitch sitting a couple of feet from my bed. Waiting. Possibly for several hours if the clck is right. I think about hollering for a witness, but I'm going to have to face him sooner or later.

Haymitch leans forward and dangles something on a thin white wire in front of my nose. It's hard to focus on, but I'm pretty sur what it is. He drops it in to the sheets. "That is your earpiece. I will give you exactly one more chance to wear it. If you remove it from your ear again, I'll have you fitted with this." He holds up some sort of metal headgear that I instantly name the head shackle. "It's alternative audio unit that locks around your skull and under your chin until it's opened with a key. And I'll have the only key. If for some reason you're clever enough to disable it" ---- Haymitch dumps the head shackle on the bed and whips out a tiny silver chip--- "I'll authorize them to surgically implant this transmitter into your ear so that I may speak to you twenty-four hours a day."
Haymitch in my head full-time. Horrifying. "I'll keep the earpiece in," I mutter
"Excuse me?" He says
"I'll keep the earpiece in!" I say loud enough to wake half the hospital.
"You sure? Because I'm equally happy with any of the three options," he tells me
"I'm sure," I say. I scrunch up the earpiece protectivley in my fist and fling the head shakle back in - Author: Suzanne Collins
Alternative quotes by Suzanne Collins
#190. Humans arose ... as a fortuitous and contingent outcome of thousands of linked events, any one of which could have occurred differently and sent history on an alternative pathway that would not have led to consciousness. - Author: Stephen Jay Gould
Alternative quotes by Stephen Jay Gould
#191. I do not have it in for relativism. In many respects I find it a fascinating, even attractive, alternative. It engenders epistemological humility, defeats an arrogant pomposity in belief, even promotes a sort of democratic ideal in matters of knowledge. Perhaps its most comforting feature is that it requires no hard work at all in the matter of justifying beliefs. - Author: David L. Wolfe
Alternative quotes by David L. Wolfe
#192. The Bible ... provides no guide to reading the Bible. In fact, it is full of such inconsistencies, contradictions, lacunae, obscurities, baffling tales, and poetic imagery that to quote it at all is to select from conflicting alternative passages. Every quotation is therefore necessarily an interpretation. - Author: James P. Carse
Alternative quotes by James P. Carse
#193. When one follows the path with heart, one often bleeds. (But what is the alternative - a cauterized core?) - Author: Erica Jong
Alternative quotes by Erica Jong
#194. I'm pretty sure that when babies are born in Oregon, they leave the hospital with birth certificates - and teeny-tiny sleeping bags. Everyone in the state camps. The hippies and the rednecks. The hunters and the tree huggers. Rich people. Poor people. Even rock musicians. Especially rock musicians. Our band had perfected the art of punk-rock camping, throwing a bunch of crap into the van with, like, an hour's notice and just driving out into the mountains, where we'd drink beer, burn food, jam on our instruments around the campfire, and sack out under the open sky. Sometimes, on tour, back in the early hardscrabble days, we'd even camp as an alternative to crashing in another crowded, roach-infested rock 'n' roll house.
I don't know if it's because no matter where you live, the wilderness is never that far off, but it just seemed like everyone in Oregon camped. - Author: Gayle Forman
Alternative quotes by Gayle Forman
#195. You get used to it. And that surprises me. You get used to diminishment, to a body that is stalled, an impediment? Well, yes, you do. An alter ego is amazed, aghast perhaps--myself in the roaring forties, when robust health was an assumption, a given, something you barely noticed because it was always there. Acceptance has set in, somehow, has crept up on you, which is just as well, because the alternative--perpetual rage and resentment--would not help matters. You are now this other person, your earlier selves are out there, familiar, well remembered, but you have to come to terms with a different incarnation. - Author: Penelope Lively
Alternative quotes by Penelope Lively
#196. (There is) art that states the problems of society and wakes people up to make changes in their lives or in their communities, ... art that offers an alternative, that demonstrates human behavior that can become a model for creativity, cooperation, freedom and playfulness, and ... art that in itself provides glimpses of a larger consciousness or reflects upon the inexplicable. - Author: Meredith Monk
Alternative quotes by Meredith Monk
#197. The future - what should I do with the future? I felt like one who has climbed the brow of a great hill, and finds only a sea of mist beyond. Go forward I must; but to what goal? With what aim? With what hopes? My father had already distinctly forbidden me to adopt art as a profession. My sister, by ignoring all the purport of my last letter, as distinctly signified her own contempt for that which was to me as the life of my life. Neither loved me; both had wounded me bitterly; and I now, almost for the first time, distinctly saw how difficult a struggle lay before me.
"If I become a painter," I thought, "I become so in defiance of my family; and, defying them, am alone in the wide world evermore. If, on the contrary, I yield and obey, what manner of life lies before me? The hollow life of fashionable society, into which I shall be carried as a marriageable commodity, and where I shall be expected to fulfil my duty as a daughter by securing a wealthy husband as speedily as possible.
Alas! alas! what an alternative! Was it for this that I had studied and striven? Was it for this that I had built such fairy castles, and dreamt such dreams? - Author: Amelia B. Edwards
Alternative quotes by Amelia B. Edwards
#198. I am most often irritated by those who attack the bishop but somehow fall for the securities analyst
those who exercise their skepticism against religion but not against economists, social scientists, and phony statisticians. Using the confirmation bias, these people will tell you that religion was horrible for mankind by counting deaths from the Inquisition and various religious wars. But they will not show you how many people were killed by nationalism, social science, and political theory under Stalin or during the Vietnam War. Even priests don't go to bishops when they feel ill: their first stop is the doctor's. But we stop by the offices of many pseudoscientists and "experts" without alternative. We no longer believe in papal infallibility; we seem to believe in the infallibility of the Nobel, though ... - Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Alternative quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
#199. Language is almost the most unique creation of humankind which defines itself; the alternative way of communication/comprehension/conception, yet overusing any invention, can cause Alienation. - Author: Fereidoon Yazdi
Alternative quotes by Fereidoon Yazdi
#200. What alternative is there to the media's "Us" versus "Them"? The danger is that if it is used to prop up this "righteous" position of "ours" all we will see from now on are ever more exacting and minute analyses of the "dirty" distortions in "their" thinking. Without some flexibility in our definitions we'll remain forever stuck with the same old knee-jerk reactions, or worse, slide into complete apathy. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Alternative quotes by Haruki Murakami

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